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Thanksgiving of SPORTS theinkgiv


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Hunting deer:                    Students aim for enjoyment

                               November 23, 2005
             Hoover High School • North Canton, OH
                                     Vol. 56 • No. 4

                 t h e v                                i k   i n g

Prepare for

show appreciation
in assembly

The intense world
•The weight debate
•Pressure to succeed
•Playing through injury
•Year-round dedication
       L          Letter from the Editor
   The first of the holiday breaks begins tomorrow and students are
eager for a few days of rest, relaxation and good food. Whether it
be collecting Christmas presents for underprivileged kids or making
                                                                                    pressure they deal with from coaches, parents and their own desire
                                                                                    for success.
                                                                                       For the cross country and football teams, their dedication proved
Day of the Dead Masks in Spanish Club, everyone has been busy                       to be worthwhile. The cross country team took second place at the
preparing for the holiday season.                                                   state meet while the football team made it to the playoffs.
   Aside from the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, Hoover                             While athletes were busy with postseason events, the actors and
recently celebrated Veterans’ Day by welcoming home Vietnam                         actresses of Hoover were busy practicing and performing “The Man
veterans in a special assembly. While honoring the veterans who                     Who Came to Dinner.”
fought for the freedom of Americans, we should also remember Rosa                      With all that has been going on this month, a few days away from
Parks who fought discrimination to bring about equality.                            school and busy schedules is welcomed.
   In addition to physical and verbal “fights,” many students                          As everyone heads home to spend time with family and try to
are engaged in battles with themselves as they deal with all the                    get ahead in schoolwork, at least we can take comfort in knowing
pressures of playing a sport. This issue, The Viking Views takes an                 that our winter break will be free from the stress of studying for
in-depth look at the extremes students go to for their sport and the                exams. Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Viking Views Staff
           Editor-in-chief    Steffany Bagnolo
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         In the Spotlight     Rebecca Mohr
                Calendar      Emily Boardman
             Sports Briefs    Pat Brady                                             Katie Rojek, Kaci Lapp, Steffany Bagnolo, and Shannon Pifer review a
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              Web Editor      Justin Fryer                                               The Viking Views is a student-produced newspaper distributed 12 times a year to
     Viking Views Extra       Erik Long                                             approximately 1,900 students and staff, as well as members of the community. As student
                                                                                    editors make content decisions independently of the school’s staff and administration,
     Business Manager         Brittnie Viscounte                                    the paper is considered a forum for student opinion. It is therefore exempt from prior
          Store Manager       Amy Robenstine                                        review or restraint in both principle and practice.
    Advertising Design        Josh Gory                                                  Letters to the editor are accepted and encouraged. Letters must be signed, but,
                                                                                    upon request, they may be published anonymously at the discretion of the staff. The
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        Public Relations      Kelsey Stults                                         the paper’s high standards against obscenity, libelous material, and personal attacks.
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 The Viking Views                                                                        Unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of a majority of the editorial board. No one
 Hoover High School                                                                 individual may be held responsible for opinions expressed therein. Signed editorials and
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 525 Seventh St. NE
                                                                                    The Viking Views takes all measures possible to make a clear distinction between fact
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                                                                                         In the event of an error, the Viking Views will print retractions as they are brought
 E mail vv1nc@northcanton.sparcc.org                                                to the attention of the staff.
 Web http://www.northcanton.sparcc.org/~vv1nc/                                                                                                                   -The Editors
2					the viking views          11.23.05

                                                                         Band Prom King and Queen, seniors Emily
                                                                         Frank and Tommy Jeffcott smile during the
KaTie RoJeK

                                                                         dance. It took place at Windsor Hall on Oct. 29.
                                                                         A live band played as marching band and or-
                                                                         chestra members danced to the beat. See more
                                                                         coverage in News in Brief.

NEWS                                                                SCENE
4 veterans day ceremony                                             28   drama club
5 flag from Iraq                                                    29   tech crew
6 operation christmas child                                         30   movie reviews
7 agape girls                                                       31   cd reviews
                                          daN BoyeR

8 language clubs                                                    34    jarhead
8 chess club                                                        SPORTS
9 teen of the month                                                 38 cross country
10 shopping network                                                 40 football
10 katrina update                                                   41 hunting
FEATURES                                                            IN EVERY ISSUE
                                         aShLey fogLe

12            thanksgiving traditions                               11   news in brief
13            rosa parks                                        8   16   features column
14            restoring a car                                       16   you’ve seen me before
15            cedar point                                           17   trends
15            writing a college essay                               19   ‘cause it feels so empty without me
                                                                    19   livin’ out loud
                                         ShaNNoN PifeR

                                                                    20   my views
18 editorials                                                       20   your view
                                                               22   21   best letter
FOCUS                                                               21   letters to the editor
23            parents overly involved                               21   viking virtue
24            playing through injury                                21   popular views
                                         image.NeT USed wiTh

25            weight control                                        32   comic strip
26            playing yearlong                                      32   entertainment column

                                                                    37   calendar
                                                               34   37   spotlight
ON THE COVER                                                        43   game faces
In the solitude of twilight,                                        43   sports briefs
a dedicated athlete trains                                          44   sports captured
out of season.                                                      44   sports column
                                         deReK QUiNN


                                                                                         11.23.05				 the viking views 		 3

                                                                               honored at
                                                                               assembly Nov. 10
Brittnie Viscounte                             “Everyone was just amazing.”                   at the Middle School, married a Vietnamese
Staff Writer                                      The veterans honored at the assembly felt   orphan named Lee that could possibly be one

                                               the same as Moody. Those honored were 2nd      that Oerter took care of. Lee was living in
              ore than 2.7 million             Class Petty officer Marc Carpenter, Sergeant   an orphanage in Saigon.
              Americans fought in the          John Cornelison, Sergeant Richard Venditti         “He came up to me and thanked me,”
              Vietnam War. Most of             and Specialist 5th Class David Oerter.         said Oerter. “If it weren’t for [the others
              these soldiers came back            “The whole presentation was fantastic,”     and me], he might not have been able to
to America, having never come home to          Oerter said. “It was great to be thanked for                  v
                                                                                              [say thanks].” 
a warm reception and never receiving a         the service we gave.”
“thank you” for their years spent overseas.       Oerter said his favorite part of
   “We didn’t get welcomed like the            the presentation was hearing from
soldiers coming back from Iraq,” said          past students.
David Oerter, a Vietnam veteran who               Cornelison said he appreciated
teaches at North Canton Middle School.         the students recognizing locals
“The welcome they’re getting is fantastic…     who died during Vietnam.
but the best welcome was being welcomed           “They deserve to be honored,
by my parents.”                                too,” he said.
   Oerter said he remembered the exact            Cornelison said he would go
day he came home.                              back to Vietnam if he had the
   “I came home March 15, 1971. I              opportunity.
remember my dad and I went snow skiing,”          “Being in the Marines gave me
he said.                                       a sense of pride about our country
   On Nov. 10, Hoover High School and          and about what [we were] doing,”
NCMS students welcomed Oerter and              Cornelison said.
other local veterans back in a ceremony           Oerter said he had “mixed
called “Operation Welcome Home.” They          feelings,” however.
gave speeches and sang patriotic songs.           “Half of you wants to go back
State Representative John Boccieri and         and see what Vietnam’s like after
Senator J. Kirk Schuring also spoke at the     30 years, but half of you just wants
assembly.                                      to put it behind you,” Oerter said.
   “Operation Welcome Home” is a               “Going someplace like Vietnam
national program dedicated to giving           was a blessing. I learned how
Vietnam veterans the welcome they never        fortunate we are.”
received.                                         While in the military, Oerter
   Gary Moody, a teacher at NCMS,              worked in a Vietnamese orphanage
coordinated the assembly this year.            for those less fortunate. He said
                                                                                                                                      DAN BOYER

   “It went as well as I expected,” he said.   Heather Neutzling, also a teacher
4   the viking views     11.23.05
                                                                                                                           (Opposite, above)
                                                                                                                           Tiles made by Mrs.
                                                                                                                           Grandjean’s Art I
                                                                                                                           classes welcomed
                                                                                                                           veterans to the Vet-
                                                                                                                           eran’s Day ceremony
                                                                                                                           held in Hoover Hall.
                                                                                                                           (Opposite, below)
                                                                                                                           Two veterans watch
                                                                                                                           the ceremony. 
                                                                                                                           (Left) Specialist 5th
                                                                                                                           Class David Oerter
                                                                                                                           embraces Sergeant
                                                                                                                           John Cornelison and
                                                                                                                           2nd Class Petty Of-
                                                                                                                           ficer Marc Carpenter.

                                                                                                                           Sergeant Richard
                                                                                                                           Venditti was also

              ‘You’re a grand old flag’
              Flags flown over Iraq given to schools                                                                                    DAN BOYER

Miranda Oberholzer                                  There is a flag at each of his sons’ schools feel like you’re doing something great.”
Staff Writer                                     – one at Northwood Elementary, Orchard                  Why did Altieri decide to donate these
                                                 Hill Elementary and at the high school. The pieces of history to local schools and a public
   When 1st Sergeant Dan Altieri learned         fourth was given to the Stark County Sheriff’s building where people will have a chance
that he was being shipped out to Iraq with       office, Altieri’s place                                                    to look at them and
the Marine Reserves, rather than being           of employment,                                                             know what U.S.
somewhat unnerved as could be expected,          where he works in                  “The community gave a lot               military personnel
he was eager and ready to go.                    the jail division as a          to me....It’s a great place to             have done for our
   “I wanted to serve my country; I was                                          live. I wanted to repay [the               country?
                                                                                 people] for everything they
excited to help out,” Altieri said.                 Altieri flew them                                                          “[I think my dad]
                                                                                 did for me.”
   But not everyone felt that way.               over the Hadithah                                                          brought them back
                                                                                    -First Sergeant Dan Altieri
   Altieri’s son Anthony, a Hoover freshman,     Dam on the Euphrates                                                       so he could give
said that he was “scared for [my dad].”          River, so each of the                                                      back the support that
   After eight months of serving in Iraq,        flags has seen a place                                                     [North Canton] has
Altieri was safely on his way home, with         that few Americans have ever witnessed in given to him,” Anthony Altieri said.
several gifts in tow.                            person.                                                 The elder Altieri couldn’t have said it
   The American flag displayed at the               “We went house to house and having a better.
Veterans’ Day assembly was a gift to Hoover      small child, two or three years old, come up            “The community gave a lot to me. [North
High School and is has quite a story to tell.    and exchange greetings with you, teaching Canton] may not be as exciting as other
   While serving in Iraq, Altieri bought four    them what a high-five is [is what it’s all places but it’s still a great place to live,”
flags at an airbase in the western part of the   about],” Altieri said. “That culture is just Altieri said.
country and decided where they were to be        like everybody else; they just want to live             “I wanted to repay [the people] for
given before he made the purchase.               without danger. Being there, it makes you everything they did for me.”             v
                                                                                                                11.23.05 the viking views 5
                                                           Teens donate toys
                                                           Gifts go to underprivileged kids
                                                           Kelsey Stults                                       “These boxes go mostly to third world
                                                           Staff Writer                                     countries, to kids that are very poor, have
                                                                                                            next to nothing and wouldn’t receive
                                                               Finding Christmas presents under the tree    anything other than this,” he said.
                                                           is a privilege that American children expect.       Kreis noted that more students are
                                                           But in many foreign countries, children are      participating this year.
                                                           not always as fortunate.                            “They bring in more things, which is
                                                               “In North Canton, most of us are fortunate   always nice,” Kreis said.
                                                           enough to get what we want…[in] poor                According to Karin Case, FCS Vice
                                                           countries kids don’t have that,” said Russ       President, participation is not just limited
                                                           Aldridge, Fellowship of Christian Students       to club members.
                                                           (FCS) president. “We want to give back              “We went to different clubs like NHS
                                                           and share with people not as fortunate as        and Student Council to donate boxes and
                                                           we are.”                                         materials to put in them,” she said.
                                                               For the fourth year in a row, FCS               Senior FCS President Russell Aldridge
                                                           is participating in Operation Christmas          said the goal was to increase the number of
                                                           Child.                                           boxes this year.
                                                               For about a month, FCS collected school         “We want to have as many boxes...as
                                          JULIE SATERNUS

                                                           supplies, small toys, hygiene items and          [members we] have...at our meetings…”
                                                           games. They packed them into shoeboxes,          Aldridge said. About 62 boxes have been
                                                           wrapped them in decorative paper and sent        packed.
 (Above) Seniors Jessica Bender and                       them through a collection center to third           One newcomer to those meetings is
Lauren Shaub stuff shoeboxes with toys for                 world countries.                                 freshman Amy Snyder.
needy children in Operation Christmas Child.                   According to Mr. Jeff Kreis, adviser,           “I feel really good that we can help kids
This year, FCS was able to send more than                  the children who receive the boxes are           from other countries whose parents can’t get
60 boxes.                                                  underprivileged.                                 them gifts,” she said.  v

Exams come in time for holidays
Jessica Crofford
                                                           new material,” Merchant said.                    said.
Staff Writer
                                                              According to Savage, the exams will be           Although it appears to be beneficial
   This year, students will be receiving an                “modified a little bit” so they are similar to   to have the exams before winter break,
early Christmas present: exams.                            the exams taken in the spring.                   Nicodemo and Merchant see downsides.
   Instead of coming back from winter break                   Savage said that there will be two core                          “The only downside I
and taking semester exams, students will be                class exams on each day. Other                                   see is that we’ll only have
taking them the week before vacation.                      classes, such as world language,                                 weekends and school nights
   “I like the idea because then winter break              will be in the afternoon. Students                               to study for the exams,”
will actually be a break,” sophomore Jackie                who need to make up exams, or                                    Nicodemo said.
Nicodemo said.                                             double-up math classes will                                  Teachers who make special
   According to Assistant Principal Mrs.                   have the opportunity to take                               plans for the last week before
Peggy Savage, with exams being taken                       their exams at that time.                                   break will also have to adjust
before winter break, teachers will have more                  Savage said that, with                                   to the exams taking up the last
time to grade the exams.                                   parental permission, juniors                           week of school.
   “Grades don’t have to be in until the                   and seniors can leave afterwards.                       “My first reaction was disappointment,
semester ends, so questions will be more                      “The weather is very different in             because French classes do the ‘Bouche de
Ohio Graduation Test style...to help prepare               December than May and June. Students             Noel’ the week before break,” Merchant
students,” Savage said.                                    can walk places in the spring, but not in the    said.
   Mrs. Trisha Merchant said that with                     winter,” Savage said.                               However, Merchant said from an
exams being moved, it will make the last                      In the time after students finish their       academic viewpoint, the exams will be a
week very productive.                                      exams, they will attend class meetings and       success.
   “It’s hard to fit in new meaningful                     be able to eat lunch together as a class.           “Students get real excited for Christmas,
material [in the two weeks after break], and                  “What used to interrupt English classes       and [with exams being moved] over break
[the exams] open up two good weeks for                     will be taken care of in that time,” Savage      they can just relax,” Savage said. v
6   the viking views      11.23.05
Building bridges

                                                                                                                               PHOTOS BY ASHLEY KLINE
Agape Girls host first
girl-bonding late night
Ashley Kline
Staff Writer
    Makeup, movies, Twister, food and                “At first everyone
friends. Seventh-grade girls from the North       said it would probably
Canton Middle School (NCMS) were in               be boring, but they were
for a fun-filled evening with their Agape         wrong. We had so much
Girl mentors.                                     fun, especially when we
    Under the organization of Hoover              got to do each other’s
guidance counselor Mrs. Judy Hoover, the          makeup,” said Fogle.
Agape Girls hosted a late night event for         “Everyone who didn’t
NCMS seventh-graders to attend.                   go will be jealous when
    “The main goal for the evening was to         they hear how much fun
provide a fun opportunity for the girls to get    we had.”
to know each other better,” Hoover said. “It         The night ended with
was a great time for girl bonding.”               a discussion about the
    About 50 seventh-graders came to              evening overall and the
Hoover and took part in makeup and craft          movie that was seen. The
sessions, games and a pizza party. At the         large group broke up into
end of the night, all of the girls gathered in    their respective small
the Media Center to watch “Odd Girl Out,”         groups and discussed
a movie that reveals the damaging effects         the painful realities of
of relational aggression and bullying in          “Odd Girl Out” and how
middle school.                                    to deal with aggressive situations.
    One of the student leaders for the Agape         “It was a good experience to know how
Girls, senior Courtney Mooney, believes the       they really feel about the whole idea of
night was an opportunity for the seventh-         Agape Girls and the issues they’re faced
graders to learn from the older girls.            with,” said junior Hannah Bukowy. “I
    “Middle school is a hard time to find         thought the night was a huge success, and
out who you are because everyone is still         now everyone is very closely knit because
growing up,” Mooney said. “This night                             v
                                                  of this night.” 
showed the seventh graders how older girls        (Clockwise from top) Senior Jen Howes
act and what to expect in high school.”           paints the fingernails of seventh grader Al-
    Junior Alex Cochran found the night to        lison Merten. Senior Brittany Wasko gives
be beneficial to the seventh-graders as well      a make-over seventh grader Amy Hamilton.
as the Agape Girls.                               Senior Kim Nelson and juniors Katie Ob-
    “It was a good opportunity for everyone       rycki and Calysta Cornell laugh as they talk
to get to know their group members. We got        with Merten.
to talk with the seventh-graders all night
instead of the 45 minutes we have at the
middle school,” Cochran said. “There were a
lot of bonding activities that paid off because
the girls really opened up to us.”
    Junior Alex Vitale agrees.
    “Everyone got along so well even though
many of us had never talked before, and
now we’re smiling and laughing together,”
Vitale said.
    Seventh grader, Attiah Fogle also found
the evening to be enjoyable, even though she
had doubts prior to the event.

                                                                                                 11.23.05   the viking views          7
                                                                                                              Sophomore Andrew Turgeon decorates a

                                                                                            DOMINIC GARRINI
                                                                                                              skull during a party for the Day of the Dead
                                                                                                              party hosted by the Spanish Club.

                                                Cultures celebrated
                                                Language clubs take part
                                                in various activities
Melissa Reynolds                                on,” junior Spanish student and club member                   posted French phrases on the showcase in
Staff Writer                                    Hannah Allchin said.                                          the cafeteria, and lunch tables competed to
                                                    At the party, they ate Spanish food such                  be the first to correctly translate the phrases
   The halls of Hoover were filled with the     as chips and salsa and pan de muerto while                    into English. The winner won a French lunch
Eiffel Tower, French flags and phrases in       listening to Spanish music.                                   for their table. Members of French Club
honor of French week. Students ate Pan De           “The party went over really well. We had                  handed out French kisses on Thursday and
Muerto to celebrate The Day of the Dead.        over 100 students come, and everyone said                     sold crepes on Friday.
And others ate silently at Hometown Buffet      they enjoyed themselves,” said Allchin.                          Members of American Sign Language
in order to encourage sign language.                French Week was held during the week                      (ASL) Club gathered at Hometown Buffet
   Foreign language clubs this past month       of Oct. 31 by the French Club.                                for a silent dinner Nov. 10. This gave the
were busy celebrating their cultures with           “It celebrated the French language and                    students a chance to put their ASL skills
different festivities.                          culture,” said French teacher Mrs. Trisha                     to use.
   Spanish Club hosted a party for Day of       Merchant.                                                        “We had a chance to sign with the waiter
the Dead, a Mexican holiday celebrated              Many events took place in honor of                        who brought us our dessert,” said Jessica
Nov. 1 and 2.                                   French Week. French students had Paris                        Lee.
   “The Mexican people believe on those         street signs on their lockers. “It’s a chance                    They also taught the mascot of the buffet
two days their loved ones come back alive,      for the rest of the school to know what we’re                 how to sign.
so the purpose of the holiday is to celebrate   doing in French class,” said Merchant.                           “We were expecting more people, but all
the memories of their loved ones who passed         French Club also held a contest: the club                 in all it went well,” said Lee. v

Chess teams take 1st, 3rd at State
Steffany Bagnolo                                    “Everything prepares us for our future                    other and always willing to push each other,”
Staff Writer                                    tournaments. We learn to look ahead,”                         Miller said.
                                                Ichikawa said.                                                   Hazen believes he has learned a lot from
    Three spaces to the right and…check             In addition to strategies, Ichikawa feels                 being a part of the chess team.
mate! Such victory seems to come naturally      confidence is an important aspect of the                         “I’ve learned definitely to keep at it
to this year’s chess team. The freshmen         game.                                                         because no matter how good you get, there’s
team took first place overall at the State          “An opponent can psych you out just by                    always someone better than you,” Hazen
Tournament with Shizuyo Ichikawa tying          their facial expressions. I’ve learned to fake                said.
for second and freshman Ben Hazen placing       a smile just so they wonder what I’m up to,”                     Miller encourages new members to
eighth, while the 11th grade team placed        Ichikawa said.                                                join.
third overall.                                      Hazen feels that all the team’s hard work                    “Any range of skill can participate in the
    Ichikawa believes their success is owed     is paying off.                                                local and state tournaments including those
to the team’s commitment.                           “The season is going really awesome.                      with no experience,” she said.
    “All I can say is practice — years of       The whole team’s having a lot of fun and                         Ichikawa says that people think chess is
playing my dad and my teammates,” she           we’ve been very successful,” he said.                         only for smart people.
said.                                               Chess adviser Mrs. Miller is impressed                       “They don’t understand how it works,
    The team prepares for tournaments by        with the group’s determination and                            but anyone can learn it. It’s a very fun
meeting every Tuesday to do puzzles, learn      teamwork.                                                     activity and you make a lot of friends,”
tactics, strategize and play each other.            “The members are supportive of each                       she said. v
8   the viking views      11.23.05
Aspiring doctor is
November Teen
of the Month
“I want to become a doctor because
my mother, father and sister are
doctors. I grew up around doctors.”
- Kavita Betkerur, 12
Tammy Williams
Staff Writer
   Yet another successful Hoover student         preparing for
has been chosen as the Repository Teen           college. Lately,
of the Month. Senior Kavita Betkerur has         Betkerur has
followed in the footsteps of Amy Liu and         been applying
other honorees of this title.                    and visiting
   “I felt that applying for this was a good     several colleges
opportunity to show that I am successful,”       including Duke,
Betkerur said. “My sister won it in a previous   Ohio State and
year and I thought it was fun so I tried it.”    Stanford. Her
   Betkerur is very involved in school.          career plans are
Having been enrolled in all AP and honors        to become a
                                                                     KATIE ROJEK

classes including calculus, English, physics     doctor.
and Spanish, she keeps busy with a full               “I want to
academic schedule.                               become a doctor
   “My favorite class is anatomy and             because my mother, father and sister are             “I feel that it is important to get involved
physiology because I love Mr. Martino and        doctors,” she said. “I grew up around            in school because I gained more knowledge
I love learning about the body. It is very       doctors.”                                        outside of academics, I learned leadership
beneficial to what I want to be,” she said.         Aside from academics, clubs and sports        skills and I found my interest in speech and
   According to science teacher Joe Martino,     are also on her schedule. Speech and debate,     debate and public speaking,”Betkeur said.
Betkerur is one of the top students in his       NHS, Leadership Council, Spanish Club and            Other interests and hobbies include
class. He descibes her as outstanding, mature    three years of tennis are just a few.            Indian classical dance, cooking, hanging out
and hardworking because she always strives          Even with all these extracurricular           and watching “Gilmore Girls.”
to get perfect grades. He believes that a        activities, Betkerur says she is able to             “I would describe myself as hardworking,
perfect student is someone who works hard        manage her time well by spending at least        energetic and enthusiastic,” she said.
to become the best student.                      two or three hours on homework and                   According to senior Hoover Teen Board
   “A lot of my students want to become          studying. Also, after school Betkerur does       representative Emily Frank, seniors who
doctors. I tell them that they need to work      volunteer work for NHS and helps the new         apply for teen of the month will have their
hard and stick to it,” Martino said. “It’s not   members of the speech and debate team.           applications judged and rated by the teen
always about how smart you are, it’s how            “I do feel pressured at times but I am able   board anonymously. Then, the 10 highest
determined you are.”                             to handle it by pushing myself as far as I can   rated applications are sent to the Repository
   Betkerur is currently ranked second in the    go,” she said.                                   Teen board.
senior class along with a 4.0 GPA.                   She feels her greatest achievement was           “I feel that this is a great opportunity
   “My most achieved goal is always getting      making it to the Intel International Science     for kids to be recognized,” Frank said.
mostly A’s and keeping them,” she said.          Engineering Fair and making it to states         “Kavita’s application was well rounded with
   Being a senior is also a time for             every year for speech and debate.                academics, sports and clubs.”      v
                                                                                                           11.23.05      the viking views       9
                                                                                                   leads challenge
                                                                                                   Amy Robenstine
                                                                                                   Staff Writer

                                                                                                       Just like the eye of a storm is calm, some
                                                                                                   things are starting to calm down in the gulf-
                                                                                                   states that have suffered from Hurricane

                                                                                                   Katrina. Many of the schools in the area
                                                                                                   are back up and running and some classes
                                                                                                   have resumed. It has been a slow process,
Mr. Tom Wilson and Mike Schiltz stand around on the set of the Home Shopping Net-                 but houses are gradually being rebuilt and

                Shop ’til you drop
work demos that were filmed Nov. 4.                                                                many of the residents have been able to
                                                                                                   return to their homes. However, according
                                                                                                   to CNN, some of the smaller neighborhoods
                                                                                                   and towns still need donations to help them

                  HSN uses Hoover studio                                                           get back on their feet. Some are still without
                                                                                                   power, and many crops have been ruined.

Rebecca Paasch
                        for demo                                                                       Several organizations and activities at
                                                                                                   Hoover are currently raising money for
Staff Writer                                                                                       the Katrina Project. Nov. 23, Hoover will
                                                                                                   be having a student vs. staff challenge, in
   “It’s out of control!” the dressy man              experience they were able to gain.           which the students and staff will participate
with a French accent shouts, as hairspray                “It was a good learning experience,       in several different events, such as a cookie-
was applied to the model’s new hair-do.               because we got to learn what it’s like to    eating contest, tug of war, a spelling bee,
   Georgio of Paris and his hair products             work on a real set with professionals,”      and an obstacle course. The cost is $1 to
came to Hoover Nov. 4 with the Home                   senior Carolyn Corzine said.                 attend.
Shopping Network (HSN) to film demo                      Wilson said he saw it as a great              Some students are excited about the
tapes for new products with the help                  opportunity for his students to learn,       challenge.
of the video productions’ studio and                  and “to have another professional                “I think it will be interesting to see
students.                                             experience.”                                 what staff members have hidden talents
   “It won’t be broadcast on TV, but it                  Many of those who came to Hoover          they don’t show in class,” junior Allison
will be shown to HSN executives during                to produce the tapes found themselves        Mayhew said.
the selection process for new talent,”                impressed by the video productions’              Oct. 31, Hoover High School science
Video Productions II teacher Tom Wilson               facilities.                                  staff members hosted the Spooky Science
said.                                                    “We were really excited to come to the    Night to help raise money for the project.
   Wilson said Hoover was contacted                   school and support your program,” Tracee     Many small children dressed in costumes
with the opportunity by a local company,              McAfee-Gates, President of Diversified       were escorted around the science department
Milepost Productions, with whom                       Concepts, said. “It’s just great.”           to witness some spooky experiments. The
Wilson’s classes have an existing business               Diversified Concepts is a company in      total amount raised was about $1,000.
relationship.                                         Canton that works with HSN to find new           As always, students have been and
   “They’ve come in and spoken to our                 talent for their network.                    will continue to collect money around the
students, and hired our students in the                  Though they enjoyed the experience,       cafeteria during lunch periods. Students are
past,” Wilson said.                                   some students also gained insight on         asked to donate any spare change.
   Wi t h t h e a g r e e m e n t t h a t v i d e o   what it’s really like behind the scenes on       According to Assistant Principal, Mrs.
productions would help film and produce               a program on HSN.                            Peggy Savage, the students at Hoover have
the demos, the HSN team was invited to                   “It’s not as glamorous as it seems on     collected $5-6,000 since the beginning of the
Hoover.                                               TV — everything looks easy, but it took      school year. Boardman is ahead of Hoover
   Several students had the opportunity               us three hours just to get the lighting,”    in the Federal League Challenge, and Savage
to help produce the tapes and valued the              Corzine said. v                             encourages students to “keep donating.”    v
10            the viking views   11.23.05
in brief             Jessica Crofford
n Senior Mary Benedetto                      n The student/staff challenge
and junior Nyssa Adams were                  is today during the last 20 minutes of pe-
recognized for their art by the Ohio Art     riod 11 and all of period 12. Proceeds will
Education Association.                       benefit the Katrina Project. Students who
                                             choose not to pay $1 to attend will report
n The Third Annual Children’s                to a monitored study hall.
Holiday Party sponsored by National
Honor Society will be Dec. 3 from 1-3        n The North Canton City
p.m. in the Hoover Commons. Children         School District has been named
will make ornaments, bracelets, frames       a Blue Ribbon School District by
for pictures and decorate cookies.           Expansion Management Magazine. Each

                                                                                             PHOTO COURTESY OF KATE PAKENHAM
                                             year the magazine ranks more than 2,800
n Hoover students Jordan Dellapi-            school districts across the country and tests
na, Lauren Fiala, Jennifer Bel-              each on how well students learn and how
lisimo, Emily Boli, Zack Clark               many stay to graduate, the community’s
and Megan Baker will perform in              financial commitment to education and the
The Nutcracker at the Palace Theater. Per-   community’s adult education and income
fomances will be at 8 p.m. Dec. 9, 2 and 8   levels.
p.m. Dec. 10, and 2 p.m. Dec. 11.
                                             n Seniors must submit all college
n Seniors Lane Becker, Mary                  applications to the Guidance
Benedetto, Kavita Betkerur,                  Department by Dec. 7 for information to         n Hilary Van Cleve and Katie
Tyler Drake, Emily Frank,                    be mailed before winter break.                  Norton-Smith hold hands with their
Krystal Henning, Paul                                                                        “date” Orlando Bloom at the Hoover Band
Hufstetler, Kaci Lapp,                       n The winner of the Katrina Fundraiser          Prom Oct. 29 at Windsor Hall.
Jonathan Ramsey and Staci                    water jug contest is Leigh Ann
Schweitzer were named Commended              Seibert who guessed that the school             n The College Board’s National Hispanic
Students in the National Merit               could collect $275. She will receive two        Recognition Program recognized senior
Scholarship Program.                         tickets to the winter dance. The fundraiser     Adam Martinez for exceptional
.                                            collected $284.19.                              academic achievements.

                                  Our Patron Subscribers
     Dr. James Amundson Pearle Vision                               Roger and Nancy Knudsen
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     Industrial Tool Co., Inc.                                      The Williams family
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                                 It’s time to give thanks
                                                                   Kaci Lapp
                                                                   Staff Writer

                                                erhaps when you think of Thanksgiving you think of pilgrims and the Mayflower
                                            and cornucopias. Maybe memories of grandparents, pumpkin pie and turkey carving
                                            come to mind. For several Hoover students, Thanksgiving seems to have one dominant
                                            focus: family and the many forms that it takes.
                                                “Thanksgiving is mainly a time to get together with family and celebrate the things
                                            that you’re thankful for,” sophomore Kyle Roshak said.
                                                Roshak travels with his mom, dad and nine siblings to Toledo each Thanksgiving
                                            to spend time with his dad’s side of the family first, and then his mom’s side of the
                                            family. Since he only gets to see some of his family during the holidays, Roshak
                                            really looks forward to Thanksgiving.
                                                “I have two cousins who are about my age, and I don’t get to see [them] a lot, so
                                            it’s pretty nice to spend time with them,” he said. “We play a lot of cards, and if the
                                            weather is nice, we go outside and play Frisbee. It’s usually a lot of fun.”
                                                Junior Andrew Arnold celebrates Thanksgiving at his home with his mom and
                                            dad, sister, two younger brothers and his mom’s side of the family.
                                                “Everyone’s together for the whole day. It’s nice because we get to watch TV and
                                            socialize,” he said.
                                                Senior Maria Farinacci has three Thanksgivings, spending time with her mom’s
                                            side of the family, her step-mom’s family, and her dad’s side of the family.
                                                “We have a pretty traditional Thanksgiving,” she said. “We meet all our relatives
                                            at different houses and celebrate. I celebrate being out of school and all the good
                                                Farinacci said that food is a unifying element at her families’ Thanksgivings, and
       “We make turkey, stuffing,           is one thing that makes them unique.
    cranberry sauce, gravy and all              “We eat typical Thanksgiving food, but we put weird things in our turkey stuffing,”
  the good stuff. One tradition we          she admits. “Sometimes we put sausage and other meat in it.”
have is that before we eat, we all              Senior Staci Schweitzer feels she celebrates a “traditional Thanksgiving,
 go around the table and say one            untraditionally.”
        thing we are thankful for.”             “We don’t have family around here, so we celebrate Thanksgiving with family
             -Staci Schweitzer, 12          friends,” she said. “They either all come to our house, or we go to one of their houses
                                                                                 for dinner.”
                                                                                    Schweitzer said she loves all the traditional
                                                                                 Thanksgiving food.
                                                                                    “We make turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce,
                                                                                 gravy and all the good stuff,” she said. “One
                                                                                 tradition we have is that before we eat, we all
                                                                                 go around the table and say one thing we are
                                                                                 thankful for.”
                                                                                    Senior Kaleigh Hipp’s traditional Thanksgiving
                                                                                 took a turn this year, as her sister no longer
                                                                                 celebrates Thanksgiving with the Hipp family.
                                                                                    “Now that my sister is married and moved

                                                                                 out, it’s different,” Hipp said. “I’ve realized that
                                                                                 what really matters is having a good time and
                                                                                 appreciating your family for who they are and the
                                                                                 time that you have with them.” n  V

12            the viking views   11.23.05
                                                                                                                                           DETROIT FREE PRESS/KRT
Parks’ memory still standing
Ashley Kline
Staff Writer

    Junior Michelle Morrison recognizes the impact Rosa Parks had
on bringing equality to a segregated America.
    “Rosa Parks was a person who was not afraid to stand up for
equality,” Morrison said. “She stood up for what keeps this world
                                                                          DETROIT FREE PRESS/KRT

    Parks died Oct. 24 of natural causes at her home in Detroit,
Michigan at age 92. Although Parks is gone, many people here at
Hoover believe her legacy will be kept alive.
    “She’ll always be with us because her presence and actions were
so powerful,” said Morrison.
    Parks is best known for her refusal to give up her seat to a white
man in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. Her actions ignited the              (Top) People gather around Rosa Parks’ casket to honor her. A
boycott of the Montgomery bus system and she played a vital role         flag is draped over her casket as a symbol of what an influential
in the civil rights movement.                                            American she was. (Bottom) A woman folds her hands over a bul-
                                                                         letin of Rosa Parks.
    “Rosa Parks served as a catalyst to galvanize minds in support
of the civil rights movement,” U.S. History teacher Shawn Billker
said. “She never did it to be a hero. She felt minorities had been
treated poorly and decided to stand up and say, ‘I can no longer         up for herself on her own and realized that she didn’t need to wait
tolerate this injustice.’”                                               for a group to stand up against what was happening, and because
    Junior Gloria Estopinan views Parks as a woman who was strong        of that I think people will continue to see her as a role model in
enough to voice her opinions in an oppressive time period.               the future.”
    “To me, Rosa Parks represents bravery and independence,”                 Billker agrees that Parks’ message is an important one to continue
Estopinan said. “She will always be remembered as a person who           teaching to students in years to come.
was strong enough to stand up for herself and for others that couldn’t       “She’s not that far in the past. She launched a movement that
speak up.”                                                               was ready to take off,” said Billker. “Her legacy will be kept alive
    Senior Katie Schmidt also agrees.                                    through discussion because she was one of the first civil rights icons
    “She gave people the courage to be their own person. She said        to teach us about discrimination and how subtle and destructive it
it was alright to go against the majority,” Schmidt said. “She stood     can be. And her legacy will forever curb discrimination.” n   V
                                                                                                         11.23.05 the viking views 13
Restoring a classic
Julie Saternus
Staff Writer

 It’s not every
day that you let
an 18-year-old work                              students are expected to fine-tune their work    in the car, Orphanides said.

on a 1949 DeSoto.
                                                 with little help from their teacher, Mr. Bill        Orphanides is glad to have Hoover’s auto
                                                 Nelson, Auto Body I and II instructor.           body students working on his car. He greatly
However, in Auto                                     The DeSoto has only a few details that
                                                 need fixed with it, Collins said. The car is
                                                                                                  appreciates the work done by Mr. Nelson and
                                                                                                  his students to bring his car back to what it
Body II, Jeff Collins                            going to be repainted, and a small dent needs
                                                 to be fixed on the driver’s side door.
                                                                                                  once was.
                                                                                                      “They do really nice work,” Orphanides
is doing just that.                                  “It needs to be brought back to the luster   said.
                                                 it once had,” Orphanides said.                       Nelson estimates that at a pro shop, the job
    Collins, a Hoover Auto Body II student,          “Jeff is up to every task,” Nelson said.     would cost $4,000 - $5,000. However, in auto
has the opportunity of working on a 1949         Orphanides also has full confidence in           body, the car might take a while to get done, he
DeSoto. At the beginning of his auto body        Collins.                                         said. “We don’t rush any of the cars.”
career, he knew that he wanted to work on            “I’m sure it will turn out really well. It       Collins is very excited about the DeSoto and
at least a few classic cars. Collins had the     will be something that I can be proud of,        enjoys working on it.
perfect opportunity to work on such a car        and will reflect very highly on the Hoover           “There are a lot of things that take a long time
when computer skills teacher, Mr. George         auto body program,” Orphanides said. He          to do, such as taping off all of the chrome, but it
Orphanides, brought in his DeSoto. Collins       also has a Model A Ford that the auto body       is definitely going to be worth the effort when
is excited that he gets to work on such a        class repainted.                                 the car is all done.” n V
valuable and classic car. Last year he worked        Orphanides has a few other classic cars
on a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle by fixing the        that he inherited by his father, from whom
fender and repainting the car, along with a      he said he got his love for classic cars.
few minor details.                               His father bought the DeSoto in 1974,
    “It’s not so much a learning experience      and only has around 80,000 miles on
as it was last year, this car is just going      it. Though the DeSoto is 56 years old,
to help me perfect my skills and talents,”       the car still runs like new. The original
Collins said. In the second year of auto body,   engine and transmission is being kept

                                                                                                       Senior Jeff Collins restores a 1949 DeSoto
                                                                                                       in the Autobody classroom. Close-ups of
                                                                                                       the grill, headlights and taillights show the
                                                                                                       improvement that Collins has made to the
                                                                                                       car. PhotoS byJulie SAternuS

14   the viking views       11.23.05
how to: Write a college essay
Rebecca Mohr
Staff Writer

    Get out a pencil. Get a clean piece of         searching, but you might find out something          Step three: Editing
paper. Write down the first thing that comes       new. Creating a self- outline is when you put        The final step is editing. Making sure that
to your head. The first step of a college essay    together a list of any activities or anything     everything is spelled correctly and there are
has just been completed.                           that you want to add to your college essay.       no grammatical errors or any other errors
    According to CollegeBoard.com there                Finally, finding patterns and connections     in your final copy. Try to have a student,
are three easy steps in writing a college          is grouping similar ideas that you have found     teacher, or parent to read the essay and give
essay.                                             in the above steps.                               feedback. The only problem with editing is
   Step one: Prewriting                               Step two: Drafting                             that you don’t want to edit your voice out.
    First, prewriting. This step includes             The next easy step is drafting. This is        This essay is a personal essay and it contains
brainstorming, discovering your strengths as       the same as you do in English class: write a      your voice and opinions.
a person and a student, creating a self-outline,   rough draft and edit for a final draft.              Some final tips come from Mrs. Margie
and finding patterns and connections.                 “Everything has to be perfect,” according      Blake, a guidance counselor at Hoover.
    To brainstorm, set a timer for 15 minutes.     to ‘Do it- Write: How to Write a Great               “You don’t have to lecture. Make sure
In that time, make a list of personal and life     College Application’ by Gary Ripple, Ph.D.        that your essay stands out from the crowd
changing experiences. To discover your             “Three things that college essays have to         and the college essay may be the real
strengths, do a little research. Ask people        answer are: can you write good English,           dividing line between your acceptance or
such as friends, family, and parents how to        content, and creativity. These are all things     the dreaded rejected letter. Don’t wait to
describe you. This might take a little soul        that should be included in your drafts.           the last minute and do a great job.”n  V

Cedar Point lowers prices, raises rides
Logan Wern                                         attendance slump on gas prices, considering       “If the prices are lowered, more people with
Staff Writer                                       many people travel from all over the U.S.         different incomes can go.”
                                                       In order to prevent another year of decline       Another new feature making its way
   Click, click, click, click-Wahhhhhhh!           in attendance, Cedar Point lowered ticket         for the 2006 season will be the world’s
Millions of people travel to Cedar Point           prices toward the end of this past summer.        tallest swing: The Skyhawk. Standing at
every year to experience the excitement                “I think Cedar Point was worth the            125 feet, it will take 40 riders into the air
of flying down the world’s highest roller          original price,” senior Josh Fowler said. “But    in two adjacent swings, swinging opposite
coasters at top speeds and to enjoy other          I think [lowering the price is] great because     of each other.
thrills, like swinging back and forth at 70        I might get to go more often.”                        Many Cedar Point fans are excited to
mph or being thrust 240 feet off of the                Under the discounted price, those ages        experience the latest thrill.
ground at 60 mph. These people are in              62 and older may purchase tickets for $9.95           “I’ll definitely ride [the Skyhawk] when
luck, because ticket prices are going down         instead of $44.95. Also, junior admission         I go there,” Fowler said.
and Cedar Point has discovered a new thrill:       was discounted by $15.                                No matter what the cost, Cedar Point
The Skyhawk.                                           Sophomore Kaylee Bing said that while         provides a wealth of excitement that is hard
   According to the International Ticketing        it takes a lot of money to maintain the rides     to find anywhere else.
Association (INTIX), last year Cedar Point         and pay employees, lowering the prices is             “The roller coasters [are my favorite],
brought in 3.19 million people, which is           a good thing.                                     because it’s a thrill and a rush that you
down from 3.33 million in 2003. Brian                  “The [original] prices limit the amount       can only experience at Cedar Point,” Bing
Edwards, the park spokesperson, blamed the         of people that can afford to go,” Bing said             V
                                                                                                     said. n
                                                                                                              11.23.05 the viking views 15
            Bouer Power                                                                                                  Rachel Bouer

                        When did we become so old?

    The leaves have fallen from the trees, leaving some to scatter     leaves made me long for the days of old when the rest of my life
the ground as the others flutter away in the wind. Once again,         was something I couldn’t even imagine coming to pass. It had
the bare trees prepare themselves for the long winter ahead. The       never occurred to me before my eighth grade year that I would one
gorgeous sun and crisp air complete the glorious fall day; however     day not attend my old school or that I would ever be a teenager;
I’m having trouble appreciating it. For as long as I can remember,     my driver’s license had been a goal that would never be reached.
fall has been my favorite season, and its memories are clearer to      It occurred to me during eighth grade that I would be a teenager in
me than those of any. Now, though, it depresses me, for it signifies   less than a year, I could drive in less than three, and real life would
that yet another year has passed.                                      be hitting me before I knew it.
    During the early years, fall meant Halloween parties, trick-or-        Thanksgiving that year was not nearly as great as it had been in
treating, apple picking, a few Jewish holidays and loads of apple      the past now that my cousins were too young for me to play with
cider. This season of bliss culminated in a trip to Pittsburgh for a   and the adults were too boring to converse with. I spent the evening
Thanksgiving dinner at my great-aunt’s apartment. The evening          introspectively at the window, watching the wind blow in gusts
was always my favorite, where the apple pie could win awards and       across the leaf-littered ground. The falling leaves and barren trees
laughter was abundant. I, the youngest at the adult table, watched     made me see how much had changed.
my family in admiration as the conversation went on around me.             Now, as the leaves fall again, I realize that yet another cycle
    Years passed and soon I became part of these discussions. Free     has been completed. I’m still around to see the leaf-less trees once
time vanished as I began to have homework to do or soccer games        more, but I am one year closer to looking at colleges, thinking about
to play. Halloween parties seemed juvinile as my friends and I         getting married and filing insurance claims.
enjoyed a cup of red punch in school on Friday for our celebration.        We don’t have the time ahead of us that we all think we do. We
Trick-or-treating developed into something to be scoffed at and        cannot be blind to the fact that we are getting older. We are no longer
apple picking slowly grew into a chore.                                kids. We are not yet grown-ups, but we are close. Every day that
    At the beginning of eighth grade, it hit me. I was old. I would    ends leads us closer to being an adult. Every leaf that falls leads to
be leaving my familiar little private school in less than a year. I    the time when no leaves are left.
began to dread the coming of the following autumn. Unfortunately           As teenagers, we are no longer the buds of March or even
for me, eighth grade flew by, as did the summer. Before I knew it, I   the bright green leaves of July. Now we are just turning yellow,
was boarding the bus to arrive at my first day of high school.         showing each other and ourselves that we too will soon leave our
    Fall turned into something I had never known. Homecoming           trees descending towards the ground and towards life. We just have
plans and upcoming report card worries filled my days. The red         to remember to enjoy the fall.

                      You’ve seen me before: Natalie Yakunich
                                               Age: 18                                         Turkey’s alright, but stuffing’s the main
                                               Grade: 12                                       thing.

                                               Viking Views: Have you ever                     VV: Are you going “Black Friday”
                                               broken any bones?                               shopping?
                                               Natalie Yakunich: No, mostly just               NY: No. I did once; it was pretty
                                               stitches, that’s it. I’d like to keep it that   interesting.
                                                                                               VV: Do you have an mp3 player or a
                                               VV: Do you have any pets?                       CD player?
                                               NY: No. If I did I’d like a dog; I              NY: Yeah, I have an I-pod shuffle. I
                                               think they’re more loving than cats,            won it at afterprom last year, actually.
                                                                                               VV: The weather’s beginning to get
                                               VV: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving           colder– do you miss summer or have
                                               dish?                                           you been waiting for winter?

                                               NY: Stuffing. Definitely stuffing. I            NY: I miss summer. I hate winter, but
                                               could eat a mountain of stuffing.               snow on Christmas is nice.
                                                                                                                 – Kellen Safreed
16           the viking views   11.23.05
EXTRA POUNDS                                THIS HOLIDAY SEASON
                                                                                                 How To Make

    With three major holidays just around   carrot sticks.
                                               Once you arrive at Thanksgiving
                                                                                           Holiday Cards
the corner, weight gain is inevitable. On
                                            dinner, eat salad before you get the main
                                                                                              Looking for a way to tell friends
average teens gain 5-7 pounds during
                                            course. The salad is a healthy alternative     and family you’re thinking of
the holiday season, however this doesn’t
have to include you. Start the holiday      to stuffing and mashed potatoes and will       them during this holiday season?
season off right by eating smart during     help to fill you up, so you do not fill up     Feeling creative and willing to
Thanksgiving dinner.                        on turkey. During the meal stay away           set aside some time? Making
    Here are some helpful hints on eating   from the dark meat of the turkey, this         your own holiday cards might be
healthy this holiday season. Before         part of the turkey has almost six more         your answer! Follow these simple
attending this year’s                       grams of fat then the white meat. When         steps for the perfect card.

family Thanksgiving                                          dessert time rolls around
fest, try to eat foods                                          choose only one type of
                                                                                                   Purchase pre-made blank
high in protein.                                                pie or cake.Not a little
                                                               slice of each. Always
                                                                                                   cardstock greeting cards
Protein enriched
                                                             choose the type that is               at any craft store.
foods help satisfy

your body and will                                          your favorite so you do
help you eat less.                                      not crave it after you finish              Collect a snapshot or
     One common                                       your desert.                                 a few words out of a
misconception that                             Finally after dinner ends do something              magazine that would
causes many people to eat            more   active with your family. After helping with    convey a special message or
on Thanksgiving and actually gain more      clean up, tape the football game and go        sentiment to the person to whom
weight is the idea of fasting the day       outside and play backyard football with        you are sending the card.
before. Although many people believe        the family. This increases the time you
that if they eat nothing the day before
it’s okay for them to binge the day of
Thanksgiving, this is not true. Many
times fasting the day before causes you
                                            spend together with your family and
                                            certainly burins more calories then
                                            sleeping on the couch after dinner.
                                               The key to a healthy Thanksgiving
                                                                                             3      Arrange the picture/
                                                                                                    word in the middle of
                                                                                                    the card.

to overeat on Thanksgiving, because         dinner, and getting your pants to fit the
you are so hungry. Instead, treat the       next morning is to eat healthy and smart.                Take a spool of ribbon
day before Thanksgiving as a regular        Try these helpful hints and have a happy                 and cut pieces that match
day; just trade those chips for some        Thanksgiving.                  Kt Bello                 the size of the length and
                                                                                           width. Secure the pieces of ribbon
   Xbox makes 360–degree change                                                            with a thin line of craft glue around
                                                                                           the perimeter.

     Starting Nov. 22, video game           and a standard AV cable; and the
 fans will have the opportunity             premium package that includes                           Write a special message
 to pick up the new Xbox 360                a detachable 20-GB hard-drive,                          inside, seal the envelope,
 from Microsoft. The 360 is the             wireless controller, face plate,                        and address.
 continuation from Microsoft’s first        headset for online gaming, HD
 outing into the video game industry,       AV cables, Ethernet cables, and a                 Everyone is sure to know how
 the Xbox, which was released               remote controller. Available games             much you care when they receive
 in 2001. It has the ability to play        at launch for the system include               their personal greeting card. Time
 movies, music, games, and online           Amped 3, Dead or Alive 4, Madden               to spread that holiday cheer!
 games in the comfort of your own           NFL 06, Project Gotham Racing 3,                                   Kelsey Stults
 living room.                               and the return of the Nintendo 64
     The 360 will come in two               favorite, Perfect Dark Zero. If you
 packs at retailers: a $299.99 core         can gather enough money, be sure
 package that comes with the                to pick this system up at the end of
 system, wired controller, face plate,      the month.            Brian Hines

                                                                                                11.23.05    the viking views   17
                                                            mission statement
                                                “We strive to provide our honest opinions while representing all sides,
                                                         and to fairly portray the student body’s expressions.”

Embrace early exams
   Students are going to be cramming for        amount of stress present during the holiday       the bleak, gray cloud of exams hovering
their first-semester exams early this year,     season, it will allow us to enter our break       over our heads. This will also allot some
because we will now be taking them before       having had an enormous weight lifted              time for reviewing the exams in class after
we begin the much-anticipated winter break.     from our shoulders. Most people tend to           break. And those who are taking a semester
We realize that some students may perceive      procrastinate when it comes to studying           course will be able to see their exam before
this action as one of hostility, but don’t be   over vacation; after close to five months         switching out of the class. It’s easy to see that
quick to dismiss the decision as some kind      of school, students are more than eager to        there are no students who cannot directly
of unfounded, horrible disadvantage. We         cast aside their academic woes for a couple       benefit from this decision. So pull out those
would like to applaud the people behind         weeks of relaxation. When all is said and         books, start to review your material and be
this decision. While studying early for         done, we will be able to enjoy our vacation       glad that you won’t have quite so much to
exams may add to the already considerable       a great deal more without constantly having       worry about over the winter break.

Valued veterans
   “From the world wars of Europe to the        fighting, for the human freedoms we               behind war, and you may not ever seek
jungles of the Far East, from the deserts of    sometimes take for granted in America; they       to understand it, but no matter what your
the Middle East to the African continent,       risked and are risking their lives in an effort   stance is on the combat, the men and women
and even here in our own hemisphere, our        to support an idea in which they believe.         fighting deserve our respect.
veterans have made the world a better place        Regardless of whether or not you agree            These men and women are sons,
and America the great country we are today.”    with the ideas behind the fighting, we must       daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and
– John Hoeven.                                  remember that these veterans were willing         mothers just like the rest of us, but are
   Veterans’ Day is a time to pay homage to     to die for their cause – something many of        willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for their
and show respect for the men and women          us would not be willing, or brave enough,         country and their ideals. Don’t let political
who selflessly served this country. These       to do.                                            ideology interfere with the respect that war
men and women fought, and are currently            You may not be able to see the glory           veterans rightfully deserve.

Rosa remembered
    “No.” With so simple a word, a
revolution was started. Rosa Parks should
be commended for her dedication to justice.
She didn’t just say no to changing seats
on the bus – she said no to inequality and
    In addition to her most famous act,
Parks should be commended for her
dedication to equal rights throughout her
life. She was a great woman who actively
sought to overcome discrimination in the
United States through involvement in her
local chapter of the National Association
for the Advancement of Colored People
(NAACP) and the South African anti-
apartheid movement. She also founded a
career counseling center for black youth.
Parks should be applauded for her courage,
bravery and accomplishments.
                                             –Editorial Board–
                         Steffany Bagnolo  Jacob Brown  Ashley Kline  Kaci Lapp
                                  Aaron Miller  Shannon Pifer  Katie Rojek
18   the viking views      11.23.05
  ‘CAUSE IT FEELS SO EMPTY WITHOUT ME                                                                                              Jacob Brown

  Do we need the OGT?
    There are very few things that I find to      students are forced to buy a certain kind of       dollars.
be completely useless or trivial about the        calculator and curriculum book. While it               “Between fiscal
educations we receive in high school, but if      may not matter much in North Canton, not           years 2002 and 2005,
something can be thrown on the list of trash,     all students in Ohio can come up with $7.50        states have received
it is the Ohio Graduation Test.                   and $10.35, respectively, for these materials.     over $1.5 billion
    First developed after President Bush          Given that they will probably only be used         in federal funds to
initiated his “No Child Left Behind” Act          for one year each and then thrown away             develop and implement the standards and
in 2001, the OGT was not only designed to         further shows the absurdity of this test.          assessments,” according to the 2005 “No
level the state educational standards, but also       When I took one of the trial versions of       Child Left Behind Report.”
to put every student in the nation on a similar   this test sophomore year, I arrived at several         Also in the report President Bush stated,
level. In theory, this seems like a good idea,    conclusions. First, the tests were really easy.    “In order to make sure children are not
but some definite flaws hinder, rather than       I had friends who slept for the first half hour,   simply shuffled through the system, we must
help, this education crusade.                     woke up, took the day’s section and still          measure. We must determine what needs to
    A.P. American History teacher Charles         passed with flying colors.                         be corrected early, before it’s too late.”
Collier told me last year that he had to              My other conclusion was that the test did          That’s a novel idea, but Ohio, as well as every
significantly revise his curriculum to fit the    not reflect the true abilities of the students     other state in the nation, doesn’t need to develop
standards mandated by the OGT. For those          who took it. To be honest, I was not the most      ridiculous tests to determine that everyone is
who haven’t taken this course, it is a rigorous   stellar of students in my honors Algebra II        receiving the education they deserve. What we
and extensive class about how our country         class, which was riddled with very intelligent     do need is for our teachers to teach what their
came to be. Since last year, though, it has       sophomores and juniors, but somehow when           courses are really about, rather than what an
apparently had some of its topics pushed out      the test results came back, I had the second-      OGT book tells them it is about; teach skills
of order to fit the needs of a test instead of    highest score in the class. Either no one was      that students will actually need someday; and
the needs of students learning the material       trying or the test did not really mirror the       if they are going to teach to a test, make it to
in all of its depth and beauty.                   students’ abilities in the classroom.              the ACT or SAT because those are the two that
    For the math and social studies sections,         In addition, the tests are a waste of tax      will truly affect students’ futures.

Ashley Kline
                                                                                                           LIVIN’ OUT LOUD
                       Who will fight for the truth?
                          At last, it seemed      that was not the case.                             at a very convenient time for Democrats to
                       that some form of              After more than 2,000 American soldiers        further expose the mishandlings of Bush’s
                       justice would be           have died in Iraq and a countless amount of        term. The poll also revealed that 57 percent
                       served in President        Iraqi casualties, those in charge are finally      of the public believes that Bush deliberately
                       Bush’s crusade to          getting their acts together and devising a         misled people to gain support for the war
                       defeat terrorism in        plan. But would it not have saved thousands        effort. This will also opportunely pay off for
Iraq. Democratic Senators finally worked          of lives to study and question the intelligence    Democrats come midterm election time.
up enough nerve to confront the war’s             that was presented before invading Iraq?               It’s hard to tell if this closed-session will
initiators on their mindless impulses to go           Democrats are at just as much fault as         lead to an official investigation of the Iraq
to war as they forced the chamber into a          Bush and his pro-war supporters. They are          war, but it’s not so difficult to tell that the
closed-session to discuss the war in Iraq and     pointing the blame at the administration for       Democrats called this session to benefit
pre-war intelligence.                             allegedly manipulating intelligence facts,         themselves and their careers. This stunt was
    During the session, Democrats called on       but it was also their responsibility to find out   not about exposing potential truths about the
Bush to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq        if the facts they were given prior to the war      war, but to ensure their political positions.
by the end of the year. They also presented       were accurate. If they had any doubt about             In any case, Bush declared a seemingly
their own timetables for pulling out of the       the information they were given, they should       endless war on Iraq, and thousands of lives
war-ravaged country.                              not have given the OK to invade Iraq. They         have been lost based on faulty intelligence
    Too bad the intense questionings and          had the chance to determine the authenticity       that was believed to be credible. The truth
actual plans for war are coming nearly three      of intelligence before lives were lost, and        needs to be exposed with no ulterior motives
years after the invasion. One would think         failed to take advantage of it.                    attached. The people who are risking their
that our leaders would have had a concrete            With Bush’s approval rating at 38 percent,     lives in Iraq, as well as the rest of the world,
plan for the aftermath of converting a Middle     according to the latest NBC News/Wall              deserve to know the truth about what we
Eastern country to democracy, but obviously       Street Journal poll, the closed-session came       have been fighting for.
                                                                                                               11.23.05 the viking views 19
    We would consider certain activities to
be classified as “clubs”–not “sports.” Take
cheerleading for instance. Even though you
can letter in it, it is not considered a sport by
                                                      Q       What do you think constitutes a

                                                         I think gymnastics and cheerleading
                                                      should be considered sports because they
                                                      have to work hard and compete. Just because
                                                      they don’t run down the field or court doesn’t
                                                                                                          I believe that a sport or anything
                                                                                                       “sport-like” depends on a single factor—
                                                                                                       competition…. But if competition makes a
                                                                                                       sport, then what about chess and checkers?
the administration and advisers. It follows           mean it’s not a sport. Gymnasts lift weights     I believe any game or situation where there
the OHSAA regulations, and is listed sports           just like football and basketball players.       is competition is considered a sport. It
on the Hoover High School homepage. The               Both cheerleaders and gymnasts have to           doesn’t always have to be physical.
cheerleaders also attend the fall sports banquet      run and be in shape…. Basically, I think that                      –David Dixon, Jr., 9
when no other clubs are invited. It is listed         gymnastics and cheerleading is as much as
under athletics on page 44 of the student             sport as football and basketball.
handbook. A star is not placed by it to denote                                 –Steph Helm, 9
a non-sanctioned sport like bowling, hockey                                                               …A sport is anything that you work hard
and lacrosse. The cheer “advisers” are paid the                                                        and train for. I think if you’re active and
same as athletic coaches, but are not considered                                                       use teamwork skills, then that is a sport.
coaches because it is not a “sport.”                                                                   You should be able to call what ever it is
    Cheerleading looks like a sport, though it is                                                      that you work hard for and have fun doing
misleading to the public. When administrators and                                                      a sport…
“advisers” begin to discipline the “athletes,” no                                                                               –Robyn Gray, 9
longer do they take any of this into consideration,
and the OHSAA means absolutely nothing.
    Clearly half and half isn’t working, and                                                              The qualities that constitute a real sport
this conflict needs to be made more obvious.                                                           are up to one’s own opinion. Personally, I
The “advisers” shouldn’t be called coaches                                                             think we should leave it at that. Those who
and maybe the distribution of letters should                                                           are in cheerleading or gymnastics get really
be reconsidered. Can you letter in drama                                                               offended when others question their sport’s
club, pep club, chess club or foreign                                                                  qualifications. On the flip side, those who
language club, etc.? No, so how can you                                                                think that cheerleading and gymnastics are
letter in “cheer club?” Do any clubs require                                                           not sports may have that opinion, but where
a tryout where they deny participation like                                                            does that really get them? Out of kindness
sports do? No, but cheerleading does.                                                                  for those who participate in cheerleading and
                                                      SHANNON PIFER

    Perhaps everyone should be allowed to                                                              gymnastics, it’s probably best to leave the
participate in cheerleading. After all, clubs                                                          subject alone however great of a discussion
do welcome everyone. Enough said....                                                                   topic it may be.
    –Gina DiPietro, Katie Selinsky                                                                                 –Robin Reichenburger, 9

and Merritt Woods, 12

 view Staff member Amy Robenstine responds
                     Sports are one of the            your mind (sometimes) does not mean it           complicated moves on a small beam. They
                 largest influences on                constitutes as a sport.                          must also be flexible and in shape.
                 American lifestyle. People               There are those who seem to believe              Any activity that requires talent, not
                 are extremely competitive            that activities such as cheerleading are not     luck, should be considered a sport. Just
                 and they’ve become                   technically sports, though I would say I         because they aren’t your typical baseball,
                 consumed with sports.                have to disagree. Competition cheerleading       basketball, or football-type sports doesn’t
                 However, some have the               includes not only cheers, but also difficult     mean that they should be overlooked. Our
                 wrong idea of what a sport           flips and jumps that I’m prepared to bet         world is evolving and so are the many types
                 actually is.                         most people could not accomplish without         of activities that people can become involved
   Sports are activities that include mental          years of practice. The same occurs with          in. If what you excel in includes mental and
and physical activity. Just because playing           gymnastics. Gymnasts must learn balance          physical activity, then you should consider
a computer or a poker game challenges                 and self-determination to be able to perform     yourself an athlete.
20 the viking views 11.23.05
                                                                                                                      student views
                                                           Letters to the editor                              What is your favorite Thanks-

                                                                                                               giving tradition and why?

                                                                                                                              BARRY SHETZER, 11:
Required Reprimands                                                                                                           “My family goes to the mall
                                                                                                                              so we can buy things before
    Walking around Hoover, you can hear                  messed up, that it puts its academic standards                       they go on sale.”
all of the latest gossip, and for the last few           second….
weeks all you have heard about is a few                                – Amelia Carpenter, 11
people who did something very, very stupid.
But we’re teenagers so naturally, we’re going                            Congratulations to Kevin Cook
                                                                                                              PAGE ALTVATER, 10: “I enjoy getting
                                                                         for writing this issue’s best let-
to screw up a million times before we learn.                                                                  together with my family and waking up
                                                                         ter. He won this Starbucks card.
Before the learning can happen, you have                                 Please pick it up in the publica-    early to watch the parade. When I was
to deal with the punishment. According to                 tions lab next to room A-6.                         younger, I always enjoyed watching them.
the rules of this school, all punishment must            Squelched spirit
be fair and fitting. That means if you take                   In sixth period lunch, a student had
away a sport, which is called an activity in                                                                  MIKE SAHADI, 12: “My uncle hosts a
                                                          a boombox as part of his Hoover Spirit              football game every Thanksgiving morning
the rules in our planners, from one person,               Day clothing. A few students wanted to
then it must be taken away from all. And the                                                                  that he calls the ‘Turkey Bowl.’”
                                                          dance during lunch. The mood was such
fact that this is not happening is crap. You              that students were enjoying themselves.
can’t change what has been pre-set to fit a               Then, Mr. Henne took away a student to a
certain situation. It wasn’t done when I was                                                                  KATHLEEN RAY, 9: “We
                                                          deafening “Booo!” Now was when I took               always go to my grandma’s
in a similar situation, and it shouldn’t be               notice…. The students began chanting                house and celebrate my
done now just because it will ruin a chance               the student’s name, wanting him to come             birthday. Getting presents
for college that they obviously took away                 back. Alas, Mr. Henne struck again when             is the best part.”
from themselves.                                          one of the students who inspired the
    This is a learning experience, and getting            chants was brought to the office….
back to where you need to be is a personal                    Was all of this really necessary? In            JENNY CHUFAR,11: “Having my whole
choice. No one can do it or make the                      a year when school spirit was about                 family over for dessert. We hang out and
choice to do it for them…. Punishment is                  as plentiful as backpacks on students’              enjoy each others company.”
not interchangeable; it has to be solid. And              shoulders, this sort of thing on spirit day
obviously, that is not the case at Hoover….               seems a bit excessive. For once we had
There is a huge difference in how people are                                                                                 MR. LUKENS, staff:
                                                          school spirit and enjoyed ourselves, yet
treated in this school and it makes me sick!                                                                                 “Spending time with my
                                                          now we have a reason to lose that spirit.                          family, getting a meal and
This is supposed to be a place for learning,              Wouldn’t less havoc have been caused by                            having time to relax.”
not a school that is so worried about letting             letting students “dance if they want to?”
it become public knowledge that someone                                       – Kevin Cook, 11
 viking virtue by Steffany Bagnolo                                                                            JACOB NICHOLS, 9: “I
“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula                                    like being with my family.
                                                                                                              We get together and go to my
for failure, which is: Try to please everybody.”                                                              aunt’s church.”
–Herbert Bayard Swope
   “You should have that number one spot. If                 When you don’t have time for anything
you just practice a little more and try a little         but your activity; when you become obsessed
harder, you’d be the best,” parent said.                 with becoming better, but no matter how              TARYN COCHRAN, 12: “We all go to my
                                                                                                              grandma’s and eat a big dinner where all the
   “Come on, just one more rep/lap/shot/                 much you improve, it’s never good enough,
                                                                                                              kids, including me sit at a separate table.”
pitch/try. You have to do better,” coach said.           or when you’re losing too much sleep or in
   “I should be able to do this. I’m going to            some way damaging your body. This behavior
keep going until I get it, even if it hurts, even if I   is unhealthy and will only lead to failure.
feel sick, even if I’m here all night,” self said.           Pressure is an important part of any
   Pressure to be the best at a sport, an                sport or activity; without it, we would never                        MRS. DIXON, staff : “It is
activity or academically can sometimes seem              improve. That said, it’s important to realize                        one of the few times where
overwhelming. You want to please your                    when pressure becomes harmful. So stop                               I get to enjoy my whole
                                                                                                                              family all in one place, at
parents, your coach and especially yourself.             trying to please everybody else and just
                                                                                                                              my house.”
   There does reach a point when this                    pressure yourself to be the best that you can
pressure goes too far.                                   be. That is when you will truly succeed.
                                                                                                                   11.23.05       the viking views       21
22   the viking views   11.23.05
                                    The Will
                                      to Win
                                       Rachel Bouer
                                       Staff Writer

                                        Innocence. Sports used to epitomize the word,        explained.
                                    with their sole purpose being to have fun. Where            Sophomore cross country runner Megan
                                    they were played didn’t matter to the previous           Krusemark remarked that not all of this pressure was
                                    generation, whether they were played on rooftops         bad.
                                    in hustle and bustle cities or in the open fields of        “Sometimes I feel very stressed and I know that a
                                    suburbs. Sports were sports; no matter where you         lot of other runners feel it too, but it also gives us a
                                    lived or what language you spoke, sports were the        reason to push a little harder,” she explained.
                                    same in the desire of their players and the enjoyment       Lauren Bollender, a freshman tennis player,
                                    in the air.                                              agreed that this extra stress makes her “try harder.”
                                        However, society’s push for successful                            However, she said she had the added
                                    youth has led to a never-before-seen                                       anxiety of being a freshman on a
                                    pressure on high school athletes.                                              varsity team.
                                    This becomes nearly as                                                                “[Coach] is a lot tougher
                                    stressful as the demands put                                                         on me [than he used to be].
                                    upon professional athletes                                                             He knows I have to win,”
                                    earning a salary.                                                                       she said.
                                        This          pressure                                                                   Freshman      soccer
                                    begins at a young age,                                                                   player Sara Maj,
                                    when children start to                                                                    who was in the same
                                    become        specialized                                                                 situation as Bollender,
                                    in a certain sport, said                                                                 said she felt this strain
                                    Rick Reilly, a Sports                                                                    as well.
                                    Illustrated writer, in an                                                                   “I would make more
                                    article in April of 2004.                                                              mistakes that I normally
                                        Senior            Russell                                                         wouldn’t make because
                                    Aldridge said he has been                                                           I was worried I wasn’t
                                    playing soccer since he was                                                      doing something right,” she
                                    very young. He felt that over the                                             said. “I was nervous to see if
                                    years, his coaches have had varying                                      [the older players] would think I was
                                    attitudes.                                                        dependable; then they started to trust me
                                        “Coaches [for younger children] are told to teach    more and I became more comfortable.”
Photo Illustration by Derek Quinn

                                    players… In high school, the coaches think that the         Unfortunately, for some athletes, the pressure to
                                    best man gets the job,” he said.                         win is just a part of the stress of the whole sport.
                                        Junior soccer goalie and track thrower Hannah        In addition to the emphasis on success and winning,
                                    Mirzakhani said she noticed this drive to win and        sophomore wrestler Sam Maj said there is a focus on
                                                                                                                                                         Continued on page 27

                                    intensity of her coaches as well.                        weight as well.
                                        “They can get overexcited, but they want you to         “You usually eat healthier…like salads and
                                    be the best that you can be, ” she explained.            chicken, and the day before and the day of a match,
                                        Aldridge said he felt that coaches sometimes         you don’t eat anything at all,” he said. However, he
                                    unintentionally apply pressure.                          just accepts it as “part of the sport.”
                                        “I don’t want to mess up in front of the coaches,”      Like Sam Maj, sophomore Mitch Ramsey said he
                                    he said.                                                 was willing to make sacrifices for the sake of sports.
                                        However, Mirzakhani said she felt that coaches       For him, this meant an end to his 11 year soccer
                                    had the best interest of their players at heart.         career in order to pursue tennis. He said he made the
                                        “They want you to reach a personal goal and          decision this summer because he could then play on
                                    help the team reach its goal along the way,” she         the varsity tennis team, an opportunity he would not
                                                                                                              11.23.05 the viking views 23
Putting Mind
Over Matter
Jacob Brown
Staff Writer

   When an athlete gets injured, it can          team’s lineup.                                 going, enduring the pain.
signal the end of their season or even the          “When I was hurt, a few girls had to step      “There was nothing I could do,” he said.
end of their athletic career. But there are      in and take the events that I wasn’t doing,”   “I just dealt with it because I couldn’t really
people who are willing to struggle through                                                      control it.”
pain, unwilling to give up on their activities                                                     After his surgery, Benko was forced to
for one simple reason: their love of the                                                            sit on the sidelines from sports for the
sport.                                                                                                   next six months. During that period
   Junior Chad Kostelnik, a                                                                                 of time, he felt discouraged.
member of the cross country and                                                                                    “The crutches were the
track teams, suffered through                                                                                     worst,” he said. “But once
a pinched nerve in his                                                                                              it’s done, you feel better
back throughout the cross                                                                                             and realize it was all
country season. Because                                                                                                worth it.”
of his injury, he had to                                                                                                    According to a 2001
adjust his training level                                                                                                study by the Center
to allow him to keep on                                                                                                   for Disease Control,
running.                                                                                                                  approximately         30
   “Coach         [Travis                                                                                                 million           youths
Ackerman] had to back                                                                                                     and adolescents in
me off workouts and                                                                                                       the United States
put me on the bike a few                                                                                                  participate in organized
days a week,” he said.                                                                                                   sports. In the same
“I wasn’t always running                                                                                                year,      approximately
what the other guys were.”                                                                                             4.3 million people were
   Sometimes          injuries                                                                                       treated in hospitals for
don’t allow athletes to keep                                                                                       non-fatal        sports-related
on going, though. This was                                                                                       injuries.
the case with senior Clay Benko                                                                                   With such risks and injuries, it
when he tore the meniscus in his                                                                           doesn’t always seem like it’s worth
knee during the football season last                                                                   it, but to athletes like Benko, it is.
year. Benko struggled through the pain,                                                              “When you get the opportunity back,
but said his knee just kept getting “worse                                                      you realize not to slack off,” he said.
and worse” until he was forced to undergo        she said.                                      “Because you could only have one play
surgery last January.                               While White let her teammates know          left.”
   “You’re always bummed out,” Benko             what she was going through, Kostelnik,            White agrees.
said. “Because it makes you realize how          realizing he could worry his fellow runners,      “If you are truly passionate about [your
much you want to be out there.”                  felt it necessary to keep his injuries to      sport], you should do whatever you can to
   Not only can injuries affect the athletes,    himself.                                       stay around and stick with it.”
but it can also affect the other members of         “I tried not to let my teammates know
teams as well. Before Benko went through         what was going on,” he said.                   Focus   section photo credits:

surgery, he was a captain of the wrestling          Towards the end of the cross country        Page 23 InSet Photo by Shannon PIfer
                                                                                                above Photo by Shannon PIfer
team. Likewise, when senior gymnast and          season, Kostelnik would go to physical         Page 26 toP Photo by jacob broWn
four-year starter Rhiannon White injured         therapy once a week and he would visit         Page 26 bottom Photo by Derek QuInn
                                                                                                Page 27 Photo by Sarah tharP
her neck in an accident on the uneven bars       the chiropractor three times a week. Rather
her sophomore year, she left a hole in the       than shy away from running, he kept on
24 the viking views 11.23.05
                                                e ig h
                                                           0   1 8 0 20 0 2 2
                                                        16                                24

                                                    0                                       0



                                      12 0

    Eating healthy has always                                                                               Pushing past a point of pain in
seemed to be something that may                                                                         practice can also be harmful to a
take extra work. To stop at a fast food                                                               person’s health.
restaurant and pick-up some fried food is                                                            “I know coaches say the harder you
quick and may be efficient to fill a sudden                                                     work, the better you will be, but there is a
craving. As teens try to balance multiple                                                       point where if you work too hard you are
activities and stay energized, a quick fix              Shannon Pifer • Staff Writer            truly harming yourself,” Reolfi said.
of caffeine or high fat and sugar items                                                             Cugini tries to focus more on healthier,
may seem easy, but may actually end up          as workouts get harder, he changes a few        lower fat foods, such as grilled chicken
hindering their performance.                    eating habits.                                  and salad without dressing.
    Teens may be pressured to curve to             “I try to eat as much protein as possible,       “You just fall into the stage of where
specific weight because of being involved       because as you workout harder, the more         you just puke because you haven’t eaten
in a sport, or even may be to the extreme       your body eats away at proteins,” Reolfi        in like three days,” Cugini said.
of striving to look like a model from a         said.                                               When the body doesn’t have proper
fitness magazine.                                  He tries to stay away from foods that        nutrients, the athlete may feel light-
    “It’s our society, which is bombarded       include high amounts of fat and sugar.          headed, dizzy, or weak.
with TV and magazines. We model fitness            “I’m always trying to gain weight,               “I’ve experienced a mixture of the
because we see it everywhere and feel           and even drink high calorie, high protein       three, but it’s really about not getting to
pressured,” Mrs. Kathy Wise, dietician          shakes on a daily basis,” he said.              the psychological part. I try to push past
and co-owner of Neutrawise said.                   For certain sports, athletes may             my physical limits,” Reolfi said.
    Losing drastic amounts of weight can        actually have trouble keeping weight                There is only a certain amount of body
become dangerous quickly, and specifically      on. Sudden weight drops may occur, just         fat a person has on their body before they
targets sports such as wrestling.               because of the amount of work it takes to       start burning muscle and water.
    “If you’re dieting and starving to get to   get through the long practices.                     “Just look at your goals, to be healthy
a specific weight, it’s not healthy. We need       “Athletes may have to eat 5000 calories      you should not go under certain body fat
to focus on what’s best for ourselves,”         a day just to replenish their bodies, then      percentages,” Wise said.
Wise said.                                      the season ends and eating habits have              When a person’s body is not getting
    When a person decides to go on a diet,      to suddenly change to stop from putting         proper nutrients and is expreriencing a
they need to give themselves adequate           weight on,” Wise said.                          lack in rest, the resluts are harmful.
time. No more than 1-2 pounds per week,            Sophomore Justin Cugini lost eight               “I pushed myself too hard for three
if much over that, the person is losing         pounds in one day once last year before         months straight, and because of that, I
water and muscle.                               wrestling.                                      suffered from many injuries and a loss of
    “Athletes need to replenish their              “[Losing weight] doesn’t really bother       energy,” Reolfi said.
muscles, so performance is enhanced, not        me; I don’t think it’s the smartest thing to        According to Wise, the number one
hindered,” she said.                            do,” he said.                                   thing an athlete should look for when
    Hydration is extremely important in            Cugini views losing weight and               trying to increase or decrease their weight
all sports, according to Wise. Sweating is      dieting as just a small part of the sport,      is that they will still be meeting their
how the body naturally cools itself down.       and defines it as a mental preparation for      nutritional needs.
    “As little as 3 percent dehydration can     the season.                                         “When someone decides they want to
make your performance suffer up to 70              “The mental part is the hardest part         lose weight, they need to first look at their
percent,” she said.                             about cutting weight, because that’s pretty     height, weight, and body fat percentage,”
    Senior Joe Reolfi trains all year for       much all it is,” he said. “It’s all in your     Wise said.
swimming. During the season, however,           head and whether you can do it or not.”

                                                                                                       11.23.05      the viking views      25
1, 2, 3,
Athletes strive for multiple
sports, but few can pull it off
Tyler Drake
Staff Writer
    The age of the three-sport athlete is       run into each other, especially when teams
dying out. Replaced instead by single sport     make it into the postseason,” Draime said.
specialization, year round training and             Head Football Coach Don Hertler Jr.,
participation in out of season leagues has      himself a three-sport athlete while a student
become commonplace for many Hoover              at Hoover, says that he has no problem with       being accepted if they are very good at one
student athletes. Many however, still do        student athletes playing more than one            sport, rather than being fairly good at many
play multiple sports, but they often must       sport.                                            sports.
make sacrifices, depending on which sport           “If you have the ability to play more            For senior Zach Meleg, this specialization
is in season.                                   than one sport you should,” Hertler said.         was the exact reason why he became a one-
    Sophomore Jason Draime, is one of               Rather, he is bothered when students do       sport athlete. Up until his junior year, Meleg
only a handful of Hoover student-athletes       not finish whatever sport they are on.            played football, basketball, and threw shot-
to participate in fall, winter, and spring          “I think sometimes kids are too quick to      put for the boys track and field team.
sports. Playing football, basketball, and       move on to the next sport. If they are already       “I thought I’d have a better chance of
baseball, Draime figures he is involved         in a season with one sport, they should           getting into college with only one sport,”
in at least some sport “about 330 days a        finish that team’s season before moving on        Meleg said.
year.” Draime’s decision to play all three      to their next sport,” Hertler said.                  Although only in one sport, Meleg still
sports, stems from the enjoyment he gets            Junior Pat Orr who is on both the             finds that he is kept busy with training.
out of athletics, and not from any outside      lacrosse and football teams and “dominates        Between running, lifting, visiting colleges,
pressure.                                       in Y-ball,” agrees that there are conflicts,      and actually playing football in season,
    “I just think playing sports is fun, and    but says that they are never too significant.     Meleg estimates that he is doing something
I’ve played all three all of my life,” Draime       “A lot of times, in the spring and winter     involved with football “nearly every day of
said. According to Draime though, playing       especially I’ll have lacrosse games on            the year.”
all three sports does not come without any      the same days as early morning football              Junior cross country and track runner
costs.                                          workouts or Y-ball games, but there are           Tracy Risaliti trains year round as well in
    “Practices start to overlap, and seasons    always ways to work around it,” Orr said.         order to “keep in shape, and not lose (the
                                                    Despite playing three sports, Orr trains      endurance that she) has built up.” Despite
                                                for lacrosse year round.                          constantly competing, she does not feel
                                                      “In the winter I play in indoor lacrosse    much pressure from parents or coaches.
                                                       leagues, and there are also leagues I         “Coaches and parents just want what
                                                           participate in in the summer,” Orr     is best for you,” Risaliti said. “I put
                                                             said. “(Playing lacrosse) is fun     more pressure on myself to perform well
                                                                to do with my friends, and by     individually and for the team, than anyone
                                                                  playing year round I have a     else does.”
                                                                    better chance of taking my       According to Herlter, the pressures of
                                                                     game to the next level,      competition, and the stresses of being a
                                                                      and hopefully be able to    student-athlete, are advantages for multiple
                                                                       play in college.”          sport athletes.
                                                                           Getting         into      “They are used to dealing with pressure
                                                                        college is a powerful     in competitive situations. Each sport
                                                                        motivation.      Many     gives you different types of pressure and
                                                                        student        athletes   competition. In the end, they are stronger
                                                                       think that they have       for having gone through it,” Hertler said.
                                                                       a better chance of
Continued from page 23
have had had he stuck with soccer.               parents who are way to into it and apply
    On the other hand, he said this would        too much pressure on their kids,” he said.
mean further stress.                             Aldridge said he had similar findings.
    “The tennis coach is a lot tenser during        “Parents wanted to see their kids
practice compared to the JV coach for the        succeed and they end up
soccer team,” he explained. Also, Ramsey         making too big a deal
said varsity players were required to enter      about it,” he said.
five tournaments during the off-season. He          Sophomore
doesn’t worry about getting bored though,        basketball player
he said, because he’s still “getting to know”    Brittany Orban
the game.                                        said she feels
    Ramsey also explained a difference in        that her parents
parental observation between soccer and          are supportive
tennis.                                          and helpful.
    “I think more parents came to soccer             “Whenever I
games for two reasons: there are more            have problems,
soccer players on the field [at one time], and   I always go to
the tennis matches are all compacted into        them first,” she                                                             despite her ankle
the space of about a month. I think some         said. She also felt                                                        brace and taping,
parents get bored going to tennis matches        that a lot of the stress                                                 she re-sprained it
two to three times per week,” he said.           of being an athlete was                                                only a couple days after
    Tennis parent Jodi Farnsworth adds that      self-induced.                                                     the first one which only
sometimes the reason parents don’t attend           “I put a lot of pressure on                               added to her pain.
games is that they don’t understand what         myself because that’s how I wanted to             Texas Children’s Hospital explains on
is going on.                                     play,” she said. This was seen, she said, by   their website that repeated injury such as
    “I have no sports interest and I don’t…      her willingness to play on an injured ankle    this can be a “warning sign… that a young
understand the rules or scoring of the tennis    during the basketball season last winter.      athlete is under too much pressure to
I go and watch. I want to support [my               Mirzakhani agreed that she puts a lot of    succeed in sports.”
daughter] but I have no clue,” she said.         pressure on herself. She said that though         Nevertheless, Orban said she greatly
    Sara Maj, who is a youth soccer referee,     others may tell her that she has done well,    enjoys playing for Hoover, partially
said she sees how this can be a problem.         she never agrees.                              because so many people in the community
    “Parents yell incorrect stuff because           “Even if I play well, there’s always        come to the games.
they don’t know the rules,” she said.            something I could have done better,” she          “[The team] loves it,” she said, and she
    On the opposite end of the spectrum          said.                                          encounters many people who are excited
are parents who know too much about                 Swimming Coach Matt Johnsen agreed          for the season to begin.
their children’s sports and this can lead to     that much of the pressure put on athletes         “The janitors at school come up to me in
frustration.                                     was self-induced. He said that when he         the hall and say ‘you’re gonna go to states
    “Sometimes my dad will take it too           was in high school much of the pressure        this year!’ It gets me pumped up,” Orban
seriously, and I have to tell him to calm        was “self-inflicted” and he sees this today    said.
down,” Sara Maj explained.                       with the swimmers he coaches.                     It is this desire to play the game alongside
    Sophomore baseball player Andrew                Orban said she put this pressure on         the stress of sports that Johnson sees as
Spehar said he noticed excessive parental        herself because she didn’t want to get         being a large aspect of athletic success.
pressure at even a little league game.           behind the other players.                            “Pressure is something that great
    “Just walking around the North Canton           “I knew if I missed any more than a few     athletes thrive under,” he said. “Sports
ball parks during games you see many             days, I’d be behind,” she noted. However,      would be nothing without the pressure.”

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                                                                                                       11.23.05      the viking views        27
                                                                                                     can’t belittle any of the parts, lines or no
                                                                                                         Actors also really got into their roles.
                                                                                                         “I really had a blast acting as Banjo,”

                                                                                                     Mihalteanu said. “I started acting like him a
                                                                                                     lot off stage, however, and that got me some
                                                                                                     weird looks.”
                                                                                                         Smitley also enjoyed her character.
                                                                                                         “It was very different than anything I’ve
                                                                                                     ever done before,” she said. “She’s very
                                                                                                         Aside from the actors, the play was also
                                                                                                     valued for its content.
                                                                                                         “I liked the play because it had a great
                                                                                                     combination of characters,” LaRocca
                                                                                                     said. “Whiteside was witty, Maggie was
                                                                                                     sophisticated, Banjo was crazy and Lorraine
                                                                                                     was overdramatic.”
                                                                                                         According to Smitley, “The Man Who
                                                                                                     Came to Dinner” is different than the usual
                                                                                                     drama club plays.

                                                                                                         “It is a more contemporary comedy. It’s
                                                                                                     very different because it’s very slapstick,”
                                                                                                     she said. “For my character, I had to fall on
                                                                                                     the stage, scream and throw myself across
  Drama club brings together production                                                              a couch. Actually, slapstick humor is harder
                                                                                                     than drama, but it is really easy to get the
  Mike Howes                                       important performance.                            audience involved.”
  Staff Writer                                        “He had to memorize over 900 lines,”               The play also gives those who are not
                                                   he said.                                          going to be in the musical to be on stage.
      The curtain is closed, the audience has         Even some non-seniors stepped up.                  “Some kids aren’t musically involved and
  gone home, and those in the Hoover drama            “[ J u n io r] R o mi M ih alteanu an d        this is something fun that they can get into,”
  club’s production of “The Man Who Came           [sophomore] Brenna Case both got good             director Mrs. Herman said.
  to Dinner” have taken their final bow.           parts and played them very well,” LaRocca             The play overcame a few minor
      On Nov. 18-20, Hoover’s drama club           said. “Romi was crazy and amazing in the          challenges that plague almost any high
  performed three shows of the quirky comedy       play, and I just thought ‘Oh my gosh, he’s so     school production.
  about an obnoxious, arrogant man named           good’ even though it was his first play.”             “During practice, some people missed
  Sheridan Whiteside who goes to dinner and           Senior Kaley Smitley, who played actress       their cues or forgot their lines,” LaRocca
  falls down the host’s stairs, fracturing his     Lorraine Sheldon, really enjoyed working          said, “But for the performance, it all came
  hip and leaving him stuck in their home for      with the cast.                                    together.”
  two weeks. Instead of resting and relaxing,         “We’re very supportive of each other. We           Emily Boardman also contributed.
  he invites over some of his odd friends          have to be,” she said. “Most of what we do is
  who bring even more odd gifts, including         dictated by who plays opposite you.”              (Clockwise from top) Senior Jay Ramsey
  a penguin, an octopus, and a roach farm. It         Mihalteanu, who played Banjo, a crazy          and sophomore Shawn Kelly perform on
  featured senior Jay Ramsey as lead character     actor, agrees.                                    stage. Freshmen Kelsey Case and Gracie
                                                      “The cast was lots of fun. Everyone’s          Rojek review their lines in costume. Junior
                                                                                                     Erik Essig applies stage makeup to sopho-
      Junior Joe LaRocca, who played Metz,         pretty cool and we all tended to get along,”
                                                                                                     more Shawn Kelly. Assistant stage Man-
  the crazy professor who is obsessed with         he said. “…Every actor is equally important.      ager Katy Herman and Director Mrs. Ginny
  cockroaches, respects Ramsey for his             They all work to support each other. You          Herman discuss the script.

                                                 KATIE ROJEK

                                                                                                   KATIE ROJEK

   28           the viking views   11.23.05
                                                                KEVIN ZIEBER

                                                                (Top left) Kevin Stoner adjusts the sound in the sound booth. (Top right) Krystal Henning
                                                                shows the costume options. With the help of a seamstress, Henning designed the ward-
                                                                robe for the cast.

               Tech crew supports behind the scenes	
               Rachel Bosyj                                     crew was in charge of creating the set.           I know the answers and can help them,”
               Staff Writer                                         “We started building the set about [three     Essig said.
                                                                weeks] ago,” Sudar said.                              Crew members enjoyed the behind-the-
                   Very few people ever see the behind-the-         This year’s play needed only one set, so      scenes aspect more than the acting.
               scenes of a production. However, several         the tech crew decided to add more detail into         “I’m not the greatest at memorizing lines,
               Hoover students get this privilege every year    the set, to give it a realistic feel.             and by being in tech crew I was able to still
               during the fall production. These students           “We decided to build all the walls and        be involved and see everyone but not have to
               are the tech crew, and are responsible for       have glass in all the windows. We also            worry about actually being on stage in front
               everything the audience sees on stage.           carpeted the stairs and put doors in all the      of a huge audience,” Herman said.
                   “We [did] it all,” senior stage manager      doorframes,” Herman said. “It [looked]                Sudar agrees that for the most part, there
               Chelsea Sudar said.                              really real.”                                     is less stress being behind the scenes.
                   The tech crew was in charge of ‘calling’         In addition to time spent making the              “I get stage fright, so I don’t usually like
               the show. They made sure everyone was in         set and gathering props, a few tech crew          being on stage,” Sudar said. “I always say
               the right place at the right time.               members were expected to be at rehearsals         that you can’t have a play without a tech
                   “I [sat] in the sound booth, [talked] into   just as much as the actors were.                  crew.”
               the microphone and [told] everyone what              “We [needed] to be there to walk through          Junior AlexVitale also enjoys being in
               [was] supposed to be taken off or put on the     the play with the actors so they knew             tech crew.
               stage during scene changes.” Sudar said.         what we [did] on stage and how they were              “I tried out for the play my freshman
                   Helping Sudar backstage was assistant        supposed to react to it,” Sudar said.             year and didn’t make it,” Vitale said. “I got
               stage manager junior Katy Herman.                    Most tech members stayed at the               thrown into tech crew and I really learned to
                   “I [sat] backstage with a script and         rehearsals just as long as the actors.            love it. I still got to hang out with everyone
               [followed] along,” Herman said. “I [gave]            “It [took] tons of time. We met 2.5 hours     and I still got to be a part of everything.”
               cues, [helped] out with scene changes, and       after school everyday for almost a month,”            Essig agrees.
               [told] people where to go.”                      Vitale said.                                          “I am on stage for musicals a lot and I
                   Not only did they have to get everything         Herman agrees.                                wanted to be behind the scenes,” Essig said.
               right, they had to do it silently.                   “I [was] always there doing something         “I am into both sides and I like tech crew
                   “Back stage, we [had] to keep everyone       because there [was] always something that         because there is less stress because you’re
               quiet so that the audience [didn’t] hear us,”    [needed] to be done,” Herman said.                not on stage putting on the show.”
               Herman said. “Sometimes it’s hard because            Although junior Erik Essig’s job doesn’t          While not directly performing for the
               there are many actors and even just a little     demand him to be there until show night, he       audience, tech members still feel like they
               bit of talking or whispering can be heard by     still attends rehearsals.                         were a part of the show.
               everyone.”                                           “I [went] to dress rehearsals just to get a       “We [didn’t] provide the entertainment,
                   In addition to running the show, the tech    feel so when the audience asks me questions,      we [made] it happen,” Sudar said.
                                                                                                                           11.23.05 the viking views 29


                                                   SONY PICTURES/ USED WITH PERMISSION
James Williams
Staff Writer

    Before seeing “The Legend of Zorro,”
it is important for the reader to consider
that they are about to spend a little over
two hours on a story that can be told in 30
    Don Diego de la Vega, otherwise known
as Zorro (Antonio Banderas) heads out to
                                                                                         ‘The Legend of Zorro’
defend the rights of Californians as they              only manages to be just plain bad.              ripping off both Spiderman and Batman
enter into statehood in the mid-1800s.                    For the purpose of contrast, Hollywood       in the same film. Even his horse Toronado
White supremacists set out to disrupt the              decided to sprinkle some good in the movie,     starts drinking, smoking and performing all
election as it would upset the slave vs. free          just to let us know how bad the movie           manner of silly cliché comic relief horse
state balance in congress, and Zorro must              really is.                                      things.
defeat them. He must also defeat Bible-                   The good bits included the first action          In between all the ridiculous parts of
belt rednecks, oddball government agents,              scene and the flagrant use of nitroglycerin     the movie, like whenever anyone talks, is
pre-confederate army confederates, the                 (which is the only way that “Zorro” met the     what can only be described as filler, fluff
organization in charge of Europe and his               standard action movie explosion quota).         or wasted film. Whichever you prefer, it’s
own marital problems.                                     One cause for all the bad that oozed from    all bad.
    That last bit, the marital garbage, takes          this movie was that the characters from             Every fight seems to last a touch too long
up a good third of the movie. The other two            “Zorro” were completely standardized in         and before you know it you’re wondering
thirds are devoted to groan-inducing jokes             the sequel. Zorro’s son Joaquin (Adrian         when it will be over, and you end up getting
and drawn out, but occasionally decent,                Alonso) is your typical action movie kid        so darn bored that you fashion a hand
action sequences, respectively.                        with one exception; when he overconfidently     puppet out of your empty popcorn bag for
    And if that 30 second summary was too              taunts the bad guys, he does it in Spanish.     entertainment.
much, here’s the über-condensed version.               Elena, Zorro’s wife/ex-wife/wife goes               In any case the only thing to say about
    Bad. Really, truly bad. “The Legend of             through all the hackneyed romantic comedy       the movie has already been said. “The
Zorro” is a bad movie.                                 routines that can be applied to the time        Legend of Zorro” is too bad for too long,
    It isn’t awful, or terrible, or dreadful: it       period, while Zorro himself must resort to      so don’t waste your time and money.

               Back... ‘The                               Shawshank Redemption’- 1994
                to the classics
                       Dan Boyer                       Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins). Dufresne is        is very insightful. The tying theme of the
                       Staff Writer                    accused of murdering his wife and another       movie is that “Hope is a good thing, maybe
     Truly great movies only come around               man because of an affair. Although Dufresne     the best of things, and no good thing ever
once in a while. Only a few have the                   retains his innocence, the evidence against     dies,” as Dufresne says. That couldn’t be
power to leave you saying “Wow.” It may                him is overwhelming and he is sentenced to      more true. Every scene will leave you with a
not seem like much, but “The Shawshank                 serve two consecutive life sentences for the    new idea about life and the thought to always
Redemption” is one of those movies that will           murders at Shawshank Prison in Maine.           hold onto your dreams and not to let your
leave you completely speechless.                          While in jail, Andy befriends the prison     situations take them away.
    “Shawshank” is the movie version of                smuggler, Red (Morgan Freeman), and                  “The Shawshank Redemption” is an
Stephen King’s novel of the same name and              becomes the personal financial assistant to     excellent movie that will keep you on the
it is one of the rare occasions in which the           the warden, Samuel Norton (Bob Gunton),         edge of your seat until the credits start. The
movie is better than the book.                         though he later finds out it’s a scam to get    movie goes very deep and it will connect,
    “Shawshank” opens in the middle of the             Norton rich.                                    on a personal level, with anybody who
murder trial of a well-to-do Maine banker,                “Shawshank,” although a prison movie,        watches it.
30 the viking views 11.23.05
    It’s hard to fathom how they’ve done it, but veteran speed-punk founders,
Lagwagon, have found a way to make speed-punk relevant again. Long-gone
are the heydays of speed-punk greats like NOFX and Screeching Weasel, but
through it all, Lagwagon has somehow come out on top.
    After a two-year break from the studio, Lagwagon returns with one of their
finest works in years, “Resolve.” The spirit of ’94 is clear and fast in songs
like “Heartbreaking Music” that show the most recognizable face of Lagwagon.
But there are newer, more mature elements to the record. In “Sad Astronaut”
Lagwagon shows us a softer side to their blistering fast punk.
    This review would close in a normal fashion but it is still incredible that the
crusty veterans were able to stay great after all these years. If you have any sense,
you will pick up this record and sit through the whole thing before resuming your
life. It is that much a testament to the roots of speed-punk.

                                  – kEVin ZiEBEr

        Video Game in Review                                                                      Blast...    from the past
                             ‘Soul Calibur III’
   “Soul Calibur III” is unique from other fighting games because its story mode actually
has a story. Unlike other fighting games, “Soul Calibur” doesn’t follow the usual fighting
                                                                                                  The Beatles
tournament held by some evil company/monster/cult story line.                                     ‘The White Album’-1968
   Every character has a unique story that somehow revolves around the über evil sword,               Those who doubt that a single band can
Soul Edge. Most of the characters are searching for Soul Edge so they can either take it for      successfully encompass many genres of music,
themselves, or take it and destroy it. Each character’s story is told through short paragraphs    beware. Perhaps it was because songs for this
between fights and decision branches similar to “Choose your own Adventure” stories.              CD were written while the band traveled to the
   “Soul Calibur III” boasts a high number of playable characters, more than 30. All the          Himalayas to perfect the art of meditation – or
characters from “Soul Calibur II” appear in the game, as well as several characters from          maybe it is because that band is The Beatles.
“Soul Calibur I” and the original Soul Edge arcade game. Three new characters are added               “The White Album” is arguably the greatest
to the roster as well. “Soul Calibur III” is packed with replay value. Not only does each         collection of Beatles’ songs, proving the true
character have multiple story branches and endings, but there are hundreds of things to           depth and skill of the band.
unlock. There are extra characters, new weapons, pictures, movies and art.                            For those who expect songs like “Yellow
   “Soul Calibur III” has one of the best character creation systems seen in a fighting           Submarine,” this album will not disappoint you.
game. Characters can be made from hundreds of items and accessories. While there are a            Yet, this CD offers more than one would expect.
very limited number of fighting styles to choose from, there are enough character items to        Listeners are treated to sounds reminiscent of
insure that your character is unique.                                                             styles such as reggae, folk, even vaudeville from
   A wide variety of different modes includes the story mode, an arcade mode, time attack         the early 1900s.
mode, and other modes that are found in nearly every fighting game. “Soul Calibur III”                No matter your preferences, “The White
also includes a new mode called Chronicles of the Sword, which allows players to play a           Album” has something that you will enjoy. The
strategy/Role Playing Game (RPG) version of “Soul Calibur III” with a custom-created              steady beats and catchy tunes, intermingled with
character, which is interesting. It isn’t incredibly difficult, but it is a nice change of pace   thought-provoking lyrics verify that The Beatles
and way better than any other strategy/RPG/fighting game hybrid.                                  are undoubtedly one of best bands of all time,
   “Soul Calibur III” is a great game, possibly one of the best of its genre. It is completely                      and deserving of their status
worth buying and will definitely keep you busy for weeks, maybe even months to come.                                as a legend.

                                      – Erik Long
                                                                                                                     – rEBEkkah ruBin
                                                                                                           11.23.05      the viking views       31

                                                                                                                               Brian Hines

     Why are ‘disruptive
     technologies’ necessary?
    I’ve noticed in the past couple of years that the electronic         with a very savvy, stylized look in mind.
entertainment industry has been changing quite significantly.                And so, the iPod entered into the market and “disrupted” the
Portable music players, home movie theaters, video games systems,        existing industry. It caused a massive change and even took the
and portable movie players have seen sort of an electronic revolution,   role of single-handedly expanding the portable music player market,
in a sense. But why has this happened? If you would have told me         and it showed in sales. The iPod has become a pop culture icon,
10 years ago that things would become so compact, simple, and            recognizable everywhere you go. Backed by a strong marketing
futuristic, despite being only six years old, I would have scoffed at    campaign, the iPod was a huge success.
you and pushed the idea out of my head. But, lo and behold, it has           Poor Sony was left to try and follow suit with Apple. They soon
happened. And these revolutions have occurred because of things          released a knockoff to the iPod, but continued the Walkman brand,
market managers and I like to call “disruptive technologies.”            and sure enough, its sales started decreasing.
    A perfect example would be the ever-popular Apple iPod. Before           The same thing is happening to other devices. Apple has just
the first iPod was ever released, the only things people could use to    recently released the video iPod, which stores a huge amount of video
listen to music on the go was Sony’s Walkman products and their          files in a very compact size. Of course, the VHS to DVD transfer has
respective knock-offs and the very basic MP3 player, but of course       already taken place and we can see the result of that instance. Even
those little dinky things only held about 10 songs or so. But back       video games have seen the same treatment. Sony, with their PSP,
to my original point. Sony had immense success with the Walkman          is combining console-like gaming with movie and music abilities
line, so naturally, what was their business plan to follow? More of      (though not as good as Apple’s efforts) into a single, cool-looking
the same Walkman. They gave it different colors, made it smaller         handheld. Nintendo, breaking away from their Gameboy line (the
and more efficient. But there were really only minimal improvements      most successful video game system ever) released the Nintendo
to the line and eventually people got bored of the thing. People         DS last November, adding a new dimension to handheld gaming
never walked into stores, gazed at a Walkman and said, “Whoa, that       with it’s dual screen layout, touch screen capabilities, and an Xbox
thing is really cool! I have to try it out!” Sony, after essentially     Live-like online service, which coincidentally was activated on the
creating the portable music player market, was now on the brink          14th of this month.
of destroying it.                                                            With all of these examples, these specific companies have grown
    Until Apple entered the market. With the iPod, Apple offered         tired of the dwindling market. So, to save the industry, one must put
huge space to fill MP3s up on an internal hard drive, getting away       existing hardware under the disrupter lens. Only through disrupting
from only ten songs and reaching over 1,000 songs. With this, they       the industry standards with a new, better product that will expand the
avoided the disc medium Sony was still using while obviously             market can we see success and economic growth. Let’s just hope
avoiding disc skipping. It also helped that the iPod was designed        that the disrupter lens will be intact in ten years or so.

“Rejects”                                                                                                        Kellen Safreed

                                                                                                                          – Rebecca Mohr

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Jarhead aims for perfect shot
Nathan Floom
Staff Writer
    We hear about it everyday on the television, newspaper or radio.
The war in Iraq is never that far from our minds. However, some 15
years ago another war raged: Operation Desert Storm, which is the
focus of “Jarhead,” a movie that brings the Gulf War to life on the
screen and shows us a glimpse of war as a soldier experiences it.
    The movie is centered on Swoff (Jake Gyllenhaal), a young man
who decides to join the Marine Corps because his life at home is far
from spectacular. As he goes through the virtual hell that is Marine
Training, he is approached by Staff Sgt. Sykes (Jamie Foxx) who
offers him an opportunity to become a marine sniper.
    Soon after reciting his sniper oath, Swoff and his fellow
comrades are sent to Kuwait, in Operation Desert Shield.
There he is pushed to the limits of his sanity due to the
heat, boredom, his fellow marines and fear. Finally, after
his girlfriend cheats on him and he gets demoted due to
drinking, he snaps.
    Once he gathers what remains of his mental stability,
war breaks out: Operation Desert Storm. His platoon is

sent on a seemingly pointless patrol across the desert

waste land where he is exposed to charred bodies,

oil rain and friendly fire. After all the boredom and

torturous violent ambiance, all he wishes for is

the chance to make one shot: the perfect shot of

a Marine sniper.

    “Jarhead” is a multi-dimensional film. That

shows the drama of a single soldier while

portraying the Gulf War in a no-nonsense
    The ordeals of Swoff show the truth that
war, even in modern times, can push an
individual beyond their limits. It also shows
us how American soldiers are not always the
heroes that our media tends to portray them as.
Gyllenhaal plays his role to the max, revealing
his true acting abilities by showing emotion that
makes the movie half of what it is. Jamie Foxx
again shows his expertise as a diverse actor of the
highest caliber by playing the hard core, rough and
wise character of Staff Sgt. Sykes.
    The acting isn’t the only excellent thing in
“Jarhead.” The movie shows the true color of
modern warfare. It also includes unsettling facts
such as military bureaucracy and insane soldiers, not
to mention friendly fire, which was a leading cause
of death during the Gulf War. It also manages to show
us the scope, landscape and violence of war by using
stupendous scenery, imaging and realistic effects that glue
the viewers’ eyes to the screen.
    “Jarhead” has everything a great movie needs including
a point. It shows us how the Gulf War was, and how war has
changed. The film shows how modern warfare doesn’t have a
great need for ground troops; everything is done by jetfighters.
Swoff goes through the whole movie waiting for a chance to
fire his rifle and hopefully kill one of the Iraq Guard.
    This movie has a clear shot at becoming a classic war
movie, not only because of its film work or actors, but because of
its honest portrayal of war in a time when our country is again at
war against Iraq.

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                                In the spotlight: Dustin Schwab
    The crowd is hushed; the excitement is                                                                    into reality.
overwhelming. The curtain opens as Dustin                                                                        “He is a good actor, very well rounded in
Schwab steps onstage to personify another’s                                                                   his acting. He is very experienced and has
experience, doing what he loves.                                                                              been in many plays,” his brother Zach said.
    Schwab has been involved in theater                                                                       “I have seen them all.”
since sixth grade when he joined “The                                                                            Besides acting in Drama Club and other
Young People’s Performing Arts.”                                                                              programs, Schwab is involved in choir, high-
    Starting out was a little difficult for                                                                   lows, and NHS.
Schwab. “My friends really helped me learn                                                                       The future is also bright for Schwab’s
what acting was all about,” he said.                                                                          acting career as he hopes to study theater and
    Everyone is influenced by something,                                                                      creative writing in college. This summer he
their by friends or by experiences. Watch-                                                                    also plans to direct. He also plays Bert Jef-
ing “Million Dollar Baby” also influenced                                                                     ferson in “The Man Who Came to Dinner.”
Schwab to achieve his dreams.                                                                                    “I hope that I have do have some sort of
    “I was so affected by it that I felt if I could                                                           acting along the way. Even if I’m going to
ever make a show like that, I would feel if I                                                                 be working at a restaurant it’s a price I will
                                                                                                KATIE ROJEK

did something in my life,” he said.                                                                           have to pay,” Schwab said. “It’s going to be
    With support from his friends and fam-                                                                    a detour along the way.”
ily, Schwab just might follow those dreams                                                                                                –	Rebecca	Mohr
                                                                                                                     11.23.05      the viking views            37

 A season to remember
 Boys cross country finishes second at state
                         Story by Pat Brady n Photos by Derek Quinn

     rom pasta parties to hundreds of miles of practices, this year’s boys cross country
     team was indeed a team. The Vikings, who didn’t have one individual star, ran as a
     pack all the way to the state meet where they finished runner-up.

i                            N                                  j
m                            i                                  o
m                            C                                  S
y                            K                                  h
EBERTS                       STRoEmPLE                          RUNNER
     Over the summer the team had a different      However, Ackerman realized his team’s         tight pack like they had all year and finished
 practice plan. Instead of just running potential a little bit earlier in the season at          second to no dissapointment.
 hundreds of miles aimlessly, Coach Travis the Tiffin Invitational, where the Vikings               “They got out there and let the race
 Ackerman had a more organized approach. beat some of the state’s best competition               come to them,” Ackerman said. “I couldn’t
     “He designed a new training program for including Kings Mills Kings from Cincinnati         have asked for anything more; they ran
 the summer and that was one of the keys to and Cleveland’s St. Ignatius.                        perfectly.” nV
 our success,” sophomore Nick Stroemple            “When we ran at Tiffin in our second          n Despite Hoover’s not placing a runner within
 said.                                          meet of the year there was a lot of the state    the top 20, the boys cross country team placed
     According to Ackerman, the running competition, and it was a top notch meet for             second in the state championship meet at Scioto
 program wasn’t the only reason for their us to win,” Ackerman said.                             Downs Nov. 5. Smiling broadly (from left to right),
                                                                                                 alternate Dustin Blend, Chad Kostelnik, Kyle
 success.                                          However, the Vikings hit a small bump at      Roshak, Brian McIntire, Adam Stackpole, Josh
     “They did a little more structured the district meet when they lost to Perry.               Runner, Jimmy Eberts, and Nick Stroemple cel-
 running,” Ackerman said. “The biggest             “We had to re-focus ourselves on our goal     ebrate their success.
 difference was that the guys sold out and of making it to the state meet and get more
 did what they were supposed to do instead serious about it,” Eberts said.                        The Season at a Glance
 of doing it half-heartedly.”                      The Vikings were able to redirect as they      Event                      Finish
     All year the team has been a group with finished first at the regional in Boardman,          Dave Clegg Invitational       1
 no individual                                                                 qualifying
 star but they                                                                 them for the
                                                                                                  Tiffin Carnival Invitational 1
                                                                                                  Boardman Invitational         1
 succeeded using
 a pack form of
                      “All of the guys on the                                  state meet.
                                                                               By then, their     Cloverleaf Invitational       1
     “We’ve got
                      team got along so well and                               goal was more
                                                                               than to just be
                                                                                                  Stark County Meet             1
                                                                                                  Strongsville Invitational     1
 a good group
 of leaders and
                      we were all just working                                 there.
                                                                                                  Federal League Meet           1
                                                                                                  District Meet                 2
 everyone just
 followed them,”
                      towards one goal–making                                  at state for
                                                                               Hoover were        Regional Meet                 1
                      it to the state meet.”                                   seniors Jimmy
                                                                               Eberts, Josh
                                                                                                  State Meet                    2
                                     Nick Stroemple, 10                        Runner, Bryan
 agrees.                                                                       McIntyre,
     “All of the                                                               juniors Chad
 guys on the team got along so well and Kostelnik, Kyle Roshak and sophomores
 we were all just working towards one goal Nick Stroemple and Adam Stackpole. The
 – making it to the state meet,” Stroemple runners were sent off to states by a crowd
 said.                                          of their peers Friday, Nov. 4.
     At the beginning of the season, the team’s    The next day, before the race, Ackerman
 goal was just to make it to the state meet. didn’t want his team to get too excited
 This began to change as they won their first because of the circumstances.                          C
 six meets, from the Dave Clegg Invitational       In cross country, a team is only as good
 here at Hoover to the meet at Strongsville. as its last runner. The Vikings didn’t finish           h
     “Our goal was to finish in the top three anybody in the top 20 runners, but their last                n                          V

 at every invitational and make it to the state runner wasn’t far behind.
 meet,” senior Jimmy Eberts said. “After           “I just told them to relax and be patient,”
 we won our sixth invitational, Strongsville, Ackerman said. “Our strength all year has              D
 I knew we had a chance to compete at the been our pack.”
 states.”                                          The team took his advice as they ran in a         KoSTELNiK

K                                                R                                               A
y                                                y                                               D
L                                                A                                               A
E                                                N                                               m
RoShAK                                           mCiNTyRE                                        STACKPoLE
                                                                                                                                 (Left) Senior Quarterback
                                                                                                                                 Josh Nettleton drops back
                                                                                                                                 to pass during the Massil-
                                                                                                                                 lon game. (Below) Senior
                                                                                                                                 Alex Bojko kicks the ball to
                                                                                                                                 Massillon after the Vikings
                                                                                                                                 scored a touchdown.

                                                                                                                                 it’s great,” Hertler said.
                                                                                                                                                The team had many
                                                                                                                                             shining moments
                                                                                                                                             during the season. The
                                                                                                                                             Jackson game was
                                                                                                                                             one for the majority
                                                                                                                                             of the players.
                                                                                                                                                “ T h e t e a m ’s
                                                                                                                                             shining moment was
                                                                                                                                             against Jackson. We
                                                                                                                                             kicked them around
                                                                                                                                             all night and it got
                                                                                                                                             the team into the

                                                                                                                                             playoffs,” Feinberg

                Out, but not down
                                                                                                                                                The Vikings were
                                                                                                 ShANNoN PiFer
                                                                                                                                             set to play their
                Football ends season in playoffs                                                                                             playoff game against
                Dominic Garrini                                                                                                              Massillon, one of
                                                                                                                                             the most prestigious

                Staff Writer
                            he season has closed     to the team not only because          ranked McKinley.                                  high school football
                            for the Hoover           it leapfrogged them into the              “The season was great. We         programs in America. The game
                            Vikings football team.   playoffs, but it was also revenge     turned around from a 1-9 season       was meaningful to fans and
                This season was a successful         for the 34-0 loss against Jackson     to a 7-4 season and second in the     players who saw it as a great
                one for the Vikings, going 7-4       last season.                          league to McKinley,” Nettleton        opportunity to play with such a
                and making a trip to the playoffs        “It was an awesome                said.                                 well-known program.
                after last year’s 1-9 season. The    exclamation point to put on               Fans, players, and coaches            “It was a great opportunity
                Vikings season ended Nov. 5 at       the end of the season to beat         alike were happy with the             to play Massillon. They were a
                Paul Brown Tiger Stadium with        our rivals for my last Federal        season.                               great team and we had a good
                a loss to the Massillon Tigers.      League game and put them out              “To turn around that many         chance to beat them, but it just
                Massillon was a top ranked           of the playoffs and put us in,”       games in one year was quite a         didn’t happen,” Nettleton said.
                state team with only one loss.       Nettleton said.                       feat by the team,” Hertler said.          Emotions ran high before the
                The Vikings had a hard week of           The night was special not             Most players set high             game. The Vikings were ready
                practice preparing for them.         only to the players, but also the     standards heading into the            and so were the fans to believe
                   “We had a good week of            coaches.                              season. Senior receiver and           in an upset.
                practice. We focused on all of           “It was a special night. It was   defensive back Kyle Feinberg              “Going into the game, we
                Massillon’s key players and we       the seniors’ last home game,”         did this.                             believed what we did all season.
                thought we had a great chance to     head coach Don Hertler Jr said.           “The goal that I wanted to        We wanted to go into the game
                beat them,” senior quarterback       “It completed the season and          achieve this season was to be a       with good intensity and play our
                Josh Nettleton said.                 made the season a success for         first-team All Federal League,        hearts out,” Feinberg said.
                   The Vikings had to earn their     us.”                                  but I got second-team because             The team has closed the
                way into the playoffs and they           Most critics thought the          Joe Morgan from McKinley              season and looks forward to next
                did so by beating heated rival       Vikings wouldn’t do as well as        had a great season,” Feinberg         season with many underclassmen
                Jackson. The game was changed        they did this season. The Vikings     said.                                 returning. They hope to transfer
                when sophomore running back
                Kevin Dahl went down with
                                                                  Golden Moments
                                                     weren’t picked to do well in
                                                     the Federal League. In certain
                                                                                               The season might not have
                                                                                           ended the way the coaches had
                                                                                                                                 the success of this year’s season
                                                                                                                                 to next year.
                a concussion, but senior Kyle        preseason polls they were picked      wanted it to, but they were happy         “The success of next season
                Robbins stepped up to take his       to lose to GlenOak and Lake.          with their play and the success       will be determined in the off-
                place and ran hard the whole         The Vikings defeated both teams       of the team.                          season on how much the team
                night.                               to place second in the Federal            “When a team comes together       wants to work and improve.
                   The win was meaningful            League, behind number-one             at the end of the season like that,   If they do that, we will have a
                                                                                                                                 decent team,” Hertler said.   V
                40    the viking views      11.23.05
                                        The Thrill of the Hunt
                                                                                                            Hunters rejoice at start
                                                                                                            of the new season
                                                                        CourteSy oF LoGAN BArNBy

Katie Rojek                                                            grandpa,” he said.                                    Be it recreation or sport, some may
Staff Writer                                                                His father taught him how to hunt when        oppose the entire notion of hunting by citing
   Gun season for hunting deer starts Nov.                             he was young, but he has always been               animal cruelty, but Andrews disagrees.
28 and goes until Dec. 4, according to the                             interested in the pursuit.                            “I don’t think it’s cruel to animals
Ohio Department of Natural Resources. For                                   “My grandpa would always come home            because we’re helping with the [excess
some Hoover students, this means one more                              with a buck or something and I’ve always           animal] population,” he said. “If we didn’t
opportunity to enjoy the game of predator                              wanted to do that,” he said. “It’s not like I’ve   [hunt], they would become overpopulated.
versus prey.                                                           always wanted to go out and kill something         Deer would be hitting cars and animals
   Senior Logan Barnby hunts two to three                              . . . I’ve just always wanted to be able to go     would eat too many crops.”
times per week during the fall. He goes                                out there for the experience.”                        According to the Ohio Department
with family and friends because he enjoys                                   However, according to www.bizstats.com,       of Natural Resources, hunters have “bag
the activity.                                                          hunting is more than just a popular pastime.       limits,” where
   “You get outdoors and can relax,” he                                There are roughly 27,498 corporations that         they can only

                                                                                                                                             CourteSy oF LoGAN BArNBy
said. “It feels like how it used to be…in                              deal with hunting and outdoor activities           harvest up to
pioneer times.”                                                        in the U.S. These corporations serve more          seven deer a
   Barnby has been hunting “since he                                   than 21,217,324 recipients, both men and           year, depending
could walk,” when his father first taught                              women.                                             on their permit;
him how.                                                                    Although both Andrews and Barnby              they are also
   “It’s a family tradition,” he said. “Then                           mention that they know of girls who hunt,          restricted to
you find a friend who likes it too, and you                            they admit that it is predominantly a guy’s        one antlered
take them with you.”                                                   interest.                                          deer per
   Freshman Mike Andrews also hunts                                         “I don’t think girls are really into the      year.
for recreation. He and his family travel to                            whole [idea of] killing things and gutting            Andrews
southern Ohio and Pennsylvania six to eight                            them,” Andrews said.                               accentuates
times a year to hunt during the different                                   Andrews also notes that hunting can be        what the
seasons. He has even occasionally traveled                             an expensive hobby. His license costs $40,         e n t i r e
to Canada to hunt bears.                                               ammunition costs about $5-6 a box and a            experience
   “I like hunting because I enjoy the                                 gun can cost around $500.                          of hunting is
outdoors and I spend time with my dad and                                   However, Andrews does not mind the            for him.
                                                                       cost because to him, hunting is more than a           “Killing
                                                                       hobby – it is a sport.                             isn’t the
                                                                            “It can be competitive and it does take       important
                                                                       skill and talent,” he said. “You need to know      part, it’s being able to get into the woods
                                         CourteSy oF MiChAeL ANdreWS

                                                                       how to shoot and track . . . where to go . . .     and track it down and use a skill that’s been
                                                                       what you need to do if an animal comes and         forgotten,” Andrews said.
                                                                       how to shoot it.”                                     Barnby also emphasizes the whole event,
                                                                            Barnby also considers hunting a sport.        rather than focusing on simply shooting an
                                                                            “Your opponent is the outdoors,” he said.     animal.
                                                                       “You must withstand obstacles from nature,            “It’s just peaceful to be out in the woods
                                                                       like the weather.”                                 during sunrise,” he said. “Everyone can do it,
                                                                            Like a sport, hunters can compete,            and everyone should try it at least once.” V
                                                                       according to Andrews. For example, in
                                                                                                                           (Top left) Logan Barnby and his father wait for
                                                                       deer hunting competitions, judges choose a         a buck while hunting.  (Bottom left) Mike An-
                                                                       winner based on the weight of their deer and       drews shows off his fowl after hunting.  (Above)
                                                                       the size of its “rack,” or its antlers.            A young Logan Barnby holds the rack of his hunt-
                                                                                                                          ed buck.
                                                                                                                                  11.23.05                              the viking views   41

                                                                                                                           Chestnut Hill
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                   Cool Clothes!                                               Antiques, Tasty Treats
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                                                                               Berlin FC strives to increase the individual skills of each player
                    Michelle Milano
                                                                               through training and game experience. Our focus has been and
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                    Darla Salvino                                              filled environment, allowing players to challenge themselves and
                                                                               each other.
                                                                               Summit/New Berlin FC is a year-round program with teams
                                                                               competing in the OYSAN State League.

           10% i and                                                          Post high school events:
               Sk      s!
         Snow cessorie                                                          •Late October        Indoor training starts at Diamond Complex
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42       the viking views                         11.23.05
sports briefs
                                                                                                                           Pat Brady
 Receiving All-Federal League honors       u Volleyball                                 District meet.
were                                        First Team: Erica Deibel
 uFootball                                  Second Team: Nicole Dunlap                    The boy’s soccer
First Team: Josh Nettleton, Kyle Robbins,   Honorable Mention: Abby Lindeman             season ended at the
Zac Cochenour                                                                            District final against
Second Team:                                            Three Hoover coaches received   Kent Roosevelt. The
Jordan Bucar, Kyle                                     All-Federal League honors this    Vikings lost 3-0 at

                                                 sHannon pifer
Feinberg(Right),                                       year. Volleyball coach Mia        Kent. Sophomore
Alex Bojko, Caleb                                      Thomas was named Federal          Taylor Kiefer finished
Cross                                                  League coach of the year. Don     with a school record
Honorable                                              Hertler Jr. shared coach of the   of 17 assists and senior Drew Furlong
Mention: Tyler                                         year honors with McKinley’s       finished the season with over 31 goals, 3
Drake,        Ken                                      head coach                                                 shy of the school
Staudinger,                                            Brian Cross.                                               record. (Left
                                                                                                                  Mario Sousa

                                                                                                             Derek Quinn
Ronnie Gnau                                            Hertler came
 uBoys Soccer                                          back from a                                                kicks the ball)
First Team: Matt                                       1-9 season
Andrews, Drew                                          to 7-3 and                                                  Hoover grad
Furlong, Taylor Kiefer                      a playoff birth. Also                                                 Greg Habib,who
Second Team: Mike Tabeling, Will Ballas     receiving coach of the                                                is a freshman
Honorable Mention: Mike Vandervaart         year honor was Travis                                                 at Ashland, is
 uGirls Soccer                              Ackerman who led the                                                  now the starting
First Team: Hannah Mirzakhani, Jackie       boys cross country team                                               goalie. After
Nicodemo                                    to a runner-up finish at                                              the starter was
Second Team: Alyssa Marulli, Sarah          the state meet this year.                                             injured, Habib
Warner                                      Leading up to the state                                               stepped in for the

Honorable Mention: Karren Russell           meet, the only loss for                                               rest of the season
                                            the cross country team was to Perry at the   as Ashland won the conference title.

                                       Game Faces                Rachel Bosyj

                                                                                  Name: Taryn Cochran
                                                                                  Grade: 12
                                                                                  sport: Cross Country
                                                                                      First Team All Fed-
                                        Name: Brian Vasquez                          eral League
                                        Grade: 10                                     First Team All
                                        sport: Hockey                                County

                                        postioN: Goalie                               Personal Record:
                                                                                     20 minutes 6 seconds

                                            Two-year varsity goaltender          otHer activities:

                                            Lettered as a freshman                   Track: 800 meter,
                                        otHer activities:                            mile, 2 miles
                                            Baseball                                 Spanish Club

                                                                                                  11.23.05        the viking views 43
            4th Quarter

                                                                                                                                         Tyler Drake

            Will anyone miss T.O.?
           Before the Philadelphia Eagles played the Washington Redskins          bunting and single hitting taking the place of the “all or nothing”
       on Nov. 6, the greatest thing to happen to their team in the franchise’s   homerun hitting attitude prominent in the rest of baseball. The White
       history occurred. Terrell Owens was suspended indefinitely. Never          Sox did not win any individual titles, but rather, the only title that
       mind that T.O. was the Eagles’ leading receiver with six touchdowns,       matters – World Series champions.
       more than 750 receiving yards, and 47 receptions. More importantly,            Meanwhile, T.O. was criticizing his coaches and demanding
       he was the Eagles’ leading distraction.                                    more money.
           A dominant trend has emerged in all championship teams – just              Even in the ego packed NBA, when players put their team first
       that, they are teams. While the teams might have many good players         the result is always positive. Long gone are the days when one lone
       and one or two superstars, every member is team-oriented first.            player such as Michael Jordan can single-handedly dominate the
       Championships, resulting from team devotion and selflessness are           game and win six titles. Rather, by playing team basketball, and
       apparent at all levels of all team sports.                                 playing defense, the San Antonio Spurs came away with their third
           In professional football, the New England Patriots are two time        title in seven years.
       defending champions after defeating T.O. and the Eagles in last                Meanwhile, T.O. fought with a teammate, Hugh Douglas, in the
       year’s Super Bowl. No player on their roster feels that they are           locker room, and repeatedly criticized his quarterback Donovan
       above the team. And if they do, head coach Bill Belichick and his          McNabb.
       staff make sure that they are not around long enough to poison the             The team concept is perhaps even more vital to success in high
       rest of the team with their ego. Last season, while making their first     school athletics. The members of the 2003 Hoover football team
       title defense, the Patriots became gravely depleted at cornerback.         went 10-0 by putting the team first. Many good players united around
       To fill the void, wide receiver Troy Brown, a 13-year veteran,             the desire to win and concern for one another, leading the team to
       gladly switched over to the other side of the ball, in the process,        their first perfect season in close to 30 years.
       sacrificing incentive bonus money. Bonds to the team are so close,             In a more recent example, earlier this month the boys cross
       that this year Tedy Bruschi, the heart of their defense, returned to       country team placed second in the state meet. Unlike other teams in
       the field a mere eight months after suffering a stroke because the         the competition, none of their runners placed in the top 20 postitions.
       “team” needed him.                                                         Instead, by each member pulling their own weight, the boys became
           Meanwhile, T.O. was complaining that the Eagles’ front                 state runners – up after all seven runners finished within 45 seconds
       office didn’t do enough to celebrate his 100th career touchdown            of one another.
       reception.                                                                     Meanwhile, T.O. has the rest of the season off to choreograph
           A month ago, the White Sox brought Chicago its first World             his endzone celebrations, and the Eagles have the rest of the season
       Series title since 1917. They did it by playing “small ball.” With         to pick up the pieces of their season, as a team.

                                                                                                                                                    Sports: Captured

[clock wise from above]  seniors kyle robbins, Zac cochenour, and junior kenny
staudinger watch as the fumbled ball bounces on the turf. Photo: shannon pifer  senior
Logan Barnby poses with the birds he killed. Photo: courtesy of Logan Barnby  The
boys cross country team smiles for the camera before their state meet. Photo: Julie
saternus.  senior chris Graham faces off in a recent hockey game against kenston                                 11.23.05     the viking views          44
High. Photo: courtesy of rick Graham.

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