HP ScanJet 5300Cse Flatbed Scanner

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					  HP ScanJet 5300Cse Flatbed Scanner

The HP ScanJet 5300C series color scanner scan at optical resolutions up to 1200 dpi (9600
enhanced) and have all the utilities you need to create professional-looking documents easily.
Touch-button operation simplifies tasks, with one-step access to scan, copy, e-mail, and fax. Up-to-the
minute technology helps cut task time - simply push a button to start scanning to your e-mail or Web
application. The HP ScanJet 5300C series offer more performance, and is easier to use, than any
comparably-priced 1200 dpi scanner.The HP ScanJet 5300C series color scanner is built around HP's
Intelligent Scanning Technology. Think of it as a toolbox with everything you need to integrate text and
graphics for superior results every time - with up to 1200 dpi optical resolution. Just choose which
function is right for your document. For example, you can click on a photo, text, or drawing and change
its size or type. Improve the look of reports, proposals, or newsletters with the included image editor.
You can even cut keyboard time with OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This function converts
hard copy documents into electronic files, which you can then edit. Add multi-page attachments to
email or faxes. If you like, you can scan 35mm slides with ease for added versatility using an optional
adapter. Or add an optional automatic document feeder or transparency adapter to extend the
capabilities of your HP ScanJet 5300C "imaging and document center."
Hewlett-Packard's ScanJet 5300Cse is a basic scanner that more than adequately fills an impressive
range of needs. The accompanying software CD-ROM also includes three especially helpful
programs--the Boomerang Internet Design Shop, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, and the Hemera Photo-Objects
Gallery--along with the well-designed scanner driver and other extras.Setting up the scanner itself
was a breeze. We installed and loaded the software in about 25 minutes. Then, we hot-plugged the
scanner (kept the computer on while connecting the scanner) into our PC's USB port. In fact, we
recommend that you keep your PC on, as the scanner driver software displays short video snippets
that clearly demonstrate how to perform each step. On our computer screen, we watched actual
human hands setting up an actual scanner.The ScanJet's oversized quick-installation poster was
cumbersome for us to unfold and follow. Also, there is no printed user's guide, so if you have
questions, you'll have to consult the extensive electronic version on the CD-ROM.In our tests of the
5300Cse, we scanned documents into text. The scanner was also quick enough that we could use it
simply as a copier and could send an image directly to our printer. With a simple click, you can attach
images to e-mail or send them via fax.Hewlett- Packard makes other models similar to the ScanJet
5300Cse, some complete with an automatic sheet feeder and some with a transparency adapter, but
what we found compelling about the 5300Cse is its simplicity. This scanner is a good, solid flatbed
model, unencumbered with gadgetry that may not be applicable to many users' needs. With its 1,200
dpi resolution, the 5300Cse does a beautiful job of scanning text and photographs and making
copies--the tasks we think you'll care about most. --David Greenberger Pros:
 Dependable, fast, slim design Cons:
 Cumbersome oversized setup instruction sheet
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