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					   Citizen Centric Government
  Electronic Service Delivery Strategy
for the Western Australian Public Sector
         Executive Summary

                                 Department of the Premier and Cabinet
                                 Government of Western Australia
                                 Office of e-Government
    The Changing Demands on Government
    At a time when Western Australia is experiencing a            Purpose of the Strategy
    rapid growth in population, driven by a resources boom
    and associated economic prosperity, it is critical that       The purpose of Citizen Centric Government: Electronic
    the Government reassess its capability to respond to the      Service Delivery Strategy for the Western Australian Public
    growing service delivery expectations of citizens             Sector is to identify what capabilities agencies will need to
    and business.                                                 meet the changing service delivery expectations of citizens
                                                                  and business into the future.
    Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)
    provide government with new ways to deliver services          The Strategy sets a clear vision for how electronic services
    through electronic channels, such as the Internet and         will have transformed the service delivery capability of the
    mobile telephony, and there is growing pressure from          Western Australian Government within ten years:
    citizens and business for government to do so.

    The private sector has been quick to exploit the efficiency      • the Government of Western Australia will
    gains that electronic service delivery channels can bring.         be a leader in providing integrated services
    As a consequence, industry sectors such as tourism,                that are focused on the needs of citizens
    banking and retail are increasingly grooming the                   and business
    community to transact through electronic means.
                                                                     • citizens and business will be able to
                                                                       interact with government in a manner, time
    New communications technologies have removed the
                                                                       and place of their choice
    physical barriers that used to constrain where and when
    people work. Communication is now a 24/7 activity.               • this enriched service delivery culture will
    Work is something we do rather than a place we go.                 enhance the Government’s ability to make
    Citizens, particularly those from Generations X and Y, now         strategic decisions that impact on the
    expect to transact with service providers through a channel        Western Australian community.
    of their choice when it is convenient to them.

The Strategy acknowledges and builds on the Western                    Four Focus Areas for Achieving Service Transformation
Australian Government’s achievements to date in
delivering services using ICT. However, it highlights that    Better Planning:                                                    New Mindsets
                                                               Better Futures               TRANSFORMING                         and Capabilities
simply using new technologies to deliver services will         e-Government                  GOVERNMENT                          Maximising Value
not enable government to realise this vision. Instead,            Strategy                                                      Measuring Benefits
the Strategy illustrates that achieving this vision will
involve fundamental changes to the business processes of
government so as to achieve measurable service delivery                          Leadership and Governance
outcomes that have value for citizens and business.
                                                                                              Enabling Citizen
It explains the changes in governance and leadership,              Culture Change               and Business            Using Technology
                                                                                                                       as a Tool for Change
culture, service delivery and technology that are necessary                                   Focused Services

for the Western Australian Government to meet the
growing service delivery expectations of citizens and
                                                                 Internal Efficiencies                                       Future Proofing
business into the future. It also establishes performance
                                                               Sustainable Outcomes                                     Capacity Building
targets so that government can measure its progress in                              Citizen and Business Focused Services
this new service delivery area.

    Maximising the Benefits of Electronic
    Service Delivery

    For government to be able to capitalise on its information
    assets, maximise its decision-making capability and
    achieve greater efficiencies and public value in service
    delivery, it will need to develop mechanisms for linking
    information resources across the public sector and ensure
    common standards and descriptors for this information.

    A more horizontal cross-government approach to sharing
    information can reduce duplication while adding value to
    the end product or service delivered to customers. Various
    activities in individual agencies can be brought together
    to provide a holistic view of services being offered in the
    Government’s key priority areas. This transformation
    enables new ‘virtual’ programs to be introduced to
    meet emerging needs without the need for machinery of
    government changes.

Defining the Public Value of Services
The adoption of electronic service delivery to transform                                 The Concept of Public Value
government services must deliver valuable outcomes to
citizens and business.                                                                   The components of public value (as developed from
                                                                                         “Citizen Centric Government: Taking it to the Next Level”,
                                                                                         Angela Frith Public Administration Today, April 2006
                                Dimensions of Public Value                               pp 15-19) identified in the Western Australian electronic
                                                                                         service delivery context include:
                                     Service Quality
                                          High Take-Up
                                           Satisfaction                                  Service Quality
                                    Accessibility and Choice
                                   Ease of Finding Information
                                        Responsiveness                                   Citizens have an expectation that government service
                                                                                         delivery will have similar levels of choice, accessibility
        Outcomes                                                                         and responsiveness to that currently provided by the
                                                                 Service Efficiency
        Healthier People
                                                                                         private sector. This includes the ability to easily access
  Skilled and Informed People
       Safer Communities
                                         PUBLIC                      Reduced Cost        information, pay bills and undertake transaction
    Successful Businesses                VALUE                       Transparency        processing in a secure online environment.
           More Jobs
                                                                 Improved Procurement
    Economic Development
                                                                  Well Motivated Staff
        Better Lifestyles
                                                                                         Service Efficiency

                                             Trust                                       Enhanced customer service can come at increased cost. To
                                             Fairness                                    enhance service delivery in times of growth and increasing
                                           Acceptance                                    demand agencies must improve productivity and achieve
                                                                                         cost efficiencies.
                                     Citizen Participation in
                                        Decision Making

    This might involve bundling a number of agency services      Trust
    through a single point of contact, sharing infrastructure
                                                                 To interact with government in an online environment,
    with other agencies, work flow enhancements,
                                                                 customers need to feel confident that government will:
    business process re-engineering, improved information
    management practices, greater transparency of operations     •	 ensure the security of personal and financial
    with freedom of access to relevant information or improved        information
    procurement processes.                                       •	 ensure that personal privacy will not be compromised
                                                                 •	 provide equitable services that enable accessibility
    Outcomes                                                          for all
    The Western Australian Government has identified five key    •	 allow for the community to be effectively engaged in
    goals for the public sector which are documented in the           government decision-making processes.
    State Strategic Framework Better Planning: Better Futures;
    •	 better services
    •	 jobs and economic development
    •	 lifestyle and the environment
    •	 regional development
    •	 governance and public sector improvement.

    Within these goals the ability to share information across
    agencies for better service delivery is critical.

Outcomes for Citizens, Business
and Government
                                                         Outcomes for Government

Outcomes for Citizens and Business                       •	 increased citizen and business confidence in,
                                                            and satisfaction with, Western Australian
•	 a reduction in the complexity of locating and            Government services
   accessing Western Australian Government information   •	 a significant reduction in the number of Western
   and services                                             Australian Government websites
•	 quality and choice in service delivery channels       •	 reduced cost to agencies of printed publications and
•	 intuitive and personalised services                      telephone calls handled
•	 access to better information for decision making      •	 cost avoidance in new services
•	 increased knowledge and skills                        •	 increased productivity gains and service time
•	 better communications and networking
                                                         •	 new forms of intellectual capital developed
•	 increased trust and confidence in government
                                                         •	 business efficiencies, reduced administrative burden
•	 increased opportunities to engage with government.
                                                            and more reliable decision making
                                                         •	 increased organisational performance and customer
                                                            trust and confidence.

                                             Organisational and Customer Benefits from Service Transformation

                                                                                         New Forms              Global              MAXIMISED
                                                                                        of Intellectual      Competitiveness         RETURNS

                                                                                        More Reliable
                                                                                          Decision                         Value Added
                                                  Productivity                            Making                          Citizen Centric
                                                     Gains                                                                   Services
    Organisational Benefits

                                                                    Customer Trust
                                                 Streamlined        and Confidence                                         More Reliable
                             Cost Avoidance        Services                                            Quality and
                             in New Services                                                            Choice in
                                                                                                     Service Delivery
                                                 Service Time                                           Channels
                              Cost Printed        Reductions                        Convenience
                              Publications                                          of Access to
                                                                                     Real Time            Intuitive and
                                                                                   Services Online        Personalised
                               Calls Taken                            Wider                                 Services
                                                                 and Information
                                               24/7 Access

                                                                        Customer Benefits
                               INFORMATION               INTERACTIVE                  TRANSACTIONAL                     SERVICE
8                               PROVISION                  SERVICES                    EFFICIENCIES                 TRANSFORMATION

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