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                                 BID DOCUMENT


    Name of the Tenderer         : ……………………………..

    Cost of the Tender Document : Rs.520/-

                                                    Sub Divisional Engineer (Tender),
                                                     O/o PGM,BSNL, Trichy – 620 001.
                                                               Ph: 0431-2413200.
        Note :
1. Please Submit all the pages duly Signed.
2. Financial Bid is in page No. 6

Signature of the tenderer

                          BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                           ( A Government of India Enterprise)
                Office of the Pr. General Manager, BSNL,Trichy-620 001.

SSA FOR THE YEAR 2010-11 “.

No. S8/WT/RCC-PIPE/2010-11 / 1                       dtd at Trichy      the    09.09.2010.
                                  NOTICE INVITING TENDER
            For and on behalf of CMD BSNL, New Delhi , the Principal General Manager, BSNL, Tirichyi–
1 invites wax sealed /PVC taped tenders for the      SUPPLY OF RCC TROUGH( EACH 1 MTR.) /RCC
manufacturers / Dealers as detailed and specified below. This tender is valid for A PERIOD OF SIX
MONTHS from the date of approval.
a. RCC Pipes - 100 mm inner diametre including one side coller ( each 2 Mtrs.) Required - 1000
    Nos. (Approximate) with ISI Quality.
b. RCC TROUGH (Half Circle) - 100 mm inner diametre             (each 1 Mtr. ) - Required 10,000
    Metres. (Approximate) with ISI Quality.
2.The date for sale of tender document and submission are given below :
Estimated Cost of Tender                          Rs. 4.25 Lacs
EMD                                               Rs. 5,000/-
Cost of Tender document                           Rs 520/- (Including VAT 4 %)
Place where the Document can be had from          Cashier, O/o PGM, BSNL, Trichy
Web Site Address                        
Period of sale of Tender Document                 From 20-10-2010 to 10-11-2010
Time & Last Date for submission of Bid            Up to 1500 Hrs on       11-11-2010
Time & Date of Bid Opening                        1530 Hrs on 11-11-2010
3. Estimated cost of the tender given above is only tentative and subject to variation
of plus or minus 25%.
Sale of Tender Document : Eligible and Willing tenderers may obtain the Tender documents from
Cash Counter, O/o PGM., BSNL.,Trichy-1. on payment of Rs.520/- (Rupees Five hundred and Twenty only)
including 4% VAT by cash at the cash counter of Office of the Pr. General Manager , BSNL, Trichy-1 OR
by DD drawn in favour of AO(Cash) ,O/o PGM, BSNL,Trichy-1 OR it can be down loaded from our web site, in which case, application cost of Rs.520/- must be enclosed in the form of
a    DD      favoring A.O(Cash), O/o PGM, BSNL,Trichy-1, while submitting tender             documents,
compulsorily .The cost of the Tender Document is neither refundable nor transferable
The tender , which is not accompanied by the requisite Bid Security (EMD) and DD
for Cost of Tender document incase of Downloaded tender document, shall be summarily
rejected . Tender will not be accepted / received after expiry date and time . BSNL
will not be responsible for any postal delay. PGM,TR reserves the right to reject any
or all tenders without assigning any reason what-so-ever.

                                                            Principal General Manager ,
                                                               BSNL., Trichy – 620 001.

Signature of the tenderer

4. The Last date for receipt of tenders shall be 11.11.2010 up to 1500 hours. Any tenders
   received there after will be kept unopened . Tenders will be opened at 1530 hours on the same
   day (ie) 11.11.2010, in the chamber of the Asst.General Manager (NWP -CM),O/o PGM, BSNL,
   TR – 1 by the Tender Opening committee in the presence of the tenderers or their
   authorized agents as may be present at the prescribed time and date.
The completed Tender document should be sent by Registered Post duly sealed and addressed to:

                                      Shri. M.Kumarasamy ,
                               Asst. General Manager (NWP –CM),
                           O/o PGM, BSNL, CTO Bldg, Trichy –620 001
                                     Phone No:0431 2415200
   or it may be directly dropped into the Tender Box provided for this purpose in front of
security cabin ,Office of the General Manager, BSNL., Trichy –1 . The envelope containing the
tenders should be superscribed as “TENDER FOR THE SUPPLY OF RCC TROUGH( EACH 1
If this office remains closed on the day of opening of the tender due to unexpected reasons , the
tender will be opened on the next working day of the date prescribed . It may be noted that tenders
sent by registered post will be accepted only at the risk of the tenderers and BSNL will not be
responsible for any postal delay.
5.Earnest Money Deposit:
     An Earnest Money Deposit of Rs. 5,000/- ( Rupees.Five Thousand only) is to be deposited in
form of Demand Draft payable to the ACCOUNTS OFFICER (CASH) , O/o PGMT, BSNL, Trichy – 1.
or by Cash remitted in the cash counter O/o PGM, BSNL,TR-1. Tender received without EMD will
be rejected . Earnest Money Deposit will not bear any interest. The same will be refunded in the
case of unsuccessful tenderers on receipt of advanced stamped receipt after finalisation of the
tender. In case of the successful tenderer the EMD will be treated as a part of Security Deposit.
Cheques will not be accepted for the Earnest Money Deposit.

The NSIC Registration certificate holders are exempted only from payment of EMD but they
are required to pay the 5% of the contractual value as Security Deposit.
6. Security Deposit :
       The Successful tenderer will be required to remit security deposit of Rs. 10,000/-
 ( Rupees Ten thousand only ). The security deposit may be deposited in the form of Demand
Draft issued by any one of the PSU Banks or any one of the leading Private sector banks,
payable to the Accounts Officer (Cash), O/o the Principal General Manager, BSNL, Trichy-1, or
by Cash remitted in the cash counter O/o PGM, BSNL,TR-1. within 7 days from the date of
acceptance of the tender, failing which the EMD paid will be forfeited.
       This Security Deposit will be refunded without any interest after satisfactory completion of
all the contractual obligations of this tender and after expiry of 3 months from the date of supply
of materials .
7. On acceptance of the tender, the successful Tenderer will have to sign an agreement in the
prescribed form in a stamped paper of value of Rs.20/-(Rupees Twenty only) before awarding of the
work. The above terms and conditions will form part of the agreement and the agreement will be
valid till all matters arising out of the contract are finally settled. The Tender is negotiable.

   Signature of the tenderer

8. Any attempt of canvassing /influencing either direct or indirect, on the part of the tenderer
with the authority to whom he has submitted the tender or the authority who is competent to
finally accept it, will render the tenderer , liable for rejection from the tender process.

9.Purchase order: Purchase order will be issued by Sub Divisional Engineer( MM), Office of
Pr. General Manager.BSNL,Trichy-1 and the supply of the materials have to be made to the
same officer as per the conditions given the work order. The total quantity mentioned is only
approximate and it may vary by about 25 Percent plus or minus. Orders will be placed only
after verifying the sample.

10. Incase of any urgent requirement the Pr. General Manager, BSNL, Trichy reserves the right
to provide the materials from any other agency or more than one agency during the currency of
the contract.

11. In the event of the supplier , failing to observe or abide by any of the conditions set out in
this contract, he will be terminated and also he will be barred from participating in the future
tenders / works of BSNL. If the contract is terminated as above or on account of any other
reason , the Security deposit will be forfeited without any prejudice to any other rights of

12.In the event of any dispute arising out of the contract the same shall be referred for
arbitration of the Pr. General Manager, BSNL, Trichy SSA or some other person appointed by
him. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties to this contract.

13. The BSNL shall not be liable for any additional cost, penalty or liquidated damages for delay
or any failure to perform the contract arising out of force majored clauses beyond its control,
including act of God, or public restraint imposed by BSNL, restriction in the use of power,
quarantine restriction civil commotion, strike, lockout un–rest, freight embargoes, restraint in
procurement of raw materials or components, explosion, accident, bad weather, storm etc.,

14 . While quoting the rate alteration / deletion without authentication will not be accepted and
rate should be quoted only in pen or ball point pen both in figures and words.

15. The Pr. General Manager , BSNL., Trichy does not bind himself to accept the lowest tender
or any tender or to assign any reason for the rejection of any tender.

16. This entire tender document along with the tender schedule should be duly signed by the
tenderer at the bottom of every page and submitted.

17.a) Near relatives of BSNL employees either directly recruited or on deputation
are prohibited from, participation in tenders and execution of works          in the  different
units in BSNL as instructed in the BSNL corporate Office Lr.No.151-08/2002/38 dated
11.9.2002. Hence all tenderers must enclose a certificate as per proforma given in Annexure"A"

Signature of the tenderer

b) The tenderer / Firm applying for supply of RCC Pipe should furnish Income Tax
Permanent Number (PAN) in the tender form. Xerox copy of the PAN card issued by the
Income Tax department along with the       certificate to the effect that they are filing
annual return and Service TAX registration are to be furnished .

18. BILLS: . Bills should be submitted along with supply without any delay. All the bills of the
contractor will be paid subject to recovery of income tax applicable at that time. . The bill
must contain the DETAILS OF THE COST OF BASIC PRICE and TAXES separately.

19. The tenderer should not impose any clause or condition. The tender is valid for Six Months
from the date of approval .
Rate Validity: The rate quoted by the tenderers will be valid for 90 days from the date     of
opening of the tender.

20.LD Clause :
The supply should be made within the time limit specified as may be given in the purchase
order, normally within 5 days from the date of receipt of the supply order. For every
week delay 0.5% of the bill amount will be deducted subject to a maximum of 5% as
Liquidated damages. In the event of failure to supply within the due date action as
mentioned in clause(11) will also be taken. The materials should be of the best quality as
per the specification.

                                               Asst. General Manager (NWP-CM)),
                                              O/o P.G.M, BSNL, Trichy-620 001.

Signature of the tenderer

                                 TENDER RATE SCHEDULE
        Tender for the Supply of RCC Trough( each 1 mtr.) /RCC Pipes( each 2 mtrs.)
 for the purpose of “ OF Cable (Ring / IMPCS BTS routes ) laying works in Trichy
 SSA for the year 2010-11 “.
From                                  Tender Application Fee of Rs.520/-
                                            Paid vide RtNo.       Bk No.
                                      Dtd .

  Shri M.Kumarasamy,
 Asst. General Manager (NWP-CM),
 O/o P.G.M, BSNL.,Trichy-1.                                  Signature of Issuing Officer

Ref : Your Tender Notice No. S8/WT/RCC /2010-11/                     dt at Trichy the 09/09/2010.

     After having read the terms and conditions and the specifications given elsewhere          in the
document, I/We hereby offer my/our tender for the SUPPLY OF RCC TROUGH ( each 1                 MTR /
RCC PIPES ( each 2 mtrs.) IN TRICHY SSA for Six months at the following rates.
Sl.  Name of the       Description of the items               Net rate for each                 Sales Tax
No Company(Make)                                              item (including Freight           In Rs.
                                                              and handling charges )
                            RCC PIPES of 100 mm internal dia
1                            with barrel dimensions of 2 mtrs. of
                            length & 25 mm minimum thickness with one
                            side coller of dimension 13 mm minimum
                            caulking space , 24 mm minimum thickness &
                            150mm minimum length with CC 1:2:4
                            ( 1 cement : 2 sand : 4 stones ) &
                             reinforcement generally conforming
                             to IS /458/1983 IS: 458-1961

2                           RCC TROUGH (Half Circle) - 100 mm
                            internal dia with barrel dimensions of
                            1 mtr. of length & 25 mm minimum
                            thickness with CC 1:2:4
                            ( 1 cement : 2 sand : 4 stones) &
                              reinforcement generally conforming
                            to IS: 458-1988.

Note :The material will be delivered to Sub Divisional Engineer ( MM), O/o PGM ,BSNL, Trichy
 I/We have paid the Earnest Money Deposit of Rs.         (Rupees……………………………………..     only) and
 receipt obtained thereof is enclosed herewith / DD/ Rt No. .
 dt. ……… of…………………….. …bank ……………………….Branch is enclosed.
   Place:                                                   Yours faithfully,

Signature of the tenderer

                              TENDER AGREEMENT

Tender agreement for …………………………………………………….. ………………………………..
 in Trichy SSA.
This agreement entered into at Trichy -1 on this day         .   . 2010 between the
Chief Managing Director, BSNL, New Delhi, represented by Office of the Principal
General Manager, BSNL, Trichy-1 of the Telecom department on the one part and
……………………………………………………………………………………..(Name of the contractor) on the
other part. Whereas the contractor has given a security Deposit of Rs..
(Rupees.              only) for fulfillment of this contract vide P.G.M, BSNL, Trichy
cash Receipt No/DD ………………………………………. ………………..………………………………………………….
Now the present witness and the parties hereby agree as follows:-
1. Where as per terms and conditions, specifications of tender, the said contractor has
     offered the schedule of rates as shown in page 6 and the same accepted by Office of
     the PGM, BSNL, Trichy-1. The said terms and conditions, specifications and schedule of
     rates issued shall form part of this agreement
2. The contractor shall execute all the works connected with Tender agreement - for
     …………………………………………………………… in Trichy SSA for the year 2010-11 in a through
     workmanship like manner and with best materials, man power and in accordance with
     specification, terms , conditions and directions of NIT
3. For performance of each job, time specified by the PGM, BSNL, Trichy-1 or his Engineer
     in-charge- shall fix target date and same shall be complied fully without any delay
     (Whatsoever unless under the conditions as follows).
4. If the contractor is not able to complete the work allotted to him within the target date
     or if BSNL is of the opinion that the general performance is not satisfactory it is open to
     the P.G.M, BSNL, Trichy-1. or any assigned execute authority to allot the portion or whole
     of the work left over to some other agency and take such other steps as he may think fit
     and recover the excess amount if any spent on completion of the job from the contractor.
     The decision of the P.G.M, BSNL Trichy shall be final and the contractor is not entitled
     for any compensation for any loss incurred by him in this connection.
5. The contractor shall not make any claim for any specific quantum of work.
6. The contractor shall indemnify the Govt. of India against any loss, damage and other
     causes that the Govt. of India may be put to or incur during the course of execution of
     the work entrusted to him.
7. The contract shall be terminated by the PGM, BSNL, Trichy-1 at any time giving 7 days
     notice, in the case of noncompliance of the terms and conditions of the Agreement and his
     decision shall be final. In such arrangement, the P.G.M, BSNL, Trichy-1 and other officers
     awarding the work shall have            the    right to award the work to any other
8. Termination of the contractor as per provisions of the above clause shall also result in
     the forfeiture of Security Deposit paid by the contractor.
9. The contractor further agrees that he will not enter into any kind of litigation or dispute
     arising out of any portion of the work being allotted to some agency as mentioned in para

Signature of the tenderer

         All compensation or other sums of money payable by the contractor to the P.G.M, BSNL,
      Trichy-1 may under the terms of this contract with P.G.M, BSNL ,Trichy. I may be deducted
      from the Security Deposit and/or other contract with the Department.
              In the event of any question, dispute/difference arising under this    agreement, or
      in connection therewith (except as to matters the decision of which is specifically provided
      under this agreement ) the same shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the Chief
      General Manager, BSNL Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai-2 or any person nominated by him in the
      case of contracts entered into the Heads of Telecom Circles.
10.   The contractor further agrees that P.G.M, BSNL, Trichy-1 shall make material changes in
      the contract such as alterations in the period of contract, specification, after the target
      dates assigned for various works (decrease or increase in the time limit ) whenever deemed
11.   The period of contract is for Six months from the date of signing the agreement and is
      applicable to all the works entrusted to the contractor by the P.G.M, BSNL, Trichy-1 or any
      assigned Officer on or prior to the completion of the work. However the contract may be
      extended by Three Months or further period at the exigencies of BSNL (at the same rates
      ) at the discretion of the P.G.M, BSNL, Trichy-1
12.   The contractor also agrees for the deduction of Income Tax at source at the prevailing
      rates form the bill amount.
13.   The contractor further agrees to observe and abide by the Rules and regulation or Labour
      Act and other Government enactment as in force time to time and indemnify BSNL, Trichy
      from any liability arising out of the violation/non-compliance of the provision made in the
      "Contract Labour ( regulation and Abolition ) Act 1970" and Central Rules 1971 or any other
      enactment as in force from time to time. When a contractor employs 20 or more of casual
      labourers, the contractor should obtain a labour license from the competent authority and
      the     photo copy of this license should be enclosed with the first bill for processing
14.   The contractor also agrees to make the payment to labourers in the presence of the
      representative of BSNL and to this effect a certificate will be given along with the bill or a
      clause in the bill itself.
15.   IN WITNESS THEREOF the parties have set their respective hands this day and first
      to above written: Executed by the above named CMD- BSNL., NEW DELHI and accepted
      for and on behalf of said CMD- BSNL, NEW DELHI by the Pr. General Manager, BSNL,
      Trichy in the presence of the following two witnesses:
                                                             IGNATURE OF PGMT, BSNL,TRICHY
                                                       (ON BEHALF OF CMD BSNL, NEW DELHI)


Signature of the tenderer

                             MEMORANDUM OF ACCEPTANCE

I/We hereby tender for the execution "For & on behalf of CMD-BSNL-
NEWDELHI of the work specified in the Annexure within the time specified
in the attached schedules therein and in accordance in all respect with the
specification, designs, drawings and instructions in writing referred to, in
the conditions of contract..

     Should the tender be accepted in whole, I/We hereby agree to abide by
and fulfill all the terms and provisional contained in notice inviting tender so
far applicable.

     If I/We fail to commence the work specified within the prescribed
period, I/We agree that the said CMD-BSNL-NEWDELHI or his successors
in office shall without prejudice to any other right to remedy be at liberty
to forfeit the EMD/SD absolutely.

                                               Signature of the Contractor.

Dated the        day        of   ' 2010



The above tender is hereby accepted by me on behalf of the P.G.M. BSNL,

                                 SIGNATURE OF THE ENGINEER INCHARGE

Signature of the tenderer
                                       - 10 -

                            Relative Certificate

I.___________________________ S/o ________________________
Resident of _______________________________________________
Hereby Certify that none of my near relative(s) defined as
   1. Husband and Wife
   2. The one is related to the other in the manner as father,
       Daughter(s), brother(s),sister(s) and their corresponding in-laws
       is/are employed in BSNL.
Incase at any stage it is found that the information given by me is
faulse/incorrect,BSNL shall have absolute right to take any action as
deemed fit without any perior information to me

                                                   Signature of the Tenderer

Signature of the tenderer

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