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									                   CV of Román Hervás Serrano

   Name: Román Hervás Serrano
   Date and place of birth: Madrid, August 28, 1983
   Location: Madrid, Spain

   I am a Computer Science graduate, and I feel real passion for videogames
   since I was 5, when I saw the N.E.S for first time. I remember clearly the
   moment I first saw Super Mario Bross and I thought I wanted to dedicate my
   life to videogames. Actually, the main reason for studying Computer
   Science was the hope to work as a videogame programmer some day. So,
   my main objective is to get a job in this exciting industry and to grow and
   increase my knowledge to make the best games.

                 Studies                                            Date

   Computer Science (5 years)  Mark: 7.1                         2002-2009
   (Specialized in Artificial Intelligence)
   University: Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

                 Studies                                             Date

   40 hours english course, level Upper-Intermediate                 2009
   1 week, Universidad Internacional Menéndez-Pelayo
   in collaboration with Vaughan Systems

   60 hours english course, level Upper-Intermediate                 2007
   3 weeks, English Communication School in Malta

   English elementary cycle in Escuela Oficial de Idiomas             2004
   4 years, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Fuenlabrada (Madrid, Spain)

                 Job                                                 Date

   Programmer at “Esabe Seguridad Informática”        2009 (Sep) – Currently
   Programming with Python, SQL and C# (ASP.NET, LINQ).
                     CV of Román Hervás Serrano

    I belong to a three-person team developing an alert system data backup


    -   Object-oriented programming: Java, C#, Python, C++
    -   Structural programming: C
    -   Functional programming: Lisp
    -   Logical programming: PROLOG
    -   Web-oriented: HTML, XML, JavaScript, ASP .NET
    -   Specialized in Artificial Intelligence


    -   Software engineering knowledge
    -   Multithread programming knowledge (shared and distributed memory)
    -   Specialized in Artificial Intelligence (Genetic Algorithms, Neural
        Networks, Agents…)

    -   Annual scolarship
    -   Capacity for teamwork
    -   Passion for videogames since age 5
    -   Final Thesis: Design and implementation of a game for PC/Xbox360
        through the Microsoft XNA GameStudio 3.0.
    -   Final Thesis mark: Matrícula de Honor (in Spain, the maximum grade)

    I feel real passion for videogames, so I like almost any videogame genre,
    but FPS especially captivate me, besides the platforms. I feel a special
    affection for the colorful games, and for those which make me laugh, like
    Mario Galaxy or Mario Kart, but I really enjoy playing games like Crysis,
    Gears of War or Mass Effect (I love the last one) too.

    My Final Thesis is a remake of the famous Super Pang, but in 3D instead of
    2D. This way, the player can freely move (both at first and third person)
    inside a cube trying to destroy the balls which are bouncing. The game can
    be controlled by the Xbox360 controller in addition to the keyboard and
    mouse (the last is a last minute addition, so is best to control it with the
    Xbox360 controller), and it has two shot types, interchangeable with “LT”
    button or right-button mouse. I have designed and developed all the
    algorithms, from physics to the camera, radar, etc, and it is made with C#
    and XNA.

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