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									SEPTEMBER 20-22, 2009   FARGO, ND
Microsoft Marketing Resources

                          Cheryl Strege, President
                          The Partner Marketing Group
 Cheryl Strege
 – The Partner Marketing Group, a marketing consulting
 resource for Microsoft Dynamics partners

 –Who are you?
 –What do you do?
 –What do your customers love about your company?
 –Time you’ve been working w/Microsoft Dynamics?
 –Dogs or cats?
Workshop Exercise
• Scenario:
  – Think of your largest, very best customer
  – Communicate with her/him only 3 times before
    they “walk”
• What would you do?
  – Write it down
Questions about Microsoft Resources?

•   Who?
•   What?
•   Where?
•   When?
•   How?

• Can’t cover ALL of the options, will focus on
  the TOP TEN (or so)
• Dive into RTG, PMC, MPE, CDF, MPC, PLC, LET,
  MSB and more!
• Action Items
• Wrap-Up
First Things First!
#1: Join the Marketing Professional Community
• Monthly Web Seminars
• Periodic Learning &
  Networking Opportunities
• Distinction in Marketing
  Awards (session next timeslot)
• Learn more and register on
  the Community Site on
  PartnerSource > Communities
  > US Marketing Community
• Subscribe to Sales and
  Marketing Insights
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Guide
 – Desktop reference of
   Microsoft Dynamics-
   specific marketing
 – Includes extensive
   “How-To” section
#2: Where Do Prospects Find You?
Partner Solution Profiler
• When you profile your solutions
  and services, you can promote
  them to the more than 70,000
  customers who search for technology
  experts every month.
• Sites where your profile is
    –   Solution Finder
    –   Microsoft Dynamics website
    –   Microsoft Midsize Business Center
    –   Solution Finder website
    –   SQL Server website
    –   Windows Marketplace
#2: Where Do Prospects Find You?
• Be sure to check the box
  allowing Microsoft to post
  your company profile.
• >
  View Your Membership
  Account > Membership
  Center > Organization
  Profile (scroll down)
#2: Where Do Prospects Find You?
• An online marketplace designed
  to help people quickly and easily
  find qualified Microsoft partners
  and vendors, products, and
  services that can best address
  their unique technology needs. In
  addition, the site features
  customer reviews and Spotlight
  articles on specific companies
  and topics of interest to all
  business owners.
#2: Pinpoint Tip
• Go to
  and search for your own
• Ask your customers to write a
  review of your company
• Reward them (aka entice them)
  with a gift card
• “Recently Reviewed” and “Top
  Rated Companies” make the
  Home Page!
• Remember when writing your
  profile: Who are you, what do
  you do, why do your customers
  love you?
“Leveraging Pinpoint” webcast. Use “Pinpoint” to search the PLC
#2: Where Do Prospects Find You?
• LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Digg
• Blogs (your own, or comment on others)
• Search Engines (
   – TIP: Inbound links from reputable websites (like Microsoft Pinpoint)
     increase your SEO results.

• Add a profile on Duct Tape Marketing site

• Membership orgs (SBA, Chamber)
#2: Where Do Partners Find You?
• Partner Channel Builder
• “The List” from The Partner
• Advertising in The Partner
  Channel magazine
• Solution Finder
• Pinpoint
• Social media (Linkedin, etc)
• TIP: As with prospects,
  networking and
  relationship building is key!
#3: Direct Marketing
• Microsoft Dynamics-specific
  resources consolidated on
  the Microsoft Partner
   – Ready-to-Go Campaigns
   – Ready-to-Go Marketing
   – Communities
   – Additional Resources
#3: Direct Marketing
Marketing Services Bureau
• An extension of the existing
  Ready-to-Go’s, MSB lists a variety
  of marketing services provided by
  approved vendors.
• Includes…
    –   Marketing consulting
    –   Telemarketing
    –   Case study development
    –   SEO
    –   Promotional merchandise
    –   And more
Introducing: MSB on Ready-to-Go Marketing Services

                                       …your new one-stop,
                                       online marketplace for
                                        discounted services
                                           from seasoned
                                         Microsoft vendors,
                                        including Dynamics
                                          specific vendors!
#3: Direct Marketing
• Turnkey direct mail as well as
  resources for your website, for
  telesales calls, etc.
• Within the new campaigns,
  targeted sales and marketing
  content aligned to 8 different
  industries including materials
  focused on 16 industry-specific
  verticals. Highlights of the new
  campaigns include a higher degree
  of content customization in direct
  mail pieces, and Pinpoint/Solution
  Finder integrated into the core
  steps of the campaign.
New! Ready to Go Vertical Campaigns
•   Construction ERP                         •   These campaigns each include:
•   Distribution ERP (includes)                   –   Slide deck
     – Consumer Packaged Goods                    –   Invite
     – Food and Beverage                          –   Event agenda
     – Industrial Distribution                    –   Evaluation
                                                  –   Follow up letter
•   Manufacturing ERP (includes)
                                                  –   Telemarketing script
     – Automotive Suppliers Manufacturing
                                                  –   Demo files
     – Chemical Manufacturing
                                                  –   Demo scripts
     – Distributed Manufacturing
       Tier-One Hub                               –   Handouts
     – Distributed Manufacturing Tier-Two    •   Distribution Example:
       Spoke                                      – Step 1: Identify Your Target
     – Food and Beverage Manufacturing            – Step 2: Prepare Your Web Site
     – Industrial Equipment Manufacturing         – Step 3: Customize Your
•   Professional Services ERP                       Communications to Introduce Your
                                                    Offering and Your Business
     – Includes Specialty Retail
                                                  – Step 4: Follow up via Phone to
•   Retail ERP                                      Identify New Opptys
•   All campaigns are product agnostic but
    highly customizable to adapt for GP
 #3: Direct Marketing
Ready-to-Go Marketing Campaigns
• 8 new campaigns added
   – ERP - Construction-
   – ERP - Distribution-
   – ERP – Manufacturing-
   – ERP - Professional Services-
   – ERP – Retail -
   – CRM - Financial Services -
   – CRM - Manufacturing -
   – CRM - Professional Services
Coming Soon to Ready-to-Go Campaigns….

• Microsoft Dynamics Existing Customer Solution Sales
  Kit includes:
   –   Financial Management
   –   Business Intelligence
   –   Field Services
   –   HR and Payroll
   –   Manufacturing
   –   Project Management
   –   Risk Management
   –   Supply Chain Management
• Will launch October 2nd!
How I Would Use RTGs
• Wealth of downloadable resources I can
• Offers for my marketing campaigns such as
  Evaluating Financial Management whitepaper
  and CRM product guides, CRM customer
  showcase video, new industry specific messaging.
• Assessment worksheets and other tools
• List counts
• TIP: Upload your own list to the site for a
    Marketing Desk:
Consider this…
• List is primarily InfoUSA.
• Very little customization partners can make to
  the direct mail pieces.
• Difficult to “sell” the offer in the letter since
  there’s little space for it.
• Difficult to nurture prospects if you use RTGs
  for a one-time campaign. Best option is to
  upload your own list, then you can follow-up
  with a telesales call.
#3: Direct Marketing
• Partner Marketing Center
Partner Marketing Center
#3: PartnerSource
• Industry Content
• Marketing
• Marketing (left
• Product pages
#3: PartnerSource GP product page
Breadth Initiative for Microsoft Dynamics GP
• For partners interested in pursing a volume business model
  around GP
• This site includes
   • Competitive Offers and Resources (focus on Sage, Peachtree and
   • Partner Readiness on volume business model including Rapid
     Implementation Toolkit
   • Customer-ready brochures and research reports
   • Microsoft hosted GP demos
   • Pitch Decks
   • Customer Case Studies
   • Sure Step Proposals, SOWs, Project Plans
#4: Case Reference Builder
• Happy customers are one of
  your most effective sales and
  marketing tools.
• Use this template to quickly
  create a case study on an
  interesting customer story.
• Receive a high quality pdf
  (no charge) or have
  Microsoft print it for you!
#5: Microsoft Partner Events
  Microsoft Partner
  Events program provides
  tools, content, and
  services to help you
  plan, deliver, and
  measure your own
   Also includes resources
  for tradeshow booth
  rental, click-to-attend
  registration service, etc.
#5: Microsoft Partner Events (Tradeshow)
• Secure a Tradeshow Booth from Microsoft Dynamics
• Graphics include…
   –   Business Solutions
   –   CRM
   –   Financial Management
   –   Retail
   –   And 9 more
• Customized booth panel with your brand
• RMS promotion for 20 partners, will pay up to $2500
  for booth shipping and customization of panel with
  partner’s branding. Expires Dec 31, 2009 or when the
  20 booths are spoken for.
 #6: Offers, Offers, Offers
Where Do I Find Good Offers?
• “How Smart Marketers Craft Compelling Offers
• Partner Marketing Center
• PartnerSource > Marketing
• PartnerSource > Individual Product Pages
• www.
• Offer Summary Sheet
  Where Else?
• The Microsoft Dynamics public website!
• The Midsize Business Center
• Microsoft Worldwide Events (WWE) has webcasts,
  videos and podcasts by role, by topic, or by product
• RTG Campaigns
• Harvard Business Review (one of my preferred sites)
• Create your own?
    – CAL Business Solutions did
#7: Social Media Marketing
• Microsoft Partner
  – Build Your Business
    with Social Media
    Marketing (metrics
    guidebook, course,
    and playbook)
  – Social Media Pointers
• Partner Learning
#8: Local Engagement Team (LET)
• Microsoft Team to help
  your marketing efforts
  on a local level.
• They can assist with
  connecting you to local
  influencers (SBA,
  Learning Centers, etc),
  event participation and
#9: Content for Marketers – ISV Site
• ISV Website
  – Marketer Resources:
  – ISV Telesales Service
• Excellent online
  marketing resources,
  such as SEO and SEM
#10: Microsoft VMAX
• VMAX is a vertical marketing
  assistance program designed to
  accelerate demand generation
  for Microsoft Dynamics
  partners. Through VMAX,
  Microsoft Dynamics partners
  can outsource teleprospecting
  and the development of custom,
  vertical sales and marketing
• In addition, VMAX participants
  will receive up to $10,000 in
  matching funds to help jump
  start these industry-focused
• Microsoft Dynamics Principles of Marketing Web
  Seminar Series
  This series of web-based seminars provides a wealth of
  guidance and resources, strategic ideas and key action
  items to help you jump start your marketing efforts.
• Partner Resource Kits
   –   Microsoft Dynamics AX
   –   Microsoft Dynamics GP
   –   Microsoft Dynamics NAV
   –   Microsoft Dynamics SL
   –   Microsoft Dynamics CRM
More “Other”
• Microsoft Dynamics Partner Playbooks
  – The Partner Playbook provides partners a single
    source guide with information and links to the
    most current tools and resources available for
    Microsoft Dynamics.
     • Microsoft Dynamics ISV Playbook
     • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Playbook
     • Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner Playbook
One More “Other”
• Microsoft Dynamics Partner
   – Dedicated web site
   – "Invigoration Station" radio
   – Weekly web seminars
   – An easy-to-use blog
   – Monthly Microsoft Dynamics
     partner community
   – A real-time chat service
Where’s the $?
• Campaign Development Funds
  – 100% funding for MSB services until Oct 31st
  – Webcast on FY10 CDF program on Sept 29th (url
    contained in this deck)
• Microsoft VMAX
  – Up to 10K, ask your PAM to nominate you if you
    have a strong vertical focus or vertical product
  – May not have $ but have DVDs (Win7), trial
    versions, copies of Office, etc.
Need a Quick Summary of Marketing Resources?
Action Items
• Where do prospects find you?
  – Completion of Partner Solution Profiler gets your firm
    placed on Solution Finder and other engines.
  – Check for your profile on Pinpoint
  – Check your profile for accuracy on
• Direct Marketing
  – 100% CDF reimbursement for using a service on MSB
  – Leverage RTG resources – don’t “recreate the wheel”
• Customer Case Studies
• Learning opportunities abound
• Opt-in to The Partner
  Marketing Group
  newsletter and you’ll help a
  worthy cause.
• Go to…
  www.thepartnermarketingg for a copy of this
• Drawing for prizes!
• Complete your event
        Please complete your evaluation.

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