Ian Bothwell by meghi84


									Ian Bothwell: Death From Picking His Nose Too Much

63 year old Ian Bothwell died because he picked his nose so much he bled to death. The
coroner, said: "There is no explanation for this death other than he died from a nose-
bleed, consistent with picking his nose. I do not think for a moment he knew what he was
doing was going to cause his death." He recorded a verdict of misadventure.

A pathologist concluded that Mr Ian Bothwell, who suffered from dementia brought on
by alcoholism, had picked his nose so much that it had caused him to bleed to death.

His body was found by John Edwards, the manager of the Royal Court block of flats in
Ladybarn near Didsbury, Manchester – where Mr. Bothwell lived alone – on 5th
September. When he found him Mr. Bothwell’s nasal cavity was full of blood.

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