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					Current version 30.04.2006 Version 1.3 [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] Interface updated Online help updated Scan engine improved General speed optimizations Minor improvements and fixes

14.01.2003 version 1.2 [+] Rewritten NetBIOS and MAC address retrival - now communication with NetBIOS is implemented directly using TCP/IP, no microsoft NetBIOS function calls [+] Rewritten draw engine to update window every 1/2 second - this reduce flicker and improve overall speed. [+] added more accurate port scan timing [+] multithread engine rewritten - instant scan stop [+] fixed bug with font changed while window is morphed [+] Now scanner starts in "Scan range" mode with class C subnet as target [+] ports grouped into "open ports" and "closed ports" branches [+] added slider and comments for visual select of threads number [+] Add and update on ports and IP's now shows dialogs for easy value input. [+] Auto-detection of intersecting ports and IP ranges with prompt to correct values. [+] options subsystem is rewritten - tabulations now work fine and hotkes are available. [+] added scripring export - see help for details. [+] FIXED bug with wrong computer/NetBIOS names. it's origin was bug in Windows XP without Service Pack, so OS is detected at startup, warning is generated, andspecial options implemented - "Single-thread NetBIOA names scan" that prevents NetBIOS names to be scanned multithread. This will solve the problem if you have WinXP without Service Pack. [+] Added option to set default scan target [+] ports scan progress now shown in computer scan results caption, "ports" branch is removed version 1.1 [+] Added "ping before scan" feature [+] Added export feature version 1.0 [+] Initial release

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