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					      The Evolution of Editorial Coverage
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    The Evolution of Editorial Coverage
How come THEY got in Southeastern Traveler
          magazine and not ME!

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         Pineapple Public Relations

Pineapple Public Relations is a boutique agency with more than 15 years of
success serving clients in the tourism, hospitality and lifestyle industries.

A full-service public relations agency, Pineapple Public Relations specializes
in providing strategic public relations planning and implementation for a
wide range of DMOs, hotels, resorts, food & beverage and lifestyle clients
and infusing it with a genuine passion.

From USA Today, the CBS Early Show to and the pages of Condé
Nast Traveler, Pineapple Public Relations crafts unique messages to garner
national and regional headlines for our clients.

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        The Evolution of Editorial

The best things in life are free…….NOT

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            The Evolution of Editorial Coverage

The New Media Landscape

To FAM or not to FAM

Hit the Road

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              The New Media Landscape

• Know your target media
  – Create a manageable list
  – Identify Key Influencers
  – Research and Read
  – Excel at managing the relationship
  – Adding Social Media
    to the Mix
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CLIENT #5 Media Pitch Sheet
Outlet             Media Type   Contact    Phone            Email          Status                      Results           Outlet Profile

                                                                        Pitched the shooting                             The Birmingham News features include the
                                                                        grounds to Outdoor Rec                           main News section, Metro-State news section,
                                                                        writer Mike Bolton. Sent                         Sports, Money and LifeStyle sections. The
The                                                                     holiday information to Lynn                      LifeStyle section includes features covering a
Birmingham         Daily                                                and new travel editor Alec                       range of topics, including family life, fashion,
News               Newspaper               (555) 123-1515 Harvey                                           fitness, food, consumer issues, fads and trends.

                                                                                                                         Launched in fall 2006 for high-end readers
                                                                                                                         seeking value in their travel to popular leisure
                                                                                                                         destinations as well as other interesting
                                                                                                                         vacations. Covers luxury values, travel news,
                                                                                                       Ran online        trends, how-to pieces, destination travelogues
Sherman's                       Managing                                                               package in        and provides discounts for travelers by
Travel             Magazine     Editor     (555) 123-1515 Pitched on July 16.            August            compiling the best deals and offers.
                                                                        Pitched on July 2. Sent
                                                                        follow up pitched about
                                                                        gardens and
                                                                        horticulturalist on Aug. 13.                     Focuses on the homes, gardens and people in
Birmingham                                                              Article scheduled for                            the Birmingham community. Provides features
Home & Garden Magazine          Home       (555) 123-1515 October issue.                 Oct. 2009 Issue   and photos of the finest upscale living areas.

                                                                                                                         Gathers the finest reporting and writing from the
                                                                                                                         U.S. and international press to offer an
                                                                                                                         informative, witty digest of the news for readers
                                                                                                                         on the go. Editorial spotlights top news stories
                                                                                                                         and summarizes what media experts are saying
                                                                                                                         about the people, events and trends that make
The Week           Magazine     Editor     (555) 123-1515 JN continues to pitch                            up each week's headlines.

                                                                        Pitched Shooting grounds,                        Launched in March 2006 and aimed at upscale
                                                                        holiday events. Wants to                         Atlanta residents and visitors. Provides an
The Atlantan       Magazine     Food       (555) 123-1515 visit property.                                  insider's look at shopping, dining and culture.

                                                                                                                         Chattanooga Times Free Press is a the local
                                                                                                                         daily newspaper serving the city of
Chattanooga                                                             Pitched Shooting grounds,                        Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding area. The
Times Free         Daily                                                holiday events, special                          publication covers local news, sports,7business
Press              Newspaper Features      (555) 123-1515 packages                                         and community information.
Get Social

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• Travel Writer Groups
• Make your Facebook Page Media
  – Bit.Ly your press release (
  – Photos &Video
  – Media Contacts on Info Page
  – Selectively Post Partner Press Releases

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• Find them
   –   Cision, MyMediaInfo, Vocus
   –   Niche Topics
   –   Key Influencers Link
   – Google

• Rank them
   - Pitch Them
   Follow same protocol as dealing with traditional
   Bloggers tell it like it is
   - FTC Disclosure

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ocial media platforms expand your
              reach and audience.

  Getting Noticed


The FAM Trip

Hit the Road

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Create an Editorial Calendar out of your:
                 »   Key Messages
                 »   Amenities
                 »   Events / Festivals
                 »   Milestones
                 »   Package
                 »   Seasonal Appeal

                 » Media Deadlines

                 »   Distribution
                 »   Personalized Pitches
                 »   Press release (Facebook)
                 »   Phone calls
                 »   Tweet
                 »   Hootsuite
        • Tweet deck
        • PRWeb, PitchEngine,

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Unique URL
                  W      ith the rapid evolution of
                   technology, we are able to expand
  for easy         the reach of traditional press
media access
                   releases by creating multimedia
                   news releases.


                                  W    eb-based vehicles
                                    also increase the
                                    visibility of your
Direct links to
                    to related
e-mail media

                  Social media
                  network sites

                       Why a FAM Trip
   – Creates a call to action
   – Personal Experience
       • Control the experience
       • Opportunity to build relationships
       • Time and cost efficiencies in bringing in as a group
   No Better Way to showcase your message
       •   Theme it: Golf, Beaches, Wine, Outdoor Recreation, New and Notable
       •   Save the Date
       •   Make it special
       •   Make it experiential
       •   Consider the sun!

• Conduct a Dry Run(s)
   – Timing issues, awareness issues among partners and participants, general
   – Run point on all stops; check hotel rooms.

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             During the trip
• Allow time for photography
• The Bloggers Blackberry Prayer
• Have knowledgeable experts participate every
  step of the way
• “We’re walking, we’re walking, we’re walking”

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travelinggal - Ladies and gents, Charlie Daniels, #AugustaGa, #gatravel, #shmtraveler, #setravel
1,284,769,969,000.00 via

  travelinggal - Warming up for Charlie Daniels, #AugustaGa, #gatravel, #shmtraveler, #setravel
  1,284,767,727,000.00 via

 travelinggal - Larkin Poe, opening band for Charlie Daniels, #AugustaGa, #gatravel, #shmtraveler, #setravel
 1,284,766,558,000.00 via


        Grape cake with cheez it ice cream at Roosters Beak, #AugustaGa, #gatravel, #shmtraveler, #setravel 1,284,764,833,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone


  Blueberry bacon ice cream at Roosters Beak, #AugustaGa, #gatravel, #shmtraveler, #setravel
  1,284,764,191,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone
         oDelete                                                                                                   23
C   BS Atlanta, Points North,
Travel Girl and Atlanta
Journal- Constitution travel
writers were among the media
who attended a Barnsley
Gardens media day.              24
T his Media FAM Trip to Telluride, Colorado garnered more than
$290 thousand in publicity value, reaching more than 3.7
million people with the Inn at Lost Creek message.

                 Individual Visits
• Establish a SOP for media visits
   – Secure participating partners in advance
   – Develop a Reservation Request Form
      • Online
      • Partner Communication and Confirmation
      • Creates Itinerary

   – Develop a Media Visit Policy
      • Complimentary Rooms
      • Meals on their own
      • Transportation provided, or not
      • Have a Media Rate for those who cannot accept complimentary
      • Face to face meeting
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          Hit the Road

• Deskside Interviews
• Media Missions

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                         Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
                            Hit the Road
• Deskside Interviews
  – Target Editors, writers and bloggers in key cities.
    Don’t forget online.
  – Brief 15 – 20 minute meetings
  – Presentation – laptop, creative, high energy
  – Come bearing gifts
  – Give and take

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                      Hit the Road
• Media Missions
• Put on a Show
  – Strength in Numbers
     • DMO / CVB Members
     • Individual Properties
         – Chefs, Golf Pro, Meetings / Weddings expert, Naturalist
         – Area Attractions
     • Research Grant Money
     • Co-host with your sales team, sports marketing, meeting planners
       to maximize event.
     • Follow-up, Follow-up
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  A      ugusta representatives
traveled to Birmingham, Alabama
   to meet with Southern Living,
  Birmingham Home & Gardens,
Birmingham News and key travel
  journalists at this “drive-time”-
       themed media mission.

    Getting National Attention: New York City Deskside Interviews

3   Days
     in the
Big Apple
                 +    9       Media
                                                  $1                Million in

          The Power of PR

       The Right Story +
The Right Distribution Vehicles +
  (PR) Personal Relationships
      = Editorial Coverage

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