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									21GA/Agend 19.10

 Laboratory Report of the Central Institute of Metrology
                    DPR of Korea
          21 APMP General Assembly, 2005

1 Laboratory-related matters

Central Institute of Metrology(CIM) under the State Administration
for Quality Management(SAQM) is the center of scientific research
and calibration in the field of metrology in DPR of Korea.

CIM is conducting the research to develop the new measurement
standards and reference instruments to meet the needs presented by
advanced national economy.

In the field of time and frequency measurement, the traceability
system of time by rubidium time standard was established, thus
maintaining the synchronization of time scales with UTC on the level
of 1 ㎲

In the field of temperature measurement, the verification system of
infrared thermometers was established in the temperature interval of
100 – 2000℃ with the accuracy of 1%.

In the field of flow measurement, research is being conducted on the
water flowmeter standard for the laminar and turbulent flow.

In the field of force measurement, force measuring standard of 1kN is
to be designed and manufactured.

Contact person

Dr. Kim Gwang Ho
Director of CIM

Address; Songsin 1 Dong, Sadong District, Pyongyang, DPR of Korea
Tel; 850 2 18111(ext. 381-8989)
Fax; 850 2 381 4480

21GA/Agend 19.10

e-mail; saqm@co. chesin. com.

2 International Technical Cooperation

   A. Training Activities
         1) Internal training
            The 11th training workshop “Modern Measurement
            Technology” was held in CIM in Sep. 1 – Oct. 31, 2004.
         2) External training
            - Participation of 2 experts in the 11th training workshop on
              measurement technology for developing countries on
              Aug. – Sept. 2004 at NIM, China.
            - Participation of 2 experts in the training workshop of
              flow held in Thailand by APLMF in April, 2005
   B. bilateral/multilateral cooperation
    According to the MoU signed between CIM and PTB in 2002, 2
      experts in the field of mass and flow measurement were trained
      in PTB from Dec. 2004 to May, 2005.
    New MoU was signed between CIM and PTB to further develop
      the cooperation in the field of metrology in Pyongyang in April,

3 Concerning the global MRA

A. Present Status for Signatory of the MRA
CIM has not yet been a signatory of MRA. Discussions are still in


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