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How To Remove Pimples On Face And Buttocks - Put A Bullet In The Head Of Those Nasty Looking Pimples - 4


How To Remove Pimples On Face And Buttocks - Put A Bullet In The Head
Of Those Nasty Looking Pimples

My story on how to remove pimples from your face is a common one. But what
about putting a bullet in the head of those pesky pimples on your buttocks?

At the end of this article I share with you my solution that removed the pimples
from my face and how it can be done with your buttocks.

But first a story...

Lets talk about one of the biggest taboo subjects about acne: Your buttocks. First
things first, I can relate. It's embarrassing. But how else are we going to solve
your problem if you pretend it never exits. You can't. Neither could I.

That's why I went to great lengths to make sure you identity is protected and
you're not caught with your pants down (no pun intended). Although I suffered
from bad pimples on my face, shoulders, and back -- I wasn't lucky enough to get
it on my bottom.

So how do I know that problem exists? One of my ex-boyfriends had it. Needless
to say we both shared a common interest -- acne pimples. But that's not the end
of it. He didn't tell me until we both...well, you know.

I thought it was strange at first why he wanted to cut the lights off before getting
into bed because I figured every man wanted to watch the girl he's with unveil
herself. Anyways, in the middle of our passion I had to get up and head to the
bathroom while he, coincidently, got up at the same time as I did to rush to put on
his boxer drawers.

I "yelped". I than proceed to ask me why he didn't tell me about it and, being the
macho man he was he didn't want to freak me.

At the time I just recovered from breakouts on my face, and I figured my solution
would help him with his problem. And it did. The solution I gave him that worked
for me was a combination of natural remedies, vitamins and minerals, and small
change of diet that eliminated sugars and fatty oils.

If you're too embarresed to tell anyone close to you about your "butt problem", I
understand -- I've been there before. So see how to remove pimples on face
and buttocks confidentially.

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