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Finding the perfect treatment to make my hair grow faster will be easy with the great new product being presented by Using this ancient hair growing formula will make grow hair faster, fuller and more luxurious quickly and give you the fabulous look you want.

More Info Announces Its Newest Product

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 26-Nov-2010: John Mentis and Mira Herbals,
Inc., is excited to announce it's newest product for the individual who
wants to make my hair grow faster. Mira Hair Oil is an ancient formula
has been helping women grow long, full, luxurious hair for centuries and
is a way to enjoy 2-3 inch growth a month rather than the usual 1/5th
inch a month that most people get. When a person is under stress, has
been ill, or recently undergone a major life event, they will often
experience thinning and dull hair. This also may be the result of not
eating the diet that is necessary to assure that the hair follicles are
receiving the proper nutrients and vitamins that are required to keep
hair healthy and growing properly.

When interviewed recently, John Mentis stated, "Our goal is to assure
that we provide women with the most effective and easy way to have the
beautiful hair that they want. We are constantly testing products and
searching for the best products for women who may not have time to look
for the treatment that will be most effective. We have a dedicated team
that who have the sole purpose of helping women achieve their goals for
longer and more beautiful hair and we strive to make sure that our
customers get results quickly and easily."

Mira Hair Oil is a newly discovered ancient hair growing formula that
stimulates hair growth with great results in an amazingly short time. You
will see significant growth, in most cases 2 - 3 inches a month. Having
beautiful hair for a special event or occasion will be easy when you can
see a change in your hair within 14 days!

To get more information about the great products available from the team
at Mira Herbals, Inc., visit today!
Members of the press or individuals wishing to get information regarding
this press release will find contact information below.

John Mentis

Mira Herbals, Inc.

7150 Torbram Road Unit 15


Mississauga, Ontario


Telephone: 518-512-074



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