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Quiz Reg Taxes

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					                                      Tax Quiz
A. Progressive tax – takes a larger percentage from high income groups.
B. Proportional tax – takes the same %[not amount] from all income groups.
C. Regressive tax – takes a larger percentage from low income groups.

__1. Brittany[income of $32,000] and Adrienne[income of $33,000] both pay a 6%
     motor vehicle sales tax on the purchase of their separate $65,000 Vipers.

__2. Marley[income of $27,000] and Andy[income of $50,000] both pay a 2% state
     income tax on their entire income.

__3. J.L.[income of $40,000] and Kate[income of $35,000] both purchase $100
     worth of lottery tickets. [so both paid the same amount of $100]

__4. Chris[income of $25,000] and Faith[income of $40,000] both pay car property
     taxes of $100 because they have the same make of car.[2000 Hondas]

__5. Trey[income of $40,000] and Matt[income of $30,000] each pay a $2,000
     property tax on their separate $100,000 appraised houses.[so both are paying same amount]

__6. Natalie[income of $41,000] and J.J.[income of $41,500] smoke 3 packs of Marlboros
     a day[both think they look like the “Marlboro Man” – they do – the dead one] and
     both pay a tax of 41 cents a pack.

__7. Stephanie[income of $39,000] and Wes[$10,000] both purchase giant screen
     $2,000 TVs and both pay a sales tax of 8 ¼%.

__8. After Joe finished Spanish River[took 6 years], he got a raise at the Big K Mart,
     which moved him from the 15% tax bracket to the 28% tax bracket.

__9. Crystal[income of $500,000] and Cyber Dustin[income of $100,00] both pay a
     35 cents gasoline tax for each gallon they put into their Corvettes.

__10. Michael[income of $12,000] and Jennifer[income of [$70,000] both buy
      three gallons of wine per day [and both pay a tax of 20 cents a gallon].

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