Abs Exercises at work by finleystew


									 Discover unique abs exercise
 that you could do to create up
           those abs
We are so vain when it comes to how we look, that is the truth. If that is the case, why is it that
there are still lots of people that are obese, overweight and fat? My friends, that is simply
because we are lazy. Okay, maybe not of all of us but majority of us. We want to but we don’t
do anything about it. We just sit there and let the day pass by. Honestly, I couldn’t blame you.
With all the comfort that technology and innovation has given us, anyone would become lazy
as a dog. But fitness is neither a luxury nor an option, it is a requirement. Yes, you heard it
right: A RE - QUIRE - MENT! You should be physically fit and healthy. That is if you want to
live longer and enjoy life a little more. Research have proven that 99.9 percent of people who
are living an unhealthy lifestyle die of heart diseases. Some are even young when it hits them.
So if you don’t want to be on that list, listen to me: there is a way!
Yes, there is a way and you can actually start right away. All you have to do is to eat the right
foods, rest properly and exercise / workout. There are lots of ways that you could exercise; lots
of different methods that build and strengthen specific parts of your body. A perfect example
of this is the abdominal exercise. This is a type of exercise that strengthens the core and
flattens the stomach and eventually builds up the abdominal muscle to produce those
absolutely irresistible washboard abs or what we popularly known as six packs. This type of
exercise is made specifically for the abs and is favored and popular to both the novice athletes
as well as the elite group of athletes. There are lots of different abs workout that you could do
to build up those abs. here are some of the examples:
For the upper abs
-Captain’s chair
-Exercise ball
-Bicycle maneuver
-Vertical leg crunch
- arm crunch
-Torso track
-Crunch with heel push
-Abs roller
For the lower abs
-Abs roller
-Long - arm crunch
-Captain’s chair
-Reverse crunch
-Vertical leg crunch
-Torso track
-Exercise ball
-Crunch with heel push
Basically, these are the exercises that you could do to develop those abs however, this is not
enough. You could work it out all you can but if you still eat fatty foods, you won’t see the
difference. That is why it is also important that you eat the right type of foods and in the right
amount to ensure maximum effectiveness of the exercise as well as to quicken the process in
which you have to exercise to see great results. This is what we are all looking for, great figure,
six packs and a healthy body which is fit and great to look at.

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