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									Required Task                                                                         FDPMU Capable
Complete or confirm as current Pre-Deployment Health Assessments within 60 days
of expected deployment date
Administer deployment-specific or occupational-related immunizations, prophylaxis,
and any medical countermeasures or protective measures, as indicated
Prescribe Force Health Protection Prescription Products (FHPPPs), as indicated
Perform pre-deployment tuberculosis screening
Issue occupational personal protective equipment and monitoring devices as required
by occupational specialty of personnel

Draw pre-deployment serum samples
Conduct HIV testing (or as required for HIV threat or country requirements
Establish biomonitoring baseline as required for potentially at-risk personnel
Prescribe minimum 90-day supply of prescription medications other than FHPPPs
Update medical records and deployment health records

Conduct preliminary hazard assessments (PLHAs)                                               XX
Ensure PLHAs summarize and identify anticipated occupational and environmental
(OEH) threats and hazards                                                                    XX
Ensure provision of personal protective equipment and other protective measures
appropriate to the health hazards identifed
Conduct health threat briefings whenever health threats are identified and/or
countermeasures are required                                                                 XX
Develop and implement health risk communication plan
Develop deployment health surveillance plan                                                  XX
Incorporate OEH risk management and surveillance requirements into FHP; ensure
health risks are reflected in the overall operational risk summary evaluation                XX
                               During Deployment
Conduct timely, standardized, and comprehensive surveillance, risk assessments, risk
communication, prevention or control of health hazards, and evaluation of controls      XX

Implement health risk communication plans
Ensure DOD health surveillance requirements are met for reporting and archiving of
health surveillance data and reports                                                    XX
Ensure documentation in individual medical records of all individual health treatment
provided at all levels of care and any significant occupational and environmental
Enforce the use of personal protective equipment and other protective measures
appropriate to the health hazards identifed                                             XX
Conduct food and water sanitation audits of local food manufacturing site               XX
Investigate, report, and document all OEH and CBRN exposure incidents                   XX
Closely monitor disease nonbattle injury (DNBI) for evidence of adverse health trends
and where indicated, assess for implementation of appropriate countermeasures           XX
Conduct patient encounters                                                              XX
Reportable medical events shall be collected, reported, distributed, and archived
according to DOD and service-specific policies                                          XX
Ensure OEH risk assessments are continuously reviewed and updated throughout the
deployment using data collected in theater                                              XX
Ensure newly identified in-theater health hazards are assessed and incorporated into
operational risk management processes for commander's decision making                   XX
Collect data that are appropriate for medical record documentation                      XX
Document deployment occupational and environmental area monitoring and sampling
results                                                                                 XX
Submit results in accordance with DOD and Service-specific instruction                  XX
Conduct pest control opertions using integrated pest management program protocol
and technique                                                                           XX
Complet Post-Deployment Health Assessments as close to the redeployment date as
possible although no earlier than 30 days before the expected deployment date and
NLT 30 days after redeployment; for Reserve Component members, before they are
released from active duty
Accomplish face-to-face health assessments, scheduled NLT 30 days, with
redeploying service members and trained health care providers
Ensure medical referrals and follow-up medical visits for deployment-related medical
concerns and issues are accomplished
Integrate all medical encounter documentation into the medical record
Perform post-deployment tuberculosis screening
Draw posts-deployment serum samples
Perform biomonitoring, when indicated
Conducte post-deployment health debriefings and risk communications                    XX
Ensure medical surveillance is in place to identify post-deployment health problems
Complete Post-Deployment Health Reassessments, if required, 90 to 180 days after
return to home station from deployment
Ensure all OEHS monitoring data and reports have been submitted to DOEHRS              XX

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