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					                    LANGUAGE                                              MATHS                                           HISTORY
        STORY /PERSUASIVE WRITING                      Place value to 1000.                           History will be taught through skills based
Develop Literacy through ICT/media/film.               + and – to 20 (Year 3)                         activities. We will learn about:
Develop questioning and thinking skills.               Mental + and – to 100 (Year 4)                 Life in the 1940s - Evacuees; food – rationing;
Develop story writing and persuasive writing skills    Money – notes and coins.                       blackout; home guard; home; work – land army;
through the use of ICT tools.                          Length – cm, m. Area & perimeter (Y4)          games; clothing; music.Visit to 1940s Swansea
Listen to soundtracks/podcasts and study camera        Times tables – 2, 5, 10, 3, 4                  Bay.
angle and camera shots in film.                        Fractions                                      Life in the 1960s - Home; food; games ;clothes;
Study of the work of Roald Dahl - “George’s            Multiplication; Division                       music; TV
Marvellous Medicine” – (Taliesin Theatre) and          Time
“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.                   2D/3D shape (quadrilaterals/polygons);                               ICT
We will be studying characters, settings, and using    Symmetry                                       Develop Create and Communicate skills.
Story Mountain to develop our own ideas.                                                              Digital photography – Photostory; digital
Reading carousel will include guided, group and                                                       cameras. Manipulating digital images.
reciprocal reading and library choice.                   Y3/Y4 AUTUMN 2010                            Video; clay and pivot animation; Comic life
Spelling will be according to individual needs.                                                       Podcasts – sound recording devices.
                                                         Lights, Camera, Action!
         SCIENCE – LIGHT & SOUND                                                                                      GEOGRAPHY
Sources of light – natural and man made.                                                              Geography will be taught through skills based
How light travels. How eyes/cameras work. Light                DESIGN TECHNOLOGY                      activities. We will learn about an economically
and shadows. To investigate how shadows change         Making musical instruments.                    advantaged country - SWITZERLAND
throughout the day. Light and materials –              Study existing musical instruments.            Map; currency; language; food; national
transparent; translucent; opaque.                      Design and make.                               costume; music; landscape; musical
How sounds travel. How sounds are made.                Use to make sound effects.                     instruments.
How ears work. How we hear different sounds.                                                          Year 4 will also research one additional
To investigate how sounds can be made quieter.                              ART                       economically advantaged country in Europe.
The Sun. The Moon.                                     Pencil sketching/painting/mixing colours.
                                                       Cartoon characters                                                     P.E.
                                                       The work of Will Evans – 1940s Welsh artist.   P.E. carousel – 3 week blocks.
                         R.E.                                                                         Tennis; hockey; football; rugby.
R.E. will be taught through skills based activities.   WW2 propaganda posters.
                                                       1960s – Pop art – the work of Andy Warhol. –   Pupils will be taught in year groups and will
We will learn about Festivals of light – Diwali.                                                      learn a variety of basic skills in all these sports.
Harvest/Christmas.                                     (ICT manipulating digital images)
                                                                                                      Dance – various elements of modern dance.
Dress in different religions.
                       MUSIC                           Values Education programme. Values will                           WELSH
  Music Express 3.                                     change each month.                             Welsh diary using past tense verbs.
  Music of the 1940s – wartime songs; Big bands        Values assemblies.                             Develop vocabulary of weather, food and
  Music of the 1960s – Beatles etc.                    Achievement assemblies.                        clothes.
  Music from films/TV – theme tunes.                   Key Stage 2 assemblies.                        “Pip” scheme of work. Relevant sentence
  Adverts – jingles.                                   Circle time.                                   patterns and incidental, everyday language.
  Christmas pantomime/Harvest concert                                                                 Weekly Welsh assembly.

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