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					         Earn While You Learn: Mingling Employment with Education

The ongoing blows of debts and its ill effects in the form of recessions, joblessness, salary
cuts, inflation etc has created a backdrop of financial insecurity in teenagers and adults
alike. The common debt relief options like debt settlement programs, credit counseling, debt
consolidation etc no doubt is providing solutions to debt related troubles to some extent but
people have now become more conscious and proactive to keep any kind of financial
deficiency at bay. Teenagers are widely affected with this situation of fiscal dearth as they
are the direct victims of consumerism and materialist trends of the market. At times
personal financial restraints also make them go for an extra earning while they are still
studying. This mixed up feeling of economic insecurity, monetary obligations like student
loans, wants and demands and need for financial independence and future savings has led a
large number of students to look for ventures to earn while they are in high school or

It is true that many parents do worry for their children’s’ holistic educational benefits, in
case they are engaged in any part-time jobs. They fear that it might hurt their performance
in school or college exams or grades. But to look at it from another viewpoint, not letting
your children to work while they learn, actually does harm his possibilities to succeed in a
workplace. The psychology of keeping one’s children away from work while they are still
studying actually proves to be hindrance, as the tendency will keep them away from the
real financial world of practicality and earning abilities. A workplace sometimes teaches
much more than a formal educational institute. Moreover, parents who are concerned of
their children’s academic orientations need not worry, as according to a reputed study,
college students who are employed has a slightly higher average grade than those who are
not employed. This should not sound very surprising as students who are employed while in
high school or college, do understand the value of time and responsibilities much more than
students who often go to attend their schools or colleges out of a formal obligation or just
for the sake of it.

Another report states that an average college student tends to spend 10.2 and 10.6 hours
per week consuming alcohol and watching television respectively, thus it is always advisable
for him to work at those extra hours and earn some financial support than developing a
devil’s workshop in his empty mind.

When it comes to finding an employment, graduates with prior and significant work
experience always have an upper hand over non-experienced degree holders. Employers
anytime prefer responsible, sensible and serious people with proper work ethics than
students who have no practical knowledge about a work environment, client satisfaction or
target achievements. Thus, Earning while learning has definite positive results if employed
with hard work, sincerity and wisdom, which can be taken for help in any sphere of one’s
professional life.

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