Official Thanksgiving Tournament Program

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					Official Thanksgiving Tournament Program

       Hanover Hockey Association
        Hanover, New Hampshire
        November 23rd - 25th, 2007
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 HOCKEY TEAMS            RogeR A. PhilliPs, D.M.D.
                                  geneRAl DentistR y
  HOCKEY ACADEMY     31South Park Street
  HOCKEY ACADEMY     hAnoveR, nh 03755	         (603) 643-3190
    Chicago Soft salutes the great athletes and competitive spirit of the
Hanover High School Hockey programs and the Hanover Hockey Association.
 Peewee Division                    Squirt Division
Barre Blades                      Barre Blades
Barre, VT                         Barre, VT
Bridgewater Bandits               Exeter Freeze
Bridgewater, MA                   Exeter, NH
Hanover Wild                      Hanover Wild
Hanover, NH                       Hanover, NH
Middlebury Tigers                 Lakeshore Bengals
Middlebury, VT                    Kirkland, Quebec
New Hampshire Avalanche           Lebanon Lightning
Hooksett, NH                      Lebanon, NH

               November 23 – 25, 2007
                  Campion Rink
                            Tournament Game Schedule

             Squirt Games                                        Pee Wee Games
Game       Home                 Away           Time              Home            Away

FRIDAY - 11/23
  1       Hanover           Lebanon    11:00 AM  - Campion
  2       Exeter            Barre      12:10 PM  - Campion
  3                                    1:20 PM  - Campion    Hanover         Barre
  4                                    2:30 PM  - Campion    Middlebury      Avalanche
  5       Lebanon           Bengals    3:40 PM  - Campion
  6       Barre             Hanover    4:50 PM  - Campion
  7                                    6:00 PM  - Campion    Avalanche       Hanover
  8                                    7:10 PM  - Campion    Barre           Bridgewater

  SATURDAY - 11/24
  9       Bengals           Hanover    7:00 AM  - Campion
 10                                    8:15 AM  - Campion    Hanover         Middlebury
 11                                    9:30 AM  - Campion    Avalanche       Bridgewater
 12       Barre             Bengals    10:45 AM  - Campion
 13       Exeter            Lebanon    12:00 PM  - Campion
 14                                    1:15 PM  - Campion    Middlebury      Barre
 15                                    2:30 PM  - Campion    Bridgewater     Hanover
 16       Hanover           Exeter     4:10 PM  - Campion
 17       Lebanon           Barre      5:20 PM  - Campion
 18                                    6:30 PM  - Campion    Barre           Avalanche

  SUNDAY - 11/25
 19                                    8:00 AM  - Campion    Bridgewater     Middlebury
 20       Bengals           Exeter     9:10 AM  - Campion
 21                                    10:50AM - Campion           Consolation Game
 22              Consolation Game      12:10 PM - Campion
 23                                    1:30 PM - Campion          Championship Game 
 24          Championship Game         2:50 PM - Campion
                    14th Annual Thanksgiving Holiday Tournament
                    Sponsored by the Hanover Hockey Association
                               November 23-25, 2007

                                          Tournament Rules
All teams shall play in a preliminary round consisting of at least four games to determine participation in
championship and consolation games.

Participation in championship and consolation games will be based on the number of points earned in the
preliminary round. First and second placed teams in each division advance to a Championship game; third and
fourth placed teams advance to a Consolation game.

There will be no overtime in preliminary round games.

Points shall be awarded in the preliminary round as follows:
   a) 2 points for a win,
   b) 1 point for a tie,
   c) 1 point for each period won (1/2 point for a tie in period).

In the event of a tie in the number of points earned in the preliminary rounds, the following tie-breakers shall be
applied to determine the final position:
    a) Head to head result,
    b) Games won,
    c) Least goals allowed,
    d) Least penalty minutes.

A tie in championship or consolation games shall be settled by one five minute (stop-and-go time) sudden death
OT period with both teams playing 4 on 4 (plus goalie).

Penalties will carry over to overtime. If a team is penalized during the overtime, the minimum number of
players on the ice will be 2. For example, if it is a 3 on 3 situation and a penalty occurs, it will become a 3 on 2
situation for the duration of the penalty. If an additional penalty is incurred, the penalized player will go to the
box and the penalty will begin after the previous penalty expires. There are no changes of ends during overtime
and intermissions shall last 1 minute.

If no goal is scored in the five minute OT period, the teams shall conduct a shoot-out starting with 3 shooters
per team. If the initial shoot-out results in a tie, a sudden death shoot-out will be held; one player at a time for
each team until one team breaks the tie.

All games shall be 3 periods of 12-minute stopped time. The sole exception is a lead of 6 or more goals in the
third period, in which case, running time shall be utilized for the remainder of the game.

ZERO TOLERANCE standards apply throughout the tournament. USA Hockey rules shall apply in all other
                                 Tournament Scoring Sheet

 POINTS            POINTS            POINTS            POINTS           POINTS            POINTS

Points are awarded in the preliminary round as follows: (a) 2 points for a win, (b) 1 point for a tie, (c) 1 point
for each period won (1/2 point for a tie in period). First and second placed teams in each division advance to a
Championship game; third and forth placed teams advance to a Consolation game.

                                    SQUIRT SCORING SHEET

 TEAM                    POINTS        POINTS        POINTS       POINTS        TOTAL        PLACEMENT
                         GAME 1        GAME 2        GAME 3       GAME 4        POINTS
 Barre Blades
 Exeter Freeze
 Hanover Wild
 Lakeshore Bengals
 Lebanon Lightning

                                    PEEWEE SCORING SHEET

 TEAM                     POINTS       POINTS        POINTS       POINTS        TOTAL        PLACEMENT
                          GAME 1       GAME 2        GAME 3       GAME 4        POINTS
 Barre Blades
 Bridgewater Bandits
 Hanover Wild
 Middlebury Tigers
 NH Avalanche
                         Team Rosters – Squirt Division

      Barre Blades

      26     Ryan Allen
      24     Colby Brochu
      4      Chandler Cressey
      29     Ben Evans
      22     John Hardy
      20     Thunder Keck
      33     Reed Kirby
      1      Justin Laperle
      25     Zach Renaud
      18     Cameron Royce
      23     Caitlin Wilkin

Head Coach   Brian Wilkin
Asst Coach   Andy Grandbois
Asst Coach   Erik Keck
Asst Coach   Jim Cressey

                                                           Exeter Freeze
                                                            30   Anthony Orlando
                                                             2   Chase Steer
                                                             3   Ben Gardner
                                                             4   Brandon Daniels
                                                             7   Richard Hordon
                                                             8   Tessa Vrees
                                                            10   Jordyn McGuire
                                                            11   Luke LaCroce
                                                            12   Johnny Witcowski
                                                            13   Cole Adaskaveg
                                                            14   Troy Muldoon
                                                            16   Brendon Foley
                                                            17   Johnny Orlando

                                                    Head Coach Peter Vrees
                                                  Assist Coaches Kevin Muldoon
                                                                 Jim Foley
                                                                 Kevin McGuire
                                                  Team Manager Patti Vrees
                       Team Rosters – Squirt Division

         Hanover Wild
         1   Cory Harriman - G
         3   Ben Acker
         4   Margeaux Baker
         5   Colin Costello
         6   Nick Bertrand
         7   Matti Hartman
         8   Sarah Wagner
         9   Matthew Steeves
        10   Will Roth
        11   Patrick Dyroff
        13   Matthew Whalen
        14   Gus Lyons
        22   Will Gardner
        28   Eric McCoy
        34   Owen Brennick
        88   Asa Berolzheimer
        99   Tanner Coffin

Head Coach   Michael Wagner
Asst Coach   Gregg Hartman
Asst Coach   Gary Gardner
Asst Coach   Glen Steeves
Asst Coach   Denise Dame

                                                         Lakeshore Bengals

                                                    4    Kevin Dionne
                                                    9    Christopher Yassa
                                                    10   Michael Dobby
                                                    15   Troy Long
                                                    17   Evan Creagh
                                                    19   Liam Tordon
                                                    21   Samuel Adamo
                                                    24   William Goudreau
                                                    27   Henry James Bishop
                                                    33   Morgan Alexandria Moffat
                                                    77   Willam Senechal
                                                    84   Nicholas Ferreira
                                                    87   Eric Basmadjian
                                                    91   Alex Lazier
                                                    94   Kenji Martone
                                                    97   Lea Dumais
Head Coach Norm Dionne      Asst Coach Rob Creagh
Asst Coach Rob Martone
Team Manager Lianne Goyette
                        Team Rosters – Squirt Division

      Lebanon Lightning

     1   Henry Asch
     5   Jack Whitaker
     7   Eric Baun
     8   Tate Singleton
     9   Tanner Simms
    12   TJ Barber
    13   Loren McEwan
    15   Nathan Lemieux
    18   Zach Caron
    20   Megan Hayes
    22   Ryan Damren
    23   AJ Barre
    29   Richard Qui
    34   Riley Sleeper
         Wyat Sherman

Coaches Brad Whitaker
        Tom Barber
        Jim Damren
        Mike Hayes
                       Team Rosters Pee Wee Division

            Barre Blades
           21   Garrett Kelty
           22   Jeff Roy
           27   Justin Flory
           33   Ben Ferland
           24   Kyle Verchereau
           15   Logan Safford
           20   Mitchell Yacavoni
            3   Lucas Heath-Howe
            4   Alex French
           26   Jack Buckley
           19   Kevin Guild

   Head Coach P. D. Kelty
   Asst Coach Randy Roy
   Asst Coach Dave Guild

                                                   Bridgewater Bandits
                                                     00    Gavin Yates
                                                     1     Craig Pantano
                                                     2     David Skarbek
                                                     4     Mitch DiCenso
                                                     7     Ryan Jones
                                                     8     Cameron Chelo
                                                     9     Austin King
                                                     11    Shamus Anderson
                                                     12    Tyler Powers
                                                     14    Devin Humfryes
                                                     16    Liam McNeil
                                                     18    Evan Maras
                                                     19    Brett Strawn
                                                     21    Tyler Drevitch
                                                     61    Ryan Barnes
                                                     68    Bailey Putnam
                                                     87    Mike Sorenti

Head Coach Fred Pantano   Asst Coach Mark Powers
Asst Coach Brant Humfryes Asst Coach Don McNeil
Manager    Chris Jones
                       Team Rosters Pee Wee Division

     Middlebury Tigers
    1   Edgar Sherman
    2   Rio McCarty
    4   Arlon Staats
    5   Justin Stone
    8   Timmy Shea
   10   Jordan Stearns
   11   Keenan Bartlett
   13   Nick Audet
   14   Trevor Emilo
   17   Nicholas Leach
   18   Bradford Willis
   19   Ryan Crowningshield
   30   Tucker Babcock

Coach Tim Shea
Coach Derek Bartlett

                                                         NH Avalanche
                                                        10   Matthew Borghi
                                                        12   Jacob Boylan
                                                        15   Tyler Brady
                                                        14   Evan Dalaker
                                                         9   Michael Dee
                                                        30   Joseph DiBrigida
                                                         2   Jordan Glickman
                                                        17   Patrick Hadley
                                                         8   Shelby Herrington
                                                         3   Alex Loomis
                                                        16   Cam McCusker
                                                        19   Christopher Moquin
                                                         4   Griffin Phaneuf
                                                         1   Mark Smith
                                                         5   Adam Tack
Head Coach Mark White         Asst Coach Bill Dee        7   Robert Tuite
Asst Coach Michael Boylan     Asst Coach Robert Tuite   11   Michael White
                   Team Rosters Pee Wee Division

Hanover Wild

   7    Peter Bensen
   2    Jesse Brown
   20   Joe Cravero
   10   Jack Doherty
   13   Miriam Eickhoff
   15   Brandon Gardner
   21   Ben Hartman
   1    James Montgomery
   3    Peter O’Leary
   19   Tom Peters
   6    Will Shepard
   8    Henry Sherman
   5    Ryan Wolter
   4    Michael Yukica

                           Coach   Steve Bensen     Coach   Mike Doherty
                           Coach   Gregg Hartmann   Manager Kathy Yukica
  The Hanover Hockey Association
               and the
        Hanover High School
    Boy’s and Girl’s Hockey Teams
           thank all donors.
Their generosity is deeply appreciated.
   Anne & Dave Ivey – Good Luck JV Hockey!
                        Blaktop, Inc
                       Blaktop, Inc
               Blue Sky Restaurant Group
             Bob Gaudet’s Hockey Academy
             Blue Sky Restaurant Group
             Brannen, Dunn & Stewart, PLLC
          Bob Gaudet’s Hockey Academy
                      Brannen Family
             Cardigan Mountain School
             Bridgman Valiante &Villard, PC
         Coldwell Banker - Redpath & Co.
               Cardigan Mountain School
                       Comfort Inn
                    Chicago Soft, LTD.
            Coldwell Banker - Redpath & Center
      Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Co.
  Drubel Family – Good Luck Hanover Hockey!
                        Comfort Inn
           Elite Hockey Training Centers
                    Co-op Food Stores
          Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  Everything But Anchovies – EBA’s Delivers !
                      Dodds Bakery
                     Freed’s Families
                       Drubel Family
                Golf & Ski Warehouse
              Elite Hockey Training Centers
        Goss Logan Insurance Agency, Inc.
                  Golf & Ski Warehouse
           Hanover Improvement Society
           Goss Logan Insurance Agency, Inc.
              Hanover Improvement Storage
           Hanover Transfer and Society
              Knight Premium Flooring
                    Hanover Outdoors
                  Lake Sunapee Bank
              Hanover Transfer and Storage
       Lang McLaughry Spera Real Estate
           LawKearney & Son Carpentry
                  Office of Colin Robinson
                    Lake Associates,
              MaloneySunapee BankInc.
 Law Offices of Daschbach, Cooper, Hotchkiss & Csatari
               Mascoma Savings Bank
                  Ledyard National Bank
            Martha Diebold Real Estate
                 Maloney Associates, Inc.
     McWilliams and Wonsavage, Dentistry
                  Mascoma Savings Bank
                  McLaughry Real Green
               Murphy’s on theEstate
             Pat & Tony’s General Store
                      Mulvihill Family
                   River Valley Club
                  Murphy’s on the Green
                  Northwest Designs Ink
               Roger A. Phillips, DMD
                     River Valley Club
                    Stateline Sports
  Roger W. McWilliams, DMD & Paul Wonsavage, DDS
                      TARM USA
                  Roger A. Phillips, DMD
                      Stateline Sports
          Townline Equipment Sales, Inc.
         Trumbull-Nelson Construction Co., Inc.
     Trumbull-Nelson ConstructionCo., Inc.
              Warren Loomis & Alix Manny
             5 Old Nugget Alley Restaurant
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