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									     70734        Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 225 / Wednesday, November 23, 2005 / Rules and Regulations

       Dated: November 10, 2005.                             Committee was comprised of                            considered the comments received in
     M.R. DeVries,                                           representatives from disability                       response to the 2002 Federal Register
     Captain, U.S. Coast Guard, Captain of the               organizations, public works                           notice. The draft guidelines made
     Port, Western Alaska.                                   departments, transportation and traffic               available today on the Board’s Web site
     [FR Doc. 05–23235 Filed 11–22–05; 8:45 am]              engineering groups, design professionals              are the result of those deliberations. The
     BILLING CODE 4910–15–P                                  and civil engineers, pedestrian and                   Access Board is making the draft
                                                             bicycle organizations, Federal agencies,              guidelines available in order to facilitate
                                                             and standard-setting bodies. The                      the gathering of additional information
     ARCHITECTURAL AND                                       Committee met on five occasions                       for a regulatory assessment prior to
     TRANSPORTATION BARRIERS                                 between December 1999 and January                     publishing a notice of proposed
     COMPLIANCE BOARD                                        2001. On January 10, 2001, the                        rulemaking and to assist in the
                                                             Committee presented its                               development of technical assistance
     36 CFR Parts 1190 and 1191                              recommendations on accessible public                  materials. The Board is not soliciting
                                                             rights-of-way in a report entitled                    comments on the draft guidelines. The
     [Docket No. 02–1]
                                                             ‘‘Building a True Community.’’ The                    Board will solicit comments when a
     RIN 3014–AA26                                           Committee’s report provided                           proposed rule is issued in conjunction
                                                             recommendations on access to                          with the regulatory assessment. The
     Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)                   sidewalks, street crossings, and other                draft guidelines along with
     Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings                  related pedestrian facilities and                     supplementary information have been
     and Facilities; Architectural Barriers                  addressed various issues and design                   placed in the rulemaking docket (Docket
     Act (ABA) Accessibility Guidelines;                     constraints specific to public rights-of-             No. 02–1) for public review. The draft
     Public Rights-of-Way                                    way. The report is available on the                   guidelines and supplementary
     AGENCY: Architectural and                               Access Board’s Web site at http://                    information are also available on the
     Transportation Barriers Compliance                                      Access Board’s Web site at http://
     Board.                                                  commrept/index.htm or can be ordered        
                                                             by calling the Access Board at (202)                  draft.htm. You may also obtain a copy
     ACTION: Notice of availability of draft
                                                             272–0080. Persons using a TTY should                  of the draft guidelines and
     guidelines.                                             call (202) 272–0082. The report is                    supplementary information by
     SUMMARY: The Architectural and                          available in alternate formats upon                   contacting the Access Board at (202)
     Transportation Barriers Compliance                      request. Persons who want a copy in an                272–0080. Persons using a TTY should
     Board (Access Board) has placed in the                  alternate format should specify the type              call (202) 272–0082. The documents are
     docket and on its Web site for public                   of format (cassette tape, braille, large              available in alternate formats upon
     review draft guidelines which address                   print, or ASCII disk).                                request. Persons who want a copy in an
     accessibility in the public right-of-way.                  The Access Board convened an ad hoc                alternate format should specify the type
     The draft guidelines are under                          committee of Board members to review                  of format (cassette tape, braille, large
     consideration by the Board. The                         the Committee’s recommendations.                      print, or ASCII disk).
     purpose of placing the draft guidelines                 After reviewing the report in detail, the
     in the docket is to facilitate gathering of             Board’s ad hoc committee prepared                     Lawrence W. Roffee,
     additional information for the regulatory               recommendations for guidelines                        Executive Director.
     assessment and the preparation of                       addressing accessibility in the public                [FR Doc. 05–23161 Filed 11–22–05; 8:45 am]
     technical assistance materials to                       right-of-way. On June 17, 2002, the                   BILLING CODE 8150–01–P
     accompany a future rule. The Board is                   Board made the recommendations of the
                                                             ad hoc committee available for public
     not seeking comments on the draft
                                                             comment and review by notice in the
     guidelines. The Board will issue a                                                                            ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
                                                             Federal Register (67 FR 41206).
     notice of proposed rulemaking at a                         Over 1,400 comments were received                  AGENCY
     future date and will solicit comments at                from the public in response to the
     that time, prior to issuing a final rule.               publication of the draft. Of this total,              40 CFR Part 52
     FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:                        almost 900 comments were from
     Scott Windley, Office of Technical and                                                                        [R09–OAR–2005–CA–0006; FRL–7998–4]
                                                             persons with disabilities and groups
     Information Services, Architectural and                 representing them; the great
     Transportation Barriers Compliance                                                                            Revisions to the California State
                                                             preponderance of comments in this                     Implementation Plan, Imperial and
     Board, 1331 F Street, NW., suite 1000,                  category came from people who
     Washington, DC 20004–1111.                                                                                    Santa Barbara County Air Pollution
                                                             indicated that they were blind or had                 Control Districts
     Telephone number (202) 272–0025                         low vision. Respondents from the
     (voice); (202) 272–0082 (TTY).                          transportation industry, including                    AGENCY: Environmental Protection
     Electronic mail address:                                design engineers and consultants,                     Agency (EPA).                               submitted slightly over 200 comments.                 ACTION: Direct final rule.
     SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In 1999,                     Another 100 were received from State
     the Architectural and Transportation                    and local government administrative                   SUMMARY: EPA is taking direct final
     Barriers Compliance Board (Access                       agencies. Comments are posted on the                  action to approve revisions to the
     Board) established the Public Rights-of-                Board’s Web site at http://www.access-                Imperial County Air Pollution Control
     Way Access Advisory Committee                                             District (ICAPCD) and Santa Barbara
     (Committee) to make recommendations                     index.htm. Further discussion of the                  County Air Pollution Control District
     on accessibility guidelines for newly                   comments received is available in the                 (SBCAPCD) portions of the California
     constructed and altered public rights-of-               supplementary information                             State Implementation Plan (SIP). Under
     way covered by the Americans with                       accompanying the draft guidelines.                    authority of the Clean Air Act as
     Disabilities Act of 1990 and the                           The members of the Board’s ad hoc                  amended in 1990 (CAA or the Act), we
     Architectural Barriers Act of 1968. The                 committee subsequently reviewed and                   are approving local rules that are

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