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					                      Lloyd’s and London Market Seminar


Henry Johnson – Head of MRC, Lloyd’s Actuary

Henry Johnson has been Head of Lloyd’s Market Reserving and Capital (MRC) since March
2001 and the Lloyd’s Actuary since June 2002. The MRC team carries out capital modelling
for Lloyd’s and was responsible for the Risk Based Capital system which was used to set
capital requirements for members of the Society based on the riskiness of their portfolios.
With the introduction of the ICAs regime, the emphasis in capital modelling work has shifted
to one of setting standards, analysing syndicates’ ICA work and providing a system to set
member capital requirements using ICAs as a basis. Other capital modelling tasks include
measuring the overall risk to the Central Fund and providing management with advice on the
effect of different capital structures.

As Lloyd’s Actuary, Henry also provides advice to management on syndicate reserving
strength and has statutory responsibilities relating to the provision of syndicates’ actuarial

Before joining Lloyd’s, Henry was Head of Actuarial Services at Swiss Re UK, the reinsurer’s
London Market non-life operation. Before that he served in various actuarial functions in
non-life insurance companies. He qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 1992.

Jerome Kirk - Senior Manager, Lloyd’s Market Reserving and Capital

Jerome is the Senior Manager within Lloyd's Market Reserving & Capital department. He is
responsible for all work concerning Lloyd's market reserves. Jerome is also responsible for
the actuarial support for Lloyd's ICA review process and is a member of Lloyd's ICA Steering
Group and the Lloyd's "G5" syndicate risk committee. He takes a leading role in all actuarial
work carried out at Lloyd's including the review of ICAs, the assessment of new syndicates,
UK and international regulatory reserve assessments, syndicate thematic reserve reviews
and the assessment of overall reserve strength in the market, the pricing of external RITC,
and the monitoring of large losses.

Jerome deputises for the department head and has a large liaison role with FSA, overseas
regulators, rating agents and the profession. He is a frequent speaker at professional and
commercially-run conferences.

Jerome leads Lloyd's actuarial support for Solvency II and specifically the "Capital Levels"
workstream within Lloyd's overall programme, which includes the changes to technical
provision methodologies. He has led the development of Lloyd's guidance on technical
provisions and other actuarial matters in the S2 project, and is responsible for producing and
interpreting the Society's QIS submissions.
Markus Gesmann – Manager, Analysis Team

Markus is the manager of the Analysis team at Lloyd's of London.
He studied mathematics and physics in Cologne, Germany.
Markus started his career in the insurance industry also in Cologne, but moved to London in
2003 to join the newly formed Franchise Performance Directorate at Lloyd's of London.
After 4 years at Lloyd's he joined Libero Ventures, a start up backed by Lehman Brothers.
There he was responsible for pricing & analysis of alternative risk transfer solutions for P&C
insurers into the capital market to optimise capital management.
In the summer of 2008 he decided to join Lloyd's again to head up the Analysis team.

Robert Stevenson – Head of Relationship Management

Bob is Head of Relationship Management at Lloyd’s. He is responsible for managing Lloyd’s
relationship with key stakeholders including, Managing Agents, Members Agents, Brokers
and Capital Providers. He is also chair of Lloyd’s G5 committee that risk assesses each
business operating at Lloyd’s and determines the nature of requirement interaction with each
business. In addition he is also responsible for the New Entrant process at Lloyd’s.

Bob joined Lloyd’s in February 2005 initially as joint head of underwriting and business plan
review within the Franchise Performance Directorate and moved into his current role in April

Professional background:

Bob’s career in insurance spans 35 years much of it outside the UK. He spent 18 years
working in the US for AIG, Home Insurance and Zurich Financial Services (ZFS) and 4 years
working in Switzerland for ZFS.

From 1995 to 2004 Bob held various roles at ZFS both in the US and Switzerland. From
1995 to 1998 was the senior reinsurance officer for Zurich-US. He moved to Switzerland in
1999 as Zurich’s Chief Group Reinsurance Officer and became head of Zurich’s Group
Technical Centre in 2002. In 2003 he returned to the UK in a senior position with Zurich UK.

From 1993 to 1995 Bob was the senior reinsurance officer of Home Insurance and a
member of that company’s Executive Council.

Prior to joining the Home, Bob spent 17 years with AIG’s international operations, initially in
London and from 1981 in New York. From 1982 he managed the ceded reinsurance
operation and among numerous other assignments managed a facultative underwriting
operation in London, and intermediary in Belgium and the reinsurance of Bermuda based
joint ventures with AIG’s Eastern European partners.
David Wong – Partner, PwC

David is a partner in the Financial Services Risk Advisory team, having joined PwC UK in
2003. David qualified as an actuary in 2000 and has over 14 years of experience in the P&C
insurance and life insurance sectors.

David specialises in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), advising clients around the
practical aspects of implementing an ERM framework linking risk, capital and profitability. His
focus is on helping firms extract economic and operational benefits by developing tools and
processes that enable effective risk-based decision making.

David has also designed, implemented and validated numerous capital models for a number
of UK, Continental European, Bermudan, Australian and Japanese clients. His experience
includes modelling insurance risk, credit risk, operational risk and investment risk as part of a
number of capital management and regulatory capital assessment projects.

With the onset of Solvency II in Europe, David has been extensively involved in supporting
firms with their readiness assessments, quantitative impact studies (QIS), internal model
design, model validation and risk framework development.

Prior to working at PwC, David worked for the Commonwealth Bank, Australia’s largest retail
bank and Towers Perrin.

Alex Hindson – Head of Group Risk, Amlin Plc

Alex Hindson is the Head of Group Risk at Amlin plc. Amlin plc is a leading independent
insurer operating in the Lloyd’s, UK, Continental European and Bermudian markets. He is
responsible for the implementation of an enterprise risk management programme to support
the business's Solvency II implementation. Alex has previously been Head of Enterprise
Risk Management at Aon, leading an ERM consulting practice and before that Risk Services
Manager at AstraZeneca plc where he led the implementation of ERM across the group. He
is originally a chemical engineer and is a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management where
he is currently Deputy Chairman.

Martin Massey - Risk Manager Insurance, Chartis Insurance

Martin joined AIG UK in November 2009 as Risk Manager - Insurance with an initial focus on
identifying and assessing insurance risk aggregation across lines. Martin is now taking on
the support of the Customers, Products and Markets Risk Sub Committee. He has worked
20 years within the consulting areas of global insurance broking and consulting firms.
Previous work experience includes being a Director and Head of Business Development for
Aon’s actuarial and analytical services within the EMEA region, and as a risk financing
consultant within Willis’s advanced risk management services team. Martin holds a degree
in Economics and Accountancy from The City University and an MBA from Kingston
Business School where he prepared a dissertation on weather risk. In addition he has US
and UK risk management qualifications.
David Simmons – General Insurance Actuary, FSA

David is a general insurance actuary at the Financial Services Authority (FSA). He is
currently working in the Prudential Insurance Policy dept on a variety of Solvency II areas.
Hs main areas of focus in Solvency II are internal model approval requirements, reporting &
disclosure, implementing Solvency II for Lloyd's, non-life technical provisions.

AT FSA David has done large amounts of work on reviewing ICAs of non-life insurers, non-
life transfers of business, reviews of adequacy of claims provisions across the non-life
industry, and developing prudential regulatory reporting for non-life insurers.

John Hibbert, Founder & Director, Barrie & Hibbert

A graduate in economics and accounting, and then operational research, John has over 25
years’ experience in the life insurance, asset management and securities industries. Before
founding Barrie & Hibbert in 1995, he led the equity quantitative research team at a major
investment bank. John was responsible for the development of Barrie & Hibbert’s ‘Economic
Scenario Generator’ business and now has overall responsibility for the research activities of
the firm. He is still involved in a wide range of research and consulting activities as well as
serving as a board director.

Claire Souch - Vice President, Nat Cat & Portfolio Solutions

Claire currently leads RMS’ technical marketing team for the America’s nat cat models,
overseeing RMS’ multi-year development agenda, managing technical communications and
interactions with clients, and leading launches of new models into the catastrophe insurance
market. Claire leads a global team who are responsible for many of RMS’ model related
interactions with our client base and other parties influenced by CAT Modeling issues. This
includes responsibility for ensuring that our cat models are approved for use by insurance
regulators where needed, as well as educating rating agencies and other stakeholders on
catastrophe modeling issues. Claire also oversees RMS’ Global catastrophe response
services for major events, She has made several appearances on television and frequently
speaks at industry events. Claire holds an honors degree in Environmental Sciences and a
PhD in Surface Water Modeling from Cranfield University in the UK and completed 3 years
post-doctoral research before joining RMS in October 2000.