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Panasonic TC-P54G25 54-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV
Building on its award-winning 2009 Plasma line, Panasonic's 54-inch VIERA TC-P54G25 Plasma
HDTV features a new panel with NeoPDP technologies that provide the best balance of black and
white under brighter environments while also offering higher energy efficiency. The new NeoPDP
Plasma panel also further reduces reflections and creates sharper pictures with higher contrast in
brighter environments. This G25 series model provides 1080p resolution, full-time 1080 TV lines of
moving picture resolution, and 600Hz Sub-field Drive for superb motion clarity. This and other models
in the G25 line offer Panasonic's improved VIERA Cast functionality, which enables you to stream
Internet video and audio programming as well as turn this HDTV into a high-definition, wireless video
conference center with Skype capabilities (when using the optional Panasonic communication camera
and Wi-Fi adapter accessories). You can also play back JPEG images and AVCHD videos stored on
SD memory cards and operate a variety of VIERA Link components--from Blu-ray Disc players to
digital cameras--through a single remote. Adhering to Panasonic's commitment to the environment,
this VIERA model--as well as all 2010 models--features improved power consumption and meets the
new, more stringent Energy Star 4.0 requirements. And you'll get a long Plasma panel life of up to
100,000 hours--more than 30 years of viewing when watched 8 hours a day--before the brightness of
the panel decreases to half. Key Features

Panasonic's VIERA G25 series Plasma HDTV with streaming content from VIERA Cast partners.
         VIERA Cast: Enjoy a variety of streaming movies, TV shows, and music, photo slideshows, and
home video conferencing with VIERA Cast's assortment of online content--including Amazon Video on
Demand, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, YouTube, and Picasa. VIERA Cast's addition of Skype (requires
optional communication camera; model TY-CC10) enables you to connect and communicate through
voice and video calls from the comfort of your own living room. This VIERA HDTV includes two USB
ports for connecting a keyboard or a Wi-FI LAN adapter (sold separately) as well as an Ethernet port
for wired LAN connection. No PC required. Â        VIERA Image Viewer: View full-HD images with the
integrated SD card slot, enabling you to view JPEG photos and AVCHD videos captured from your
digital camera or camcorder on the big screen. Navigate your images via an easy-to-use thumbnail
display, and choose from among five types of background music and five display effects. Plus,
messages and memos can be added to photos from a PC to create detailed travelogues and original
slideshows with messages. Â        VIERA Link: Allows the interlinked operation of various AV
devices--from DVD and Blu-ray Disc players to home theater sound systems to digital cameras and
camcorders--using only the VIERA remote control by simply connecting the devices to each other by
an HDMI cable (see pop-up illustration). Â        Game Mode: With Game Mode, quicker image
response increases the enjoyment of video games when a game console is connected to the TV.
What's more, VIERA produces the dark images in video games more clearly. This mode works with the
anti-image retention (wobbling) function, too.           NeoPDP: By redesigning the Plasma panel's cell
structure and developing an innovative new filter, Panasonic has tripled the luminous efficiency
(compared to 2007 models) of its VIERA Plasma HDTVS--resulting in stunningly beautiful images while
also reducing power consumption. Â           1080 Moving Picture Resolution: With 1080 lines of moving
picture resolution and integrated NeoPDP technology's high-speed drive performance, the display time
for each image frame is shortened to minimize afterimages, making decisive calls in football matches
and delicate motions in figure skating performances appear crystal clear. Â         600Hz Sub-field Drive:
600Hz technology lets you view superb full-HD motion and still images with 1080 lines of resolution.
For even greater clarity with motion images, Panasonic uses its own unique image-analysis
technology, which converts the motion in each scene into data. And each frame is practically displayed
for a shorter length of time than in previous systems, to reduce aftereffects (see an illustration of 600Hz
technology). Â        Infinite Black: The luminous efficiency of this NeoPDP Plasma panel has been
improved by reducing the electrical pre-discharge that causes graying has greatly enhanced black
gradation. The result is crisp blacks with no graying--even in living rooms with bright, afternoon lighting.
And minimizing the electrical pre-discharge helps to both raise contrast and save energy. Â            THX
Certified Display: THX reproduces film images as the filmmakers intended them. To receive THX
certification, TVs undergo stringent tests to determine, for example, whether the exact same brightness
and color are displayed at all screen locations, and whether black levels satisfy standard criteria. Â
 Key Specifications      Series: G25 Screen type: Plasma Screen size: 54 inches Native resolution:
1920 x 1080 pixels Contrast ratio: Infinite Black with 5,000,000:1 native/dynamic contrast Shades of
gradation: 6,144 equivalent Receiving system: ATSC/QAM/NTSC HDTV display capability: 1080p,
1080i, 720p EDTV display capability: 480p Speakers: 2 full range, 20W total power; surround sound
capabilities Image viewer: AVCHD, MPEG2, JPEG compatibility Aspect control: Normal, Zoom, Full,
Just, H-fill for TV/AV modes 4:3, Full for PC mode Optional wall-mounting bracket: TY-WK5P1RW
Multi-lingual menu: English/Spanish/French Energy Star qualified: Yes Connections HDMI: 3 (1
side) Component (Y, PB, PR): 2; each with audio input Composite A/V: 2 (1 side); each with audio
input Ethernet: 1 USB: 2 PC input (15-pin, D-Sub): 1 Digital audio output: 1 Dimensions TV with
stand: 51.7 x 34.8 x 15.3 inches (WxHxD); 70.6 pounds TV without stand: 51.7 x 32.8 x 3.5 inches
(WxHxD); 65 pounds What size TV should you get?            What's in the Box Panasonic G25 series
Plasma HDTV, removable stand, remote control (with batteries), operating instructions         PanaTable
Panasonic 2010 VIERA Plasma and LCD Comparison Series: GT25 Plasma G25 Plasma S2
Plasma U2 Plasma C2 Plasma U22 LCD X2 LCD C22 LCD                  Models: TC-P50GT25 50"
TC-P42GT25 42" TC-P54G25 54"
 TC-P50G25 50"
 TC-P46G25 46"
 TC-P42G25 42" TC-P65S2 65"
 TC-P58S2 58"
 TC-P54S2 54"
 TC-P50S2 50"
 TC-P46S2 46"
 TC-P42S2 42" TC-P50U2 50"
 TC-P42U2 42" TC-P50C2 50"
 TC-P46C2 46"
 TC-P42C2 42" TC-L42U22 42"
 TC-L37U22 37"
 TC-L32U22 32" TC-L37X2 37"
 TC-L32X2 32"
 TC-L22X2 22" TC-L37C22 37"
 TC-L32C22 32"        VIERA Cast
  -- -- -- -- -- --   VIERA Image Viewer
 (AVCHD/MPEG2/JPEG/MP3 playback)
 (JPEG)      VIERA Link
 webcam capable
 webcam capable                NeoPDP Panel --         -- -- -- -- --    THX Display -- -- -- -- -- --
Contrast Ratio Infinite Black Infinite Black Dynamic: 2,000,000:1 Dynamic: 2,000,000:1 Dynamic:
2,000,000:1 Dynamic: 20,000:1 Dynamic: 20,000:1
 22": 15,000:1 Dynamic: 18,000:1         Moving Picture Resolution 1080 lines 1080 lines 1080 lines
900 lines 720 lines -- -- --      Anti-Reflective Filter      -- -- -- -- --    Display Capabilities 1080p,
 720p, 480p 1080p, 1080i,
 720p, 480p 1080p, 1080i,
 720p, 480p 1080p, 1080i,
 720p, 480p 720p, 480p 1080p, 1080i,
 720p, 480p 720p, 480p 720p, 480p           600Hz Sub-field Drive            -- -- --   120Hz -- -- -- -- --
-- -- --    Game Mode           -- -- --     Speakers 2; 20W total 2; 20W total 2; 20W total 2; 20W
total 2; 20W total 2; 20W total 2; 20W total
 22": 6W 2; 20W total       Surround Sound                   HDMI input 3 (1 side) 3 (1 side) 3 (1 side) 3
(1 side) 2 3 (1 side) 3 (1 side)
 22": 1 2     Component input (Y, PB, PR) 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1                Composite input 2 (1 side) 2 (1
side) 2 (1 side) 2 (1 side) 2 (1 side) 2 (1 side) 2 (1 side)
 22": 1 2     PC input 1 (side) 1 (side) -- -- -- 1 1 1         USB 2 2 -- -- -- -- -- --      Ethernet LAN
input 1 1 -- -- -- -- -- --      Digital Audio output 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1            iPod Universal Dock -- -- --
-- -- -- --     Energy Star                Series: GT25 Plasma G25 Plasma S2 Plasma U2 Plasma C2
Plasma U22 LCD X2 LCD C22 LCD
 Which Size HDTV is Right for My Room?
  With standard-definition TVs, the rule used to be that viewers would feel comfortable watching a set
from a distance of 3 to 6 times the screen size in inches. With HDTV, the resolution is so much better
that you can sit closer to a larger TV without noticing the pixels. So with HDTVs, the rule tends to be
you can sit anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times the screen size (in inches) for the best experience. If you
know the size of the room you have already, where you want to sit, and where your new HDTV should
go once you get it, you can figure out the size HDTV you should get. Minimum size = Viewing
distance/3 Maximum size=Viewing distance/1.5 To learn more about Internet-ready HDTVs, visit
Internet-Ready TV 101.

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