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					                                              CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE
                                          Assessment of Instructional Programs
Circle Degree_AA___ AS ____ AAS
Academic Program_Restaurant and Culinary Management

At Central Texas College, we identify and serve our unique, global community needs and provide quality teaching through an
accessible learning environment. Institutional Purpose Central Texas College is a two-year, open admissions institution which
provides educational opportunities to students locally, nationally, and internationally.

The purpose of CTC is to provide:
    technical programs up to two years in length leading to associate degrees and/or certificates.
    vocational programs leading directly to employment in semi-skilled and skilled operations.
    freshman and sophomore level courses in arts and sciences.
    continuing adult education programs for occupational or cultural upgrading.
    compensatory education programs designed to fulfill the commitment of an admissions policy allowing the enrollment of
      disadvantaged students.
    a continuing program of counseling and guidance designed to assist students in achieving their
    individual educational goals.
    workforce development programs designed to meet civilian and military community needs.
    adult literacy and other basic skills programs for adults.
    library services.
    a wide variety of public service needs

Program Purpose and Relationship to Mission:
This program relates to Strategic Plan Goal 1: To provide instruction. Central Texas College shall provide quality instructional
programs and educational support services that will prepare students to fully participate in educational, occupational, economic and
social opportunities. These include certificate and/or degree programs in general education and occupational technology; university
transfer; developmental education; adult and continuing education; skills training and workforce development programs; special
enrichment education; and adult literacy and basic skills education.

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Annual Assessment Report- Hospitality Restaurant and Culinary Management                                                  2006-2007
  PROGRAM                                                               CRITERIA &                            USE OF RESULTS
                      STUDENT PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES                                       (Use of actual
  OBJECTIVE                                                            EVALUATION                           (Improvements made)
                                                                                        data to describe
                                                                                                           No changes needed.
The graduate
must have an                                                                                               All department faculty
                                                                       completion of
understanding of                                                                             Grade         are emphasizing
                                                                       all required
the basic                                                                                Distribution to   feedback, including
                                                                       courses with
functions of                                                                            be determined.     explanation of what
                                                                       grade “C” or
hospitality                                                                                                constitutes feedback in
management.                                                                                                each course syllabus
                                                                                                           and orally to each class.
                                                                                             94% of
                   Explain the fundamental principles of food                               students
                                                                       completion of
                   preparation and cookery to include Brigade                             received a       Additional culinary
                                                                       CHEF 1301.
                   System, cooking techniques, material handling,                       passing grade      equipment provided new
                   heat transfer, sanitation, safety, nutrition, and                    of „C‟ or better   learning experiences.
                                                                       Course Grade
                   professionalism.                                                     in this subject
                                                                       “C” or better.
                                                                                             83% of
                                                                       completion of                       Additional case studies
                   Explain the fundamentals of sanitation practices,                      received a
                                                                       CHEF 1305.                          were assigned to
                   laws, methods, and techniques of food handling                       passing grade
                                                                                                           demonstrate practical
                   for protection, safety, and accident prevention.                     of „C‟ or better
                                                                       Course Grade                        application.
                                                                                        in this subject
                                                                       “C” or better.
                   Demonstrate an understanding of lodging and                               85% of
                   food service operations. Topics include growth,     Successful           students
                   development and organization of the lodging         completion of      received a
                                                                                        passing grade      Adoption of a new
                   industry; growth, development, organization,        HAMG 1321.
                                                                                        of „C‟ or better   textbook facilitates
                   structure, and management of food service
                                                                                        in this subject    student learning.
                   operations; human resources, marketing,             Course Grade
                   security, engineering, and maintenance of           “C” or better.         area.
                   hospitality operations; and opportunities within

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Annual Assessment Report- Hospitality Restaurant and Culinary Management                                                 2006-2007
                  the travel and tourism industry.

                                                                                              95% of
                  Demonstrate an understanding of the activities                             students
                                                                        completion of
                  and functions in today‟s lodging operation.                              received a       Instructors will stress the
                                                                        HAMG 1319.
                  Topics include a comparison of manual, machine                         passing grade      practical applications of
                  assisted, and computer-based methods for each                          of „C‟ or better   available technology.
                                                                        Course Grade
                  front file function.                                                   in this subject
                                                                        “C” or better.
                                                                                              86% of
                  Demonstrate an understanding of the legal and         Successful
                  regulatory requirements that impact the               completion of                       Additional writing
                                                                                           received a
                  hospitality industry. Topics include Occupational     HAMG 1340.                          assignments will
                                                                                         passing grade
                  Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), labor                                            acclimate the student to
                                                                                         of „C‟ or better
                  regulations, tax laws, tip reporting, franchise       Course Grade                        the legal vernacular.
                                                                                         in this subject
                  regulations, and product liability laws.              “C” or better.
                                                                                             100% of
                                                                        completion of
                  Identify the core principles of marketing and their                      received a
                                                                        HAMG 2307.
                  impact on the hospitality industry.                                    passing grade
                                                                                         of „C‟ or better
                                                                        Course Grade
                                                                                         in this subject
                                                                        “C” or better.
                  Apply the fundamentals of recruiting, selection,      Successful
                  and training of food service and hospitality          completion of
                                                                                            No class
                  personnel. Topics include job descriptions,           RSTO 1313.
                                                                                         information on
                  schedules, work improvement, motivation, and
                  applicable personnel laws and regulations.            Course Grade
                  Emphasis on leadership development.                   “C” or better.
                  Demonstrate an understanding of quantity              Successful
                  cookery and management problems pertaining to         completion of
                  commercial and institutional food service,            RSTO 2405.          No class
                  merchandising and variety in menu planning, and                        information on
                  customer food references. Includes laboratory         Course Grade          report
                  experiences in quantity food preparation and          “C” or better.

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Annual Assessment Report- Hospitality Restaurant and Culinary Management                                                  2006-2007
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Annual Assessment Report- Hospitality Restaurant and Culinary Management   2006-2007

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