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					                         USP LABS Powerfull Reviews

8 lbs. of Muscle Gained In 22 day’s: I am a 25 year old male, and I have been
training and following a strict nutrition and workout schedule for the past 10
years. This supplement is a must in conjunction with proper nutrition and training
regimen. I added 25 pounds to bench and barbell rows and 40 pounds to my
squat. (deep squats) those were the major compound lifts that had a significant

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Muscle Size Gained:     Before                   After

                       Chest 45.50            Chest 46.0       = + 1/2 inch gain

                Back width 51.25            Back width 52. 25 = + 1 inch gain

                        Arms 17.50              Arms     18.0 = + 1/2 inch gain

                        Legs 25.75             Legs      26.25 = + 1/2 inch gain

SIDE EFFECTS: I took this product for 22 days and had NO SIDE EFFECTS, maybe
the odd pimple here and there but that is just normal for me. The best part of
powerfull and probably the main reason I took it was there was no post cycle
therapy for it because it is not a steroid.

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Dosage: I took this product for 6 days on and on and 1 day off. I took 2 capsules
30 minutes before my workout and 2 capsules before bed just as the box
directed. I saw the best gains from any natural product around.

Do I Recommend Powerfull: A simple answer is yes, but this is by far a much
better product out there then it’s competitor’s, with my age getting up there I am
trying to keep my human growth hormone and testosterone at its highest peaks
for maximum muscle growth and USP LABS has hit the nail on the head with this
product. This was my Honest and personal Review. NOW GO GET HUGE!!!

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