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					Pizza Pizza Coupons
                •   Pizza Pizza has recently begun to expand
                    significantly outside Ontario.
                •   Pizza Pizza currently uses the self-
                    explanatory slogans "Hot & Fresh" and
                    "Ontario's #1 Pizza!"
                •   Besides its memorable jingle, Pizza Pizza
                    has laid claim to being first to: use a pizza
                    delivery bag
                •   develop the centralized, computerized call
                •   place advertising on the spines of telephone
                •   advertise using Post-It notes on
                    newspapers, and via coupons on parking
                •   use virtual advertising, as one of several
                    such advertisers during Global coverage of
                    Super Bowl XXXVI
                •   put pineapple on a pizza
                •   Pizza Pizza have also great discounts and
                    special offers

Description: Coupons which can be used at Pizza Pizza locations can be found online and in print sources like local Sunday newspapers. Coupon sites such as Deal Locker may have published coupons for discounts at Pizza Pizza.