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									Genocide in Bosnia-
     Ashwat and Marion
         When? Where? Why?
   Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina mostly
    occurred during 1990-2000
   Bosnia-Herzegovina used to be part of former-
    country Yugoslavia
   Genocide occurred because of so much ethnic
    hatred in the Yugoslavia area (Croatians,
    Serbians, and Muslims)
    By whom? Towards Whom?
   Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina was
    caused by the different ethnicities, not one main
   Depending on what your ethnic Identity, the
    genocides were towards one of the three ethnic
    groups in the area: Croatians, Serbians, or
             Current Situation
   In the current Bosnia and Herzegovina there
    have been no recent genocides.
   Even though there have been no recent
    genocides, the future of this country is very
    Outcomes of The Genocides
   Genocide was one of the main causes of the creation of Bosnia-
   This country used to be part of yugoslavia
   Referring to: After the fall of the Berlin wall
   Around 1994, an estimated 200,000 serbs were murdered
Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina/Key
   people involved in Genocide
                 Key people involved in the
                 genocides in Bosnia and
                 Herzegovina are the Croatians,
                 Serbians and Muslims.
      Humanitarian Intervention
   Around 1990-2000 armed conflict was involved
    most of the time
   The main war caused by the genocide lasted
    from 1992-1995
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