Sophomore Formation

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					                        Sophomore Formation 2010-2011
Counselor: Mrs. Jessen
           Guidance Office, 76 E
           (847) 920-2527

Office Hours:       Monday through Friday 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.
                    Mrs. Jessen has Formation or meetings (and is unavailable) during these times:
                          Mondays and Wednesdays: Periods: 3, 6, & 8
                          Tuesdays and Thursdays: Periods 2, 4, & 7
                          Fridays: Periods 1 & 2

*Note for students: Students should feel free to stop by my office any time. You may schedule an
appointment if you wish by signing up for a time on my office door, or with Ms. Gorman, our
Guidance Administrative Assistant. If it is an emergency and you cannot find me in my office, please
see Ms. Gorman or Dean Heintz.

Formation           Sophomores meet for Formation every Tuesday and Thursday.

Purpose:            Sophomore year is a transitional time at Loyola Academy. The
                    purpose of Sophomore Formation is to help you navigate this year
                    by developing your sense of belonging and your relationships
                    with others. After completing your freshman year, many
                    sophomores participate in new activities and opportunities. The
                    Sophomore Formation program helps students find new avenues
                    for individual development. The capstone of the sophomore year
                    is the Grad at Grad reflection.
Requirements:       Formation is a graduation requirement. Students will receive ¼
                    credit for each year of Formation. Students will receive a Pass
                    or a Fail each semester that will appear on their transcript. To
                    earn the ¼ credit, students must complete the following
                            1. Active, appropriate participation
                                  Expectations include raising your hand to speak, listening to peers’
                                  comments, contributing in a meaningful way to discussions, and
                                  treating your classmates and Mrs. Jessen with respect at all times.
                            2. Completion of ALL assignments
                            3. Regular, on-time attendance

Supplies Needed: Assignment Notebook
                 Formation folder

Policy & Rules: *No cell phones. If I see/hear your cell phone, I will take it for the duration of
                 class and bring it to the Dean’s office.
                        “The use of cell phones and electronic devices (such as I-Pods, Kindles, I-
                        Pads, and MP-3 players) is prohibited on school property during the
                        school day. Students are required to store cell phone and electronic
                        devices in their lockers while school is in session.
                   *Don’t be late. 3 tardies=JUG. If you are late and the class is gone - YOU are
                   responsible for finding us and checking in with me or another counselor (or you
                   will be marked absent).

                   *Students must be in dress code at ALL times. A JUG will be given to students
                   who violate the dress code.

                   *Food is not permitted in the classroom. The ONLY exception is for
                   students that do not have a scheduled lunch period (you may then eat quickly
                   during the beginning of class.) Students may have bottled water, juice, soda in the
                   classroom as long as it is not a disturbance to the class.

                   *Bathroom policy: Only one student may visit the bathroom at a time.
                   Students must raise their hands to use the restroom. ALL bathroom visits should
                   be saved for the beginning or end of class unless it is a serious emergency.

Academic Dishonesty: Please be familiar with the policies in your Loyola handbook. Each and
                     every violation for academic dishonesty results in an automatic fail for
                     that assignment.

                      Sophomore Formation – Topics 2010-2011

   September       Intro to Formation
                   Healthy Relationships – Self, Peers, Family
                   Academic Integrity
                   Support Groups
   October         PLAN Prep
   November        First Aid
                   Tour Guide Training
                   Hunger Week
                   Mental Health
   December        Mental Health
   January         PLAN Results
                   Career Exploration & Interview Project
                   Diversity Week
   February        Academic Planning
   March           Academic Planning
                   RIPLOC Reflections
                   Healthy Relationships continued
                   Sophomore Grad at Grad Reflection
   April           Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists Presentation
                   Teens and the Law
                                          Mrs. Jessen’s Expectations
What can you expect from me?
*Active listener
*Willingness to hear your ideas
*Dedication to supporting you in reaching your goals
*Dedication to making Formation valuable and fun!

What will I expect from you?
*Active participation
*Respect for rules of the classroom and each other
*Complete assignments in class and make-up when you’re absent
*Ask questions
*Have fun!
                 Sophomore Formation – Frequently Asked Questions

   1. What is your discipline/tardy policy?
   I write JUGs. Be respectful and on time and you won’t get any in my class. If I see or hear your cell phone during
   class or see you using it, it will be confiscated and you will receive a JUG.

   2. Are you my Guidance Counselor or my Formation Teacher?
   Both! My first role is as your counselor. I am here at Loyola to be your advocate, to give you someone to talk with,
   vent to, or get support from. My second role is as a formation teacher. I will facilitate our classroom discussions and
   maintain order in the classroom.

   3. Why would I go to talk with you outside of class?
   There are many reasons why students might want to talk to me outside of class. They include, but are not limited to:
   - I feel stressed or overwhelmed
   - I need a pep talk
   - I’m struggling with a class or a teacher
   - I’m struggling with something at home
   - I want suggestions for things I can get involved in
   - I’m worried about a friend
   - I want to talk to someone confidentially about something in my life (*Our conversations will be confidential except
      in times when I feel that there is a risk to your safety or to someone else’s.)

   4. How would you be able to help me?
   I promise to listen without judgment. I can help you brainstorm ways to handle a problem or misunderstanding with
   a parent, student, or teacher. I will do my best to help you with questions about study skills and organization. My
   office can be a place for you to just be, whether you need to cry, laugh, talk, or sit quietly. My door is always open to
   students and I will do my best to make myself available to help.

   5. How do I reach you? Do I need an appointment?
   There is no need to have an appointment; you are free to stop by anytime. To reserve a time to meet, sign up on the
   schedule on my door. I will also bring a schedule to formation class everyday so you can sign up for a time to meet
   with me. If my door is open, come on in. If I’m with another student, you can wait in one of the chairs outside my
   office, leave a note on my whiteboard, or sign up for another time to meet.
   You can also e-mail me at or call me (847.920.2527).

   6. What do I do if there is an emergency and I can’t find you?
   If there is an emergency and you can’t find me in my office, see Ms. Gorman at the front desk in the Guidance Office or
   Dean Heintz who will take care of you immediately.