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Fact Sheet: Employee Sentiments on Automatic 401(k) Enrollment and ...
Employed adults generally view 401(k) plans and automatic enrollment and escalation features
in a positive light. Further, people continue to rely on their ...

Hardship Distributions From 401(k) Plans.DOC - Hardship ...
I mentioned advising a business client on when its employees can take distributions from a
401(k) plan for “hardship withdrawals. ... Distributions From 401(k)

A job-hopper's guide to 401(k) rollovers
What you decide to do with your 401(k) funds when you leave a job will be based on your
financial circumstances, your investment needs and the transaction's ... to 401K Rollovers.doc

401(k): A Retirement Plan Option
Learn how a Roth 401(k) contribution fits into the big retirement-planning picture. This
seminar includes information on how it works, ...

Section 401-404 Explained
Prior to the issuance of a Section 404 permit, the applicant must obtain a Section 401 Water
Quality Certification (401 certification) from the state in ...$File/Section401-

Pension vs. 401k - Just Because The Writing Is Focused On The Far ...
Mostly by switching from “defined benefit” pension plans to 401(k) and similar “ defined
contribution” accounts. In such a shift, employees typically lose ...

Match Notice - (For Use in All States)
If you make (select one:) elective deferral or pre-tax or Roth 401(k) elective ... Please refer to
your Summary Plan Description or contact your 401(k) Plan ...
Avoiding Common Mistakes - Redstone Arsenal, AL
DO report the underlying reportable assets in a 401(k), IRA, Trust, ... For example, if your
401(k) contains an S&P 500 index mutual fund, ABC stock and XYZ ...

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