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					                              Annual Report
                       July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008

                        Ricardo Hines, a student at LVCC, gives an
                     inspirational speech at the Celebration of Learning.
Program Highlights
      LVCC completed its first year of integration with the former Literacy Volunteers of
       Greater Middletown. Systems and programs were merged. This has been a very
       successful first year and the merger has proved to be a benefit for both organizations.

      The United Way of Central and Northeastern CT, the United Way of West Central
       CT, and The United Way of Southington continue to provide critical support for our
       tutor training, adult literacy program, work skills classes, and family literacy programs.
       Hundreds of low literate adults are changing their lives and achieving their goals because
       of the donations we receive through the United Ways.

      The State Department of Adult Education provides funding to support our literacy
       programs in the cities of New Britain and Middletown. Being part of this state system
       provides access for our staff to high quality training, standardized testing of our students,
       important information about the state of literacy in CT and the ability to network with
       many adult literacy programs around the state.

      Federal funding from Community Development Block Grants from the cities of Bristol
       and New Britain helps us to reach some of the most isolated members of our society who
       do not earn a living wage because their literacy skills are too low. This funding supports
       tutor training and support, tutoring programs, and classes.
   We introduced a new initiative this year to increase student learning gains with a grant
    from the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain. Mini Classes were added so
    that students can now increase the number of hours they study in a year. If students study
    at least 100 hours per year they are more likely to increase their learning gains by one
    level than if they study fewer hours. This program also offers opportunities for volunteers
    to increase their commitment to the organization by teaching one or two mini classes per
    year. Classes included: 5 minute chats, skin care and nutrition, computer skills, family
    literacy, scrap booking, a citizenship class, and more. Several volunteers from the Junior
    League volunteered their time to teach classes in addition to our talented tutors. This
    grant also supported outreach efforts to Southington and Plainville and our expanding
    math literacy program.

   Expanded the family literacy program with support from the American Savings
    Foundation, The Courant/ Fox 61Children’s Holiday Fund, Main Street
    Community Foundation, and Dutch Point Credit Union. We introduced the Parenting
    for Academic Success family literacy program at Jefferson School in New Britain,
    Edgewood School. We also continued our Parenting for Academic Success program at
    Smalley Academy in New Britain. Also new this year was a series of workshops offered
    to families in our program. Other activities included: a family literacy festival for over 60
    families at Jefferson School in New Britain, a Storytelling Festival at the Imagine Nation
    Museum in Bristol for 300 people, a Family Festival at the Southington Library,
    “Lullabies to Literacy” training for providers working with low literate parents held at the
    YWCA of New Britain for over 40 preschool teachers, encouraging families to attend
    events at LVCC, book donations to families. Our goal is to address the needs of low
    literate parents.

   The AT&T Foundation provided us with a grant to introduce web based activities into
    all aspects of our organization and to improve the level of computers for staff and
    students. Highlights of the grant include: upgrading the computer lab computers and
    several of the staff computers, purchasing and implementing a new web based database
    called LACES, offering basic computer classes in our lab, adding web based learning
    links and the newsletter to our website, improving tutor recruitment, and increasing our
    use of e-mail for communication with tutors. Computers were donated by AT&T and the
    Global Harmony Institute .

   The Main Street Community Foundation , TD BankNorth Foundation, and the
    Walmart Foundation supported work skills and survival skills classes in Bristol and
    New Britain. Classes were held at The Family Center in Bristol, St. Joseph’s Church in
    Bristol, and at the New Britain Public Library.

   The Middlesex County Community Foundation provided funding to support the
    development and integration of the Middletown Program Office.

   The Hartford Courant Foundation provided funding to support capacity building and
    expansion activities and systems that help to develop the Middletown program and to
    continue to develop math and technology programs and services to help low literate
    adults in greater New Britain.

   Tutors participated in a variety of training opportunities including: Computer training, 2
    Wilson Method training, training in standardized testing, a tutor roundtable with a
    training on using the newspaper in lessons, and finally a Travelogue presented by 2
    students and a tutor from Eritrea, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.
                                        Special Events

               Ann Bova from the Community Foundation of Greater New
              Britain accepts an award for “Outstanding Support of LVCC’s
            Programs and Services” from Executive Director, Darlene Hurtado

Family Literacy Festivals: with the help of funding from the American Savings Foundation, we
held a family literacy festival for over 60 families at Jefferson School in New Britain and with
support from the Main Street Community Foundation, a Storytelling Festival at the Imagine
Nation Museum in Bristol for 300 people and at the Southington Public Library for about 50

Annual Meetings and Celebrations of Learning: Once again this year we held 2 events in New
Britain so that more students and tutors could attend, a brunch and a dinner at CCSU’s ITBD
building downtown. These events embody the spirit of what we are all about. More students than
ever gave testimony to the change literacy has made in their lives. We commend them for their
courage and hard work. Pam Fleming was recognized as Tutor of the Year in New Britain and
The Community Foundation of Greater New Britain was recognized for outstanding support of
our programs and services.

First Annual Celebration of Learning and Merger Celebration: In September of 2007 the
American Savings Foundation sponsored a celebration of tutor and student accomplishment and
of the merger of our organizations. About 100 people attended. The American Savings
Foundation received an award for outstanding support of our programs and services. Dutch Point
Credit Union presented a grant for program improvements in the Middletown office and the
family literacy program in New Britain. Mary Louise Stover was presented with the Tutor of the
Year Award.

International Potluck / Retention Activities: Over 140 students and tutors attended this event in
December. The food was amazing and the ambiance was quite festive! Several children of our
students attended and received free books. Sue Zoni, a tutor and Board member led the group in
singing holiday songs from around the world. Other retention activities included celebrating
Volunteer Appreciation Week in April and Thanksgiving thank you cards.
                     Community Collaborations/ Outreach

                     Students and their tutor Gerry Pierson visit
                      Mayor Stewart and learn about how city
                          government and programs work.
   Collaborations include: The Dutch Point Credit Union, McCue Mortgage, New Britain
    Adult Education, Bristol Adult Education, Middletown Adult Education, Smalley
    Academy, Jefferson School, Edgewood School, School Readiness Councils of New
    Britain and Bristol, The New Britain Discovery Program, the YWCA of New Britain,
    The Family Center, Imagine Nation Museum, the New Britain Museum of American Art,
    New Britain Family Resource Centers, United Way of the Capital Area, United Way of
    West Central CT, United Way of Southington, CCSU, Public Libraries in all of the 16
    towns that we serve.

   The Community Foundation of Greater New Britain was honored at our Annual Meeting
    for outstanding support of our programs and services. They have provided nearly
    $250,000 in grants since 1982 to support new programs and capacity building that has
    shaped this organization.

   Our newsletter, Literacy Central was mailed out quarterly. Circulation has climbed to
    over 950. We are looking for sponsorship in the coming year.
Student Achievements

Children participate in the “Parenting for Academic
Success” family literacy program at Smalley Academy.
Outcomes and Achievements for        # of students who achieved goal
Literacy Vo lunteers of              in 2007-2008
Central CT
                                     Sample: 451 students
Entered employ ment                                 10
Retained employ ment                               226
Co mpleted GED                                      2
Entered other education and/or                      23
Met work-based goal                                 46
Obtained citizenship/ achieved                      25
citizenship skills
Registered to vote/ voted for the                   1
first time
Increased involvement in                            97
community activ ities
Increased involvement in                            71
children’s educational activit ies
Improved survival skills                           319
Improved reading and writing                       295
TOTA L                                            1,115
Highlights of Financial Support
Grants/ Corporate Donations
American Savings Foundation
United Way of Central and Northeastern CT Area
State Department of Education: New Britain and Middletown grants
Community Foundation of Greater New Britain
City of New Britain/ Community Development Block Grant
Hartford Courant Foundation
United Way of Southington
United Way of West Central CT
The Courant/ Fox 61 Children’s Fund and the McCormick Tribune Foundation
Dutch Point Credit Union
Middlesex County Community Foundation
City of Bristol/ Community Development Block Grant
Suzanne Forlivio Foundation
Main Street Community Foundation
Liberty Bank Foundation
Rotary Club of New Britain
TD BankNorth
Zurich US Foundation
WalMart Foundation
WebsterBank Foundation
Altrusa Club of Middletown
Connecticut Health Foundation
Aetna Foundation
Phoenix Foundation
Traveler’s Foundation
CA Inc.

The Annual Appeal and Board Appeal brought in $11,911 from 171 donors.

Scrabble Challenge and Silent Auction: The 6th Annual Scrabble Challenge event was held at the
Aqua Turf Club in April. Over 200 people attended. We netted $20,579 to support our programs.
Our first ever Title Sponsors ($5,000) were The Stanley Works and Dutch Point Credit Union.
Gold sponsors ($1,000) included: Northeast Utilities Transmission, American Eagle Federal
Credit Union, Bristol Wal-Mart, Webster Bank, Wentworth, DeAngelis and Kaufman Insurance,
and First Lutheran Church of the Reformation.

Facts and Figures
# Students Served: 451
# Children Served through Parenting for Academic Success: 30
# Children and Parents Served through Family Festivals: approximately 425
% Basic Literacy Students: 6%
% English for Speakers of Other Languages Students: 94%
# Volunteer Tutors: 217
# New Tutors Trained: 78
# Other Volunteers: 34 (Includes: Board, Events, Office, Program, and Computer Lab)
Total Volunteer Hours: 12,510
Value of Volunteer Hours: $244,070 (Using the Independent Sector Value of $19.51/ hr.)
# Students on the Waiting List as of 6/30/08: 180

Associate Director, Lynne Prairie with
Tutor of the Year Pam Flemming.

Our Donors
Platinum                                                Gold
American Savings Foundation                             Aetna Foundation
AT&T Foundation                                         American Eagle Federal Credit Union
City of New Britain Community Development Block         City of Bristol Community Development Block Grant
Grant                                                   Eugene Cronin
Community Foundation of Greater                         First Lutheran Church of the Reformation
New Britain                                             Suzanne Forlivio Foundation
Dutch Point Credit Union, Inc.                          Liberty Bank Foundation
The Courant/Fox 61 Children’s Holiday                   M iddlesex County Community -
Campaign, a fund of the M cCormick Tribune Foundation   Foundation
Hartford Courant Foundation                             NU Transmission Group
M ain Street Community Foundation                       Paul and Angela Penney
M iddletown Adult Education                             Priority Graphics, LLC
New Britain Adult Education                             Rotary Club of New Britain-Berlin
The Stanley Works                                       Southington United Way
United Way of the Capital Area                          TD Banknorth
WalM art Foundation                                     United Way of West Central CT
                                                        Webster Bank, N.A.
                                                        Wentworth, DeAngelis & Kaufman Insurance
                                                        Zurich US Foundation

Silver                                     Pamela Fleming                     OKAY Industries, Inc.
                                           John Frazer                        Other United Way Agencies
Anonymous (1)
                                           Great Beginnings                   Oxford Industries of CT, Inc.
A.M .E. Zion Church
                                           Richard Grudzinski                 Hugh B. and Lois Penney
AES Remedial Contracting, LLC
Aetna Employee Giving Campaign             M ario and Darlene Hurtado         Casimir Podlaski
Altrusa Club of Central CT, Inc.           M r. and M rs. Richard Hutton      Priority Graphics, LLC
                                           Image Ink Inc.                     John and Susan Rathgeber
Amodio M oving, Inc.
                                           ING Foundation                     John Rivers
Peter Antonelli                         Patricia Jahrstorfer               Rotary Club of Southington
Lloyd Ayer                              James T. Kay Company, Inc.         Jean Rozett
Steven Banasiewicz                      Lynn Johnson-Corcoran              Cynthia and Raymond Ruta
Joan Belmore                            Kiwanis Club of New Britain        Myron and Shelley Schulman
Whit and Jarre Betts                    Janet Klim                         Ijaz Shafi, M .D., P.C.
Joseph Boucher                          Zoe Kolligian                      Art and Betsy Sharp
Leslie Bulion                           M ohammed Laaziz                   Thomas and Robin Sharp
William and Susan Campbell              Kitty Lacey                        Doris Shuskus
Charter Oak Financial Group, Inc.       Phyllis Lemaire                    Smith M iddle School Faculty
M anon Lu Christ                        M ichael Lutz                      Fund
M ichael and Leslie Cifone              Sharon M alone                     M ary St. Pierre
Class Act Cleaning Service, LLC         Paul and Kathleen M arier          Susan Sonstrom
Congregational Church of Burlington     M arshall & Nigro, LLC             Frank and Rose Stamilio
Connecticut Health Foundation, Inc.     M iddlesex United Way              Tilcon Connecticut
Louise and Joseph Courchaine            Frank M ilone                      Travelers Chip in for Charity
Alan L. Coykendall                      Nancy M oorad                      Bruce and Karen Tyler
Linda Damico                            Robert M ugford                    United Way of the Capital Area
Kurtis Denison                                                             M ary Ann and Stephen Varga
Lloyd and Gerri Duggan                                                     Colleen Walsh
Katherine Emery                                                            Robert Watson
Antoinette Escott                                                          Jack and Cindi Whitham
Fiondella, M ilone & LaSaracina LLP                                        M ary Wilkinson
                                                                           William Witkowsky, Jr.
                                                                           Darryl and Donna Wright
                                                                           Heidi and Charles Yanavich

Friends                                             Ann Naughton
                                                    Ellen Nerenberg
Anonymous (2)
                                                    M arie Neville
Elzbieta Adamska
                                                    M ary Ellen Nocera
Kathleen Agostinucci
M arie-Jeanne Aguiar                                Elizabeth Noniewicz
M ax Alpert                                         M arie Norwood
                                                    Jill Notar-Francesco
Always Travel and Tours International
                                                    Edmund and Helene Noyes
Pat and Fred Ambroszewski
                                                    Barbara Nugent
Lynda and Cliff Anderson
Anderson, Reynolds & Lynch, LLP                     Victoria Ochoa
Another Bookstore                                   Jean M adden
                                                    James and Elizabeth M alley
Genevieve Arbour
                                                    Colleen M alley
Earle and Linda Armstrong
                                                    Sharon M anley
Kylle and Donna Ayer
B & B Threaded Components, Inc.                     Beverley M anning
James and Barbara Banasiewicz                       Dorota M arcinkiewicz
                                                    Charles M arlor
Gina M arie Barresi
                                                    George M artin
Waltine Barrett
Henryk Barszcz                                      M aryann M cCary
Teresa Beclawska                                    John and Janice M cCormick
Bethany Lutheran Church                             M cLaughlin Physical Therapy
                                                    J. Alan and Joan M cLean
Paul Bloomberg
                                                    Christina M cMyne
Danuta Bolcun
M aydie Bombart                                     Patricia M cNamara
Deborah Boudreau                                    Laura M elchionna
Hicham Bourjaili                                    Pat M ele
                                                    M arcia and Arthur M eyers
Keith and Ann Bova
                                                    Joan M istrough
M ary Ellen Bowen
Thomas and M ary Breen, III                         Pat M onahan
Thomas and Laura Brookman                           Sokny M oun
Candice Brown                                       M ueller Family
                                                    Carmen M urray
Susan Brown                                         Ann Naughton
Elzbieta Brzostek Parciak                           Ellen Nerenberg
Andrea Budd                                         M arie Neville
Antone Capitao                                      M ary Ellen Nocera
Carlson Funeral Home                                Elizabeth Noniewicz
Ruth Carter                                         M arie Norwood
M ichael and Susan Casale
Sandra Cassel                         Jill Notar-Francesco
Century 21 LIL-1 Associates, Inc.     Edmund and Helene Noyes
Faith Chen                            Barbara Nugent
M ing Chung Wu                        Victoria Ochoa
M ary Clapp                           Elzbieta Pabisiak
M ary Colegrove                       Joan Packer
Gail Cormier                          Jackie Pechout
James and Patricia Courtemanche       M aricela and Stuart Perazabaker
Pat M cCurdy-Crescimanno and          Diane Perry
Terry Crescimanno                     Carl and Amy Peters
Kathleeen Czarnota                    Christina Peterson
Joyce Dabrowski                       Carol O. Peterson
Patricia Davilio                      Joni Peterson
Teresa Dehnel                         Phoenix Foundation/M atching Gifts
David and Alice Dole                  Susan Pierson
David Donoghue                        Olga Pietranik
Thomas W. Donohue, DPM                M arianna Podbielska
Gladys B. Dunn                        Beverly Polgroszek
Priscilla Eckhart                     Sharon Poupart
M ary Feddor-Lebel                    Wai Price
Jean Fickett                          Awo Quaison-Sackey
M arty Fields                         Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Camille Fisher                        Carolyn Razzano
M r. and M rs. M ichael Foran         Record-Journal
Dr. and M rs. M alcolm Galen          Bob Ribera
John A. Gannatti                      Jane and Phil Richards-Jones
Cathleen Gannon                       Timothy Rickard
Barbara Glista                        Dolores Robinson
M arianne Golin-Widlak                Kevin Roche
Augusta Gonzalez                      Rebecca Rodricks
Greater Bristol Chamber of Commerce   M iguel Rodrigues
Greater Hartford Jaycees              Robert Rosenbaum
Ewa Greloch                           Diane Rubacha
Daniel and Joan Griesenauer           Joan Rusenko
Dr. and M rs. Thomas Gunning          M arion Sangeloty
Kevin Guptill                         Kathleen Sauer
Viola Gustafson                       John Schilling
M ike Hadvab                          Lauretta Scionti
Richard and Patricia Hart             Alan and Shirley Scully
Dunnith R. Heenan Jr.                 Ronald and Christine Shanley -Buck
Sarah Heroux                          Susan Shapiro
Dr. Steven Hershcopf                  Connie Shoplick
June Higgins                          Irene Silberstein
James and Barbara Hilbie              George and Susan Skarvinko
Jane Hilbie                           Lorraine Smart
Cathy Holderman                       Gay Smith
Sr. M arlene Hostetter                Robert and Janet Sorensen
Edward Iglesias and Paula Quenoy      Spano Printing Co.
John and Frances Jakabauski           Sheri Spinelli
Steve Jankins                         Nancy and Kevin Spring
Barbara Janota                        Jadwiga Stancel
Anita Johnson                         Barbara and Robert Sutkowski
Jim Johnston                          Shirley Szabo
Lorraine Jurgilewicz                  Pamela Tatge
Barbara Kalinowska                    The Cadmus Group, Inc.
Richard and Naomi Kamins              The Obedzinski Family
Elizabeth Karpiej                     Tierney Bros. Package Store
Shirley Keezing                       Rie Titus
Brian and Celina Kelleher             Angelo and Joy Tomasso
Joanne Kelleher                       Charlotte Tulp
Joan Kelly-Coyle                      Jan Van Tassel
Vladimir Klaban                       Angie Ventrella
Bill and M olly Knapsack              Agatha Warjas
Heidi Kropf                           William Wasch
M arta Kucharska                      Weber and Carrier, LLP
Dzvinislava Kuzmenko                                  Ann Wightman
Joseph and Kathy Lapierre                             Cathi Williams
David Larson                                          Carol Winiski
Kathy Lloyd                                           Jeanne Wischenbart
Paula Lopatosky                                       Wisenski Landscaping
Lanette M acaruso                                     Jerzy Witkowski
Jean M adden                                          Jean Witz
James and Elizabeth M alley                           Letonia Wright
Colleen M alley                                       Jacek and Lucyna Wrobel
Sharon M alone                                        Lidia Zajac
Sharon M anley                                        Lynn Zanghi
Beverley M anning                                     Gustavo Zapata-Torres
Dorota M arcinkiewicz                                 Ray Zete
Charles M arlor                                       Jeremy and Virginia Zwelling
George M artin
M aryann M cCary
John and Janice M cCormick
M cLaughlin Physical Therapy
J. Alan and Joan M cLean
Patricia M cNamara
Laura M elchionna
Pat M ele
M arcia M eyers
Joan M istrough
Pat M onahan
Sokny M oun
M ueller Family
Carmen M urray

In Kind Donations                         Laurel Lanes Bowling                Hospital Organization
A.J. Vicino & Sons, Inc.                  Lynne Allyson Photography           Starbucks Plainville
Anthony Jacks                             M achiavelli's Italian Ristorante   M ayor Timothy Stewart
                                          Karen M archetti                    Stop & Shop
Art of Touch
                                          M ary Kay Cosmetics                 Super Hair & Tan
Artisan's M arketplace
                                          MAX Restaurant Group                The Hair Color Company and
Avery's Beverages
Baltic Restaurant                         Tony M iddleton the Golf Broker     Spa
Best Cleaners                             M ohegan Sun                        The Right Touch
                                          M usic Series at South Church       Tom Bentz/Awards of Elegance
Bob's Stores
                                          New Britain Rock Cats               Helen Uzanski
Breathing Space Therapeutic M assage
                                          New Britain Symphony                YM CA - Southington
Casa M ia Restaurant
Nick and M ary Catalina                   New Look                            YWCA - New Britain
CCSU Athletic Departments                 NICLIZ Enterprises,                 David J. Zoni
                                          Inc./M cDonald's
CCSU Bookstore
                                          Nutrition Kingdom LLC
Chris Perry/Egress/Smith Barney
                                          NV Perricone, M .D.
Clear Channel Radio
CONCORA                                   Cosmeceuticals
Connie's Tayloring                        Parson's Buick
                                          Pazzo Cafe'
Corner Grinder Shop
                                          Gerry Pierson
Cornerstone Realty
                                          Lisa Piombino
Ken Destefanis
El Sombrero M exican Restaurant           M artha Piontkowski
Farmington Savings Bank                   Price Chopper's Golub Foundation
                                          Attorney Jon Reducha
First & Last Tavern
                                          Regis Salon
Foxwoods Resort & Casino
                                          Renaldo's Apizza and Pasta
Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce
Hartford Restaurant Group                 Restaurant
Hawks Landing Country Club                Roger's Orchards, Inc.
                                          SolToro Tequila Grill
Hillstead M useum
                                          Southington Citizen
Hospital for Special Care
                                          Southington Wine & Spirits
It's Only Natural
Johnnie's Flowers                         St. Francis Physician
Terese Jones
Kathy Keane
Kensington Dry Cleaners
LaBoca Restaurant

Board of Directors (2008)
John Rivers: President                                   Shonya Harrison
Robin Sharp: Vice President                              Fred Newberg
Baba Aina: Treasurer                                     Bob Nattrass
Heidi Yanavich: Secretary                                Lloyd Duggan
Past president: Lynn Johnson- Corcoran                   M ary Ann Varga
Kitty Lacey                                              Heidi Yanavich
Nancy Giannini                                           Kevin Nodell
Rick Shannon                                             Augusta Cigliano Gonzalez
Peter Antonelli                                          Rose Stamilio
Eugene Cronin

Ambassadors for Literacy
Helen Abadiano                    Fred Johnson                    Stephen Nims
Kamal Arbouche                    Nancy Johnson                   William Ostapchuk
Karlene Ball                      Shirley Keezing                 Larry Ouellette
Laura Brookman                    Joanne Kelleher                 Lois Penney
Ken Carifa                        Jolanta Kemmling                Joni Peterson
Laura Cohen Romano                Phyllis Kindelan                Kelli Tramantano
Sarah Cormier                     John Lubszewicz                 Patricia Ubysz
Alexia Cruz                       Joan M cLean                    Priscilla Ubysz
Kathleen Czarnota                 M ary Ellen M elesko
William Heiden                    Nancy M oorad
                                  Virginia M oretti

Financial Summary
Audit available upon request.

Staff 2008
Darlene Hurtado: Executive Director
Lynne Prairie: Associate Director
Susan Kus: Office Manager
Bruce Markot: Program Director
Sylvia Goliszek: Program Assistant
Christine Mitchell: Trainer
Lynda Anderson: Family Literacy Coordinator
Joanne     Adamowicz           Sheri DeAngelo                 John Kelsey             Lois Penney
Heather Ahrens                 Joyce Degen                    Gen Keoppen             Maricela - Perazabaker
Sister Mary Alma               Terry Dehnel                   Anne Kerry              Katie Perham
Pat Ambroszewski               Jeffrey Deleo                  Ellen Kieffer           Diane Petras
Lynda Anderson                 Frank Demeo                    Justine Kim             Dawn Petrill
Lynn Anderson                  Avis Devine                    Janet Klim              Gerry Pierson
Sandra     Archibald           Serena Diaz                    Margaret Koos           Lisa Piombino
Christine Arena                Janet Dion                     Annette Kowalczyk       Casimir Podlaski
Diana Ashton                   Annsue DiVenere                Patricia Kupcho         Peggy Pohorilak
Waltine Barrett                Robert Donia                   Susan Kus               Linda Poland
Joseph Bartok                  Anne Dygus                     Anna Lalla              Beverly
Cheryl Becker                  Priscilla Eckhart              Kristine Larsen         Polgroszek
Margaret Becker                Janice Eifrig                  Jacqueline Lavertue     Janet Powell
Esther Beierle                 Antoinette Escott              Virginia Lee            Lynne Prairie
Joan Belmore          Maureen Farmer           Phyllis LeMaire        Wai Price
Scott Bennett         Marianne Farr            Kathleen Lescoe        Abayomi Quadri
Mary Bilyak           Pamela Fleming           Charles Lewis          Jon Reducha
Ana Boissonneault     Vivian Flowers           Kenneth Lindskog       Judy Roberts
Suzanne Borner        Norma Flynn              Paula Lopatosky        Kevin Roche
Keith Bova            Anne Franks              Rich Luchansky         Janet Roome
Clide Bowan           Beverly Gerosa           Kerry Lurate           Jean Rozett
William Breck         Marlene Giddings         Barbara Maloska        Yvonne Rubin
Harold Bright         Barbara Glista           Sharon Manley          Dianne Ruch
Brynner Brown         Sylvia Goliszek          Beverley Manning       Cynthia Ruta
Tracey Brown          Augusta Gonzalez         Paul Marier            Sister Cathleen Ryan
Jenny Bunick          Margaret Gorecki         Jeannine Marron        Sister - RosemaryRyan
Virginia Bush         Richard Griffith         George Mason           Robert Rybicki
Stuart Carlson        Richard Grudzinski       Janet Maune            Albert Sanders
Cindy Carter          Joseph Guinan            Maryann McCary         Kerry Saucier
Sandra Cassel         Kevin Guptill            Joan McGowan           Christina Schatz
Nick Catalina         Julie Hale               Geri McMahon           Kathy Schwartz
Pat Charamut          Daniel Harrington        R. Lucille Middleton   Eleanor Sharp
Winifred Chauvin      Melissa Haseley          Joan Miller            Carolyn Shaw
Florence Chotkowski   Martina Haynes- Esnard   Susan Miller           Doris Shuskas
Manon-Lu Christ       Dennis Herold            Jean Miller-Smith      Sandra Siena
Richard Chylinski     JoAnn Hewett             Susan Mirmina          Jane Simmons
Christine Ciervo      David Hickox             Christine Mitchell     Robert Sireno
Pamela Cleary         June Higgins             Pat Monahan            Vincent Sirois
Lawrence Cocking      Elizabeth Hillemeir      Phyllis Monarca        Janet Smith
Arthur Corbeil        Virginia Hodge           Terri Monbaron         Yvonne Smith
Bruce Corbin          Rachel Hoffman           Corina Morris          Nancy Spring
Sharon Corlette       Catherine Holderman      Ronald Morris          Mary St. Pierre
Gail Cormier          Pat Jahrstorfer          Patricia Murray        Denise Steele
Jeremy Coster         Frances Jakabauski       Imran Mushtaq          Marg Stewart
JoAnn Cromwell        John Jakabauski          Bernice Napierski      Mary Louise Stover
Jacqueline Dagenais   Ardeth Johnson           Manda Neumann          Antoinette Strycharz
Rachael DAgostino     Charlyn Jones            Marie Neville          Barbara Sutkowski
Aaron Danenberg       Teri Jones               Mary Ellen Nocera      Laura Taft
Bonita Dean           Lorraine Jurgilewicz     Marie Norwood          Stacy Theriault
                      Laurel Kahak             Barbara Nugent         Margo Thompson
                      Tadeusz Kalinowski       Karen Olivastro        MadoreKatherine -T ietjen
                      Fr. A. Kargul            Deane Olson            Bill T rousdale
                      Kathy Keane              Fran Osipiak           Beth Van der Weerd
                      Shirley Keast            George Pagliaro        Jennifer Vecchitto
                                               Lydia Pagliaro         Angie Ventrella
                                               Mary Pear              Colleen Walsh
                                               Jackie Pechout         Krystyna Ward
                                                                      Robert Watson
                                                                      Daniel Wenzloff
                                                                      Laurie Wenzloff
                                                                      Cindi Whitham
                                                                      Dolores Wiener
                                                                      Clare Wight
                                                                      Mary Wilkinson
                                                                      Cathi Williams
                                                                      Letonia Joy Wright
                                                                      Lynn Zanghi
                                                                      Ireneusz Zembrzuski
                                                                      Susan Zoni

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