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									26 June 2007, updated 5 June 2009

                                          UNDP – ILO ACTION PLAN 2007-2008

The UNDP and the ILO have agreed to step up their collaboration in the framework of UN reform. To that effect a joint meeting was held on 18
and 19 January 2007 between the ILO Director-General Juan Somavía and the UNDP Administrator Kemal Dervis and the regional directors of
both institutions. Both executive heads agreed that closer collaboration could only reinforce the role of each institution in giving effect to the July
2006 ECOSOC Ministerial Declaration calling on the whole multilateral system to mainstream full and productive employment and decent work
for all in their policies, programmes and activities. The meeting, held at UNDP New York on 18 and 19 January 2007 agreed on the following ten-
point programme of work for the 2007-08 period.

The agreed ten-point programme of collaboration is as follows:

   1. Collaboration in regions and in countries
   Detailed plans of action have been prepared in each region as expressed in the UNDP ILO Action Plan 2007-2008 matrix. The intent is to
   strengthen institutional collaboration between the two institutions in order to support more effectively national and international development

   2. Policy dialogue
   Strong policy advocacy is necessary to support effective development strategies. Policy advocacy must be built on solid analysis and empirical
   findings. Youth employment, social protection and poverty, and labour market regulations and poverty have been identified among the
   subjects for joint collaboration.

   3. Post-conflict employment creation, income generation and reintegration
   UNDP and ILO are co-leading an inter-agency task force that aims to produce a UN system-wide policy and operational guide for UN
   Resident Coordinators and country teams on measures to promote employment and reintegration in post-conflict situations.
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                      2

   4. UN System-wide Tool-kit on mainstreaming employment and decent work
   Tool-kit document is being submitted to the CEB in April 2007 for application, inter alia, in UNDAFs and UN country programmes.

   5. Knowledge sharing and collaboration
   In the context of UN reform and “Delivering as One” it is imperative that United Nations Resident Coordinators and country teams have
   access to the knowledge and expertise of non-resident agencies, including the ILO. UNDP will facilitate their access to the ILO‟s on-line
   information, and make it easier for UNDP and the ILO to share information, including information that is currently in their intranets. In
   addition UNDP will offer a “Google groups” platform for ILO-facilitated UN global knowledge networks and collaborative work spaces.

   6. Mutual learning and capacity-building for UN Resident Coordinators, UNDP country Directors and ILO
      country Directors
   Close collaboration is premised on solid mutual understanding. At the ILO International Training Centre in Turin, a mutual learning exercise
   is being carried out in April 2007 enabling Resident Coordinators, UNDP and ILO country directors to learn from each other‟s comparative
   advantages, knowledge and practices.

   7. MDG Achievement Fund
   The Government of Spain and UNDP are jointly managing the MDG Achievement Fund. ILO is providing lead technical support in the area of
   youth employment/migration.

   8. Enabling and empowering UN Resident Coordinators to become effective advocates of the Decent Work Agenda
   UNDP and ILO will collaborate to design and make available policy tools, information and knowledge on Decent Work, thereby enabling UN
   Resident Coordinators and country teams to be active supporters of the Decent Work Agenda.

   9. Strengthening institutional collaboration
   UNDP and ILO will strengthen their institutional collaboration through attendance at meetings, joint communication campaigns and exchange
   of best practices. The ILO Director-General was invited to address the Executive Board of UNDP and UNFPA on 22 January 2007. The
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                              3

    UNDP Administrator will address the ILO African Regional Meting in Addis Ababa in April 2007. The ILO Regional Directors will
    participate in the UN Regional Directors‟ teams.

    10. Joint initiatives between the two executive heads of ILO and UNDP
    The two executive heads are agreed to collaborate in a series of joint initiatives around UN reform and effective inter-agency collaboration.
    The UNDP Administrator and the ILO Director-General signed a joint letter on 9 February 2007 addressed to all UN Resident Coordinators,
    UNDP and ILO country Directors to request their support in strengthening their collaboration in the context of UN reform.

                                           UNDP – ILO ACTION PLAN 2007-2008

                                                    GLOBAL/HEADQUARTERS LEVEL
                                                               Institutional Arrangements
Task Force of Headquarters focal points in each agency to meet twice in 2007 and 2008 to review progress against plan, discuss further actions and new
UNDP and ILO to systematically invite other agency to major regional meetings and conferences
ILO Regional Directors join UNDG Regional Directors‟ Teams
Expected outcomes                                                         Timeline           Remarks/next steps
1. BDP-ILO Joint Policy Work

Youth employment                                                          ILO and UNDP
Social Protection and poverty                                             establish a        BDP/ILO sectors responsible
Dynamics of labour market regulation and poverty                          workplan and a
Gender Equality and decent work                                           set of Concept     1. Responsible units: ILO Gender Bureau and the UNDP/BDG
Expected outcomes:                                                        Notes by mid -     Gender Team to : prepare a work plan after selecting the pilot
   1. ILO and UNDP, together with other UN agencies, plan and             2007               countries; guide gender networks in the field on the planning
        implement a selected country programmes in the area of national                      and implementation of joint country programmes within overall
26 June 2007                                                                                                                           4

       polices promoting the fundamental principles and rights of all   UN/Inter-agency programmes. .
       men and women in the world of work. This includes outcomes       2. ILO to prepare initial Concept Notes in selected countries in
       promoting : gender equality and women‟s empowerment in skills    Africa, and Asia and Latin America for submission to UNDP to
       training, decent employment in the formal / informal economy,    be considered for support within the Spanish Fund‟s theme on
       the care economy, social protection ( including combating        “Gender Equality and Women‟s Empowerment.”
       HIV/AIDS), women‟s rights and access to decision making
       positions (in line with MDG 1, 2,3, 6).
    2. New knowledge generated on a) linkages between the care
       economy, economic growth and poverty reduction and b) on the
       impact of globalization on women‟s workers and c) women‟s
       access to and participation in public service systems.
    3. Tools are drafted and used by RCs, country teams and the
       constituents to promoting care economy issues, the effect of
       globalization on women‟s employment opportunities and on
       women‟s role in the public service systems .

   Research papers
   Publications
   Policy guidelines and support to UNCTs
   Advocacy tools
   DW indicators for use in MDG indicator framework and in HDI for
    UNDP Global Human Development Reports
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                 5

2. BCPR/ILO CRISIS co-lead of inter-agency work on post-conflict employment creation, income generation and reintegration in post-conflict
UN-system-wide policy

   Joint UNDP/ILO lead leading to a UN system-wide policy on post-       April 2007        BCPR/ILO Crisis responsible
    conflict employment creation, income generation and reintegration.
    The policy was requested by the SG‟s policy committee in
    November 2006. A wide range of UN agencies as well as the BWIs
    are member of the working group that is drafting the policy. Main
    elements of the policy are a) the post-conflict context for
    employment and reintegration, b) guiding principles for
    organizations working on these issues and c) programmatic guidance
    (following a framework with three main “programmatic baskets”)
                                                                          July 2007
   Joint UNDP/ILO lead leading to an operational guidance note for
    RC/HCs and UN country teams on employment, income and
    reintegration in post-conflict countries. The operational guidance
    note will make the policy operational by dealing with issues such as
    organizational responsibilities at country level, funding mechanisms,
    human resources, etc.

Inter Agency Standing Committee / Early Recovery (IASC/ER)               July 2007

Joint UNDP/BCPR and ILO/Crisis to jointly take lead in interagency
action on implementation of DWCPs in post-conflict situations,
including establishment of surge capacity for rapid interventions
(implementation and monitoring taking place in the framework of the
IASC ER work plan)
3. Tool-kit on Decent-Work for inter-agency application
Finalization of toolkit on Decent Work under HLCP:                       Draft toolkit      ILO
ILO leading consultations with other agencies, including BDP poverty     prepared for
group on toolkit to be used by other agencies and UNCTs for              HLCP March
mainstreaming employment and decent work in their programmes and in      2007. CEB
UNDAFs                                                                   approval April

                                                                         Finalization and
                                                                         roll out of
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                                 6

                                                                           toolkit mid 2007
                                                                                              ILO leading consultations process in preparation for UNDG
                                                                       UNDG cluster           meeting.
                                                                       discussion on          Objective is that UNDG Programme Group WGs adapt toolkit
                                                                       DW                     for use by UNCTs in context of UNDAF process
                                                                       April 2007
4. Capacity-building and training for UN RCs, Directors of ILO SROs and country offices
Joint learning work-shops:                                             Turin ITC April ILO ITC/Turin in consultation with UNDP/LRC, UNDP/ERSP,
collaboration between UNDP/LRC and ILO ITC and UNDP and ILO            2007              ILO/CODEV
headquarters focal points established for program design               Dates and         RCs and ILO Directors will apply workshop learning to specific
First learning workshop on DWCPs in UN system programmes for 12        participation for programme project planning in their respective countries
priority countries for ILO-UNDP collaboration                          second work-
                                                                       shop to be
                                                                       decided mid
5. Knowledge sharing and collaboration
UNDP project with Google on making on-line information of different
agencies more integrated and accessible for UN country teams and other
agencies. Specific components of this project will consist of the

A technical platform linking the network security systems from ILO and     May 2007           Consultations between network security managers (IT) at UNDP
UNDP, enabling common access to designated parts of each                                      and ILO (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE)
intranet. Eventually this platform could be expanded to include national
government partners, if needed.                                                               Consultations to establish a process for deciding which parts of
                                                                                              the ILO intranet ILO wants to share with UN country teams and
A cross-entity search tool enabling common access to find relevant         May 2007           UNDP
content on the intranets (and public websites) of the ILO as well s
UNDP. This, too, could eventually be expanded to include national                             Consultations to help ILO decide the theme for the global
government partners.                                                                          knowledge network/workspace
                                                                           May 2007
“Where to Find What” Guides offering a description of the types of
online content offered by the ILO (and UNDP).
                                                                           May 2007
Support for a UN global collaborative/knowledge network and
workspace, on a theme selected by ILO, with web-enabled as well as e-
mail access.
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                             7

6. Empowerment of RCs to advocate and mainstream Decent Work Agenda
Information kits and briefings on DWA to be included in RC induction Mid 2007            ILO/CODEV + UNDP/LRC + UNDGO
programmes                                                           Specific
                                                                     modules and
                                                                     information kits,
                                                                     with reference
                                                                     docs prepared
                                                                     for RC
7. High-level joint advocacy activities and communications
Executive Heads joint advocacy events on major global                Focal points in     Focal points in communications offices and UN/external
issues/global/regional meetings                                      communications      relations offices
                                                                     offices             Kemal Dervis will participate in ILO Africa Regional Meeting;
Opportunities to be identified on continuous basis                   established         April 2007
                                                                     April 2007 and
Joint letters to UNCTs, media on major global issues                 agree on
Joint publications, advocacy tools                                   collaboration in
                                                                     preparation for
                                                                     key events

Area of cooperation   Activity               Expected outcomes        Timeline           Remarks/next steps
                                                             REGIONAL LEVEL
Employment and        UNDP to participate    An updated Regional      April 2008
Decent Work in        in Regional            Strategy for promoting
NDPs                  Employment Forum       DW in Africa
                      with Regional
                      Framework, AU,
                      ECA, AfDB and ILO
26 June 2007                                                                                                                   8

                       ILO participation in      DW reflected in            May 2007 to
                       MDG based planning        national development       April 2008
                       missions to at least 5    plans
HRD & Capacity         ILO participation in      Inputs incorporated into   July-August     TOR shared with ILO
Building               the review of SACI        UNDP capacity              2007?
                       evaluation report         development strategy
                                                 for Africa
                       Country studies           Policy dialogues           December 2007
                       (countries to be
Youth Employment       ILO to participate in     Subregional Programme      End 2007
                       Mano River Initiative     for youth employment
                       on youth employment       in place
Economic               Upscaling WEDGE in        Resources mobilised        End 2007
Empowerment of         East and Southern         with UNDP help for
Women                  Africa                    WEDGE in at least 3
Migration              Work with AU, RECs        Comprehensive              End 2007
                       and EU to develop         Framework and pilot
                       models and pilot          projects on migration
                       activities in North and
                       West Africa
                                                                        BURKINA FASO
Employment and         ILO Participation in      DW reflected in nat.      July 2007
Decent Work in         MDG planning              dev. plans
NDPs                   mission
Other Areas (HRD       Possible intervention     To be determined           End July
& Capacity building;   areas identified
Youth Employment;      after SACI review.
Empowerment of
Women; Migration)


Decent work            1.a UNCT discussion                                  May-June        Resource requirements: RC & UNCT
                       on UNDAF Civil
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                          9

mainstreamed in      Society       Advisory Decent work reflected
national political   Board         including in:                                      Monitoring mechanisms: UNDAF‟s M&E System (Yearly
dialogue and         workers‟            and                                          reports and annual meetings with participants of UNDAF, Civil
Government Policy    employers‟                Political dialogue                    Society Advisory Board (including workers‟ and employers‟
                     associations.                                                    associations).
                                               Government policy,
                     1.b              UNCT       including 5 year
                     discussions/agreement       plans               May-June         Resource requirements: RC & UNCT, ILO DW specialists on
                     to adopt Decent Work                                             mission
                     as UNDAF driver (for  Media                                     DW mainstreaming specialist in RC Office (co-financed RC,
                     all outcome areas);                                              ILO, UNDP??)
                     including mission by  TC programmes
                     ILO Decent Work                                                  Monitoring mechanisms: UNDAF‟s M&E System (Yearly
                     specialists to discuss                                           reports and annual meetings with participants of UNDAF, Civil
                     with     UNCT        the                                         Society Advisory Board (including workers‟ and employers‟
                     “Toolkit             for                                         associations).
                     employment          and
                     decent work”.

                     1.c RC and others                               June-July        Resource requirements: RC, ILO & interested Agency Heads
                     meet           with
                     Government to get                                                Monitoring mechanisms: UNDAF‟s M&E System (Yearly
                     agreement on having                                              reports and annual meetings with participants of UNDAF, Civil
                     Decent Work agenda                                               Society Advisory Board (including workers‟ and employers‟
                     drive UNDAF.                                                     associations).
                     1.d Meeting with
                     Political Parties and                           June-September   Resource requirements: RC, ILO & interested Agency Heads
                     Parliament to get
                     them buying in on                                                Monitoring mechanisms: UNDAF‟s M&E System (Yearly
                     Decent Work.                                                     reports and annual meetings with participants of UNDAF, Civil
                                                                                      Society Advisory Board (including workers‟ and employers‟
                     1.e Next NHDR on
                     civil society to touch                                           Resource requirements: UNDP/Government agreement
                     on Decent Work and
26 June 2007                                                                                                        10

               to            include                    Monitoring mechanisms: UNDAF‟s M&E System (Yearly
               consultations    with                    reports and annual meetings with participants of UNDAF, Civil
               workers‟          and                    Society Advisory Board (including workers‟ and employers‟
               employers‟                               associations).

               1.f ILO Decent Work
               Country Programme        Sept.-October   Resource requirements: ILO, including DW specialists, RC and
               (DWCP) 1 preparation                     interested Agency Heads (or representatives)
                1st Mission and
                  workshop, to raise                    ILO DWCP Monitoring Unit
                  constituents, and
                  discuss        with
                  Agencies     (June-
                2nd Mission and
                  workshop,        to
                  identify      work
                  priorities     with
                  constituents, and
                  discuss        with

               1.g   ILO     DWCP
               implementation           2008-2012       Resource requirements: ILO technical specialists; ILO, RC
                                                        fund-raising; joint work in selected area with UNDP and other

                                                        ILO DWCP Monitoring Unit
               1.h UNDAF/Decent
               Work         multi-      November-       Resource requirements: RC, ILO &UNCT
               stakeholders             December 2007
               workshop                                 UNDAF‟s M&E System
               (Government,  UN-
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                        11

                     BWI, DAG, Political
                     Parties, Parliament
                     and UNDAF Civil
                     Society   Advisory

                     1.i UNDAF/Decent                                 January 2008-    Resource requirements: RC, UNCT
                     Work        Programme                            December 2012:
                     Implementation.                                  5 years          UNDAF‟s M&E System
Development          Setting up a labour     Improved labour market   September-       Resource requirements: Productive Employment, Expert (ILO),
programmes in        market information      information system.      October          and experts in LMI, Labour administration, entrepreneurship,
support of Decent    unit in the Ministry of                                           LED, gender (ILO), participation by relevant agencies and
Work designed and    Manpower, including                                               national expertise
implemented:         training of its staff
                                                                                       Seed funding (RC, ILO, UNDP), fundraising (RC, ILO, UNDP),
Productive           Sketching an            National employment      June-December    ex. Spanish MDG-achievement fund, South-South Cooperation
employment boosted   employment strategy     strategy developed                        (SCS), Government co-funding
                     Developing a            Increased youth          April –
                     National Action Plan    productive employment    December         Monitoring mechanisms: UNDAF‟s M&E System (yearly
                     for Youth               opportunities.                            reports and annual meeting with participants of UNDAF, Civil
                     Employment (NAP)                                                  Society Advisory Board (including workers‟ and employers‟
                     (April -December),                                                associations).
                     then implementing it                             2008 onwards

                     Developing and          Women empowered          September 2007
                     implementing a          economically.
                     support programme
                     Developing and          Greater employment       May 2007
                     implementing DW-        opportunities at the
                     based Local             local level
                     Programmes in
                     selected communities
Development          Identifying the worst   Worst forms of child     July-November    Resource requirements: Technical participation by relevant
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                            12

programmes in           forms of child labour    labour identified Multi-                agencies, national experts and high level Gov. officials. ILO to
support of Decent       in Egypt                 stakeholders                            kick off the workshop.
Work designed and                                (Government, Civil
implemented:            Multi-stakeholder        Society, etc.)‟s           December     Seed funding (RC, ILO), fundraising to implement action plan
                        workshop to agree on     agreement on worst                      (RC, ILO), Government co-funding.
Worst forms of child    the worst forms          forms of child labour
labour tackled                                   and action plan.                        Monitoring mechanisms: UNDAF‟s M&E System (yearly
                        Action plan to                                      Early 2008   reports and annual meeting with participants of UNDAF, Civil
                        eliminate the worst                                              Society Advisory Board (including workers‟ and employers‟
                        forms identified                                                 associations).

Development             Advocacy campaigns       Workers, employers and     May 2007     Resource requirements: ILO technical experts
programmes in                                    government aware of
support of Decent       Training of national     rights/responsibilities    April 2007   Seed funding (RC, ILO, UNDP), fundraising (RC, ILO, UNDP),
Work designed and       stakeholders             and monitoring                          Ex. South-South Cooperation (SCS), Government co-funding.
implemented:                                     occupational safety and
                        OSH programmes           health (OSH).              June 22007   Monitoring mechanisms: UNDAF‟s M&E System (yearly
Social protection       targeting specific                                               reports and annual meeting with participants of UNDAF, Civil
improved, through       sectors: Construction,                                           Society Advisory Board (including workers‟ and employers‟
strengthen              Tourism, Textiles,                                               associations).
occupational safety     Agriculture, etc.
and health, including
fighting HIV/AIDS       Advocacy,                HIV/AIDS in the            June 2007    Resource requirements: ILO technical experts
                        Training                                            May 2007     Seed funding (RC, ILO, UNDP), fundraising (RC, ILO, UNDP),
                                                                                         Ex. South-South Cooperation (SCS), Government co-funding.
                        Initiatives targeting                               May 2007
                        the above specific
                        sectors and higher-                                              Monitoring mechanisms UN Work plan on fighting HIV/AIDS
                        prevalence areas

                        Also see “Joint UN
                        programme of support
                        on HIV and AIDS in
                        the Arab Republic of
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                           13

Development             UNCT discussion on       Workers‟ and              May-June 2007   Resource requirements: RC, UNDP, UNCT, Government
programmes in           UNDAF Civil Society      employers‟ associations                   agreement.
support of Decent       Advisory        Board    participation in the
Work designed and       including     workers‟   UNDAF Civil Society                       Monitoring mechanisms: UNDAF‟s M&E System (yearly
implemented:            and        employers‟    Advisory Board.                           reports and annual meeting with participants of UNDAF, Civil
                        associations.                                                      Society Advisory Board (including workers‟ and employers‟
Social dialogue                                                                            associations).
strengthened through    Next NHDR on civil
greater participation   society to touch on
of employers‟ and       Decent Work and to
workers‟                include consultations
organizations in        with workers‟ and
decision making         employers‟
Decent Work             ILO review UNDAF       Identify entry points for Immediate         ILO /Africa (Nigeria / Liberia) draft concept paper to guide
                                               decent work                                 discussions.
                        UNDP / ILO prepare     Identify / validate        End June 2007    Meetings are held jointing – preferably government venues (or
                        and hold consultations priority areas and decent                   UNDP) – structured agenda – power point presentation
                        with                   work issues to be
                           Ministry of        proposed in PRS
                            Labour             process
                           Social partners,
                           MOEA / Ministry
                            of Finance
                           UN country team
                        ILO support to RC      Technical advisory         End June 2007    National officer could come on TOKTEN programme.
                        office in Liberia with support on Liberia‟s                        1. ILO contribution, 2. steering committee decision based on
                        recruitment of         decent work activities                      Ministry of Labour / Ministry of Planning request, 3. TOKTEN
                        national                                                           funding.
Decent Work / Mano      Information and          Exchange on             TBC              Meetings scheduled one or two times a year – agenda items to
River                   sensitization on           UNDP / ILO                              be proposed by Liberia through RC office.
                        decent work to the         partnership
                        UN country teams in      Sharing of
                        Mano River Union           information on
                        and Cote d‟Ivoire.         progress areas of
                                                   youth employment.
                                                 Agree on concrete
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                           14

                                                 action at MRU
Youth Employment   ILO to participate in    Coherence /                 Ongoing            Linked to implementation of national youth policy.
                   consultations on         convergence in                                 Follow-up to UNDP/ILO youth employment and skills
                   national youth           integration of decent                           study - mapping including UNHCR / ILO study.
                   employment action        work priorities in youth                       ILO Nigeria to provide guidance project team.
                   plan and programme       programme in Liberia                           ILO/UNDP to review status of resources mobilisation for
                                                                                            youth employment `
Economic           ILO /UNIFEM              WEDGE operational           End July 2007   Resources expected from Norway
Empowerment of     operationalise project
Women              document by
                   finalizing document
                   and continuing
LEEP / LEAD        Review progress with     Ensure continued            Ongoing            ILO / UNDP consultations are regular.
                   ILO – identify gaps      awareness and support                          Participation and consultation in National LEEP steering
                                            for LEEP / LEAS in                              committee
Employment and     ILO participation in     Decent work reflected       By end June     MDG mission report to ensure decent work reflected in
decent work        MDG planning             in PRS (includes            2007            Government priorities.
                   mission                  MDGs).
Social dialogue    Concept paper review     Consultations and           By end June     Ongoing and within PRS process
                                            agreement with              2008
                                            Government on priority
Capacity           ILO to participate in    Strengthened policy and     End 2007           ILO to provide when required technical and advisory
development (for   national formulation     technical support in                            support.
decent work)       of Liberian capacity     areas of decent work.                          Will focus on migration issues both national and Mano
                   development                                                              River Union level.
                   programme.                                                              Review of ILO proposals for training (ongoing).
                                                                                           Consult Government for next NHDR to focus on decent
                                                                                            work (possible subject: fundamental rights, and social
                                                                                            dialogue action.)
Employment and     ILO Participation in     DW reflected in nat.
Decent Work in     MDG planning             dev. Plans
NDPs               mission
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                          15

Youth Employment       To be determined        Youth Employment         End 2007
                                               Policies and
Migration              Support government      Implementation of
                       policy and action       policy
Other Areas (HRD       To be determined        To be determined         To be
& Capacity building,                                                    determined
Empowerment of
Institutional          Creation of ILO /       Employment and decent May 2007               ILO funding salary of Liaison Officer (to December 2007)
partnership            UNDP liaison office     work high on agenda of                       UNDP providing accommodation and administrative
                                               UN                                            support
                                                                                            Mission costs to be negotiated
                                                                                            ILO presentation to CMT (by June 2007)
UNDAF programme        Finalization of         Decent work              May 2007            ILO inputs provided since January 2007 UNDP and FAO
development and        UNDAF and               highlighted and                               as lead agencies in UNDAF +
implementation         economic                mainstreamed in one      2007 – 2009         Links to ILO‟s “Working Out of Poverty” Netherlands
                       development pillar      UN programme.            implementation       funded programme (2007 – 2010)
                       with decent work
Joint programme        Development of          Joint programmes         December 2007       Preparations at advanced stage
development and        proposals for Spanish   developed and funded.                        Specific programmes prepared on:
resource               MDG fund and                                                                 o Economic empowerment of women
mobilisation           others.                                                                      o Youth employment
National Human         Profile employment      High profile given to    December 2009       ILO‟s contribution to human development report in 2007
Development Report     and decent work as      employment and decent                         and 2008 included.
2009                   theme for national      work. Respective roles                       ILO and UNDP lead in preparing cross-UN inputs and
                       human development       of UN agencies                                Government inputs into 2009 report.
                       report.                 highlighted.
                                               High level advocacy
HIV/AIDS               Ensure greater          Relevant law(s)          October –           UNDP and ILO to collaborate on new law on HIV/AIDS in
                       cooperation on key      developed and adopted.   December 2007        workplace
                       activities on HIV and   Judiciary trained on                         ILO (Turin, HQ and Lusaka) and UNDP to collaborate on
                       AIDS in employment      HIV and AIDS and                              training judiciary (October 2007)
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                               16

                       and world of work.     international labour                            ILO, UNDP, UNAIDS cooperate on building capacities of
                                              standards. Capacities of                         WOS (?) and ELS (?).
                                              social partners
Corporate social       ILO and UNDP work      Good practices              Mid-2008            UNDP undertaking survey with Price Waterhouse, with
responsibility         together on national   documented and                                   ILO involvement.
                       initiatives on CSR     disseminated.                                   UNDP and ILO exploring good practices and highlighting
                       and Global Compact.                                                     links to development agenda.
Employment and         ILO participation in     Decent work reflected    May – June          Review decent work component in five year plan
Decent Work in         MDG planning              in national              2007                Ensure decent work is highlighted in planning process for
NDPs                   mission                   development plans                             next plan
                                                Five year Plan           EVTS adopted        ILO integration to prepare policy coherence initiative
                                                PARPA II (PRS)           2006                 concept paper.
                                                Employment and           PARPA II
                                                 Vocational Training      adopted 2006
                                                 Strategy (EVTS)
                                                                          Five year Plan
                                                                          adopted 2004/5
Review of PARPA /      ILO and UNDP           Decent work reflected       2007                UNDP, though RC and Economic Unit, with support of
PRS progress           participate in joint   in PAP Aide Memoire         2008                 UNDP/ILO Liaison Officer, to ensure this is effected
                       review process         and joint review            2009                ILO to provide necessary technical backstopping
Human Rights           Ensure broad-based     ILS end rights at work      200 7 - 2009     ILO and UNDP to continue with this inclusive approach to
                       inclusion of rights in reflected and                                rights and work and ILS.
                       all UNDAF and MDG incorporated in all
                       plans and documents    documents
                       Possible intervention  Stronger capacities fo      End 2007            UNRC to ensure capacity building is included in RC‟s
Other Areas (HRD       areas identified       MOL, workers‟ unions                             compact with UNDP.
& Capacity building,   after SACI review      and employers‟                                  ILO to seek cost-sharing on capacity-building initiative.
Youth Employment,                             organizations and
Economic               Ensure Mozambique      greater prominence for
empowerment of         Ministry of Labour,    decent work issues in
women, Migration)      workers‟ and           Mozambique.
                       organizations selected
                       for SACI support.
Employment and         ILO Participation in   DW reflected in nat.        May 2007
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                         17

Decent Work in         MDG planning            dev. Plans
NDPs                   mission
Other Areas (HRD       Possible intervention   To be determined           End 2007
& Capacity building,   areas identified
Youth Employment,      after SACI review
empowerment of
women, Migration)
Employment and         Finalization of         Officially approved        July 2007     Resources available:
Decent Work in         national employment     employment policy /                      $350,000 – UNDP contribution to employment policy in
MKUKUTA                policy and              programme and                            Mainland and Zanzibar.
(National Strategy     programme               budgetary allocation.                    $100,000 – ILO for Zanzibar office, missions and consultancies.
for Growth and         (ILO/UNDP).                                                      Resourced needed:
Reduction of                                                                            To be determined; resources will be raised through joint UN
Poverty).                                                                               mobilization efforts.

                       Joint high-level           Positioning of one     May or June      Special focus on employment issues of public expenditure
                       mission on economic         UN on employment       2007.             reviews
                       growth, poverty and         issues                                  Child labour issues will be integrated into the employment
                       employment (initially     Strategy for                              policy.
                       UNDP and ILO open           transforming                            Since employment is a cross-cutting issues, it is necessary
                       to FAO and UNIDO).          growth into poverty                      to involve as many UN agencies as possible.
                                                   reduction:                              Planned: in August 2007, a special meeting of Parliament
                                                   o Enterprise                             on employment issues.
                                                   o Labour-
                                                       intensive works
                                                   o Skills
                                                   o Micro-finance
                                                 Awareness among
                                                   World Bank and
                                                   ADB about labour
                                                   intensity of
                       Finalisation of joint   Approved and funded        July 2007
                       One UN programme        programme to be
                       for mainland            implemented by FAO,
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                     18

                                             UNDP, UNIDO, ILO,
                                             HABITAT, UNCDF.
Employment and      ILO representation in    Joint UN House          May 2007
decent work in      UNDP Zanzibar            Zanzibar
MKUZA               Formulation of an        Approved employment     August 2007
                    employment policy        policy and budgetary
                    for Zanzibar (ILO-       allocations
                    UNDP) - special
                    focus on loans and
                    Formulation of the       Approved an funded      October 2007    Support from ILO Addis Ababa needed. Desirable: launching
                    “Jobs for Zanzibar”      programme open to all                   event by President of Zanzibar.
                    programme                agencies operating in
HIV/AIDS in the     Integrate into joint                             July 2007
workplace           UN programmes on
                    AIDS for mainland
                    and Zanzibar.
Social protection   Explore the role of      A possible joint        November 2007
                    UN Tanzania in the       programme
                    field of social
Social dialogue     Include social           Improved domestic
                    partners into the PER.   accountability
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                        19


Area of cooperation   Activity               Expected outcomes         Timeline         Remarks
                                                               REGIONAL LEVEL
Policy, Advocacy and Research
Studies to examine    Undertake              Key findings of SRL                        Based on the outcome of the workshop, further follow up will be
linkages between      countries case         case study have been                       explored to arrive at macroeconomic policies for promoting
macroeconomic         studies on Growth-     disseminated at the                        employment and decent work, possibly in the MDG roll-out
policies and poverty  employment –           national workshop                          countries
reduction with a view Poverty Reduction      conducted in Sep 2006
to identifying policy Linkages. These        in Colombo in
needed to pro-poor    studies have been      partnership with ILO-
government            undertaken in          SRL and UNDP-SRL
                      Cambodia, China,
                      India, Indonesia,
                      Philippines, Sri
                      Lanka and Thailand

                      Prepare regional       Key findings of the
                      synthesis study        country case studies
                      based on the           through regional
                      country case studies   synthesis study will be
                      on the linkages in     discussed and
                      Growth,                disseminated in the
                      Employment and         MDG workshop
                      Poverty Reduction                                Bangkok, 19-21
                                                                       Feb 2007
                      Jointly Launch
                      publication on
                      Asian experience
                      on growth, poverty
                      and employment                                   Colombo, 12-14
                                                                       March 2007
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                                 20

                         Provide technical        Better understanding of
                         inputs into              the employment &
                         technical workshop       poverty nexus
                         on MDG-based
                         Planning and
                         Development of a
Statistics               Improve the              Data and analysis on      ILO‟s work on       Collaboration with UNDP can be explored on data requirements
                         capacity of national     MDG goals on poverty,     DWI indicators      relevant to the Asian Decent Work Decade -possible links with
                         statistical offices in   gender and youth          to be completed     DEVINFO
                         collecting data          employment as well as     by July 2007
                         relevant to MDG          on Decent Work
                         and Decent Work          Indicators

                                                                            2007                Collaboration will be explored with the World Bank, UNESCAP
                                                  Regional MDG III                              and ADB on the preparation of the Report and ILO‟s
                                                  Report for Asia and the                       involvement
ADVOCACY                 Participate and          Improved understanding                        While participation has been confirmed for a few of these
MEETINGS:                provide inputs into      amongst participants of                       meetings further consultations will be required regarding some
                         the listed meetings      the linkages between                          of the meetings
                         whenever feasible        Decent Work and NDG
South East Asia                                                             Hanoi, 1-2
MDG Forum on One                                                            March 2007
UN to achieve MDGs

Training Workshop                                                           Colombo, 12-16
for UN technical staff                                                      March 2007
on MDG based
national plan in
partnership the
Millennium Project
                                                                            April 2007
Seminar on new                                                              To be held in Sri
26 June 2007                                                                          21

approaches to local                                                  Lanka
poverty reduction

                                                                     May 2007
Workshop on
strategies and
interventions for
MDG support in Asia
Pacific                                                              Bangkok,
                                                                     October 2007
Pacific MDG Forum


Regional Conference
on Capacity for
Change to Achieve
the MDGs 2008-2015

Regional workshop
on achievement of
implementation in
2007 and strategies
for 2008                Commission a                                 Beijing,
                        series of research    Key findings/          September 2007
                        papers                recommendations will
Regional Meeting:                             be presented at the
Asian Symposium on                            regional symposium
Employment, Growth
and Decent Work
Operational work
Technical Assistance    Organize meeting                             March 2007
to mainstream           of UNDP experts
employment and          and ILO specialists
decent work in the      to share knowledge
national development    on technical
strategies to achieve   competencies of the
26 June 2007                                                                                                                       22

MDG targets          organizations

                     Participate in        Policy recommendations      2007, with
                     UNCT activities       to national planning        emphasis on
                     and inter-agency      authorities                 MDG roll-out
                     missions in the                                   countries
                     preparation of
                     strategies            Inputs of social partners
                                           (employers/ workers
                     Workshop to solicit   organizations) and other    March-April
                     inputs from ILO‟s     CSOs
                     social partners
                                           Joint programmes
                                           focusing on identified      2007 for highest
                     Work with UNCT        thematic areas putting      priority countries
                     to develop joint      collaboration amongst       (Philippines and
                     proposals for         UN agencies into            Viet Nam) and
                     submission to         practice                    the remaining of
                     MDG Spanish                                       2007 for other
                     Achievement Fund                                  countries
Mainstreaming        Organize training     Training Manual             2007                 UN HQ to take lead with Turin Centre
employment and       for UN Resident
decent work in the   Coordinators and
UN country           UNCTs on the
programme            Toolkit for           Revised workplan of
                     mainstreaming         ILO-UNDP
                     employment and        collaboration
                     decent work

                     Prepare and          Recommendations to
                     organize a meeting strengthen the
                     of selected Resident collaboration
                     Coordinators and
                     their counterpart
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                      23

                      Directors at Turin
                      Organize a retreat
                      in the region to
                      review the progress
Policy, Advocacy and Research: Ensuring DWCP is included as an integral part of the One UN Country Programme
Study to examine      Support MoF           PRSP document that         2007 –2010    MoF made explicit request to ILO to support the integration of
linkages between      (TASP Secretariat) integrates agenda of                        employment in PRSP II to promote inclusive growth
macroeconomic         with analytical       decent and productive
policies and poverty  review and policy     employment
reduction with a view options for job
to identifying pro    creation and youth
poor policy options   employment in
into PRSP II          Pakistan
Support to the Prime Develop the service Project organizational        2007 –2010    Project document ready; donor meeting planned by mid-2007.
Minister‟s            delivery capacity of framework established,                    UNDP to provide financial support beyond contribution of
Programme for         different training    with linkages to                         $300,000 during phase I
Vocational and skills institutes and        government agencies,
development training supporting the         public and private sector
(phase II)            Prime Minister‟s      institutions and other
                      Programme for         community groups and
                      vocational and        NGOs
                      skills training using
                      TREE methodology
Capacity              Provide technical     Recruitment of Ministry 2007 –2010       UNDP currently contributing $500,000
enhancement of        support for the       of Labour LMI unit staff                 Current phase to be completed by April 2008.
Ministry of Labour    creation and          in process, and basic                    Beyond that, UNDP expected to contribute additional resources
through               functioning of        LMI database
establishment of      labour market         established
Labour Market         information and
Information and       analysis unit
Analysis Unit
Community Based       Support immediate On-going as part of joint 2006-2009          $4m contributions from EC and UNDP.
livelihood recovery   and mid-term          UN-ERRA Early
programme for         livelihoods           Recovery Plan
earthquake affected   recovery of the
areas of PAK and      vulnerable
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                       24

NWFP                    population in the
                        earthquake affected
                        areas of NWFP and

Technical assistance    Organise national     Recommendation to         November 2007   Support requested from regional and HQ colleagues at ILO and
to integrate            meeting of            government to integrate                   UNDP.
employment and          Tripartite partners   employment and decent
Decent work in the      an ILO/UNDP           work in national
national development    experts to share      development strategies
strategies and UN       knowledge and
system to achieve the   make specific
MDG targets             recommendations

Operational work: Streamlining inter-agency process for harmonization of processes towards the implementation of Five Ones (One Plan, One
Budget, One Leader, One Management System and One House)
Implications of       Review the          Recommendations to       2007               Relevant authorities and freedoms given to UN Country Team in
harmonization         implications of     ILO and UNDP HQs for                        Pakistan for piloting „One UN‟.
towards the           harmonization       discussion at the
achievement of Five   including           meeting of CEBs of
Ones of One UN        information         UNDG
                      procurement, back
                      office services,
                      appraisals and                                                  Membership of High-Level Committee on UN Reform in
                      agency costs                                 2007               Pakistan to include ILO Tripartite Partners.
                                          Inputs of tripartite
                      Facilitate the      constituents
                      consultation and
                      participation of
                      constituents in UN
                      including on the
                      One UN Exercise
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                        25

Policy, Advocacy and Research: Ensuring DWCP is included as an integral part of the One UN Country Programme
Assist MOLISA on      Conducting studies ILO/UNDP                    2007-2008
issues relating to    on economic           collaboration under the                   ILO work within the UNDP-led component (of the Social Policy
minimum wages,        growth/               UN joint Social Policy                    Programme) will cover social budgeting for planning and policy
social security and   employment/           programme will support                    development
labour statistics     poverty and           the development of a                      Work on Labour statistics would be an important area for joint
                      minimum wages         road map for the                          UNDP-ILO work but the government decision on institutional
                      and support in the    extension of social                       lead for the work needs to be defined first
                      area of labour        security in Viet Nam. .
                      statistics and social Implementation decrees
                      insurance             for Law on social
                                            insurance to be
Local economic        Participate in the    Recommendations to       2008             The programme has recently started and any additional
development in        UN joint              local and national                        components will be part of discussions and negotiations
central highland,     programme in Kon authorities to improve                         involving all partners of the programme: UNICEF, UNFPA,
particularly on non-  Tum                   their capacities to plan                  UNDP and provincial authority of Kon Tum. ILO plans to
farm employment                             and manage the local                      pursue the work in more than one ethnic minority In the Central
                                            development agenda                        Highlands. The activity therefore will initially be parallel.
Youth employment      Development of a      UNDP-ILO                 2007             This work will be in parallel to ILO on-going in collaboration
agenda pursued in     UNCT project          collaboration on youth                    with several other UN agencies in the context of the UN Theme
Joint Un Programme proposal on Youth        employment integrated                     Group on Youth. It‟s components will include policy support
on Youth              for submission to     in the framework of the                   and advocacy, social mobilization and capacity building and
                      MDG Achievement One Plan                                        direct (pilot) interventions.
Operational work: Streamlining inter-agency process for harmonization of processes towards the implementation of Five Ones (One Plan, One
Budget, One Leader, One Management System and One House)
More common           On-going UNCT-                                                  Extension of the existing One UN Initiative to include the larger
services and          wide process of                                                 UNCT currently underway. Road map formulated and agreed to
synchronised          harmonization of                                                at recent HoA retreat that foresees more inclusive Initiative by
operational           procurement, cost                                               first quarter of 2008 based on agreed set of management and
procedures under the norms, information                                               programme actions for aligning with the One Leader, One Plan
overall framework of sharing being                                                    and One Budget elements of the initiative.
the Hanoi Core        carried out in the
Statement             context of the Inter
implementing the      agency Operational
intents and decisions Management Team
26 June 2007           26

of the Paris High-
level Forum on Aid -
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                        27

                                                       EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA

                                                               REGIONAL LEVEL
Area of cooperation      Activities                Expected outcomes       Timeline   Remarks
Policy, Advocacy, Research
Employment creation      Analysis of the youth     Report on youth         2007-09    Proposal for discussion with UNDP. ILO and UNDP could join
including enterprise     labour market situation   employment situation               forces to prepare a report on youth employment situation for the
creation with a focus on and discussion of         in South-Eastern                   whole region of Europe and Central Asia and to assist in the
youth and women          appropriate               Europe.                            development and implementation of NYEAPs for the countries
                         employment policies to                                       listed but even for more countries in the region.
                         address youth             National Youth
                         employment challenge.     Employment Action
                                                   Plans developed in
                                                   Albania, Serbia,
                                                   Kosovo and FYROM.

                                                   Report on youth
                                                   employment situation
                                                   in the three Caucasus
                                                   countries and in
                                                   Central Asia.

                                                   National Youth
                                                   Employment Action
                                                   Plans developed in
                                                   some of the Caucasus
                                                   and Central Asian
                         A joint project on
                         effective enforcement     Gender equality
                         of gender equality        enforcement
                         legislation, together     mechanisms will be
                         with the UNDP and         in place through
                         UNIFEM is now             strengthened capacity
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                   28

                         developed. The project    and better
                         target countries are:     coordination among
                         Albania, Bosnia and       key ministries, gender
                         Herzegovina and           machineries, the
                         FYROM.                    social partners and
                         Joint project proposals   NGOs.
                         will be developed for
                         the three countries to
                         be submitted to the
                         Spanish MDG Fund.

Migration with a         Joint projects with       Sound national                  Possibilities of cooperation with UNDP could be explored e.g.
particular emphasis on   IOM on productive use     policies adopted to             for improving our knowledge base on labour migration in
employment               of migrant remittances    stimulate productive            South-Eastern Europe and the CIS
opportunities and on     are running in Albania    use of remittances in
productive use of        and Moldova.              the sending countries.
remittances and on
migration rights         Subregional project on    - Practical methods
                         promotion of a            developed for
                         sustainable,              assessing and
                         participative and         forecasting demand
                         equitable approach to     for labour migrants;
                         the governance of         - sound regularization
                         labour migration in the   policies developed
                         Russian Federation,       and adopted;
                         Armenia, Kazakhstan,      - policies developed
                         Kyrgyzstan and            to enhance positive
                         Tajikistan has just       impact of migration
                         been launched.            in sending countries;
                                                   - improved protection
                                                   of migrants‟ workers
                                                   rights in destination

National and local       Kazakhstan:               National Employment      2007
employment strategies,   Assistance in             Programme 2008-
including on             preparation of the        2010 approved by the
transforming informal    National Employment       Government
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                        29

employment into   Programme 2008-
formal.           2010.                     National employment
                                            policies approved as a
                  Armenia:                  part of the Govt‟s       2007-8
                  Development of            economic
                  national employment       development
                  policies                  programme
Global Compact    4 main kinds of           International Labour     Joint             These activities were identified based on consultations between
                  activities are proposed   Standards better taken   ILO/UNDP          the UNDP Global Compact Advisor for Europe and Ms
                  for ILO/UNDP              into consideration in    activities will   Severine Deboos, Budapest on 5 February 2007.
                  cooperation in this       the policies of CSR      take place in     On the ILO side, they were discussed with the ILO HQ.
                  field in South Eastern    promoted through the     Ukraine           An endorsement is necessary at this stage, from both UNDP
                  Europe, Ukraine and       Global Compact           (March 20) and    and ILO.
                  Moldova:                                           Moldova           A strategy for operationalisation can then be developed and
                                                                     (April).          implemented.
                  - The need for better
                  information flows on
                  our respective
                  initiatives in the area
                  of CSR, and more
                  specifically labour
                  related issues in CSR,
                  and Global Compact

                  - Cooperation on
                  awareness raising
                  activities undertaken
                  especially in the
                  framework of the
                  Global Compact:
                  participation and
                  contribution on the
                  labour aspects of CSR
                  by the ILO in seminars
                  organized by the
                  UNDP under the GC
                  (use of ILO training
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                          30

                          packages and materials
                          on the issue).
                          UNDP is involved in
                          ILO activities, in
                          particular the GC
                          project in Albania

                          - Development of
                          assistance to
                          companies on specific
                          issues of CSR related
                          to labour standards and
                          conditions of work,
                          certainly as follow up
                          of awareness raising
                          events that could have
                          taken place.

                          - Possibility to conduct
                          joint research projects,
                          such as the social and
                          economic impact of
                          the operation of the
                          large enterprises (both
                          multinationals but also
                          state owned
                          enterprises) in the

Youth employment          -Conducting Labour         -National Youth                          1. The already prepared project document will be
(linking the integrated   Force Survey               Employment Action                           reviewed in light of the Spanish Trust Fund
ILO-UNDP youth policy     - Developing process       Plan drafted             Activities of   2. Have a UNCT meeting to inform and receive feedback
project with the ILO      for producing              -“Occupational           the ILO-UNDP    3. Consult with stakeholders on the scope, content, timing
IPEC youth                “Occupational              Outlook” produced        Joint              and pilot locations of the project
employment)               Outlook”                   -ISKUR                   Programme       4. Agree on the coordination and monitoring mechanisms
                          -Training ISKUR            infrastructure           will be            for the project (National Steering Committee, Project
                          Officials                  strengthened to youth    implemented        Coordinator, etc.)
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                      31

                          -Sub-regional             to benefit from          throughout       5. Agree on technical guidance from ILO and UNDP.
                          workshops on YE           ALMPs                    2007 and 2008.   6. Submit project to Spanish Trust Fund (MDG)
                          issues                    -Knowledge and           The joint
                          -Study tours to           networking base on       programme
                          analyze good YE           youth employment         will continue
                          policies                  established              through 2009
                          -Creating inventory       -University graduates    and 2010
                          info on YE policies       better equipped to
                          -Training univ.           enter labour market
                          graduates, graduates      -Unemployed youth
                          of high schools,          trained in line with
                          vocational schools and    labour demands and
                          unskilled youth           in specific areas
                          - Providing SYB

Combating the worst       - Providing formal and    - 15-18 year olds are    Activities of
forms of child labour     non-formal education      withdrawn from work      the ILO-UNDP
                          and counselling           and have viable          Joint
                          services through          alternatives to child    Programme
                          established               labour                   will be
                          mechanisms                - Employability of       implemented
                          - Providing training to   target group and their   throughout
                          youth withdrawn from      access to decent work    2007 and 2008.
                          child labour which is     increased                The joint
                          geared toward                                      programme
                          income-generating                                  will continue
                          alternatives                                       through 2009
                                                                             and 2010
Transforming informal     - Follow-up activities    - Support to the
sector jobs in formal     of EU-ILO project on      government for the
employment                unregistered              KADIM (informal
                          employment                economy) project
Enterprise creation and   - SYB training for        - Enhanced capacity
active labour market      ISKUR staff, related      of ISKUR to provide      2007-2008
policies for local        govt. institutions and    training
development               NGOs                      - Employment
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                             32

Promotion of                - Skills upgrading for   - Enhanced
employment of women         rural women              employability of rural   2007-2008   The joint programme will continue through 2009 and 2010
                            - upon consultation      women
                            with UNDP other                                               Discuss in UNCT the option of possible future collaboration,
                            activities geared                                             and based on outcome draft a project proposal on gender issues
                            towards poverty                                               for MDG Trust Fund and/or other financing sources
Increasing employability    - Development of new     ILO modular training 2007-2010       Preliminary talks on collaboration with UNDP on these issues
of youth with a special     modular training         introduced to training               have already been held in Bishkek.
focus on modular            packages for skills      providers
employable skills           training
training, entrepreneurial   - Reinforcement of the
training (Start and         existing tools and
improve your business-      approaches on skills
SIYB and Know about         development and
Business - KAB), with       employability by
focus on gender and         additional training
vulnerable groups where     elements
operational                 - Creating a sub-
                            regional network of
                            modular vocational
                            training and enlarging
                            the pool of modular
                            training packages
26 June 2007                                                                 33

               - Provide refreshment    Entrepreneurship         2007-2010
               training for existing    promotion
               SIYB Master Trainers     programme for
               (MTs) to build           disadvantaged youth
               providers‟ pool and      –including access to
               introduce new SYB,       information, training,
               GYB, and Business        and other BDS
               Plan materials           services
               - Refine, test and
               introduce a web-based
               SIYB quality
               management system
               (Database, Monitoring
               and Evaluation);
               - Conduct SIYB TOT
               workshops in selected
               regions to strengthen
               the local and national
               trainer pools
26 June 2007                                                                               34

                          - Provide capacity-        Technical assistance      2007-2010
                          building for KAB           to the constituents
                          facilitators to increase   towards establishment
                          the KAB delivery           of entrepreneurship
                          capacity                   training (on the basis
                          - Promote increase of      of KAB) for youth at
                          number of TVET             public sector (on the
                          schools implementing       example of TVET) in
                          the KAB as an official     the capacity of a
                          curricula in               national programme
                          cooperation with the
                          TVET authority
                          - Promote discussions
                          among tripartite
                          constituents on
                          establishment of
                          mechanism of training
                          KAB facilitators and
                          development of
                          national KAB
                          programme on the
                          national level
Enterprise development    Carrying out rapid         Information available     2007-2010
with a special focus on   market appraisals          on local
the SMEs and informal     and/or enterprise          entrepreneurial
sector                    culture assessment in      environment and
                          selected regions           economically viable
                                                     opportunities, with
                                                     recommendations for
                                                     support of SME
                                                     activities in the
                                                     Possible improvement
                                                     of service linkages for
Follow-up to the ILO      Preparation of the         Paper and                 2007
study on growth,          study;                     recommendations on
employment and poverty    National conference in     promoting
26 June 2007                                                                      35

reduction                 Bishkek carried out by    employment-intensive
                          ILO/UNDP with             growth in Kyrgyzstan
                          participation of ILO
                          constituents, other
                          national key
                          stakeholders, and
Youth employment          Carrying out              Situational analysis   2007
(linking the integrated   situational analysis on   report with
UNDP youth policy         youth employment          recommendations for
project with the ILO                                possible development
youth employment                                    of National Action
projects (SRO Moscow                                Plan on Youth
and IPEC)                                           Employment
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                          36

                                                             ARAB STATES

Area of cooperation    Activity                Expected outcomes    Timeline         Remarks
                                                          REGIONAL LEVEL
Thematic Policy Advocacy and Organisational Capacity Development at Regional level
Trade and Human           Undertake regional       Enhanced policy                   This collaboration is intended to support an integrated approach
Development initiative; studies to assess the      making in Arab                    to trade and Decent Work within the context of a wider UNDP
assessing the impact of   impact of trade          countries and                     initiative to be launched 1st quarter 2007. Specific activities and
trade liberalization and  liberalization,          strengthened national             timelines are to be fleshed out between UNDP RBAS/BDP and
trade agreements on       multilateral and         capacities in trade               ILO EMP and Policy Integration as needed.
labour throughout the     bilateral FTAs and       research
region, particularly      WTO accession on
industry and agriculture. employment,
The initiative will       productive sectors
analyse cross-cutting     (agriculture and
themes including the      industry), poverty and
relationship between      human development.
trade and gender, labour                                                             A timeline for the collaboration is being reviewed by
standards and human       Revise & update                                            UNDP/HARPAS and the HIV/AIDS focal point/ROAS
rights.                   SURF-AS regional
                          employment study,
                          emphasizing trade,
                          industry and             Strengthened
                          employment generation common Arab
                          issues.                  perspectives and
                                                   positions in regional
                          Conduct regional         and global trade and
                          capacity building        economic
                          activities aiming at     governance forums
                          strengthening Arab       based on enhanced
                          prospective and          civil society
                          position in regional and participation
                          global trade and
HIV/AIDS; within the      enhance negotiation
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                   37

context of an ongoing        skills of government       Enhanced protection
UNDP regional                counterparts.              of the rights of
programme, the ILO                                      people living with
will support two                                        HIV/AIDS in the
interventions that reflect   Undertake a legal          workplace with
the ILO mandate, tools       review of Arab             increased awareness
and best practices:          legislation taking the     among all
                             ILO code of practice       constituencies
1) the organization of       into account and the set
sub-regional workshops       of guidelines developed
on HIV for                   to address the             ABCAR launched
Parliamentarians from        HIV/AIDS epidemic in       and implemented
the Arab region              the work environment.      with the participation
                                                        of the UN inter-
2) the technical support     Organize sub-regional      agency team and
to the AIDS Business         workshops on HIV for       critical social
Coalition in the Arab        Parliamentarians from      partners
Region (ABCAR).              the Arab region

                             Consultations and
                             regional meetings to
                             support the
                             formalisation of a
                             regional private sector
                             strategy to actively
                             respond to the
                             challenge of the
                             management and
                             mitigation of the
                             impact of HIV/AIDS
                             through the launch of
                             the AIDS Business
                             Coalition in the Arab
                             Region (ABCAR).

Overall Operational          Organize training for      Training Manual          Dates for initial training to be confirmed between UNDP and
Activities;                  UN Resident                                         ILO HQs, with Turin Centre
Mainstreaming                Coordinators and
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                      38

employment and decent     UNCTs on the Toolkit
work in the UNDP          for mainstreaming
country programmes        employment and decent      Revised workplan of
and aligning ILO          work                       ILO-UNDP
DWCPs with inter-                                    collaboration at
agency CCA/UNDAFs         Prepare and organize a     country levels with
                          meeting of selected        regular meetings at
                          Resident Coordinators      the sub-regional and
                          and their counterpart      country levels
                          Directors/specialists at
                          Turin Centre (pending

Developing an             Establish a national       Strategy that is                Details of joint initiatives will be further elaborated within
employment strategy       working group with full    nationally owned                context of CCA/UNDAF, the ILO DWCP and UNDP Country
which integrates gender   intergovernmental and      with enhanced                   Programme
and youth concerns        social partner             capacity of social
                          participation              partners to address                    UNDP/ILO proposal in Ministry of Labour
                                                     these specific                         Two priorities :
                                                     concerns                                   o public employment
                          Undertake analytical                                                  o boost ?? (LUE ?)
                          background studies to                                             UNDAF
                          support labour market
                          assessment (study on
                          trade & employment
                                                     Strengthened MoL
                          Conduct specialized        capacity ensures
                          training for Ministry of   sustainable quality
                          Labour officials to        assurance and follow
                          implement and monitor      up
                          the strategy

                          Organise a high level      The first Jordanian
                          National Employment        national
                          forum                      Employment
26 June 2007                                                              39

                                                  Strategy is endorsed
                                                  by Cabinet and
                                                  Parliament and
                                                  formally launched
Strengthening Public   Undertake training         Improved
Employment Services    courses on Active          counselling, referral
                       Labour Market Policies     and job matching
                       and Programme              services provided by
                       Evaluation                 public employment
                                                  services and the
                                                  Employment Centre
                       Operationalise the         (NEC)
                       electronic labour
                       exchange system in all     Ensure that the
                       23 national                electronic labour
                       employment offices         exchange is
                       and develop procedures     functional between
                       manual on LMI, with        employment offices,
                       requisite training         the NEC and the
Boosting Small         Extend technical           Business
enterprises for job    assistance to the MoL      management training
creation and poverty   and the Development        programmes (SIYB
alleviation            and Employment Fund        and EYB) targeting
                       (DEF) to tackle            small scale
                       provision of financial     entrepreneurship
                       and non-financial          enhanced and made
                       support services to        sustainable
                                                  In line with the
                       Develop a prototype        UNDAF, a pilot
                       project promoting local    project serving
                       economic integration of    under-represented
                       youth and women to         populations in an
                       demonstrate the            under-served area, is
                       feasibility of creating    implemented
                       decent work at the local
26 June 2007                                                                        40


Improving governance     Training provided for      Workers and
through administrative   enhanced capacity of       employers
reform and social        workers and employers      organizations
dialogue                 organizations to           provide better
                         interact with policy       services to their
                         setting partners,          constituencies with
                         utilizing such processes   greater transparency
                         as the Global Compact      in socio-economic
                                                    decision making
                         To establish and           secured with the
                         operationalise the         participation of the
                         Jordanian ECOSOC           wider civil society

Development of a         A national task force to   A National
National Employment      be established             Employment
Strategy                 involving inter-           Strategy formulated
                         governmental               including and Action
                         representatives as well    Plan on Youth
                         as those from the social   Employment
                         partner institutions

                         Review/collation of        Completion/upgrade
                         baseline information       of Household LFS;
                         already available with     an establishment-
                         assessment/commission      based labour market
                         ing of additional data     demand survey; and
                         requirements               a study on the
                                                    educational and
                                                    training system in
Support to ongoing       Institutionalize a         Actionable
efforts for the          database to address        recommendations for
formulation of a         causes of frictional       an increase in labour
comprehensive labour     unemployment, low          productivity and the
26 June 2007                                                                     41

force policy                 productivity etc      reduction of
Support to business          Roll out of ILO       Advisory services
entrepreneurship             Business Management   extended to the
especially among the         training programmes   Government
youth population             and TOT               regarding revision of
                             modules/workshops     laws/regulations
                             targeting small       governing the
                             entrepreneurs         business
                                                   environment e.g.
                                                   simplification of
                                                   procedures for the
                                                   establishment of
Support early recovery
livelihoods initiatives in
the post-conflict context
Collaboration on
household surveys
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                      42

                                                   LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN

Area of cooperation      Activity                    Expected outcomes       Timeline      Next steps                      Remarks
                                                                 REGIONAL LEVEL
Policy, advocacy,
Decent work indicators   Provide technical           Set of indicators       2007 - 2009   Technical meetings
                         inputs and improve          identified and agreed
                         capacity of Statistical                                           Joint publication
                         Offices in collecting       Set of indicators are
                         and analyzing data          disseminated
                         related to DW.

Economic success         Country case studies        Regional study          2007 - 2008   UNDP/ILO to identify focal       ECLAC collaboration
measurement links                                    discussed and                         points
between growth-          Regional studies            disseminated
employment and decent                                                                      TORs and agenda discussed at
work for poverty         Regional synthesis                                                a joint technical meeting
allocation and fair      including policy
development              orientations                                                      Joint work can start May/June
                         Joint publication
Operational work
Democratic and           Meetings to be              Policy orientations                   Post Turin meeting 2007
economic governance      organized for               and                                   (April/May)
Social dialogue          ILO/UNDP specialists        recommendations to
Youth employment         to share competencies       national governments                  Pilot and active waiting list
Social protection and    ILO linked to UNCT                                                countries will convene
social security          activities for the                                                national workshops
Gender                   preparation of
Migrations (TBC)         development strategies
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                                    43

ILO management and       at national level.
experts will assist on   Preparation of joint
mainstreaming the        proposals with
Hemispheric Agenda       UNDP/UNCT for the
and NDWP into UNTC       Spanish Trust Fund
strategic frameworks
DWCP are linked to UN    Technical meetings at       Regional joint                              (April 2007)                       Regional managements
country programmes       country level share         strategic programme                                                            (ILO/UNDP) will meet after
                         goals and strategies.       (2007/2009)                                                                    Turin
                                                     discussed and
                         Joint strategic             adopted
                         programming meeting
Policy, advocacy, and research
A. Relación entre        Informe sobre Empleo,       Contribuir a la           2° semestre del   Elaboración y lanzamiento, en      Otros actores: PNUD, OIT,
crecimiento, empleo y    Desarrollo Humano y         inserción del trabajo     2007 -            el segundo semestre 2007           CEPAL, Ministerio de
trabajo decente para la  Trabajo Decente con el      decente en las            lanzamiento del   Seguimiento de las                 Trabajo y Empleo (MTE),
reducción de la pobreza fin de identificar los       estrategias nacionales    informe, en       conclusiones del Informe, en       Instituto de Pesquisas
y alcance de los ODMs    vínculos entre el           de desarrollo, de         elaboración por   particular sobre los déficits de   Económicas Aplicadas
                         crecimiento económico       acuerdo con la            las Oficinas de   trabajo decente, en base a         (IPEA)
                         y competitividad, así       Agenda Nacional de        PNUD, OIT y       indicadores previamente
                         como sus efectos en la      Trabajo Decente en        CEPAL en          definidos. Estudio sobre el        Este producto se relaciona
                         generación de empleo y      Brasil (resultado 1.2)    Brasil 2008 -     impacto del trabajo decente en     con la propuesta regional:
                         trabajo decente y en el                               seguimiento de    el crecimiento económico           • Desarrollo Humano,
                         desarrollo humano.                                    las                                                  Trabajo Decente y
                                                                               conclusiones                                         Gobernabilidad económica y

Operational work
A. Empleo Juvenil        Formulación de              (i) fortalecer        4 años (2007-         Elaboración de una propuesta       Otros actores: Ministerio de
                         proyecto conjunto entre     capacidades           11)                   para negociación con las           Trabajo, Ministerio de la
                         PNUD y OIT para             nacionales                                  contrapartes nacionales y          Educación, Ministerio del
                         garantizar los derechos     gubernamentales y                           presentación de una Propuesta      Desarrollo Social, Secretaría
                         de los jóvenes a través     no gubernamentales a                        para el Fondo español              Nacional de Juventud,
                         de (i) la integración del   los tres niveles                                                               Gobierno del estado de Bahía,
                         objetivo de promoción       (central, estadual y                                                           Sistema de Formación
                         del trabajo decente a       municipal) para                                                                Profesional, Centrales
                         nivel de las políticas      diseñar, implementar,                                                          Sindicales, Caixa Económica
26 June 2007                                                                                                 44

                           nacionales de empleo      monitorear y evaluar     Federal (banco estatal de
                           juvenil de (ii) la        políticas y programas    ahorro) y sector empresarial
                           implementación de un      para promoción del
                           proyecto piloto en el     empleo y calificación    La propuesta está relacionada
                           estado de Bahía, con      profesional de los       con la Meta 16 del Objetivo
                           enfoque en jóvenes        jóvenes; (ii) proponer   del Milenio 8, con la
                           beneficiarios del         una estrategia de        prioridad 1 de la Agenda
                           Programa Bolsa-           salida de los            Nacional de Trabajo Decente,
                           Familia y el Programa     programas de             y toma en cuenta las
                           de Erradicación del       transferencia de         recomendaciones de la UN
                           Trabajo Infantil (PETI)   ingreso a través de      Youth Employment Network
                                                     programas de             (YEN) y la resolución sobre
                                                     inserción de los         el empleo juvenil de la
                                                     jóvenes en el            Conferencia Internacional del
                                                     mercado de trabajo y     Trabajo de junio de 2005.
                                                     de desarrollo de sus     Asimismo, contribuirá para la
                                                     capacidades              integración de los esfuerzos
                                                     profesionales para       gubernamentales para la
                                                     garantizar el acceso a   implementación de la Política
                                                     un trabajo decente y     Nacional de Juventud,
                                                     contribuir al            siguiendo las
                                                     crecimiento              recomendaciones del Consejo
                                                     económico                Nacional de Juventud. Se
                                                                              relaciona también con la
                                                                              propuesta regional: Jóvenes y
                                                                              Democracia: Cómo incluir a
                                                                              los jóvenes en los procesos de

1. Decent Work Linked                                                         All countries will meet in
to National Policies and                                                      Cartagena to share knowledge
Programs for Socio-                                                           and will design programme
Economic Development                                                          proposals for each of the pilot
                                                                              and active waiting list
2. Promotion of
Fundamental Principles
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                                45

and Rights at Work
Monitoring and
Evaluation of
Employment Promotion
Programs and
Vocational Training
focused on(Women
Afro-descendants and
Indigenous Populations)
Policy, advocacy, and research
Nexos, desarrollo        1. Análisis de los         Indicadores sobre        junio 2007-      1. Definir TdR para los            Otros actores: Ministerio
humano, trabajo decente vínculos entre              pobreza, desarrollo      diciembre 2008   estudios. 2. Definir               Público (UNAT),
y crecimiento            crecimiento, empleo,       humano y trabajo                          presupuestos para los estudios.    Comisonado ERP, Gabinete
                         trabajo decente para la    decente utilizados                        3. Discutir con las contrapartes   Social, Agencias del Sistema
                         reducción de la pobreza    para monitoreo y                          gubernamentales y otros            NNUU (por definir)
                         y el logro de los ODMs     evaluación en el                          sectores.
                         2. Definición de los       marco de los ODMs                                                            Relacionado con propuesta
                         indicadores 3.                                                                                          regional. Desarrollo humano -
                         Socialización de los                                                                                    trabajo decente y
                         indicadores                                                                                             gobernabilidad económica y
                          1. Estudio sobre el       Políticas públicas y     junio 2007-
                          Impacto del CAFTA en      programas para el        diciembre 2008
                          algunos sectores          aumento del empleo
                          (podría incorporar una    decente y la
                          sección sobre CAFTA       reducción de la
                          y empleo en               pobreza formuladas
                          Honduras). 2. Estudio     con base en análisis y
                          de magnitud y             evidencia.
                          determinantes de
                          pobreza urbana. 3.
                          Validación y discusión
                          de los estudios,
                          abogacía e incidencia
                          con distintos sectores.
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                           46

Operational work
Promoción de políticas   3.2.1. Promoción de        Políticas y Programas junio 2007 -   1. Levantamiento de un mapeo      Otros actores: Secretarías de
y programas de           servicios de desarrollo    de generación de      junio 2009     de programas, proyectos y         la Presidencia, Trabajo,
generación de empleo y   empresarial, para micro    empleo y trabajo                     herramientas de generación de     Industria y Comercio,
trabajo decente con      y pequeñas empresas        decente con enfoque                  empleo. 2. Delimitación del       Agricultura, Gabinete Social,
enfoque equitativo e     en los sectores urbano     equitativo e                         alcance de las acciones, costos   AHMON, FHIS,
incluyente.              y rural, vinculados al     incluyente                           y presupuesto 3. Discutir con     Municipalidades, FIDE,
                         desarrollo económico       promovidas.                          las contrapartes                  COHEP, FIDA, FAO, BID,
                         local.                                                          gubernamentales y otros           Banco Mundial, Comisión
                                                                                         sectores.                         Nacional de Diálogo, Consejo
                                                                                                                           Económico Social

                                                                                                                           Taller para simplificación de
                                                                                                                           trámites para la micro y
                                                                                                                           pequeña empresa organizado
                                                                                                                           por OIT Turín.

                         3.2.4. Promoción del
                         desarrollo local y
                         regional mediante los
                         encadenamientos entre
                         las grandes, medianas,
                         pequeñas y

                         3.2.5. Fortalecimiento
                         del rol de los gobiernos
                         locales y a nivel de las
                         desarrollando sus
                         capacidades y
                         promoviendo su
                         articulación para
                         cumplir con su función
                         promotora del
                         desarrollo local.
26 June 2007                              47

               3.2.6. Promoción del
               enfoque de inversión
               intensiva en empleo en
               las políticas, programas
               y proyectos de
               inversión y
               mantenimiento de
               infraestructura local.

               3.3.5. Promover el
               acceso de las mujeres a
               las políticas activas de
               mercado de trabajo en
               una proporción no
               inferior a su presencia
               en la fuerza de trabajo.

               3.7.1. La generación y
               ampliación de las
               políticas de extensión
               de la cobertura de la
               Seguridad Social a
               grupos de población

               3.8.1. El
               fortalecimiento del
               Consejo Económico y
               Social (CES) como
               instancia de diálogo y
               concertación, adscrita a
               la Secretaría de Trabajo
               y Seguridad Social
               (STSS), para continuar
               avanzando en la
               concertación de
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                               48

                            políticas y programas
                            de empleo, trabajo
                            decente y reducción de
                            la pobreza.

                            Modernización y
                            fortalecimiento de la
                            Secretaría del Trabajo
                            en su rol rector y
                            normador en el
                            mercado de trabajo.

Promoción del empleo y      3.3.3. Desarrollo de los   Programa nacional      abril 2007 -   1. Definir los TdR y contratar   Otros actores : Instituto
el trabajo decente de los   recursos humanos y en      para la promoción      abril 2009     consultoría 2. Diseño de la      Nacional de la Juventud,
jóvenes                     especial la formación      del empleo y trabajo                  propuesta para el Fondo          Secretarías de Trabajo,
                            profesional y la           decente para jóvenes                  Español 3. Discusión de la       Educación, Industria y
                            habilitación para el       en ejecución a nivel                  propuesta con contrapartes       Comercio, Gabinete Social,
                            trabajo, que responda      nacional                              gubernamentales y otros          AHMON, municipalidades,
                            de la manera más                                                 actores.                         PRAF, COHEP, UNICEF,
                            adecuada a los                                                                                    UNESCO, FIDA, GTZ,
                            requerimientos de la                                                                              Banco Mundial
                            demanda laboral.

                            3.3.4. Un diseño más
                            completo de los
                            programas, cursos y
                            áreas de capacitación,
                            incluyendo la
                            certificación de
                            competencias laborales.

                            3.6.2. Incorporar en los
                            programas de
                            educación general
                            básica y secundaria, así
                            como en los programas
                            de formación
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                    49

                         componentes que
                         impulsen el espíritu
                         emprendedor en los
                         jóvenes para que se
                         promueva el deseo de
                         ser empresarios y su
                         capacidad empresarial.

                         Promover la creación
                         de un esquema de
                         mentores empresariales

1. Including the                                                                 Consultations to be scheduled     All countries will meet in
National Decent Work                                                                                               Cartagena to share knowledge
Country Program on                                                                                                 and will design programme
UNDP Country Strategy                                                                                              proposals for each of the pilot
                                                                                                                   and active waiting list
Policy, advocacy, and research
Fortaecimiento del       Identificar un set de    Adecuada medición       2008   - Examen de iniciativas de        Otros actores :
sistema de estadísticas  indicadores de trabajo   de los avances en              indicadores sociolaborales        Gobierno: Ministerio de
del trabajo (Encuesta    decente en Uruguay       materia de                     incluyendo los de trabajo         Trabajo e INE           -
Hogares)                                          generación de trabajo          decente y otros países y/o OIT,   NNUU: UNFPA y UNIFEM
                                                  decente en Uruguay             y adecuación a la realidad
                                                                                 uruguaya.              -          Estas propuestas a ser
                                                                                 Elaboración de los indicadores    discutidas en el UNCT.
                                                                                 de trabajo decente, utilizando    (Prioridades estratégicas
                                                                                 fuentes estadísticas              serán consensuadas)

Migraciones              Analizar especificidad   Adecuada medición y 2008       - Estimación del número,          Otros actores :
                         del caso uruguayo        caracterización del            localización y perfil de          Gobierno: Ministerio de
                                                  fenómeno migratorio            uruguayos que residen en el       Relaciones Exteriores.
                                                  más reciente en                exterior                          Ministerio de Trabajo
                                                  Uruguay                        - Estudiar origen y flujo de      Ministerio de Economía y
                                                                                 remesas.                          Finanzas
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                          50

                                                                                                                            Academia: Universidad de la
                                                                                                                            República y Universidad
                                                                                                                            NNUU: OIM, UNFPA,
                                                                                                                            CEPAL, Banco Mundial

Operational work
Promoción de los        Capacitación a jueces y   Los jueces               2007             Organización de uno o más       Otros actores :
Derechos Humanos y la   legisladores sobre        considerarán los                          cursos de capacitación y        Academia: Universidad de la
Gobernanza Laboral      DDHH y Normas             DDHH y las NITs en                        jueces legisladores.            República. Universidad
                        Internacionales del       sus sentencias en                                                         Católica
                        Trabajo                   materia laboral, y los
                                                  legisladores en la
                                                  elaboración de la
                                                  legislación laboral.

                                                  Incluir DD.FF.TT. en     Los jóvenes de   Negociación de acuerdo con      Otros actors:
                                                  la currícula educativa   Liceo            Ministerio de Educación
                                                                           conocerán las    - Elaboración de manuales       Ministerio de Educación
                                                                           NITs como        para profesor y alumno.         Ministerio de Trabajo
                                                                           parte de su      Capacitación a docentes.

Apoyo al Desarrollo
Económico Local en
                        Generación de empleo      Progresiva reducción     2007 - 2008      - Análisis de las principales   Otros actores:
• programas de empleo   para jóvenes              de la tasa de                             barreras de entrada de los      Ministerio de Trabajo
para jóvenes                                      desempleo de                              jóvenes al empleo (incluidas    Intendencias ART - REDEL
                                                  jóvenes                                   las formativas), por            NNUU: UNICEF, UNFPA,
                                                                                            Departamento. - Formulación     CEPAL
                                                                                            y aplicación de políticas
                                                                                            específicas para eliminar las
                                                                                            barreras de entrada de los
                                                                                            jóvenes al empleo
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                           51

                         Promoción de mejores
• Salud ocupacional en   niveles de salud        Apoyo a la                             -cursos de capacitación a        Otros actores: MAGP
la agricultura           ocupacional en la       ratificación de                        inspectores.            -        Cámara Rural
                         agricultura uruguaya    convenios y                            campañas de divulgación de       Sindicatos Agrarios
                                                 aplicación efectiva de                 las normas de salud              NNUU: FAO, OPS/OMS
                                                 las Normas                             ocupacional en la agricultura
                                                 Internacionales sobre
                                                 salud ocupacional en
                                                 la agricultura

Apoyo al diálogo         Apoyo a la Comisión     Informe para el          2007          Apoyo a la organización de       Otros actores:
nacional sobre           intersectorial que      Presidente de la                       siete (7) mesas temáticas de     Ministerio de Trabajo
Seguridad Social         organizará el diálogo   República sobre                        diálogo nacional sobre la        Comisión Intersectorial
promovido por el Poder   público sobre           pincipales problemas                   seguridad social en Uruguay      Universidad de la República
Ejecutivo                Seguridad Social en     de la seguridad social
                         Uruguay                 en Uruguay y
                                                 propuestas de las
                                                 políticas y de la
                                                 sociedad civiel

Apoyo a los programas    Promoción de            Cambio de                2007          Fortalecer la coherencia de la   Otros actores:
de lucha contra el       campañas de             comportamientos y                      cooperación interagencial        Ministerio de Trabajo,
VIH/SIDA                 sensibilización         reducción de niveles                                                    Ministerio de Educación,
                                                 de contagio y                                                           OPP          Sociedad Civil:
                                                 prevalencia del                                                         ONGs Academia
                                                 VIH/SIDA                                                                NNUU: Grupo Temático

Género                   Promover el Plan de     Código de buenas         2007 - 2008   -Construir un taller de          Otros actores:
                         Igualdad de             prácticas elaborado                    discusión sobre los ejes         Ministerio de Trabajo, OPP,
                         oportunidades y su      en materia de                          referidos al ámbito de trabajo   Entes públicos, Instituto
                         implementación          igualdad de                            que contiene el Plan de          Nacional de la Mujer,
                                                 oportunidades y no                     Igualdad de Oportunidades y      Comisión Tripartita
                                                 discriminación en el                   su implementación.               Empresas privadas
                                                 trabajo                                                                 NNUU: UNIFEM, UNFPA
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                            52

                                                 demostrativas en
                                                 entes públicos y

Migraciones            Promover condiciones      Mayor número de         2007 - 2008   - diseño y puesta en práctica       Otros actores:
                       para la reinserción       retornados gracias a                  de políticas específicas para       Ministerio de Relaciones
                       laboral y social de       los incentivos                        desarrollar nuevos servicios en     Exteriores
                       Uruguayos que deseen      sociales y                            beneficios de los uruguayos en      Ministerio del Interior
                       retornar a su país y      profesionales                         el exterior.                        Intendencias            BPS
                       mejorar su situación en   establecidos                          - diseño de una política de         Parlamento
                       el exterior así como de   Mayor protección de                   incentivos al retorno de los        Academia: Universidades,
                       los migrantes internos    los grupos                            uruguayos que residen en el         Instituto Pasteur de
                                                 vulnerables debido a                  exterior, en especial científicos   Montevideo        NNUU:
                                                 migraciones internas.                 y expertos de alta calificación     UNFPA, OIM, UNICEF,
                                                                                       así como apoyar la                  OPS/OMS
                                                                                       negociación de convenios de
                                                                                       seguridad social.               -
                                                                                       diseño e implementación de
                                                                                       políticas y estrategias para
                                                                                       atender las necesidades básicas
                                                                                       desde un enfoque de derechos
                                                                                       de poblaciones que se
                                                                                       trasladan en busca de trabajo
                                                                                       (zafral, turístico y vinculado a
                                                                                       nuevso polos de desarrollo).

1. Sustainable                                                                         Consultations and joint             All countries will meet in
Development                                                                            proposals underway                  Cartagena to share knowledge
                                                                                                                           and will design programme
                                                                                       Specific proposals for              proposals for each of the pilot
                                                                                                                           and active waiting list
2. Poverty Reduction                                                                   the Spanish Trust Fund
3. Human Rights                                                                        under way
4. Democratic
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                             53

                                                             TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (rev. 06-2009)
Policy, advocacy and research
Area of cooperation      Expected outcome       Activities                  Timeline        Remarks/          Other actors         Status
                                                                                            Next steps
Joint UNDP-ILO           Strengthened           Provision of technical                                        Other actors:        Contributions in cash
project to strengthen    capacity of the        support and the                                               ILO Consultant       (US$54,622.00) and
the technical capacity   Cooperatives           undertaking of a                                                                   in kind were provided
of the Ministry of       Division to            comprehensive                                                 The Government of    by ILO for that
Labour and Small and     improve                review of the                                                 Trinidad and         segment of joint
Micro Enterprise         knowledge              Cooperatives                                                  Tobago               project which was
Development of the       products, advocacy     Division                                                                           completed in
Republic of Trinidad     and other services                                                                   Officials of the     December 2007
and Tobago in the        for promoting the                                                                    Cooperative
following areas:         development of                                                                       Development          ILO Consultant
 promotion of an        non-financial                                                                        Division of the      submitted a final
     enabling            cooperatives                                                                         Ministry of Labour   report in December
     environment for                                                                                          and Small and        2007 which was
     the further                                                                                              Micro Enterprise     accepted by the
     development of                                                                                           Development          Cabinet of Trinidad
     non-financial                                                                                                                 and Tobago.
     cooperatives; and
 promotion of

                         Strengthened           Contracting of ILO       December 2007   ILO Consultant       Key stakeholders     The report outlined a
                         capacities of junior   Consultant to carry                      contracted           (associations of     three-year Plan of
                         cooperatives to        out review and                                                cooperatives,        Action for
                         grow into upstream     develop three-year                       Report with          employers‟ and       Cooperative
                         cooperative            Plan of Action for the                   recommendations      workers‟             Development in
                         activities in the      promotion of and                         and Plan of Action   representatives)     Trinidad and Tobago
                         fields of              support to non-                          produced                                  A transition team has
                         agriculture,           financial                                                                          been established to
                         marketing and          cooperatives                                                                       develop and
                         hospitality services                                                                                      supervise the change
                                                                                                                                   process in the
                                                                                                                                   Division and to assist
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                       54

                                                                                                                            with the
                                                                                                                            implementation of the

                                          Development of          January 2008       Terms of                               The Ministry of
                                          Terms of Reference                         Reference                              Labour and Small and
                                          for a Cooperatives                         developed                              Micro Enterprise
                                          Expert to assist with                                                             Development hired a
                                          implementation of                                                                 new Commissioner of
                                          the Plan of Action                                                                Cooperatives in line
                                                                                                                            with the Consultant‟s
                                          A review of                                                                       recommendations and
                                          cooperative                                                                       has begun to give
                                          legislation                                                                       effect to the
                                          conducted                                                                         organizational and
                                          Adaptation of the                                                                 recommendations in
                                          „Start and Improve                                                                the Report. It is also in
                                          Your Cooperatives‟                                                                the process of hiring a
                                          training manual                                                                   Cooperative Expert in
                                          initiated                                                                         accordance with the
                                                                                                                            recommendations of
                                                                                                                            the Consultant‟s

Development of     Strengthening the      ILO has contributed     To be determined   The proposal has    To be determined   Awaiting approval
micro, small and   capacity of the        to the development of                      been submitted to                      from the Government
medium-seized      relevant unit in the   the proposal for this                      the Ministry of
enterprises        Labour Ministry to     work which is to be                        Legal Affairs for                      UNDP has committed
                   provide support for    led by the UNDP as                         clearance                              US$50,000 for this
                   entrepreneurial        part of the joint                                                                 work and the proposal
                   development in         Programme, for                                                                    requires a contribution
                   line with the          which ILO had the                                                                 from the Government
                   country‟s objective    lead on the                                                                       of Trinidad and
                   of diversifying the    „cooperatives‟ aspect                                                             Tobago
                   national economy       of the work
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                 55

                                                                                    Consultations ongoing       All countries will meet in
                                                                                                                Cartagena to share knowledge
                                                                                                                and will design programme
                                                                                                                proposals for each of the pilot
                                                                                                                and active waiting list
1. Youth Employment
                                                                                    Ongoing consultations       All countries will meet in
                                                                                                                Cartagena to share knowledge
                                                                                                                and will design programme
                                                                                                                proposals for each of the pilot
                                                                                                                and active waiting list
1. Local Development
and Poverty Reduction
2. Decent Work
                                                                    COSTA RICA
Policy, advocacy, and research
A. Gobernabilidad        Definir TORs,             Estudio de la         24 meses   Acuerdo con INEC, UCCAEP,   Otros actores :
democrática y            contratar investigador    demanda del                      CCSS                        INEC, UCCAEP, OIT,
económica                                          mercado de trabajo                                           PNUD, FNUAP, UNICEF

                                                                                                                Se relacionan con la
                                                                                                                propuesta regional "Derechos
                                                                                                                Humanos, Trabajo Decente y
                                                                                                                Gobernabilidad Económica y

Operational areas
A. Gobernabilidad         • Diseñar propuesta de   Sistema de            18 meses   Acuerdo con el INEC,        Otros actores :
democrática y             proyecto y gestionar     información sobre                UCCAEP, CCSS                INEC, UCCAEP, OIT,
económica                 fondos de cooperación.   demanda de trabajo                                           PNUD, FNUAP?, UNICEF?
                          Recoger buenas           operando
26 June 2007                                                                                                                               56

                   experiencias de otros
                   países.             •
                   Diseñar sistema de

                   Evaluar sistemas de       Sistema de               36 meses                                   Otros actores:
                   bolsas de trabajo         intermediación en el                                                Ministerio de Trabajo, INA,
                   existentes, presentar     mercado de trabajo                                                  Municipalidades, OIT, PNUD
                   propuesta para la         perfeccionado y
                   consolidación y           expandido
                   perfeccionamiento de
                   un sistema expandido y
                   implementación del
                   nuevo sistema en el
                   valle Central y en dos
                   zonas de menor

                   Preparar propuesta de     Un nuevo sistema de      24 meses   Reunión Ministerio Vivienda     Otros actores:
                   proyecto y gestionar      gestión, programas                  y Desarrollo Humano, IMAS y     Ministerio Vivienda y
                   fondos de cooperación,    sociales y registro de              Sistema de Naciones Unidas      Desarrollo Humano, IMAS,
                   adaptar o diseñar e       beneficiarios                                                       Ministerio Trabajo,
                   instalar un sistema de    operando                                                            FODESAF, OIT, PNUD,
                   gestión, programas                                                                            UNICEF, Fondo de población
                   sociales y registro de
                   beneficiarios, entrenar
                   a los usuarios

B. Promoción del   Evaluar y adecuar la      Ofera formativa          36 meses   Reunión Ministerios y sistema   Otros actores:
Empleo Juvenil     oferta formativa en el    mejorada e integrada                de Naciones Unidas para         Ministerio Vivienda y
                   área vocacional           en el Sistema                       consensuar propuesta al fondo   Desarrollo Humano,
                   (Ministerio de            Nacional de                         español, definir TORs para      Educación, Trabajo,
                   Educación) y              Formación                           diseñor de propuestas           FODESAF, INA, Sindicato
                   formación profesional     Profesional                                                         de Eduadores, UCCAEP,
                   (INA) de manera que       (SINAFOP)                                                           OIT, PNUD, UNICEF,
                   responda a la demanda                                                                         UNESCO
                   del mercado y las
26 June 2007                                                                                                                                      57

                         necesidades de los
                         jóvenes.      Expandir
                         programas de
                         condicionadas a la
                         formación profesional

                         Inserción de programas                              36 meses   Reunión Ministerios y sistema   Otros actores:
                         para desarrolar espíritu                                       de Naciones Unidas para         Ministerio Vivienda y
                         empresarial en los                                             consensuar propuesta al fondo   Desarrollo Humano,
                         jóvenes (Metodología                                           español                         Educación, Trabajo,
                         CODE), Programa                                                                                FODESAF, INA, Sindicato
                         piloto de incubadora de                                                                        de Eduadores, UCCAEP,
                         empresas ligado al                                                                             OIT, PNUD, UNICEF,
                         SINAFOP y                                                                                      UNESCO

                         Evaluar el programa        Retención y                         Reunión Ministerios y sistema
                         Avancemos, diseñar         reinserción escolar de              de Naciones Unidas para
                         propuestas para su         los jóvenes mejorada                consensuar propuesta al fondo
                         expansión, efectividad                                         español

                         Promover la                Programas de             36 meses   Acuerdo con UCCAEP              Otros actores:
                         responsabilidad social     responsabilidad                                                     MEIC, UCCAEP, Ministerios
                         empresarial,               social y de apoyo a                                                 de Educación, Agricultura y
                         especialmente              jóvenes empresarios,                                                Trabajo, OIT, PNUD
                         orientada a favorecer el   en marcha
                         empleo juvenil y las
                         iniciativas de jóvenes
                         empresarios. Promover
                         un fondo de capital
                         semilla para iniciativas
                         de jóvenes

Decent Work within the                                                                                                  All countries will meet in
UNDP Country Strategy                                                                                                   Cartagena to share knowledge
                                                                                                                        and will design programme
26 June 2007                                         58

                        proposals for each of the pilot
                        and active waiting list
through the launch of
the AIDS Business
Coalition in the Arab
Region (ABCAR).Child

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