TESOL Dissertations: Tips on How to Write a Good Paper

					              TESOL Dissertations: Tips on How to Write a Good Paper

  TESOL Dissertations: Peculiarities of the Investigation Sphere

   Beginning a work over a dissertation on TESOL a student should bear in mind the
fact that the structure of the paper would be predetermined by the specification of the
theme. Moreover, a student should always keep in mind that a dissertation is a very
difficult and important work which differs greatly from getting help on essay or other
essay paper writing .
   TESOL Dissertations: What to Write about
   There are lots of topics a student may dwell upon in his/her TESOL dissertation.
Here are some examples of topics which may be beneficial for research and thesis
writing on TESOL:

   1.   A student may dedicate his/her TESOL dissertation to the main principle and
approaches which are used while teaching English to speakers of other languages. In
this case a student may describe such aspects:

  1. A usage of communicative approach in education.

  2. The necessity of resorting to natural approach in the process of education.

  3. The development of counseling-learning approach and its usage in the system of

   2.   Another aspect which may be looked at in the TESOL dissertation is the variety
of techniques which are used in the process of teaching English to people who speak
other languages. In this aspect a student may dwell upon various programs, methods,
and tasks which are beneficial in teaching English in his/her TESOL dissertation.

  3.   TESOL dissertation may be dedicated to the history of English and recent
developments in this sphere. Here a student may describe achievements which have
been for the recent decade.

   4.   One more topics of a TESOL dissertation is the introduction of cultural aspects
into the process of teaching English: its positive and negative influence.

  5.     The role of English literature as the source of teaching English may also be a
topic of a TESOL dissertation. A student may dwell upon the importance of reading in
mastering the language.

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Description: TESOL dissertation is the type of academic writing. This article describes some peculiar topics a student may choose for a TESOL dissertation.