DryLinยฎ W1080-C Linear Motion System with clamp for Camera Sliders by autocyber


									  DryLin® W1080-C Linear Motion System with clamp for Camera Sliders

Modular DryLin® W linear guides ensure a smooth, lubrication-free gliding motion for camera slider
systems. Used by manufacturers of high-quality, complete systems, as well as individual DIY video
enthusiasts seeking individual components for camera dollies and camera slider assemblies.

 Camera slider size features slightly shorter profile rail and carriage system for smaller camera
applications. Includes 1,000mm-long guide rail (39.4") and a 100mm-long carriage plate. Carriage
plate features 4 low-friction plastic bearings for smooth and quiet operation, as well as extra bolts to
prevent misalignment. This model also features an additional carriage with a small hand-clamp, which
locks the carriage in place or adds additional drag while sliding.

A smaller version of this camera slider is also available. Part number DryLin® W16-C.

*Camera and tripod base not included as shown in alternative image.

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