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									   LaundryRepublic – from white collar to white van

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Two ex-city workers have traded their desk jobs for detergent and started London's first 24-
hour locker-based laundry and dry cleaning service, LaundryRepublic .

The LaundryRepublic solution is simple: secure lockers, placed in apart ment buildings and
workplaces. Customers lock their clothes in them, place an order by text message or online,
and let LaundryRepublic take care of the rest.   It currently serves over 2,500 residential and
commercial units across several buildings in central London, and is expanding rapidly.

With backgrounds in finance and consulting, LaundryRepublic's co-founders Ian Walker and
David Lambert aren't your typical white van men. Lambert, who quit his job at strategy
consultancy group OC&C in autumn 2008 to set up the firm, explains: “we both had
entrepreneurial a mbitions. Our previous jobs had us advising other companies, but we decided
it would be more worthwhile to get out into the real economy and do it ourselves.”

“We wanted to make dry cleaning and laundry easier, simpler and greener...and perhaps even
a bit more fun”, explains Walker. “As consumers, we were frustrated at having to dash around
to fit in with dry cleaners' limited opening hours, so we decided to set up a service that fits
around customers' lives instead”.

The benefits of the service are clear:

      Based in your building
      Accessible 24 hours
      Fast and easy ordering online or by text message
    Convenient online payment

“We were always confident people would like it”, says Lambert. “But we were surprised by just
how positive the response was. Right from the first week we started getting unprompted
emails from happy customers telling us how much they loved the service”.

Barton O'Brien, a customer in Marylebone, summarises the LaundryRepublic experience: “A
really convenient, impressive service, and online ordering was easy. Great value for money and
saves me lots of time.”

Building owners and managers also benefit from being able to offer a convenient amenity to
residents. LaundryRepublic installs, maintains and serves the lockers for free. “We make t hings
as easy as possible for landlords and agents – no cost, no hassle”, explains Walker.

Notes to editors

To bring LaundryRepublic to your building or discuss further, contact David Lambert on 020
7193 3130 or

About LaundryRepublic

Based on the Southbank just opposite the Houses of Parliament, LaundryRepublic was founded
in 2008 by Ian Walker and David Lambert. Previously they studied at Cambridge University,
and met while working at OC&C Strategy Consultants in London. They first thought of using
lockers to simplify pick-up and drop-off laundry services in summer 2008.

The company has previously featured on the BBC News website: m

LaundryRepublic offers a full range of laundry services, including:
      Dry cleaning
      Shirts / blouses (wash & iron)
      Laundry (wash & fold)
      Minor garment repair & alterations
      Shoe repair
      Duvets, towels, and bed linens

How it works

LaundryRepublic places its lockers in the communal areas of apart ment buildings and offices,
where they are available 24 hours a day as a smart, secure collection point for customers' dry
cleaning, laundry and shoe repair needs.

LaundryRepublic works in three easy steps:

  1.   Drop-off
          a)       Put your laundry in any available locker – there's no need to fill out an
          b)       Lock the door and keep the key

  2.   Order
          a)       To order, text LAUNDRY followed by the locker number to 60777
          b)       Alternatively, order online at
          c)       Once we've collected your order, we'll email you a detailed breakdown of
                   your order, including its cost

  3.   Collect
          a)       Pay online by card
          b)       LaundryRepublic will text and email you when your clothes are back in the
          c)       Open the locker and take out your fresh, clean clothes!

How expensive is Laundry Re public?

Because our overheads are low, LaundryRepublic is no more expensive than a traditional dry
cleaning service. We aim to match or even beat the prices of local dry cleaners.

Is Laundry Republic environmentally frie ndly?

Environmentally sustainable dry cleaning and laundry is a core part of the LaundryRepublic
ethos, and we’re working hard to reach this goal. Inevitably, dry cleaning and laundry
consumes some energy and involves the use of some chemicals. However, we make every
possible effort to minimise our impact on our environment:

      Hybrid vans: we use eco-friendly dual-fuel LPG vans, reducing our carbon footprint and
       producing zero particulate emissions to keep London’s air clean

      Recycled packaging: we aim to recycle all of our plastic packaging and hangers. We ask
       customers to leave packaging and hangers f rom previous orders in with their next order
       for us to collect and recycle

      Modern machinery and super-efficient filters mean we minimize the energy, water and
       chemicals needed to clean your clothes properly

How fast is Laundry Re public?

We offer two options for turnaround time:
      Standard Service – 3 days max (e.g. place order on Tuesday, clean clothes back in
       locker by Friday), although we will return orders more quickly if possible
      Next Day Service – place order (online or by text message) before 11 am, we’ll ret urn
       clothes by 5pm the next day

How do customers pay?

There are two simple ways to pay: auto-payment or PayPal. Customers can set up auto-
payment with their credit or debit card when they create a free account or place their first
order, and their card will be charged automatically 24 hours after we return your clean clothes
back to your locker. Auto-payment saves time and is our most convenient method of payment.
LaundryRepublic uses SagePay online card payment services, which is a secure, encrypted card
transaction handling service, so customers can be sure that their card details will be safe. We
do not store card details ourselves for security reasons.

We can also send customers a PayPal email link for each order, which they can use to pay with
their credit or debit card.

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