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									Commissioner’s Office

Koh Cher Siang                      Commissioner of Inland Revenue
Alan S S Ow                         Senior Deputy Commissioner (Individual)
Ng Keat Seng                        Deputy Commissioner (Business)
Goh Khee Kuan                       Deputy Commissioner (Centralised Service)
Ong Khiaw Hong                      Deputy Commissioner (Corporate)
Mrs Eng-Tay Geok Lee                Deputy Commissioner (Property) (Covering)

Internal Audit Branch

Evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls in IRAS and ascertains
whether policies and guidelines are complied with.

Key Officer:
Mrs Teo Po Chu                     Director (Internal Audit)


1. Individual Income Tax Division

Provides end-to-end administration of Individual Income Tax and Estate Duty. This
includes serving taxpayers, assessing and collecting tax, and ensuring compliance for all
employees, self-employed, unincorporated businesses and non-resident individuals.
Administers withholding tax for individuals.

Key Officers:
James Khor Ngiap Long               Assistant Commissioner
Miss Ang Sor Tjing                  Deputy Director (Employee)
Mrs Ang Siew Tee                    Director (Employee-Specialised)
Mrs Christine Deniz Girgin          Director (Foreigner & Clearance)
Miss Marjorie Tan Yong Hin          Director (Self-Employed)
James Khor Ngiap Long               Director (Ruling & Estate Duty) (Covering)

2. Taxpayer Services Division

Handles front line tax enquiries and manages overall taxpayer relationship, taxpayer
services infrastructure and e-services.

Key Officers:
Miss Chiam Yah Fang                 Assistant Commissioner
Mrs Chia-Tan Hai Geok               Director (Contact Centre)
Ms Jackalin Er Hwee Pheng           Manager (Taxpayer Services Management Unit)
Information Systems Planning Office

Develops and implements the information system, Inland Revenue Interactive Network

Key Officers:
Wilson Ong Joon Lim               Assistant Commissioner
Mrs Wee-Poh Lai Khim              Deputy Director (Information System Planning)
Mdm Chew Soh Lang                 IT Technical Director


3. Corporate Tax Division

Provides end-to-end administration of Income Tax for companies, charities, bodies of
persons, including withholding tax for payers who are companies; Charities Act, Betting
& Sweepstakes Act and Private Lotteries Act. This includes serving taxpayers,
assessing and collecting tax, and ensuring compliance.

Key Officers:
Mrs Sabina Cheong Hwee Bin        Assistant Commissioner
Mrs Choy-Koh Kum Lin              Deputy Director (General)
Kok Ching Kong                    Director (Field Audit)
Mrs Loke-Ng Lay Beng              Director (Large Corporation)
Miss Ang Chiew Leng               Director (Rulings, Charities, Clubs, Private Lotteries, Trust)

4. Goods and Services Tax Division

Provides end-to-end administration of Goods and Services Tax. This includes serving
taxpayers, assessing and collecting tax, and ensuring compliance.

Key Officers:
Mrs Eng-Tay Geok Lee              Assistant Commissioner
Mrs Lim Kim Kok                   Director (General)
Mrs Eng-Tay Geok Lee              Director (Wholesale Trade) (Covering)
Mrs Eng Li Ming                   Director (Large Business)

5. Tax Policy and International Tax Division

Provides technical advice in formulating tax policy and tax changes. Deals with issues
on international taxation as well as international relations.

Key Officers:
Miss Cheong Swee Ying             Assistant Commissioner
Miss Cheong Swee Ying             Director (Tax Policy & Ruling) (Covering)
See Jee Chang                     Deputy Director (International Tax)

6. Property Tax Division

Provides end-to-end administration of Property Tax and Stamp Duty. This includes
serving taxpayers, assessing and collecting tax, and ensuring compliance.

Key Officers:
Ms Ang Sock Tiang                  Assistant Commissioner
Mrs Fong Lee Kheng                 Director (Residential)
Mrs Daphne Ng Siew Kwang           Director (Commercial)
Ms Sally Mok Chong Chin            Deputy Director (Industrial)
Mrs Christine Leow Bee Lian        Director (Valuation)
Mrs Shirley Lee Y L                Director (Stamp Duty Unit)


7. Accounting and Processing Division

Manages bulk processes across tax types as well as revenue accounts and reporting.

Key Officers:
Chia Chong Sing                    Assistant Commissioner
Mrs Chia Seok Khim                 Director (Processing Centre)
Miss Koh Mui Gek                   Deputy Director (Electronic Interface)
Colin Chew Koo Chung               Director (Revenue Accounting)

8. Enforcement Division

Promotes voluntary compliance in filing and payment of taxes and takes action on

Key Officers:
Mdm Chew Tiew San                  Assistant Commissioner
Ms Harriet Marion Van Buerle       Deputy Director (Filing Compliance)
Mrs Chia-Mao Kawn Hwa              Director (Compliance Service)
Mrs Dorothy Guan                   Director (Payment Enforcement)

9. Investigation and Intelligence Division

Gathers intelligence and deters tax evasion through investigation.

Key Officers:
Tay Yong Chin                      Assistant Commissioner
Low Boon Hong                      Director (Investigation)
Low Han Hsien                      Manager (Intelligence Unit)

10. Corporate Development Division

Supports IRAS’ management in strategic planning; handles training and development
programmes, and knowledge management.

Key Officers:
Ms Chin Li Fen                     Assistant Commissioner
Ernest Lee Kian Meng               Deputy Director (Training & Knowledge Management)
Mrs Teo-Wang Lock Wui              Director (Corporate Planning)

11. Corporate Services Division

Manages the communication, human resources, finance and administrative functions.

Key Officers:
Mrs Patricia Mak Kwok Sing         Assistant Commissioner
Miss Loh Cheng Cheng               Director (Finance & Administration)
Mrs Patricia Mak Kwok Sing         Director (Personnel) (Covering)
Mrs Lee Leng Kiong                 Director (Corporate Communications Unit)

12. Infocomm Division

Provides info-technology services and support whilst ensuring the security of IT systems
and resources. Leads IRAS in technology planning and system acquisitions.

Key Officers:
Wilson Ong Joon Lim                Assistant Commissioner
Mdm Chew Soh Lang                  Director (Infocomm Services) (Covering)
Ms Khoo Hung Ling                  Director (Infocomm Operations)

13. Law Division

Provides legal opinions on the application of tax laws, drafts legislation and other legal
documents; represents IRAS in legal proceedings.

Key Officers:
Liu Hern Kuan                      Chief Legal Officer (Covering)
Liu Hern Kuan                      Director (Litigation)
Ms Foo Hui Min                     Director (Legislation)
                                   Contact IRAS
                              Helpline Numbers                   Operating Hours

Individual Income Tax           1800-356 8300        6351 3636

Business Income Tax             1800-356 8611        6351 4358

Corporate Tax                   1800-356 8622        6351 4360

Goods & Services Tax            1800-356 8633        6351 3553

Sole Proprietors /
Business Partners /             1800-356 8611        6351 4358 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
Partnership Income Tax                                           on Mondays to
Property Tax                    1800-356 8600        6351 4355
- Registration                    6351 3347
                                                     6351 3366
- Tax matters                     6351 3763
- General                         6351 3349
Tax Clearance                   1800-356 8655        6351 2707

Stamp Duty                   6351 3697 / 6351 3698   6351 3694

                                   Other Services

Inland Revenue                                                   24-hour telephone
                                1800-356 8311
Information Service (Iris)                                       answering service
                                                                 24-hour automated
Fax Express Service             1800-356 8677
Quality Service Manager
                                1800-356 8225                    8.00 am to 5.00 pm
                                                                   on Mondays to
Main Line (Telephone                                                 Saturdays
                                  6356 8233

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