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“Bounce”- A rabbit created in my works was born in a forest without hands and was also blind, the
only thing he could use to sense the life is his pair of big ears. However, the forest was such silence
that he was dispirited and turned into rebellious. Once, he heard the loud noises from a group of youth
driving through, a kind of music and rhythm made him eager to bounce. He finally found the sound he
was seeking for a long time, and leave the forest to the cities we’re living. You may sometimes notice
the rabbit appeared near by and said “Bounce!”, looking forward to meet his favorite music and
friends. Bounce is the representative of myself, and the story was the main idea that I started graffiti, to
make the city more colorful and lively!



Began career as an underground graffiti artist in 2005, “Bounce”- the rabbit character represented
himself has appeared throughout Taipei. The long term education of fine art and the experience as a
visual designer gave him substantial strength in various creations. His artworks inspire the audience
with cheerful vitality through the vivid images, which modeled the marked individuality of his
rebellious but passionate spirit.
The unique identity was soon highly concerned in Taiwan and abroad. Bounce represented Taiwan as
one of the artists in “Fused” – the Xbox 360 charity exhibition in 2006 and also invited to publish the
limited-edition toys with artists from Hong Kong, Japan and USA. Furthermore, he worked with
collaborations such as Adidas, Westmill, Eastpack, Proton, Asus and Dell…etc, join the exhibitions in
Taiwan, China and USA, which brought him to the next level as a crossover artist.
In 2008, a new trendy brand “Bounce” was launched in his career to approach sub-culture to the
masses and wider the way to express his statement to the world.

行限量公仔,2006年受邀參加Xbox 360「Fuesd」展覽,以唯一台灣代表之姿與來自世界各地的
Bounce 精神傳達給全世界。

2010 Graffiti, Get out MV- Magic power, Taiwan
     Exhibition/ live painting, Ids Living mall, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 Exhibition/ live painting,, Der-horng art gallery, Tainan, Taiwan
     “Bounce girl photography” exhibition, Photo Taipei
     “Bounce M109R” exhibition, Motorcycle Taiwan
      Judge/ live painting, graffiti competition- Yilan International Rain Festival
     “Bounce x Westmill sneaker” exhibiton, Taipei toy festival
      Endorsement/ Live painting, Eastpack press conference, Taipei, Taiwan
      Live painting, Diesel party, Taipei, Taiwan
      Interior Graffiti, HRC x Red bull dance studio, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 “Bounce” trendy brand was established
     Toy design, House of Liu custom show, New York, USA
     “Bounce x Atoms tshirt”, Japan
     “Bounce x Shin Tanaka toy”- Spiky Baby Deluxe Series, Japan
     Taipei wall lords graffiti competetion
     Live painting, graffiti competition- Yilan International Rain Festival
     Judge/ Live painting, Ai-Xian graffiti competition, Taipei county goverment
     Consultant/ Live painting, Sky Graffiti Party, Dep. Culture affairs Taipei city government
     Interior graffiti, Adidas retail, Taichung, Taiwan
     Interior graffiti, Adidas retail, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2007 Dell XPS graffiti computer exhibition, New York, USA
     Asus/ Dell graffiti computer exhibition, Shanghai, China
     “Intermix’07” charity exhibition- Proton, Taipei, Taiwan
     Graffiti sneaker/ Live painting, Westmill anniversary sneaker tour
     Graffiti sneaker, Sneaker pimps world tour
     “Bounce x Buka toy”, AdFunture, Hong Kong
     “Bounce x Shin Tanaka toy”- Mask Hoody ’03, Japan
     Live painting, Destrjoy Taipei Graffiti Party, +886 Magazine, Taipei, Taiwan
     Graffiti, Fatty Day MV- Nikki Lee, Taiwan
     Graffiti, OK MV- JJ Lin, Taiwan
     Judge/ Live painting, Xi-Men Graffiti Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
     Graffiti, Xi-Men Tatoo Street, Taipei, Taiwan
     Lecture, Youth graffiti camp, Taiwan alliance for advancement of youth rights and welfare
     Lecture, graffiti forum, Tamkang University, Taiwan
     Interior graffiti, Adiddas x HRC dance studio, Taipei, Taiwan
2006 GQ x Microsoft x Freshness- Xbox 360 charity exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
     Toy design, Nanospore Custom, Taipei Toy Festival
     “Bounce x Shin Tanaka toy”- Spiky Baby ’07, Japan
     Sponsor artist, Xbox 360
     Sponsor artist, Adidas
     Graffiti sneaker exhibition, Westmill sneaker show
     Live painting, Adidas Adcolor Exhibition, Taichung, Taiwan
     Live painting, Adidas Origional party, Taipei, Taiwan
     A-lu-ba graffiti exhibition, Taiwan alliance for advancement of youth rights and welfare
     Exhibition/ live painting/ residential artist, Free art, Royal Elastics, Taipei art village
2005 Graffiti bike/ Live painting, Mod’s hair graffiti party, Taipei, Taiwan

2010 Magic power 魔幻力量—Get out 音樂錄影帶塗鴉設計繪製
     京華城 Ids 塗鴉創作展現場表演、展出
2009 台南鴻德藝廊塗鴉藝術展現場表演、展出
     Photo Taipei 北攝影與數位影像藝術博覽會—Bounce girl 系列作品展出
     南港世貿展覽館台北重型機車改裝展 Bounce 塗鴉 M109R 展出
     台北國際玩具展 Bounce x Westmill 聯名鞋款展出
     Eastpack 台北微風二館開幕記者會受邀出席代言、現場表演
     Diesel party 於華山藝文中心受邀現場表演
     HRC x Red bull 街舞工作室塗鴉規劃繪製
2008 創立 Bounce 塗鴉藝術家專屬品牌
     House of Liu customs show 公仔創作展於美國紐約
     與日本潮流品牌 Atmos 合作聯名 tshirt
     受日本紙公仔藝術家 Shin Tanaka 邀請合作 Spiky baby deluxe series
     台中摩曼頓 Adidas 專櫃商業空間塗鴉規劃繪製
     Adidas 桃園店商業空間塗鴉規劃繪製
2007 Dell 新款電腦「XPS」機殼塗鴉於美國紐約展覽
     華碩(Asus)與 Dell 新款電腦機殼塗鴉於上海、紐約展覽
     普騰 Intermix’07 塗鴉電視慈善展覽,台灣、法國藝術家聯展
     Westmill 一週年鞋身塗鴉創作巡迴展現場表演、展出
     Sneaker pimps 世界巡迴球鞋展
     受日本紙公仔藝術家 Shin Tanaka 邀請合作 Mask Hoody‘03
     香港玩具大廠 AdFunture 合公仔—BUKA
     李玖哲 —「小胖子的一天」音樂錄影帶場景塗鴉、美術設計
     林俊傑 —「OK 」音樂錄影帶場景塗鴉、美術設計
     +886 雜誌 Destrjoy Taipei Graffiti Party 現場表演
     Adidas / HRC 街舞工作室塗鴉規劃繪製
2006 GQ x Microsoft x Freshness—Xbox360 機身塗鴉聯展
     美國 LA 設計團隊 Nanospore 公仔於台北玩具展
     受日本紙公仔藝術家 Shin Tanaka 邀請合作 Spiky Baby 07'
     Xbox360 贊助藝術家
     Adidas 贊助藝術家
     Westmill 鞋身塗鴉設計展
     Adidas Originals 台中新光三越 Adicolor 色彩原創紀念展開幕表演
     Adidas Originals 台北概念店開幕派對現場表演
     Royal Elastics— Free Art 聯展、現場表演、擔任駐村藝術家於台北國際藝術村
2005 Mod’s Hair 塗鴉機車繪製、現場表演

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