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									Top 10 Throat Yeast Infection Conditions
Throat yeast infection or oral candidiasis is a fungal infection that usually affects areas such as
the tongue, throat, palate and the inner linings of the cheek. Thrush is the term used on oral yeast
infections observed in babies.

You might not know it but, there's a great probability that there are already yeast in your throat.
Candida albicans, the organism that causes most yeast infections, is a commensal. It means that
it's a type of organism that does not affect or harm its host. It actually lives in 80% of all the
humans in the world. But the bad news ism it's also opportunistic--it attacks its host when the
immune system is weak.

Here are the conditions that make a person prone to throat yeast infections:

1. Cancer patients
These patients undergo chemotherapy which depresses the immune system making it the perfect
chance for infections to take place.

2. Transplant patients
The preparation for the operation weakens the immune system as well as the drugs taken after.
This is done to prevent complications.

3. AIDS patients
The AIDS virus literally destroys the immune system rendering the body helpless against

4. Newborn babies
Newborn babies have weak and undeveloped immune system. Observe if your baby is angered
during feeding or may refuse to take a pacifier.

5. People with poorly controlled diabetes
Body secretions on these patients contain excess glucose which feeds the yeast causing them to
multiply and eventually turn into an infection.

6. People using false teeth or dentures
Wearing dentures can trigger candida cultivation. Also since the flow of saliva is impeded on
some parts of your mouth, it cannot wash those areas making it a good place for yeast to grow.
Ever wonder why your breath smells bad when you woke up and felt that your mouth is dry?
Saliva prevents organisms like fungi and bacteria from reproducing in the surface of your mouth.

7. People undergoing antibiotic treatment
Antibiotic treatment destroys the "good" bacteria that helps prevent the overgrowth of yeast in
our body. An increased number of yeasts leads to infection.
8. People with hormonal imbalance such as pregnant women and those using birth control
Studies show that an imbalance in hormones namely estrogen and progesterone can cause yeast
overgrowth. In order to support the "friendly" bacteria, both hormones are needed.

9. People undergoing psychological conditions such as stress and depression
These psychological states weaken our body's defenses which lead to less resistance to

10. Alcoholics
Aside from destroying the "friendly" bacteria in our body, beer contains malt which is a type of
sugar that yeasts love.

The key to throat yeast infection defense is by strengthening your immune system. Fortify your
body by taking vitamins every day, exercising and via proper stress management.

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