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					Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuation |2 Months | 16 days
Training based on MS Excel® 2007 backward compatible with 2003

 About Finatics                                                                                                                                             Rs. 15,000 /-
 Finatics is a startup by budding entrepreneurs providing Consulting and Training in the field of Financial Modeling,                                         (all inclusive)
 Equity Valuation, Risk Management and MS Excel ®. The team has a rich exposure in the mentioned areas and                                                Early Bird and Special
 regularly updates content in consultation with practicing professionals to better understand current needs                                               Weekday Discounts
                                                                                                                                                               available !!
 About the Financial Modeling and
 Valuation Program                                     >       Case Study Approach ensures that participant can test his/her skills!
 The program aims to empower participants
 with Model building and Valuation skills              >       Focus on Valuation & Model Building applied on a Listed Company !
 through extensive coverage of Modeling,
 Revenue Build-up techniques and Valuation,            >       Build an Integrated Model with DCF Valuation, from Scratch !
 all applied on a Listed company!
 The program is structured into three parts –          >       Build a Comparable Company Analysis Sheet !

  > ‘Excel For Modeling’ covers essentials
    for Model Building and Valuation and
                                                       >       No ‘Plugs’ or ‘Circular Referencing’ used ! …and a detailed Analysis of the
                                                               same too !
    hence is the focus of the first part
  > The second Part focuses on ‘Financial              >       Analyze performance using proven metrics
    Modeling’. Starting from the very basics
    and moving on to building an integrated            >       Plenty of Excel Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts covered, to ensure that you rarely
                                                               use the mouse !
    model without ‘plugs’
  > The third part – Equity Valuation, covers
    DCF valuation, Trading Comparables                 >       Take home pack includes
                                                                    50+ Excel Exercises and 200+ hard to find - Keyboard Accelerators
    (Relative valuation) and Performance
                                                                    Step-by-Step DCF valuation guide (Following ‘Mckinsey approach’)
                                                                    Comprehensive Sales Forecasting (Revenue build-up) Guide
 Who are the Trainers?                                              Step-by-Step Trading Comparables guide
 The Trainers have worked across projects                           Workings and Analysis of ‘Plugs’ vs ‘Circular Referencing’ vs ‘No Plugs’
 related to Financial Modeling, Equity                              Workings and Analysis of Depreciation schedule
 Valuation & Risk Management. They have
                                                                    Plug-n-play Performance and Credit Analysis model
 also developed comprehensive industry
 approved financial models from scratch

 Who Should Attend?
 The module is best suited to practicing
 professionals. However, students at an
 advanced level of the subject will also
 benefit                                          Program Structure & Training Methodology
 How Will I Benefit?
                                                  The program is structured to make the participant well versed with the                                      > The Participant
                                                  fundamentals before moving on to Model Building and Valuation.                                                 will NOT be
 Financial modeling and valuation is an           Training will be a mix of theory and ‘Hands-on’ sessions                                                       working on a
 invaluable skill set for those who work in, or
 aspire to get into Investment Banks, Quality         Part 1                                   Part 2                            Part 3
 KPOs, Brokerage Houses or domains like               Excel for                                Financial                         Equity                       > Valuation and
 Corporate Finance, Credit Analysis, Business         Modeling                                 Modeling                          Valuation                       Model Building
 Planning & Analysis                                                                                                                                             will involve a
 The participant will be able to –                          15%                                 30%                               55%                            Listed Company!
  > Apply MS Excel® skills for problem               Excel Time savers & Essentials      Introduction to Modeling        Revenue Build-up techniques       > Theory would
    solving                                          Commonly used Functions             Best Practices in Modeling      DCF valuation Extensive
  > Build a Fully Integrated Financial Model         Conditional Operations              Modeling techniques              Theory & Application
                                                     Conditional Look-up                 Building a 3 statement Model    Performance Analysis                 25-30% of the
    from scratch                                                                                                         Trading Comparables
                                                      Nesting, Charting & and              Building an integrated                                                Program
  > Understand and Apply Financial Analysis,          Sensitivity Analysis                 Financial Model without          Extensive Theory and
    DCF and Relative Valuation                                                             ‘plugs’                          Application
Certification in Financial Modeling & Valuation | 2 Months | 16 days
Financial Modeling refers to the process of building a structure that integrates the Balance Sheet, Income
Statement, Cash Flow Statement with supporting schedules to enable decision making in areas like, Business                                 Modeling &
                                                                                                                                           Valuation of a listed
Planning and Forecasting, Equity Valuation, Credit Analysis/Appraisal, Merger/acquisition analysis, Project
                                                                                                                                           company Included !
Appraisal etc. In each of the above areas, success of the deliverable to a large extent depends on the quality
                                                                                                                                           …7 Case Studies
of the Financial Model.
 On successful completion of the module you will be able to…
                                                                                                                                         Other Details
      Apply DCF Valuation on a listed company                         Apply performance and Credit Analysis techniques
                                                                                                                                         > Suitable for Professionals
      Apply Trading Comparables on a set of companies                 Analyze Revenue build-up techniques for Valuation and              and advanced students alike
      Use MS Excel® for Data Modeling and Problem Solving while        Market Sizing
                                                                                                                                         > Option of weekday or
       never using the mouse again !!                                  Decode Financial jargon and uncover popular misconceptions         weekend batches
      Present results with Sensitivity Analysis & well formatted      Understand Ratios by identifying consistencies between the       > Fast Paced option available
       Charts                                                           involved metrics

 Day 1          Excel Essentials                                    Day 6-7            Model Building Part IV                            > Learning Excel will not
  > Introduction to Keyboard Accelerators                           > The Assumption/Control Sheet                                          be a one-time event but
  > Manipulating & Formatting Rows/Columns, Borders & Sheets        > Opex, Capex & Working Capital                                         an ongoing process
  > Using the Paste Special box                                     > The concept of Maintenance & Expansion Capex
                                                                                                                                            throughout the program
  > COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN,                   > Depreciation Schedule (Waterfall Type)
      ROUND, TRUNC and INT & ABS                                    > The ‘right’ way of modeling Debt
  > Using Conditional Formatting                                    > Investments & Short term debt schedule
                                                                                                                                         > The focus on Modeling
  > Creating multi-dimensional formulas with ‘Referencing’          > Cash Flow drives balance sheet vs Balance sheet drives Cash Flow      Fundamentals and
  > Nesting with the ‘IF’ function                                  > Final Integration without ‘plugs’                                     Issues ensures the
                                                                                                                                            participant develops a
 Day 2          Excel for Modeling & Presentation                   Day 8          Valuation Fundamentals & FAQs                            strong foundation for
  > Using VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP                                         > Why do share prices move up?                                          Advanced Modeling
  > Using SUMIF, COUNTIF AND AVERAGEIF                              > Are dividends important? Do Share Buybacks create value ?
  > Using the TRANSPOSE & SUMPRODUCT functions                      > Does DCF really work? What is Value Creation? Who follows it ?     > A waterfall type
  > Working with dates – DATEDIF, YEAR, YEARFRAC & MONTH            > A Bird’s Eye view of the Enterprise DCF method                        debt/depreciation
  > Sensitivity Analysis with Data Tables                           > Other Valuation methods in brief: Accretion/Dilution Analysis,
                                                                                                                                            schedule gives a more
  > Charting - Commonly used & 3 Axis charts                            Transaction Comparables, LBO analysis, First Chicago
  > Case Study                                                          Approach, Replacement cost analysis & Real Options                  realistic view of the
                                                                                                                                            future performance
 Day 3           Model Building Part I                              Day 9          Revenue Build-up techniques
  > What is Financial Modeling ?                                    > 3 approaches of building the backbone of your Valuation
                                                                                                                                         > Extensive theory on
                                                                                                                                            FCF, WACC and
  > Best practices in Model Building                                > Why do Statistical (Sequential) Methods fail?
  > What’s a plug and why should it always be avoided ?             > What’s better – ‘Top-Down’ or ‘Bottom-up’?
                                                                                                                                            Continuing Value
  > Analysis of ‘Plugs’ vs ‘Circular Referencing’ vs ‘No Plugs’     > Building Operational drivers                                          ensure that you can
  > The Anatomy of a financial model: A bird’s eye view             > Competitive Advantage Periods and Fade Rates                          dodge pitfalls in real
  > Why the ‘Percentage of Sales’ method is incorrect               > Case Study | Revenue Build up of a listed company
                                                                                                                                            world application

 Day 4          Model Building Part II                              Day 10-13               Calculating FCF, WACC & CV                   > Trading Comparables
  > Extracting data from an Annual Report                           > Which Cash Flow do I Choose – FCF(F) vs FCFE                          include myth-busters,
  > Introduction to the 3 statements                                > FCF – Real world Calculation and Application                          ‘Why P/E is Overrated’
  > Restating financials for valuation and analysis                 > WACC – Real world Calculation and Application
                                                                                                                                            and a Step-by-step
  > Comprehensive analysis of the Linkages between the 3            > Calculating Continuing Value –Gordon growth vs Exit Multiple
    statements & How cash flows through each                        > Calculating Enterprise Value and Value per share
                                                                                                                                            guide to application and
  > The Common Size statement (Vertical & Horizontal Analysis)      > 3 Case Studies                                                        interpretation of

                                                                    Day 14-15                                                               Multiples
  > Basic 3 statement model without ‘plugs’
                                                                                            Trading Comparables
 Day 5           Model Building Part III                            > Why use Multiples? Two approaches to use Multiples                 > Performance Analysis
  > Profitability Measures – How EBIT reflects true performance
                                                                    > Identifying the Peer Set                                              ensures solid grasp of
                                                                    > Calculating LTM/TTM & Calendarization
      (Gross, EBITDA and Net margin analysis included)                                                                                      fundamentals and make
                                                                    > Analysis of Multiples – P/E, PEG, P/B, P/FCFE, EV/Sales,
  > Calculation & Analysis of ROE & ROCE
                                                                      EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT & EV/FCF Sector Specific Multiples                 you ready for real world
  > Liquidity Analysis with the Cash Conversion Cycle
                                                                    > Case Study | Application on a listed set of companies                 analysis
  > Risk Analysis – Types of risks and Analysis of DOL, DFL & DCL
  > Credit Analysis – Measuring & Analyzing IC & DSCR
  > Case Study | Analyze performance of a listed company            Day 16           Revision
Here’s what the participants have to say…

   Participants have worked/working with companies like…
          Amba Research                      Pliris Capital
          Capgemini                          Power Corporation of             “…The techniques taught at Finatics are unique and
          Crisil                              Nigeria
                                                                                comprehensive. The course helped me get complete
          First Global                       Reval Analytics
          Honeywell                          Riverhead Capital                understanding of the complexities involved in valuing a company,
          Irevna                             Tata Capital                     in a simple yet logical manner. Learning valuation was a great
          JP Morgan                          Transparent Value
                                                                                experience with Finatics ”
          MoneyLife                          Worbus Management
          KPIT-Cummins                        Consulting                       Sanket Dhanorkar, Research Analyst, Moneylife
    “…I found the financial modeling course to be extremely relevant for careers “…From being a "Nerdie CFA Level 3 candidate" and
    in investment banking and equity research. It was very practical, intuitive and     going to a confident applicant for a junior analyst's position
    hands-on realistic experience during the entire training period …I now feel         …well I owe it all to Finatics …the tutors with their undivided
    much more confident with Excel and finance concepts ”                               attention and thorough guidance have helped me achieve
    Sagar Dhoot, Analyst, Riverhead Capital                                             clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision
                                                                                        into reality”
    “…The course was very comprehensive and                                             Vatsala Bhatt, CFA L3 Candidate
    detailed than I thought it would be …(was a)
    tremendous value addition. The moment I came          “…What I really liked was the logical way in which the training was imparted. Before
    back, two days later I got a job at CRISIL. As        coming to Finatics, I had been to a very well known training institute, but the
    a matter of fact I would have never cracked the       prospective trainers didn't impress me at all. Plus, the fee was unaffordable. I have also
    interview at CRISIL if not for the course.            heard seasoned finance professionals speak very highly of the courses Finatics offers.
    One and all I would recommend the course to           The course has also helped me come up with better ideas at workplace. I'm looking
    everyone who is looking for a career in               forward to completing a more advanced course in financial modeling from the institute.”
    Security Valuation.”                                  Karan Mudgal, Research Associate, vCustomer India
    Neermoy Shah, Analyst, CRISIL

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