My Bio by MaryHack


									       Hello, my name is Mary Hack I am 47 years old with three children. Born and raised in

Toledo, Ohio. I graduated from Rogers High school in1980. I have decided to further my

education because the company I work for is about to close the doors due to poor management,

lack of business so my dreams are to finish college and get my degree to one day opening my

own business. In 2004 I became ill with cancer had surgery and did not know if I was going to

live or die so since I have survived, I decided to change the type of work I would like to do so it

is a little easier on my body than factory work, accounting has been one of my favorite line of

work and to open a business or to even get in this line of work I would need some college


       Since attending the University of Phoenix it has been a very interesting journey for me so

far the instructors and staff has been very helpful when problems occur. I search for months to

figure out what college I would like to attend and Phoenix has been the best one out of all the

ones I looked into with online classes it has been a benefit for me to where I am able to stay

home and continue to work full time. My children are able to see me more since being able to

stay home. I recently earned my associate degree I have been worried on going forward because

I never had to work as a group before, I have seen many of my friends in other colleges that

already does this type of study and many of them find that some of their classmates that do not

do their part but I have choose to try this type of study after I finished the workshop to show me

how the learning team works.

       I enjoy music, outdoor activities, hanging out with my friends and since attending o nline

courses this can happen more often for me than attending a campus with long hour classes. The

age I am at I feel more comfortable being at home than going out to a campus I always felt I

would be to old setting in a class room with younger students.

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