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									                                             Microsoft Business Intelligence
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Medications Manufacturer Gains Advanced,
                                             Cost-Effective Business Intelligence

Overview                                     ―With the Microsoft solution, small and medium-sized
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Life sciences—Pharmaceuticals
                                             businesses now have the business intelligence
                                             capabilities that were once available only to Fortune
Customer Profile
Heel is one of the world‘s largest manu-
                                             500 companies, at a fraction of the cost.‖
facturers of homeopathic pharmaceuticals.    Scott Mitchell, Senior IT Manager, Heel
Its U.S. subsidiary in Albuquerque, New
Mexico, employs more than 100 people.        Heel, an Albuquerque, New Mexico–based homeopathic
Business Situation                           pharmaceutical manufacturer, lacked visibility into its business
The Heel office in Albuquerque lacked        operations and struggled with inconsistent, inaccurate, and delayed
visibility into its operational data, and
its manual-based reporting was time-         reporting. To address those issues, Heel deployed a business
consuming, inconsistent, and often           intelligence system based on Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 data
                                             management software and Microsoft Office PerformancePoint®
Solution                                     Server 2007 that integrated with its existing Microsoft software.
Heel deployed a business intelligence (BI)
solution based on Microsoft® SQL Server®     Heel implemented the solution for about 25 percent of the cost of
2008 data management software and            competitive offerings. Company reporting is more accurate, and
Microsoft Office PerformancePoint®
Server 2007.                                 Heel has saved about 100 hours per month in reporting time alone.
                                             It has gained in-depth OLAP analysis for sales, marketing, customer
 Achieves powerful BI at a low cost
                                             service, and forecasting with a solution that extends the value of its
 Offers an instant view of performance      Microsoft-based infrastructure and is easy to deploy, use, and
 Improves reporting, saving up to 200
  hours per month                            support.
 Enhances business operations
―We had based our                         Situation                                          The ability to analyze data for forecasting and
                                          Heel, Inc., is the U.S. subsidiary of a German-    planning was nearly nonexistent. ―There was
infrastructure on the                     based company that is one of the world‘s           very little analytical capacity when we were
Windows Server 2003                       largest manufacturers of homeopathic               just reacting to requests for reports,‖ says
                                          medications. The U.S. subsidiary, founded in       Mitchell. ―In addition, our executive
operating system. And                     1979, employs more than 100 people in              management team in Germany was not
looking at the price of a                 Albuquerque, New Mexico. Heel distributes its      happy with the quality of our reports or data.
                                          products in more than 50 countries.                We needed a single version of the ‗truth‘
traditional BI solution, it                                                                  based on accurate data, and we needed
just made sense to go                     Until recently, Heel lacked a single view of its   visibility into our operations to make good
                                          operational performance to evaluate its sales      business decisions.‖
with Microsoft.‖                          and marketing efforts and make meaningful
Scott Mitchell, Senior IT Manager, Heel   forecasts. The subsidiary needed to provide
                                          reports to its managers and to the company         Solution
                                          headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany, but          Late in 2005, the Heel office in Albuquerque
                                          consistency was almost impossible to obtain.       began looking for a business intelligence (BI)
                                                                                             solution for its data management and
                                          Managers created reports from a variety of         reporting problems. The company briefly
                                          systems and compiled them using Microsoft®         considered a couple of third-party solutions,
                                          Office Excel® spreadsheet software. They           including one from SAP, but ultimately
                                          pulled data from online transaction process-       decided to build its solution using Microsoft
                                          ing (OLTP) systems, the customer relationship      software. ―We had based our infrastructure
                                          management system based on Microsoft               on the Windows Server® 2003 operating
                                          Dynamics® CRM 3.0, and the enterprise              system. And looking at the price of a tradi-
                                          resource planning (ERP) system based on            tional BI solution, it just made sense to go
                                          Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0. ―Everybody was          with Microsoft,‖ says Mitchell.
                                          using the same raw data, but you could talk
                                          to three different departments, and they           In late 2006, in the first phase of deploying
                                          would give you three different formulas for        the new solution, Heel started to set up a
                                          making calculations,‖ says Scott Mitchell,         data warehouse using Microsoft SQL Server®
                                          Senior IT Manager, Heel. ―And with multiple        2005 data management software and
                                          versions of the ‗truth,‘ I would have to explain   Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting
                                          in the boardroom every month why those             Services. The company had just begun to
                                          reports were inconsistent.‖                        create business scorecards using Microsoft
                                                                                             Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005.
                                          There were other problems, too. Getting            At about the same time, Mitchell attended
                                          historically accurate data was challenging.        a Microsoft conference, where he saw a
                                          For example, the ERP system used different         demonstration of Microsoft Office
                                          customer codes for different types of              PerformancePoint® Server 2007 business
                                          practitioners and territories. If a customer       intelligence software, the replacement for
                                          changed practices or territories, its sales data   Business Scorecard Manager 2005 that was
                                          migrated to the new customer code or               still in development.
                                          territory, making it difficult to see a true
                                          picture of the sales history. What‘s more,         Based on that early investigation, Mitchell
                                          because reporting was largely manual, it           decided to complete the BI system using a
                                          sometimes took a week to finish the month-         beta version of Office PerformancePoint
                                          end financial reports.                             Server 2007. By April 2007, the data
―We had never built                       warehouse was complete. ―We had never             Achieves Powerful Business
                                          built a data warehouse before,‖ says Mitchell.    Intelligence—at a Low Cost
a data warehouse                          ―But the time from requirements gathering         Heel is impressed both with the performance
before. But the time                      through implementation was only about four        of the BI solution and with its cost. With
                                          months.‖ Mitchell relied on his Microsoft         accurate data derived from a single system,
from requirements                         sales representative and information on the       Heel no longer faces multiple, inconsistent
gathering through                         Microsoft TechNet Web site and MSDN®, the         versions of the same reports, with calcu-
                                          Microsoft Developer Network, to complete          lations made in varying ways. Everyone
implementation was                        the deployment.                                   shares the same view of the business. In
only about four months.‖                                                                    addition, the new BI solution can provide an
                                          Multidimensional online analytical processing     accurate snapshot of any time period,
Scott Mitchell, Senior IT Manager, Heel   (MOLAP) cubes were added to the data              eliminating issues that once arose when
                                          warehouse so that data could be viewed in         customers moved.
                                          multiple ways. Data was extracted from
                                          Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft                 The company now has more visibility into its
                                          Dynamics GP—which includes accounting,            operations, and the solution is cost-effective.
                                          sales, inventory, purchasing, and manufac-        ―With the Microsoft solution, small and
                                          turing data—and even the telephony systems.       medium-sized businesses now have the
                                                                                            business intelligence capabilities that were
                                          By the end of 2007, Heel had working score-       once available only to Fortune 500 com-
                                          cards and dashboards showing role-based           panies, at a fraction of the cost,‖ says
                                          key performance indicators for employees          Mitchell. ―Based on the vendors we were
                                          and managers. Heel also deployed Microsoft        considering, the Microsoft solution was about
                                          Office SharePoint® Server 2007 to support         25 percent of what we would have spent on
                                          the distribution of reports through a Web-        another offering, because we were able to
                                          based portal.                                     use our existing IT resources.‖

                                                                                            Provides an Instant View of Performance
                                          Benefits                                          Another advantage of the Microsoft solution
                                          The new business intelligence solution, which     is that analysts, managers, or executives can
                                          today includes the Windows Server 2008            tailor the information that they receive, based
                                          operating system and Microsoft SQL Server         on the data that is most meaningful to them.
                                          2008, as well as the integrations with Office     For example, they can view data in a
                                          PerformancePoint Server 2007 and the rest         graphical format. And with dashboards
                                          of the Microsoft infrastructure, has given Heel   created by Office PerformancePoint Server
                                          increased visibility into its operations at a     2007, individuals and managers can review
                                          cost far less than that of traditional BI         the key performance indicators (KPIs) that
                                          solutions. ―It‘s amazing the functionality you    are relevant to their roles. ―People have
                                          can get by integrating just a few Microsoft       everything that they need at their fingertips,‖
                                          products,‖ says Mitchell. The company has         says Mitchell. ―They can look at a dashboard
                                          not only enhanced its business operations,        or drill down into a KPI, and find out the
                                          but also improved reporting—saving 100 to         reasons behind the numbers. They don‘t have
                                          200 hours per month—and built a solution          to call people on the phone to get the
                                          that it can expand on.                            information. Those benefits are hard to
                                                                                            quantify in terms of money, but just having
                                                                                            that agility and the immediate view of the
                                                                                            business is priceless.‖
―People have everything                   Improves Reporting and Saves 100–200               and customer service, but also to provide
                                          Hours per Month                                    more accurate forecasts of future growth.
that they need at their                   Managers and executives at Heel can not
fingertips. They can look                 only create specific on-demand reports,            Offers Easy Implementation, Use,
                                          they also no longer have to wait days for          and Support
at a dashboard or drill                   month-end reports. Those reports are               Because Heel uses a Microsoft-based
down into a KPI, and                      automated with Microsoft SQL Server                infrastructure, the IT staff and users were
                                          Reporting Services, and they are available at      familiar with Microsoft products, so inte-
find out the reasons                      the start of the first business day of the         grating the new solution—and using it—have
behind the numbers.‖                      month. Reports that once took days can be          gone smoothly. ―The familiarity with Microsoft
                                          run in two to three minutes. ―That is a huge       software cut down our implementation and
Scott Mitchell, Senior IT Manager, Heel   difference,‖ says Mitchell. ―With the              training costs,‖ says Mitchell. ―We didn‘t have
                                          Microsoft-based BI solution, the IT depart-        to learn a completely new system, and our IT
                                          ment has gained about 100 hours a month in         staff can manage our BI solution, as they do
                                          reporting alone, and we estimate it has saved      the rest of our Microsoft infrastructure.‖
                                          about 200 hours throughout the company.‖
                                          Mitchell notes that the savings in the other       Mitchell notes that Heel expects the BI
                                          parts of the company are largely driven by         solution to provide more benefits in the
                                          faster information for decision making.            future. Heel is considering adding marketing,
                                                                                             Web, and additional financial data to the data
                                          The new BI system has been welcomed by             warehouse for analytics, forecasting, and
                                          users, too. ―When we first introduced our          planning, and may one day offer dashboards
                                          report center on the Office SharePoint Server      for every user role in the company. ―We have
                                          site, people were ecstatic,‖ says Mitchell.        barely begun to get all of the functionality
                                          ―Now, they can get a scheduled report              that is available to us,‖ he says. ―And we can
                                          delivered through that site or an on-demand        continue to build on our solution. With every
                                          report that they can view in Office Excel.‖        new integration, our capabilities can expand.‖

                                          Enhances Business Operations
                                          Heel has already recognized benefits to
                                          customer service and sales from its new BI
                                          solution. Now anyone, from the sales repre-
                                          sentative to the national sales manager, can
                                          get a clear and concise look at customer
                                          data, sales history, order history, returns, and
                                          the general trajectory of sales. ―The visibility
                                          into our customer base with the Microsoft
                                          business intelligence solution means we can
                                          quickly identify the customers we need to
                                          focus on and design targeted programs to
                                          reach them,‖ says Mitchell.

                                          The powerful analytics in the solution,
                                          drawing on the MOLAP cubes, have given
                                          Heel the ability to manipulate data in various
                                          ways not only to support sales, marketing,
For More Information                                            Microsoft Business Intelligence
For more information about Microsoft                            Microsoft provides a comprehensive set of
products and services, call the Microsoft                       business intelligence technologies that make
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          it possible for enterprises to maximize the
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                             value of their business data through timely
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                         analysis, reporting, and sharing of knowledge.
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                        These technologies extend from Microsoft
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      Office system personal productivity tools to
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         comprehensive Microsoft SQL Server data
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                          integration, reporting, and analysis tools.
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and                        The entire portfolio is extensible with the
Canada, please contact your local                               Microsoft Visual Studio® development system
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information                     to seamlessly integrate line-of-business
using the World Wide Web, go to:                                applications and workflows into enterprise                                               BI workflows.

For more information about Heel products                        For more information about Microsoft BI
and services, call (800) 621-7644 or visit                      tools, go to:
the Web site at:                                      

                                                                Software and Services                             Microsoft Dynamics
                                                                 Microsoft Server Product Portfolio               − Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0
                                                                  − Windows Server 2008 Standard                   − Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
                                                                  − Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard            Services
                                                                 Microsoft Office                                 − Microsoft TechNet
                                                                  − Microsoft Office Excel 2007                    − MSDN
                                                                  − Microsoft Office PerformancePoint
                                                                    Server 2007                                  Hardware
                                                                  − Microsoft Office SharePoint Server              Dell PowerEdge servers

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published February 2009

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