Sony XA-R800C Rear View Camera by autocyber


									  Sony XA-R800C Rear View Camera

Sony XA-R800C Rear View Camera
See what is behind you as you reverse your car, truck or SUV with this rear view camera. It's designed
for use with compatible Sony car audio units such as the XAV-70BT or XAV-60. Rear View Camera
 Convenient rear view camera for audio/video centers, reverse light signal input for auto-switching with
compatible units Wide Horizontal/Vertical viewing capability
 Get a complete view of any obstacles behind your vehicle. 138 degrees horizontal and 92 degrees
vertical viewing area. Adjustable Tilt
 Adjust the camera's angle as is appropriate for your vehicle. RCA output
 For simple connection to various receivers. 1/4" color CCD sensor lens with 16:9 aspect NTSC mirror
image, 75 ohm output. What's in the Box
 Sony XA-R800C Rear View Camera
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