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									                                                                                                          Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas       SPRING 2010

Business Communications–       BUA3301-40– W 7-9:30 p.m. (PMC 213) Course Outline and Calendar
Week          Class Content/ Other Handout Sources
SPRING 2010   Excellence in Business Communications (EBC), 8th ed., John V. Thill and
              Courtland L. Bovée                                                                    What happens in Class TODAY?!?!

              Reading Assignments Due on Date Shown Below

January 13    Syllabus & Course Calendar                                                Mini Presentation: Concept mapping Review: EBC ―Table of
                                                                                        Contents‖ (Create Concept Map)
              Assignments and Grading Review
                                                                                        In-Class Concept Maps – Concept Mapping Workshop
              Introduction to Course & Course Approach:
                   Mini Lectures/Active Learning Responses                             Mini Presentation: Audience, Purpose, Occasion
                   Team Collaboration: Cases Studies
                   Reflections: Wikis
                   Writing: Professional Web Portfolio
                   Presentations (Individual & Team)

              “Introduction to Concept Maps and Mind Mapping” (YouTube Video)
       Stephen Pierce

               Audience, Purpose, Occasion
               Web 2.0 Technology
               Career Self-Assessment

                                                                                                          Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas         SPRING 2010

WEEK 2       READ before class:                                                        Class Discussion: Chapter 1
January 20   EBC ―Introduction‖ pp. xxxvii Web Portfolio
             EBC – Chapter 1, pp 2-31                                                  In Class Teams:
              Note: Ethics in communications information                               Review Case Study, ―A Communication Decision at Von
             EBC - Chapter 1, [Case Study] ―Solving Communication Dilemmas at Six      Products, Inc.‖ pp. 150-152, from ―Honesty in
             Apart‖ pp. 31-32                                                          Communications,‖ Business Ethics, edited by Milton
                                                                                       Snoeyenbos, Robert Almeder, and James Humber. Prometheus
             SPEAKER: KAELI VANDERTULIP                                                Books, 1992.
                                                                                       In Class Teams: EBC, ―Solving Communication Dilemmas at
             Handout:                                                                  Six Apart,‖ pp. 31-32; Present to class—hand-in notes for daily
                 A Case Study‖ A Communication Decision at Von Products, Inc.         grade
                     pp. 150-152, from ―Honesty in Communications,‖ Business Ethics,
                     Ed. Milton Snoeyenbos, Robert Almeder, and James Humber.          DUE: Objective 1.2, 1.3, and 1.7 (pp. 33-34)

                    Sample: Corporate Communications Policy Statement, pp. 163-164,
                     from ―Honesty in Communications,‖ Business Ethics, Ed. Milton
                     Snoeyenbos, Robert Almeder, and James Humber.

             Handout: Attend On-Campus Meeting: Bring Agenda to next class, Type
             Critique of Meeting based on Instructor Handout.
             Handout: ―Leading by Listening‖ pp. 27-55 [short pages] Communicate or

               ―Non-Communication Can Kill‖ in Communicate or Die: Getting
             Results Through Speaking and Listening, by Thomas D. Zweifel, Ph.D.
             (Global Leaders Series), 2003. pp. 1-7.

             ―Introduction,‖ James Surowiecki from The Wisdom of Crowds, (2005).

WEEK 3       READ before class:                                                        DUE:
January 27                                                                                1) Writing Project #1: Developing a Meeting Agenda—
             EBC – Chapter 2, pp. 38-63                                                      EBC, p. 66, ―Practice Your Knowledge,‖ Message for
              Teams                                                                          Analysis—Complete by writing a meeting agenda using
              Group Dynamics                                                                 the information provided on page 66.
              Meetings (Designing Meeting Agendas)                                        2) EBD, Objectives 2.1, 2.6, 2.7
              Web-Based Meetings
              Listening                                                                Divide Class into Teams, Each team reports on one of the 7

                                                                                                              Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas     SPRING 2010

              Non-Verbal Communications                                                  levels of listening in Communicate or Die.
              Business Ethics
                                                                                         Mini-Presentation/Active Learning Responses [Communicate or
             Discuss Project #7a and 7b: Resume, Cover Letter, Thank You Note            Die]
             Begin to gather resume information                                                Four Quadrants of Communication
                                                                                               Communication for Results Pyramid

                                                                                         Teams: [Instructor facilitates Agenda] Conduct Meetings,
                                                                                         Take Minutes

                                                                                         Team Discussions of Readings

WEEK 4       READ before class:                                                          Mini Presentation: Three Eras of Globalization pp. 9-12; and
February 3   EBC – Chapter 3, 71-91                                                      Ten Forces that Flattened the World pp. 50-200; from The World
              Diversity / Cultures                                                       is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman, 2006.
              Global Markets
              Communications Styles                                                      Class Discussion of Readings
              Low-Context versus High-Context Cultures (77)                              DUE: EBC, Objective 3.5 and 3.7
              Intercultural Communication Skills (83)
              Doing Business in Other Countries (Details to Consider) (85)               Class & Team Discussion of Readings
              Writing Across Cultures (87)
                                                                                         In Class Teams: EBD, Review Case Study, ―Solving
             Handout: “Work to Get Inspired” (pp. 13-17) and “The Myriad                 Communication Dilemmas at IBM,‖ pp. 90-91; Present to class
             Possibilities” (pp. 18-27) from Work with What You Have: Ways to Creative
             & Meaningful Livelihood, by Deborahann Smith, (1999).                       Project #8: Professional web site development workshop using
             EBC – Chapter 3, 83-91                                                      Google-Sites

             Handout: “Writing for the Web: Rhetorical Principles,” (Chapter 15) in      Review Sample Web Sites:
             Writing That Works, Oliu, Brusaw, Alred, (2007), pp.515-538.                  Website 1 – Red Cross Homepage
                                                                                           Website 2 – Haven House Website
                                                                                           Website 3 – S@fetyNET Website
             Introduce Project #9 – Professional Web Portfolio (includes Personal
             Statement)                                                                  Project #8: Professional web site development workshop

             Introduce                                                                   And Project #2a & 2b discussions.
                  Project #2a – Formal/Informal Correspondence (Inside and
                     Outside the Organization): Three Letters/Memos- Positive
                  Project #2b - Formal/Informal Correspondence (Inside and
                     Outside the Organization): Two Letters/Memos- Negative
                                                                                                               Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas          SPRING 2010

                                 PART II: APPLYING THE THREE STEP PROCESS
                                           AUDIENCE, MEMOS, LETTERS
WEEK 5        READ before class:                                                        Mini-Presentation – Audience—Rhetorical Triangle & Business
February 10   EBC – Chapter 4, Review 98-120                                            Communication Model
               Planning documents, purpose,
               Audience profile, audience needs                                         Discussion
               Providing required information
               Selecting right medium                                                   Begin Project #2 – Preparing and Writing Memos & Letters
               Organization                                                             HANDOUT Project #2a Assignment:
              EBC – Chapter 4                                                           Formal/Informal Correspondence (Inside and Outside the
               Using technology for outlines, charts, formatting, templates (120-121)   Organization): Three Memo/ Letters Assignment - Positive
               Six types of detail (122)
              EBC – Chapter 5, pp. Review 130-155                                       DUE: ―Outline‖ from EBC, Message for Analysis: Accident
               Focusing documents on audience                                           Protection Insurance Plan, p. 126 create outline based on data
               Style and Tone                                                           provided.
               Coherent Paragraphs
               Strong Words                                                             Instructor Workshop: How to write cohesive paragraphs—IT IS
               Effective Sentences                                                      EASY!!!--Transitioning between sentences and paragraphs.
              EBC – Chapter 6, 164-178
               Evaluating Organization, Style, and Tone                                 Mini Presentation: Three Rhetorical Appeals: Ethos, Pathos, and
               Clarity and Conciseness                                                  Logos
               Graphics, sound, video, hypertext                                        Five Canons of Rhetoric: Invention, Arrangement, Style, Memory,
                                                                                        Delivery AND their connection to effective business
              EBC – Chapter 8                                                           communications.
               Making Routine Requests (239-246)                                        In-Class Writing Workshop: Composing and Shaping Your
               Routine Replies and Positive Messages (248-253)                          Message
               Providing Recommendations (254-257)
               Sending Congratulations (258-260)                                        Mini Presentation: Write Well: 25 Easy Rules to Improve Your
               Offering Condolences (260-261)                                           Business and Professional Writing, Judge Mark Painter, (2007).
                                                                                        Rules 9-13, 16, 22.
              Handout: Verbs with Punch!                                                Rules:
                                                                                          9 Form (fonts)
              Handout: Writing a Personal Statement for your professional web            10 Edit, Edit, Edit
              portfolio                                                                  11 Short Sentences, rule 1818
                                                                                         12 Active Voice, rule 1818
              Handout: Rules 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 22 from Write Well: 25 Easy          13 But and And
              Rules to Improve Your Business and Professional Writing, Judge Mark        16 One Word is Usually Enough
              Painter, (2007).                                                           22 Commas and Periods-Quotes

                                                                                                       Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas       SPRING 2010

                                 PART III: CRAFTING BRIEF MESSAGES
WEEK 6        READ before class:                                                  DUE:
February 17   EBC – Chapter 7, 199-223                                             Drafts of Three Letters/Memos
               Tips for effective email messages (205)                            In-Class Writing Workshop / Revision & Peer Editing
               Creating effective instant messages and text messages (207)
               Creating effective business blogs (210 -213)                       Class & Team Discussion of Readings
               Creating effective Podcasts (216-221)
              EBC – Chapter 9 – 281-293                                           In Class Teams: EBD, Review Case Study, ―Solving
               Choosing the Best Approach (284)                                   Communication Dilemmas at Southwest Airlines,‖ p 221-223.
               Direct Approach (285-287)                                          Teams present to class – daily grade.
               Indirect Approach (287-291)
               Adapting to Audience (291-293                                      “Tim Sanders,: What Are the Biggest Email Mistakes?”
                                                                                  (YouTube Video)
              Discuss Project #2b - Formal/Informal Correspondence (Inside and
              Outside the Organization): Two Letters/Memos- Negative Message      Writing Effective E-Mail: Top 10 Tips
              Discuss Project #3: Electronic Media Assignment (re: EBC 229-235)                  1. Write a meaningful subject line.
                                                                                                 2. Keep the message focused and readable.
              Discuss Project #5: Proposal                                                       3. Avoid attachments.
                                                                                                 4. Identify yourself clearly.
                                                                                                 5. Be kind -- don't flame.
                                                                                                 6. Proofread.
                                                                                                 7. Don't assume privacy.
                                                                                                 8. Distinguish between formal and informal
                                                                                                 9. Respond Promptly.
                                                                                                 10. Show Respect and Restraint.

WEEK 7        Read before class:                                                  DUE: Project #2 a– Three Positive Letters/Memos
February 24   EBC – Chapter 9 – 281-293
               Choosing the Best Approach (284)                                   Due: Complete Drafts of Project #3: Three Media Messages
               Direct Approach (285-287)
               Indirect Approach (287-291)                                        In-Class Writing Workshop/ Revision & Peer Editing
               Adapting to Audience (291-293
               Exploring Common Examples of Negative Messages (293-306)

                                                                                                         Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas                  SPRING 2010

WEEK 8     Review before class:                                              DUE: Project #3: Electronic Media Assignment
March 3    EBC – Chapter 10
            Human needs that influence motivation (325)                      DUE: DRAFT CHECK: Drafts of Project #2b: Two Negative
            Developing Persuasive Business Messages (AIDA Model) (330-336)   Letters/Memos
                The Three Appeals: Ethos, Pathos, Logos (333)                Writing Workshop for Project #2b: Negative Letters/Memos
           EBC – Chapter 10, (334-347)
            Developing Marketing and Sales Message                           Mini-Lecture: Designing Brochures (Gestalt Theory of Design)
                                                                             Introduce Visual elements and considerations in developing
           Discuss Project#4: Develop a Persuasive Brochure                  brochures and flyers.
                                                                             BRING TO CLASS: Brochures that you find at school, home, or
                                                                             Class & Team Discussion of Readings: Analyze actual Brochures,
                                                                             Flyers, and Marketing Materials in small groups.
                                                                             Introduction to MSPublisher:
                                                                             In-Class workshop on Project #4: Developing a Persuasive Brochure

                                                                             ―Gestalt Principles of Design: Figure-Ground contrast and
                                                                              “The Gestalt Principles”

                           REPORTS, PROPOSALS, AND PRESENTATIONS
WEEK 9     Read before class:                                                DUE: Project #2b: Two Formal/Informal Negative
March 10   EBC – Chapter 11                                                  Letters/Memos
            Planning Reports and Proposals (365-385)
            Best of Internet Searching (380)                                 Performing and Analyzing On-line Information and Websites
           EBC – Chapter 11
            Using Your Research Results for Informational or                 Read ―Critically Analyzing Information Sources‖ from Cornell
                    Analytical Reports (385-399)                             University
            Planning Proposals (400-403)                           
           EBC – Chapter 12, 412-429
            Drafting Reports and Proposals                                   Begin Proposal RESEARCH
            Review various forms of Informal and Formal Reports              Preview before you Produce: (EBC 491)
           EBC – Chapter 12, 429-443                                (search terms: status report, progress report,
            Adding graphs, charts, and graphics                              sales report, business plan, or marketing plan) also try: business
            Ethical considerations                                           proposals

           Handout: Website Content Analysis Form                            Begin gathering resume information
                                                                                                                Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas         SPRING 2010

               Discuss Project #5: Formal Proposal (Internal or External; Corporate or   QUIZ: Assigned Reading on Reports (Objectives 11.1, 11.4, 11.5)
               Non-Profit) [SAMPLE: pp 462-475]                                          Class and Team Discussions of Reading Assignments
               Discuss Project #6: Formal Presentation: Selling Your Proposal
               [These two projects will build on each other]                             Mini-Lecture: Writing Proposals / Instructor will present real-world
                                                                                         Proposals samples

                                                                                         DUE: Memo to Instructor with Proposal
                                                                                         Topic backed by preliminary Research
                                                                                         Class and Team Discussion about assigned reading

                                                                                         Project #5: In-Class Proposal Writing Workshop

March 15-19
                     Have Fun – Be Safe
WEEK 11        Read before class:                                                        QUIZ: Assigned Reading on Reports (Objective 13.1)
March 24       EBC – Chapter 13
                Parts of a Formal Proposal                                               Class and Team Discussion about assigned reading
               EBC – Chapter 13
                Proof reading and distributing reports and proposals                     Project #5: In-Class Proposal Research/Writing Workshop
               EBC – Chapter 14, pp. 506-626
                Building your career with presentations                                  Continue work on Proposal
                Planning, Audience, Medium                                               Continue work on Web Professional Portfolio
                Writing your presentation
                                                                                         In-Class workshop on MSPowerPoint for Project #6: Formal
                Surfing your way to career success: (EBC 491)                            Presentation (Selling your proposal)
                                                                                         Killer Presentation Skills (YouTube)
               SPEAKER: Mr. Mac Belmontes,
               Tarrant County Work Source                                                “PowerPoint Extreme Makeover “ (YouTube)
               Re: Career Searches, Growing Career Opportunities,
               Workplace Skills Needed for 21st C                                        “How NOT to Use PowerPoint”

                                                                                              Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas        SPRING 2010

WEEK 12    Read before class:                                           Class and Team Discussion about assigned reading
March 31   EBC – Chapter 14, 526-533
            Completing your presentation                                Project #5: DRAFT CHECK bring draft of proposal and research to
            Preparing to speak                                          class
            Overcoming anxiety                                          In-Class Project #6: Oral Presentation Development Workshop

           INTERVIEWING                                                 In-Class Project #7 Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

           SPEAKER: Ms. Sheri Mata, TWU Career Services
                                                                        Continue work on Proposal
           Read before class:                                           Continue work on Oral Presentations
           EBC – Chapter 15, 543-569                                    Continue work on Web Professional Portfolio
            Resumes & Cover Letters
            Chronological versus Functional Resumes (554-557)
            Components of Resumes
            Ethics/Honesty (558)
            Resumes & Cover Letters
            Active Verbs (559)
            Weak statements (559)
            Sample Resumes (555-557)
            Revising and Editing

WEEK 13    Read before class:                                           DUE: PROGRESS CHECK: Project #7 Complete Draft of
April 7    EBC, Chapter 16,                                             Resume and Cover Letter
            Preparing for a Job Interview (592-599)                     In-class workshop – Peer Edit Resume and Cover Letter
            Interviewing for Success (599-603)
            Following Up After the Interview (604-608)                  In-class workshop: Team Practice Interviewer/Interviewee

           REVIEW: EBC, Chapter 16, 600-603                             PROGRESS CHECKS:
            Sharpening Your Career Skills                               DUE: Completed Draft of Proposal Project #6 –Instructor ck
            The Warm Up                                                 DUE: Complete Draft of Oral Presentation Project #6 – Instructor
            The Question-and-Answer Stage                               DUE: Complete Draft of Web Professional Portfolio—Instructor
            The Close
            CHECKLIST: Making a Positive Impression in Job Interviews

           Professional Interviews – Project #8b (see schedule)
                                                                                                   Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas   SPRING 2010

WEEK 14    Professional Interviews – Project #8b (see schedule)                DUE: Project #7: Resume, Cover Letter, Thank You Note
April 14
           Individual Conferences with Instructor on Proposals/Presentations   Continue work on Proposal
           (see sign-up sheet)                                                 Continue work on Oral Presentations
           Professional Interviews – Project #8b (see schedule)                Continue work on Web Professional Portfolio

WEEK 15    DUE: Oral Professional Presentations (see Sign-up Sheet)            Continue work on Web Professional Portfolio
April 21
                                                                               DUE: Project #6 Final Proposal Project
WEEK 16    DUE: Oral Professional Presentations (see Sign-up Sheet)            DUE: Project #6 Final Proposal Project
April 28

WEEK 17    Wednesday, May 5                                                    Folio-Fest: Professional Web Portfolio Presentations
May 5                                                                          Final Project #8 WEB Professional Portfolio & Oral
           FINAL - PMC 213, 6:00 p.m.
                                                                               Presentation of Web Portfolio
                                                                               FINALS Begin May 6th for day classes

                  HAVE A WONDERFUL
     Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas   SPRING 2010


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