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					                       Department of the Premier and Cabinet
                       Government of Western Australia

                       Office of e-Government

Website Domain Update Survey Instructions

The survey is a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is split into two worksheets.

In contrast to the 2005 survey, which was quite detailed, this update survey looks at a small
number of details pertaining to each agency’s websites. The survey is to be returned to the
Office of e-Government (OeG) by Monday 4 February 2008. If you foresee difficulties in
completing the survey by this time, please contact the OeG for assistance (contact details are
provided below).

Part One is for details of your agency and also the contact details for the nominated ‘Point-of-
Contact for Agency Websites’. This may be yourself, or someone else that is nominated by
your agency. There are a number of other initiatives underway in relation to the Website
Governance Framework, and OeG will use the Point-of-Contact details to disseminate further
information in relation to those initiatives. The Point-of-Contact details will also be entered into
the Online Websites Register. See below for further information on the role of the Agency
Websites Point-of-Contact.

Part Two is dedicated to updating the list of WA Government websites. The following
information is required for each of the websites that your agency is developing or currently

       Identified Websites – The URL of each website managed by your agency should be
        listed here. If your agency provided a list of websites as part of the 2005 Website
        Review, those websites will already be populated in the table. The list will need to be
        checked for its currency, and then any newly identified websites should be added to
        the list. Any websites that are currently under construction will also need to be
        included in the list. Hovering the mouse over the red comment triangle in the column
        title header opens a pop-up window that gives information on the definition of a
        website for the purpose of this survey. Please note: Do not remove or delete
        websites that have been provided as part of your agency’s 2005 website list. Instead,
        please select ‘Decommissioned’ from the Status column for that website.
       Status – This column uses a drop-down list to give you six options for each website
        (Active, Under Construction, Not Active, Redirects, Decommissioned, Other). Choose
        the correct status description for each website. Hovering over the red comment
        triangle for this table header will give details about each status option.
       Website Description – This column is for providing a brief description for the
        purpose of the website. If you have selected ‘Other’ or ‘Redirects’ for the Status
        column, please provide more detail about the website status in this column. Once
        again, hovering over the red comment triangle gives an example website description.
       Rationale for or Domain – If your agency has
        identified websites that utilise a domain other than the or
        domains, please provide some detail as to why it was determined that the website
        would be best presented using the domain chosen.

Role of Website Point-of-Contact
The role of agency Website Point-of-Contact includes the following:
    First point of contact for the Office of e-Government regarding your agency’s survey
    Identification of appropriate sources of information for responding to the survey
    Facilitate the collection of survey information within the agency
    Return of completed surveys to the Office of e-Government.

To assist you in preparing your response, you may need the assistance of a number of
people within your agency. This includes staff directly or indirectly engaged with the creation,
development and operation of websites. It may be appropriate to inform them of the
information contained in this letter. For example, you may wish to forward this letter to
leaders within the Communications and ICT business units, as well as owners of websites
across your agency.

Once you have completed the survey, please email your completed survey to the email
address provided below.

Role of Office of e-Government
We will assist Agencies as much as possible throughout this process. Further information
has been provided along with the surveys, including definitions for identifying websites, and
contact information for our team.

Further Information
Please refer to the included CD that has further documentation to inform your agency of the
initiatives, such as the Online Register of Websites and the Website Governance Framework,
that form part of the approach to delivering the Citizen-Centric Government: Electronic
Service Delivery Strategy for the WA Public Sector. More information is also available at the
OeG’s website, If you have any further questions regarding
the survey or the Online Websites Register initiative, please contact:

Office of e-Government
Phone: (08) 9213-7100


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