Hypnosis-Psychological Triggers

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					Hypnosis-Psychological Triggers

Every once in a while I stumble across an article or post that gets something right. In the world

of hypnosis that is rare, especially when it’s about using it to manipulate.

In an article over at the article discusses, albeit briefly psychological triggers

that hypnotists know that can make you want to do things that you perhaps may not normally


While this article was more about hypnotizing yourself for success, it nevertheless was

refreshing to see. I have long been of the belief that hypnosis can in fact get you to do things

you would not normally do.

The key to accomplishing this is to do it covertly. In other words you wouldn’t say to someone

directly that you just met “sleep with me” it would be way to overt but…

You could use hypnotic suggestions to get someone to do that. For example you could say

something like “did you ever just become wildly aroused by someone right in front of you and as

you think about that and relive that experience, I wonder as you do that now…” in that sentence

there are many different hypnotic techniques and suggestions.

One suggestion is the idea that you’ve become wildly aroused to someone right in front of you

and assuming you are standing right in front of the person then they will associate that arousal

to you.

Pretty slick huh?
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