DRAFT SYLLABUS
                         BASIC TRAINING OF PSI [CIVIL]

PHASE - I :          7 months - 840 Indoor Periods
                     Training at Karnataka Police Academy/PTC Gulbarga

PAPER 1   -          Police in Modern India                                  -     60 periods

          - Part I          -       a. Indian Constitution
                                    b. Criminal Justice system in India
                                    c. Political Parties
                                    d. Religion and Religious Institutions

          - Part II         -       Police Organization
                                    a. History of Indian Police
                                    b. Central Police Organizations
                                    c. State Police Organizations
                                    d. District Administration
                                    e. District Police Administration

          - Part III        -       Ethics in Policing
                                    a. Rule of Law, Justice, Liberty, Equality, Secularism
                                        Dignity of the individual
                                    b. Police code of conduct as enunciated by MHA
                                        Appropriate Police attitude and behavior
                                    c. Human Rights
                                    d. N.G.Os and activists groups

          - Part IV         -       Police as a Public Service

PAPER 2   -          Indian Penal Code                                       -     120 periods
                     [Same syllabus as being taught at present]

PAPER 3   -          Criminal Procedure Code                                 -     100 periods
                     [Same as being taught now]

PAPER 4   -          Indian Evidence Act                                     -     40 Periods
                     [Same as being taught now]

PAPER 5   -          Police Manual                                           -     100 periods

          Part I            -       Police Station Management                -     20 periods

          Part II           -       Crime Prevention                         -     25 periods
                                    [Same as being taught now]

          Part III          -       Crime Investigation +                    -     40 periods
                                    Methods of Interrogation
                                    [Same as being taught now]
          Part IV            -       Maintenance of Law and Order             -       15 periods
                                     [Same as being taught now]

PAPER 6   -          Technology in Police Work                                -       60 periods

          Part I             -       Computer Sciences - Computer Basics and application
                                     in police work. CCIS, CIPA, use of laptops and GPS

          Part II            -       Cyber Crime and Cyber Laws

          Part III           -       Wireless in Police Communication

          Part IV            -       Cell Phones - Application in police work

PAPER 7   -          Forensic Science                                         -       60 periods
                     [Syllabus same as the present ]
                     Add : Brain Mapping & Narco Analysis

PAPER 8   -          Forensic Medicine                                        -       40 periods
                     [Syllabus same as the present ]

PAPER 9   -          Special & Local Laws Part-I                              -       60 periods
                     1. Karnataka Police Act
                     2. Karnataka Excise Act
                     3. Karnataka Forest Act
                     4. Wildlife Protection Act - Section 2, 48[a], 49[c], 50 to 58
                     5. M.V.Act & Rules
                     6. SC/ST PA Act
                     7. P.C.R. Act
                     8. Karnataka Control of Organized Crime Act
                     9. ITPA,
                     10. J.J.Act
                     11. Arms Act
                     12. Foreigners Act

PHASE - II           :       Practical Training in districts for 5 months
          First two months :         During these two months the trainee will work as a
                                     police constable doing all the duties of the constables
                                     like Sentry Duty, Beat Duty, Traffic Duty, Process
                                     Service, Petition Enquiry, Court Duty, Law and
                                     Order Duty etc. He shall halt a minimum of 10
                                     nights in villages during these periods.

          Month Three            :   During this month the trainee will learn about the
                                     records in the police station. He will work as
                                     assistant to Station Writer and familiarize himself with
                                     all records maintained in the police station.
                Month Four           :   During this month the probationer will work as assistant
                                         Investigating Officer of the Crime PSI. He will help in
                                         the investigation of property offences registered in the
                                         police station. He will write CDs

                Month Five           :   During this month the probationer will work as assistant
                                         to PSI, Law and Order. He will help investigation of all
                                         offences other than property offences

1. The trainee will take part in Parades at least twice a week
2. The first three months will be only in rural police stations. During this period the trainee will
    not be taken out for other duties. This shall be the responsibility of jurisdictional SDPOs
3. The trainee will write a Project Report on any of the subjects he has learnt during these five

PHASE - III             :       4 months - 480 Indoor Periods
                                at KPA, Mysore / PTC, Gulbarga

PAPER 10                        -        Internal Security                      -        100 periods

                                1. Present Security scenario in India
                                2. Banned Organization & other critical groups
                                3. Unlawful Activities - Prevention [Amendment] Act
                                4. Explosive Substances Act 1908
                                5. Explosives Act 1884
                                6. Indian Telegraph Act 1885
                                7. Passport Act 1967
                                8. Naxalism in India, with special reference to Karnataka
                                9. Explosive Substance, their detection - Bombs and improvised
                                        explosive devices - Bomb diffusion and disposal.
                                10. Collection of Intelligence - Sources - Hum-Int, Tech-Int
                                     Running of sources counter intelligence.
                                11. Case studies of a few terrorist attack cases both in Karnataka
                                        and elsewhere. Interrogation of terror suspects - How to
                                        write IRs
                                12. VIP Security
                                        a. Security of VIP at place of residence
                                        b. Security of VIP at place of work
                                        c. Security of VIP during Road travel
                                        d. Security of VIP during Train travel
                                        e. Security of VIP during Air travel
                                        f. Security of VIP during Sea/River travel
                                        g. Security of VIP in public functions, open air functions
                                                closed door functions
                                13. Agencies entrusted with protecting VIPs - SPG, CISF, NSG
                                14. Case Study of a Judicial Enquiry Report
PAPER 11   - Special and Local Laws - Part II            -     60 periods
                   State Acts
           1. Karnataka Prevention of Cow slaughter and cattle
              Preservation Act
           2. The Karnataka Right To Information Act
                   Central Acts
           3. Indian Police Act
           4. Copyrights Act
           5. Dowry Prohibition Act
           6. Narcotics Drugs and psychotropic Substances Act
           7. National Security Act
           8. Prevention of Corruption Act
           9. Railways Act 1989
           10. Environment [Protection] Act
           11. Air [Prevention and Control of Pollution] Act
           12. Negotiable Instruments Act
           13. Goonda Act - Procedure - Hubli-Dharwad Case Study
           14. R.P. Act
           15. Open Place Disfigurement Act
           16. Damage to Public Property Act

PAPER 12   - Management                                    -       100 periods

           a. Human Resource Management, Time Management, Team
              Building, Creativity etc.
           b. Personality Development including STRESS MANAGEMENT
           c. Public Speaking
           d. Police Community Relations
           e. Police and the Media
           f. Office Management and Financial Management
           g. Disaster Management

PAPER 13   - Contemporary Issues in Policing          -            20 periods
           a. Casteism and Communalism
           b. Gender Issues including Human Trafficking
           c. Crimes against weaker sections
           d. Agrarian and Socio-Economic Issues

PAPER 14   - Traffic Management including Engineering, - 20Periods
             Trauma Care, First Aid etc.

PAPER 15   - Psychology                                     -       60 periods
              [including practical]
            The psychology paper will be the same as current paper except
            Part D and Part 3 of the present syllabus i.e., Panel discussion on
            Police community relation and other topics. These topics will be
                                taught in the next phase. The syllabus for Criminology will be the
                                same as the present one.

PAPER 16           -        Criminology                                       -       40 periods
                            [Syllabus same as of now]

PHASE - IV         :        Practical Training in districts for 7 months
           First Month      :          During this month the probationer is attached to
                                        prosecutor's office. He will watch the prosecution
                                        of at least one case in Sessions' Court and 6 cases
                                        in Magistrates Court. He will write a summary of
                                        the proceeding of watched cases. This part of training
                                        will be monitored on daily basis by PI/DSP, DCRB

           Second Month :              During this month the probationer will be attached to
                                       office of the Circle Inspector. He will accompany the
                                       Circle Inspector on all his tours. He will learn the
                                       maintenance of records in CPIs office. He will be
                                       taught about check memo being issued on crime and
                                       SHDs. He will accompany the CI during the
                                       inspection of Police Stations & investigation of heinous

           Third Month :               During this week the probationer is attached to the
           1st Week                    office of the SDPO. He will learn about the records
                                       maintained in SDPOs office. He will be taught about
                                       writing GCR, Issue of Memos of SHDS and CDS etc.

           Third Month :               During these 3 weeks the probationer will be attached
           2nd, 3rd, 4th Week          to the DAR. He will learn about functioning of DAR
                                       He will attend to law and order problems along with
                                       DAR parties. He will command weekly parades. He
                                       may be attached to KSRP platoons on duty.

           Fourth Month :              During this month the probationer will be attached to
                                       District Special Branch for 15 days. The remaining 15
                                       days he will be attached to DPOs [Est, Act, Sts, CB, Pet]

           Fifth Month      :          During this month the probationer will be attached to
                                       DCRB, DCIB, DSA. He will also learn the working
                                       of crime section in DPO

           Sixth Month      :          During this month the probationer will be attached for
                                        a week to Taluk office/Prisons Department/Home
                                        Guards, Excise Dept, etc. In this month he will be
                                        monitored by DSP, Hqrs. During the last week he will
                                        write a project report on any subject given by SP relating
                                        to police interest of not less than 20 pages.
          Seventh Month :        During this month the probationer will be given
                                 independent charge of a police station by the SP of the
                                 District. He will investigate all the important cases
                                 reported during this period

PHASE - V        :       One month at KPA, Mysore / PTC, Gulbarga
                         This entire month will be devoted to experience sharing which
                         will be of case studies. During the first week there will
                         be case studies of law and order matters. Second week will be
                         on administration matters. Third week on Crime matters and
                         fourth week will be devoted to seminars and discussion of
                         project report written by the probationers.

                         During the afternoons in this period the probationers will be
                         given Passing Out Parade practice. At the end of the course
                         there will be passing out parade.


I     :   After the first Phase and the third phase there will be end to the term

II    :   Project reports will also carry 50 marks

III   :   The Outdoor part of the PSI training will remain unchanged and will be
          divided between first and 3rd phases. In the 5th phase at the Academy only
          passing out parade practice will be given. Outdoor schedule is annexed

IV    :   100 marks will be allotted to the probationers by SP of the districts
           where he undergoes practical training. 100 marks will be awarded by the
           Director of Karnataka Police Academy/Principal, Police Training Centre.
           While awarding the marks the SP will keep in mind the Project reports
           submitted by the probationers.
           I PHASE OUTDOOR            -    7 months
                at KPA, Mysore / PTC, Gulbarga
SL.   Subject                                  Periods        Marks
1     Physical Training                        80             20
2     Yoga                                     20             Qualifying
3     Equitation                               15             20
4     Un Armed Combat                          25             20
5     Swimming                                 20             10
6     Drill Command & Control                  170            50
7     Motor Driving                            20             20
8     Crowd Control                            25             20
9     Route March                              6 (Days)       Qualifying
                                   Total       355                    150

           III PHASE: OUTDOOR                   -         4 Months
SL.   Subject                                  Periods        Marks
1     Karate                                   25             Qualifying
2     Night Trekking                           1 Night        Qualifying
3     Capsule Course on Rock Climbing          3 Days         Qualifying
4     Field Craft & Jungle Craft               10             20
5     Modern Weapon Training                   85

      a.     Theory                                           20
      b.    .303/SLR Shooting                                 60
      c.    Pistol/Revolver                                   240
                           Total               120            490

                 V PHASE                   -        1 Month

Passing Out Parade        One Month                    Morning & Afternoon

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