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									All-Inclusive England Vacation
All-Inclusive England Vacation

An all-inclusive vacation has always been popular especially for
people who are visiting England for the first time. The notion
that you will only need to pay for a one-set price for
transportation, foods, drinks, accommodations and tours is
certainly appealing.

When all-inclusive vacation is a good idea:

• You have a set budget and it is important to determine in
advance how much is the total cost of the trip.
• The purpose of the trip is pure exploration.

• You are the type of person who wants a structured vacation
because you don't want to worry about when to eat, where to
go, where to sleep, etc.
• If you are not willing to take chances or risk paying more on
taxi, hotel accommodation and meals.

• If the price of the all-inclusive is much cheaper than the cost
of its components when taken individually.

• You are going to a place where you do not speak the language
and do not have the time to learn either.

• It's a destination you are not familiar with; do not have any
idea on how to get around; and do not want to spend some
time being lost.

When all-inclusive vacation is not a good idea:

• The purpose of the trip is to explore the destination at your
own pace and go to different attractions without being
conscious of the time.
• You know how to get around the place, the commute and the
roads that will lead you to good and affordable restaurants and

• You do not have the time to go online and search for websites
that offer all-inclusive vacation.

• When you can get bargain flights and discounted hotel
accommodation. It also makes sense if you can get last minute
all-inclusive vacation that is set at a bargain.

• When you cannot pay today for the trip that is scheduled
months in advance.

• You don't want to get stuck with the group as you tour
around the city.

How to select an all inclusive vacation
• Choose a theme
There are lots of things to do in England that you cannot fit
everything in one trip, so try to limit your choices on one or two
specific themes where you can enjoy the best England has to
offer. Do you want to go romantic, historical, cultural, or simply
want to know more about the city by exploring the streets and
mingling with the locals? Do you want an architectural
vacation, or wild-life tours? Do you like non-traditional tours
like wine tasting, art and cooking?

• Know your options
There are lots of guided and unguided all-inclusive vacation
packages that fit to your chosen theme. If you are on a limited
budget, there are budget all-inclusive trips for you. Students
can get a good discount for trips as well.

• Search online
Do your research online. Find out what are the different tours
and packages that websites offer. Use the internet to book for
an all-inclusive England vacation according to your chosen
theme, budget and preferences.
One more thing:

There is no other place in the world where you can go from one
place to another as easy and as convenient as in England. Once
you land on the ground, you can literally use any modes of
transportation from train, car rentals and bus to plane and ship.
Even riding a bicycle is a great way to explore the city.
Budget Tips for an England Vacation

For many people, going on a trip is one of the best forms of
obtaining a break from the regular hustles and bustles of their
lives. How about you, are you looking forward to the time that
you can travel as well? What about your budget? Don't you
have much fund for it? You see, you can always go on an
England vacation even when you want to stick to your budget.
You don't have to raise too much money for you to set foot in
its renowned city and have fun and excitement.

Being on a budget also doesn't mean that you have to deprive
yourself of the chance to see the wonderful attractions that the
city of London holds for you. Thus, read on and learn how to
work on your resources while keeping the fun alive.
Things to Keep in Mind

Before you venture into your travel, there are a couple of
pointers for you to remember. Researching is a major task that
you have to be engaged in. Which country will you visit? How
much money should you prepare?

It is vital that you research about the country that you plan to
visit. Get to know the requirements that the government asks
from those who want to enter its borders. There are some
countries that require a special Visa or some vaccinations. Also,
arrange the currency exchanges that you will need. Be sure to
keep your passports and Visas updated and never commit
mistakes or else you will be denied the entry to that country.

Your tickets should likewise be secured prior to the travel date
to make sure that you are able to grab the best deals. Travel
insurance must not be forgotten as well to secure that your
needs will be taken care of in the event of illness, cancellation,
theft, accidents, delays, and lost possessions.
These are just some of the very necessary things that you have
to prepare beforehand. As always, being prepared saves you
from the most unwanted delays and unfortunate events.

Budget Travel Tips for You

London is one of the pride cities of England. For a frugal
traveler like you, it is a must that you take advantage of the
bargains that are in store for you. All that you need is to do an
extensive research so that you will spot the most wonderful
offers available.

The Oyster Card. This refers to a transit card that you can
obtain from the underground shops around the city. It will
require a minimal deposit from you and you get it back after
you return the card. This card is best to avail of if you want to
bag the best transit deals. With this, you get to hop on and hop
off the famous stops without spending too much.

So as not to be charged as you take a view of the Buckingham
Palace, be sure to arrive on time for the Changing of the
Guards. This ceremony is a colorful and celebrated one. This is a
free event but be sure to make it on time. The activities
typically begin at 10:45.

Travelling is incomplete without shopping. For a frugal tourist
like you, the charity shops are the best places to visit. There are
quality products that you can find and you may even spot shops
that sell the cheaply priced designer items.

Go on an England tour now even when you are on a tight

England Vacation - Get a Taste of London

An England vacation is something that you should anticipate.
Why? Read on and find out what places will surely make your
stay worth it!

The Tower of London. It keeps the world renowned Crown
Jewels. This is the very site wherein the famous historical icons
of England had been imprisoned and executed. The names of
the Duke of Norfolk, Katherine Howard, and Anne Boleyn,
among others make up the list.

The Tower Bridge. This served as the entry point of the Thames.
The museum allows the visitors a good look of the city as they
pass by the old yet memorable pedestrian paths.

The London Eye. Also one of the major attractions, it had been
crafted by the British Airways. The gigantic Ferris Wheel
includes about 32 capsules which lets the people take a glimpse
of the entire city by up to 360 degrees. Visitors of all ages are
surely going to enjoy a visit to this theme park.

The Westminster Abbey. Known to be a religious venue, this
had been labeled as the official site for the coronation of the
English monarchs and likewise their own burial.

The British Museum. Art lover or not, you will love this art and
history museum. It stores the widest collections of all
antiquities from Greece, Rome, and Asia. The artifacts from the
ancient and prehistoric Britain are also housed in here.
The Buckingham Palace. The home of none other than but the
British Royal Family, it is always entertaining to see the
changing of the guards which is known to be one of the city's
best attractions.

The Houses of Parliament. A combination of three big
attractions, this location lets you see the House of the
Commons, the House of Lords, and the awesome Big Ben. Its
Gothic architecture has been inspired from the Victorian Age.

The National Gallery. If you want to see the greatest collections
of European paintings, then better grab the chance of going to
the National Gallery.

St. Paul's Cathedral. Another historic site, the Cathedral had
been a witness to several memorable events such as the
wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales and the funeral of
Winston Churchill. Rebuilt by none other than Christopher
Wren in the year 1710, it houses a 530-stair high gallery and
provides a breathtaking view of the city itself.
Shakespeare's Globe Theater. Also considered to be a historical
site, this had been the venue of the genius, undying, and
timeless plays of Shakespeare. The site is a perfect one for a
cultural vacation since it is the exact replica of the original
Globe Theater which burned down.

The Trafalgar Square and the Admiralty Arch. This monument is
built in honor of the much respected maritime heroes of
England. The statue of Lord Horatio Nelson is featured in the
monument and it towers at about 145 feet high. It is likewise
regarded as the centermost portion of the city of London.
Across this landmark stands the Admiralty Arch which had been
built in 1910.

Sir John Soane's Museum. Its architectural design is indeed
eccentric that it embodies a rich blending of colors,
perspectives, and various ornaments that date from varying
historical eras.

Notting Hill. Popularized by the film starred by Hugh Grant and
Julia Roberts, this district gives a comfy feeling of a tiny village
without forgetting the sense of fashion and trendiness.
All these and more await you as you venture into an England
England Vacation - Give Nature Friendliness a Try

Have you grown tired of the usual walking tour and taking of
pictures? Do you want a newfound experience as you set foot
in England? Sure enough, you want something for a change.
This popular global nation in Britain has plenty of surprises that
await you. Thus, you might want to be closer to your
surroundings and renew your relationship with Mother Nature.
This you can always do on an England vacation. Read on and
find out for yourself what you can do and how you can have a
different adventure. You have to believe it, there is always
something that is out of the ordinary that lies ahead of your

Try the Organic Restaurants

For sure you can't live without a hearty meal. Traveling involves
dining, right? Thus, if you prefer to eat healthy foods, then you
might want to give the chains of organic restaurants nestled in
The Garden Organic Ryton. This restaurant is a host to 10 acres
of wonderfully landscaped gardens. The menus are all organic
and are locally produced.

The River Café. The restaurant itself utilizes nothing but the
best kinds of organic ingredients which are in season. Thus, you
get to expect a different kind of menu on a monthly basis.

The Scrumpy Willow and the Singing Kettle. Its name may be
unusual yet its delectable dishes are made of locally produced
organic ingredients. The restaurant has its own garden of
personally produced vegetables and it creates its own bread

The Terre a Terre. Are you a vegetarian? Then it is a must try
restaurant for you. Its menu presents the most wholesome and
flavorsome food along with the organic wine list that you may
freely choose from.

The Duke of Cambridge. This highly renowned organic gastro
pub features a changing of the menu that includes 2 meat, 2
vegetarian main courses, 2 fish, and with 3 or 4 desserts and
starters. You have to expect as well that the food is made with
only the local organic, fresh, and seasonal ingredients.

There are of course several other bars and restaurants that
feature the same organic ingredients which both children and
adults will definitely enjoy!

Go Outdoors and have Fun

So much more, there are a lot of activities that England allows
you to do. Being an outdoor enthusiast, you will find that the
beauty of the country is perfect for what you aim for. Thus, be
ready for the treat as you explore the outdoor skirts of England.

Walking and Cycling. Whether you plan to take a walk or ride
your bike, then the breathtaking sceneries and uniquely
defined landscapes of England will soothe you. There are
special routes to take to make your activity convenient.
Horseback riding. Be closer to nature as you ride your horse.
There are terrains that you can follow so that you can better
explore outdoors. There are horse rentals around too. If you
have your own horses and you are an expert rider, then you can
opt to take them with you. A fantastic ride awaits you!

Wildlife Adventure

Furthermore, it is also highly recommended that you go and
see the wildlife population that England caters to. The wetlands
can be found in Devon and Wiltshire. There are also wildlife
sanctuaries and parks in the countless cities.

All these and more are yours to see, feel, and experience as you
venture into an England vacation. You see, enhancing your
relationship with nature is going to be worth it.
England Vacation – Plane Travel and Jet Lag Issues

You are all set. You have prepared you luggage; you have
confirmed your hotel reservation; you have studied your
itineraries well; and you have your flight booked. All you need
to do is to go to the airport and you are on your way to
England. And yes, you are excited. An England vacation is
always a dream come true after all. But there is one problem:
the flight from New York to England is at least 8 hours and
longer if you are coming from the mid-west or from the west

Most people overlook this one important part of traveling,
especially when crossing the Atlantic or even the Pacific. Plane
travel eats up a big chunk of your vacation so you have to make
sure that you remain comfortable during the entire time you
spend on the plane as well as how well you adapt to England's
time zone.

Choose a good seat on an airplane

• If it is your first time to cross the Atlantic Ocean, you might be
the person who will fight tooth and nail for a window seat. This
makes no sense at all since all you can see is nothing but
clouds. What you should be choosing is an aisle seat. Again, the
flight to England can last at least 8 hours so you want an easy
access to lavatories.
• If your problem is motion sickness, choose a seat at the
middle of the plane or a seat toward the wings.

• Choose a seat on emergency exits and those behind the
dividing walls if you want more leg room.

• If you are traveling with children, choose a seat near the

• Eager to disembark? Choose a seat that is near the exit doors.

• If you don't like rubbing shoulders with your seatmates,
choose a seat at the back.

• Front seats are often the quieter part of the plane, if you
want peace and silence.

Prevent jet lag
• Days prior to your vacation, change your sleep-wake cycle
gradually to England's time zone (5 hours ahead of Easter
Daylight time).

• At the beginning of the flight, set your watch to England's
local time. This also goes if you are traveling to other places.

• Do not sleep on the plane when it is day time in England. To
stay awake, keep your shades open, read a book with a light on,
listen to lively music, cruise the aisles of the plane (if the
seatbelt sign is turned off, of course) or watch a movie if it is

• Sleep on the plane when it is night time in England. To
minimize the noise, wear earplugs or earphones. You should
have adjusted to the local time at this point – all you need is to
maintain it.

• Coffee, alcohol and tea can increase dehydration. Avoid these
drinks when flying.
• The cabin's air is dry and dehydration can aggravate the
effects of jet lag. Drink plenty of water.

Gone are the days when plane travel is considered a luxury.
Now, you have to do a lot of things in order to make time fly,
stay as comfortable as possible, and arrive fresh and ready to
hit the streets of London and experience an England vacation
you truly deserve.
England Vacation – Travel Facts

Small details can be overlooked when preparing for an England
vacation. Here, we will discuss important things that seem to be
unimportant but are crucial to know:

Capital City (Largest Cities)
London (Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle)

Travel requirements
Citizens of the United States as well as Australia and Canada do
not need visas. Passports are only needed when traveling to
Time Zone and Time Difference
GMT – Greenwich Meridian Time. Daylight Saving time is
observed from the last Saturday of March to the last Saturday
of October. England is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight time
and 6 hours ahead of Central Daylight time.

Official Language

Telephone Code
Country code: 44 (England)
City code: 20 (London)

Voltage requirement
220 Volts

Do not confuse yourself with the way they write number digits.
Commas are used instead of period; while periods are used
instead of commas. So if you see 1.000 euros, it means one
thousand (1000) euros and 1,50 kilometers should be read as
one and a half (1 1/5) kilometers.

Remember: 1lb. is roughly around 0.5 kilogram; 1 mile is
roughly around 1.6 kilometers; and 1 pint is about 0.5 liter.

England still uses its local currency (pound) but euros are also
accepted. One pound is equivalent to 100 pence (p). Coins are
at 5p, 10p, 20p, and 50p. 1 pound coins are also in circulation. 5
pound is the lowest paper money. Be careful when using the
local currency even if it is in the decimal system. One pound is
roughly equivalent to 2 U.S. dollars. (Check for the current
exchange rate before leaving.)

England experiences temperate climate throughout the year.
Almost half of the year is overcast. Rain showers should be
expected anytime because of the prevailing wind from the
south-west. Always bring a rain coat or an umbrella even if you
are visiting in summer. Unlike other countries, summers in
England are not very warm, with temperatures that rarely go
beyond 80F. It is much colder during winter but still
comfortable. Winter temperatures rarely go down to 30F.
Weather during spring and fall are still pleasant. Northern
England is relatively cooler than southern England. East is the
driest region of England. Before leaving, check England weather
forecast for the duration of your trip.

Cities and town are connected with motorways. Bus services
are available to bring you from one place to another. Taxi
services are available in major cities. London's underground
railway system, or more commonly called, the 'tube' is the
nerve of the city. Suburban railway system is available in
Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and the cities in Newcastle
and South Yorkshire.

Local Customs
English are polite, punctual and self-disciplined. And they
expect others, even tourists, to act accordingly. It is impolite to
stare at other people. Shaking hands when meeting people are
customary. Kissing and hugging as a sign of greeting should be
limited to close friends and relatives. Although locals dress
casually out of work, you are expected to wear a jacket on
more formal occasions and restaurants. It is also customary to
bring small gift, usually wine and flowers, when invited to a
house for dinner.

Ten percent of the total amount of service should be given to
cab drivers, railway porters, sightseeing guides and
England Vacation – When to Take the Trip

Picking the right time to visit England is as important as any
other factors that go within your travel planning. So, if you are
unsure on when to schedule your England vacation, here are
the things you should know:

Unlike some European countries that experience chilling winter
and hot summer, England has a moderate climate and
temperatures that rarely fall to 23F or rise above 86F. Meaning
to say, anytime is a good time to visit the country.
But like any European countries, the perfect time to visit
England is always during summer, when the weather is the
warmest and the extra hours of daylight are experienced. In
England, summer months run from July to September. These
months bring lots of tourists into the country. During the high
season hotel rooms are often fully-booked and very expensive.
Vacation packages are plentiful. All attractions, museums and
theaters are open but long queues are expected.

Winter months, from November to March, are the least
popular time to visit England. But this doesn't mean that
England provide less enjoyment. Again, temperatures in
England rarely fall to 23F so roaming around the city is still
possible. If you want to take advantage of the cheaper rates,
then this is also the best time for you. Hotels are not fully-
booked (except the Christmas season) so walk-in clients can be
accommodated. Streets are less crowded and while some small
resorts and shops are closed for the low season, indoor
attractions, theaters and museums remain often remain
opened to keep visitors occupied.
The months of April, May, June and October are considered
shoulder season. If you don't like the high season crowd and
the low season temperatures, then this is the best time for you
to visit. Weather is also pleasant during these times. Attractive
deals such as cheaper flights, discount rooms and cheaper
vacation packages are also available.

No matter what time of the year, British weather can change
from warm and sunny to cool and rainy in a matter of hours or
even in a matter of minutes. As British people often say, "If you
do not like the weather, just wait 5 minutes and it will change."

In general though, summers are warm during the day and cold
during the night with temperatures that range from the low 60s
to the high 70s or 80s. Winters are cold but are still comfortable
with temperatures that range from the low 30s to the high 40s.
Springs and Autumns (Falls) have varying weather with
temperatures that range from the low 40s but sometimes 50s
or 60s. Northern England is colder than the southern regions.

Important Dates
Attractions are busiest during holidays, including a week in mid-
February and mid-October, 2 weeks at Easter and Christmas,
mid-July to the first week of September, Crowd is at the highest
during the summer months and the holidays such as Christmas
Day, Boxing Day (December 26), Good Friday, Easter Monday,
New Year's Day and May Day.

British people, just like other Europeans take their vacation in

As was mentioned earlier, walk-in clients can be
accommodated during winter except the Christmas season. In
general, booking should be made 2 months prior to your travel
though you can also get last minute deals.

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