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From The GCSTO Offices - Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio Swim


									GCSTO Team Members,
 We’re still looking to fill a few spots in the younger levels on the team so if you could help out it would
be appreciated. If you know of anyone out there with a 12 & under swimmer who may be interested in
swimming please get me their contact information (name, age, telephone number, email and your
connection to them) and I’ll take it from there. Again, I want to take the time to welcome you to our
fall/winter season on behalf of the entire staff. Thanks for being part of our team and thanks for making
us GCSTO Strong!

                                    Immediate Notes Of Interest
Academic All-GCSTO Team
We will be placing an Academic Recognition section onto our web page and need your help getting the
names of your athletes who hold a 3.5 or better. Please let us know their grade point and we’ll include
them if you’d like. We will put their first and last name, only, on the web page (no schools will be listed for
privacy and safety reasons). Our areas of recognition will be:

1 - 4.00 or better athletes
2 - 3.50 or better athletes
3 - National Honor Society athletes
4 - “Special Achievement” athletes (realizing that your schools may award you certain honors that we may
not know about we want you to be able to share those with us).

  Please get this information to me via email right away so that I can put it on the web page if you
wouldn’t mind!

Junior Open Practices Attendance Is Picking Up
More and more of you are taking advantage of these extra practices that we’re providing to you on
Saturday mornings at Academy (9:45-11:30 a.m.). There IS a practice this weekend even though we
have some athletes in their first meet so please feel free to come on in if you are in Levels 1, 2 or 3 and
want an extra practice!

Championship Team Openings Still Exist – No Practice This Weekend Though
Our Championship Team practices still have room for other qualified athletes if they are interested so let
me know if you’re interested and we can get you started. Remember that there is NO practice for this
group this weekend since many of these athletes will be in their first meet.

Practice Changes This Week
There are no practice changes this week. Normally when there is a meet that is attended by a large
portion of the team we have an adapted practice schedule to help combine the athletes into a
consolidated practice to help ensure it is properly staffed (since many coaches will have to be at the
meet) and to help save on pool rental. This way those remaining swimmers who are not in the meet are
ensured that they get a practice that weekend. Too, there are times when high/middle school meets or
holidays affect our schedule so we’ll keep an update on those changes here from now on through the rest
of the season.

Team Caps
We will be changing our design for our team caps this year but do have some of last year’s silicone caps
still available for $8 each (we’re out of the old latex ones). Once the new styles caps become available we
would like the athletes to wear the new ones in competition. You will be able to wear either style in
practice (as remember that we prefer that our athletes wear team caps in practices, as well) so if you
want to prolong your new caps by wearing an old style cap you can get one from us for the reduced $8
price. Contact coach Nye if you’d like one delivered as he carries these with him at all times.
Team Training Equipment
We have updated our equipment order forms as we’re out of some of the used supplies and now have
redone the forms to reflect new purchase information only. Please note that the updated forms are on the
web site. Ordering questions should go to coach Tann who handles this (

Stroke Camp Sign-Ups
 Our Greater Columbus Advanced Technique Stroke Analysis Camps start in just a couple weeks.
Please CLICK HERE to see more on these and get an application. We’re upping our discount to current
team members for FALL camps to a little over 20% so your cost for these camps would only be $30.
Please register right away if you’re interested!

Teen Fitness Program
Our Teen Swim-Fit Program has started at the Concourse and we are taking additional registrations now
for this first session. If you have someone who would be interested in this program please CLICK HERE
to see more about this 3 day a week non-competitive program that’s a great way for 12 & overs to keep fit
in a fun and relaxed environment.

Swimming Lesson Sign-ups
Our next session of swimming lessons start October 30 and we’re taking registrations now for that
session. Please CLICK HERE for more information on this. Please read the “Registration Information”
section in the informational brochure very carefully for complete instructions and additional pertinent

                                       Financial Information
You should now have at least $350 in your athlete’s team fee account by now. These were due on the
   th                                                                         th
12 .Those without this amount currently in their accounts by tomorrow (the 19 ) will have the $15 late
payment fee added to their accounts. This takes into account the one-time 1-week grace period that we
allow. These should not be mailed or handed to anyone but coach Nye tonight (Monday at St. Charles) or
tomorrow (Tuesday at Academy) night to ensure that it is here on time to take advantage of that grace
period. Your next $150 payment (or whatever is left due on your account if you owe less than $500) is
due by November 23 to avoid the late payment charge for that installment. Please mail those to GCSTO,
PO Box 30483, Gahanna, OH 43230 or hand them to your coach at practice. Remember that if you
have financial questions that those should come to coach Nye and not your own coach as they do
not handle anything in relation to finances. Thanks!

                                    Volunteering Information
1 – Team Volunteer Requirement: Please remember that you need to sign up, in advance, with Julie
Pastor ( to ensure yourself of getting signed up for your volunteer sessions. Our
meet information packets are available on our web site under the “Swim Team Information” tab and then
under the “Swim Meet Information” tab. You can see dates, days and times in that meet info to best
determine when it is that you’d like to work. Please don’t simply show up to a meet expecting to try and
work as it may already be filled up with volunteers. Sign up in advance and note that you may have to
work sessions that your athletes aren’t even in to be able to get your full quota in. Many families already
have to do this as their athletes may never be in any one of our meets so this is not an uncommon
practice and is just fine to do.

2 – Booster Club Help Needed: We’re looking for some more great volunteers to help our Booster Club
at our swimming meets this year (in concessions). Tricia Twigg is in charge of this aspect of our Booster
Club. She organizes our concession sales at our swimming meets to help ensure that everything is
purchased, donated and delivered to the meets. This is a great way for someone to get volunteer credit
on their own schedule as we can ensure that you get the help during actual meet operations so that
you’re not required to be there the whole time. If you want to help out please contact Tricia at 614-855-
8528 or Thanks!
                                     Swim Meet Information
All of the information pertaining to our swimming meets can be found on our web site under the “Swim
Meet Information” fly-out tab under the “Swim Team Information” tab there on the left. An incredibly
detailed description of the entire swimming meet process can be found listed in the 2010.2011 Fall/Winter
Communications table there on the “From the GCSTO Offices” fly-out tab also located under the “Swim
Team Information” tab. Please read through that “GCSTO Meet Entry Procedure” article to see how this
all operates. Contact your coach with questions.

                           Swim Meet RESERVATION Information
11/19-21/10 CM Fall Challenge                         Keating Nat., Cinci, OH
       Holiday Inn Express, 11160 Dowlin Drive, Sharonville, OH 45241 (513-771-9080). We have 35
       double rooms ($84/night plus 16% tax) and 5 suites with 1 king bed and a pull-out sofa
       ($99/night plus 16% tax) under “Greater Columbus Swim Team”. Call by October 18 to
        reserve your room under your own name and credit card or the remaining rooms in
        the block will be dropped.

12/10-12/10 MAKO Holiday Classic                        Miami Univ., OH
       Baymont Inn & Suites, 5190 College Corner Pike, Oxford, OH 45056 (513-523-2722). We have
       12 king suites, 6 standard kings, 2 standard double doubles & 2 doubles (1 double bed, only) at
       $99.99 per night plus tax under “Greater Columbus Swim Team”. Call by November 8 to reserve
       your room under your own name and credit card or the remaining rooms in the block will be

1/28-30/11      Circle City Classic                   IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN
       Candlewood Suites, 1152 N. White River Pkwy, West Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46225 (317-536-
       7700). We have 18 one bedroom king suites ($92/night plus 17% tax) and 7 two bedroom kings
       ($122 per night plus 17% tax) under “Greater Columbus Swim Team”. Call by January 7 to
       reserve your room under your own name and credit card or the remaining rooms in the block
       will be dropped.

3/4-6/11        Ohio Senior Champs                     Miami Univ., Oxford, OH
       Best Western Sycamore Inn, 6 East Sycamore, Oxford, OH 45056 (513-523-0000). We have 25
       double doubles at $99 per night plus tax under “Greater Columbus Swim Team”. Call by
       February 3 to reserve your room under your own name and credit card or the remaining rooms
       in the block will be dropped.

3/11-13/11      Ohio SC Championships                  BGSU, Bowling Green, OH
       Quality Inn, 1550 East Wooster St., Bowling Green, OH 43403 (419-352-5211). We have 30
       double doubles at $60 per night plus tax under “Greater Columbus Swim Team”. Call by
       February 10 to reserve your room under your own name and credit card or the remaining rooms
       in the block will be dropped.

3/24-27/11     Central Zone Sectionals                  IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN
       Park Place City Centre (the one right there with the Candlewood), 1150 N. White River Pkwy,
       West Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46225 (317-829-1200). We have 20 two bedroom king suites
       ($119/night plus tax). Steve will handle the coordination of all of these rooms ensuring the
       athletes all have rooms and then releasing the remaining rooms to the parents.
                       Basic Points Of Interest & General Information
1 – Peanut Free Pools: We want to start off the year getting everyone on board in terms of keeping our
pools peanut free in lieu of the chance that anyone in attendance there has severe reactions to peanuts.
We will not be serving these in concessions or hospitality at meets and will ask everyone not to bring
these in to the facilities at any point in time. Remember, too, that our swimming meets and practices are
to be smoke & alcohol free, as well. Thanks!

2 – Team Practice Position Availabilities: We do have positions open in a couple of the younger
training groups as of this date although we are close to full in several of those. We are focusing hard on
filling these remaining practice positions. It will be our goal to have as many levels on the team
completely filled within the next 2 weeks as possible. If you know of someone who you can contact and
bring into the team please let coach Nye know and we will contact that individual. A stronger, healthier
level means that we have more competition in practice, more social interaction for your athletes in
practice, more workers/volunteers to staff our meets, greater stability to add assistant coaches to the
practice schedule and more so everyone’s help is appreciated in these efforts. Please do NOT recruit
swimmers from other USA Swimming or Y Swimming teams as that is not allowed. Thanks!

3 – Team Spirit Packages: Our Booster Club Spirit Package will be ready within 2-3 weeks. We cannot
order the t-shirts for these packages until we have everyone’s deposits in so once this is done we can
place those orders and get those T-shirts printed (as each athlete gets one as part of their package).
Remember, too, that you’ll receive yet another team t-shirt as part of your team fees. Remember that
we’re encouraging you to buy a 3 t-shirt if you’re participating in swim meets so that your athlete has one
shirt to wear per day of that meet (as they are often 3 days long) so see #9 below for more information on
that. That way, we can show our team pride as ONE each day of the meet.

                                            Who To Contact
To help you remember who to contact pertaining to certain items please use this:
Team Programming
Financial Information – Steve Nye (614-478-5445 or
Meet Volunteering – Juli Pastor (
Entry Accounts – Brian Tann (614-312-8323 or
Basic Practice Questions, Meet Participation Questions & the like – Your Coach (that roster is attached)

Subsidiary Programming
Greater Columbus Advanced Technique Stroke Analysis Camps (1 day stroke camps starting up
here in a few weeks) – Steve Nye (614-478-5445 or
Greater Columbus Swim School (swimming lessons operating year around at multiple facilities) –
Erin Harris (614-582-2597 or
Greater Columbus Swim Fit Program For Teens (a dry land/water fitness program for teens) – Erin
Harris (614-582-2597 or
Greater Columbus Home School Program (our swim team program for home school children) –
Crystal reamer (614-581-9203 or

Note on these “programs of interest”: Please do NOT contact me (Steve Nye) on these items. While I
have helped get these up and running, they each actually have a program director in charge to handle all
aspects of administration of the program so that I can maintain focus on the swim team and not these
other programs.
Thanks for being a part of the team!

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