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Should you POP Those Nasty Pimples? Send Them Straight To Hades In 24

Listen, I feel just as queasy talking about this as you, but if we are honest with
each other we have to face up to it and talk about a subject that's kind of gross:

Popping pimples.

I know no one likes to talk about it (let alone think about it), b ut for most of us we
would rather deal with the "grossness" than to go out in public with a face full of
zits. By the way, I want to be totally frank (or Francis) with you: I've been through
it before and it's not pretty.

In my opinion it's a temporary solution that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy for
a few days -- or weeks if you're lucky -- before it all comes back x10. It seemed
like for every pimple I popped, 10 more came to replace that one. It was a total
nightmare I'm sure you can relate to.

But there IS a way to send your pimples straight to Hades without blemishes
caused by damage to your skin. And it's this:

It depends on the kind of pimple it is. If it's one of those harmless whiteheads,
you can pop it safely by squeezing out all the puss. However, when you start
seeing blood oozing out it's time to stop or else you will see a nice little reminder
where your whitehead used to be.

Don't be violent to your pimples. Ease them out gently. Afterwards, wash your
face to prevent future infections. But that's not all. What about those big nasty
pimples that, if popped, could spread all over your face or body and cause a
whole platoon to be created in a matter of days?

Obviously, popping them wouldn't be a good idea. There are various solutions
you can mix together yourself at home or you can try something like AcneZine,
Proactive, or some other popular mixture to get the clear skin your looking for.

See what other alternatives there are to popping those pimples without them
spreading like the devil all over your face.

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