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List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Name Africa Antarctica Americas Asia Middle East Australasia Australia Eurasia Europe North America Oceania South America

Adjective African Antarctic Americana Asian Middle Eastern Australasian Australian Eurasian European North American Oceanian South American

Demonym Africans Antarctican Americansa Asians Middle Easterners Australasians Australians Eurasians Europeans North Americans Oceanians South Americans

Usually used also to identify the United States of America or its people. (Reference: Ethnologue, Languages of the World) Many place-name adjectives and many demonyms refer also to various other things, sometimes with and sometimes without one or more additional words. (Sometimes, the use of one or more additional words is optional.) Notable examples are cheeses, cat breeds, dog breeds, and horse breeds. (See List of words derived from toponyms.)

The following is a partial list of adjectival forms of place names in English and their demonymic equivalents, which denote the people or the inhabitants of these places. Note: Demonyms are given in plural forms. Singular forms simply remove the final ’s’ or, in the case of -ese endings, are the same as the plural forms. The ending -men has feminine equivalent -women (e.g. an Irishman and a Scotswoman). The French terminations -ois / ais serve as both the singular and plural masculine; adding ’e’ (-oise / aise) makes them singular feminine; ’es’ (oises / aises) makes them plural feminine. The Spanish termination "-o" usually denotes the masculine and is normally changed to feminine by dropping the "-o" and adding "a". The plural forms are usually "-os" and "as" respectively. Adjectives ending -ish can be used as collective demonyms (e.g. the English, the Cornish). So can those ending in -ch / -tch (e.g. the French, the Dutch) provided they are pronounced with a ’ch’ sound (e.g. the adjective Czech does not qualify). Where an adjective is a link, the link is to the language or dialect of the same name.

Entries in italics are continental regions. Edit this table

Countries and nations Cities
Note: Many of these adjectivals and demonyms are not used in English as frequently as their counterparts in other languages. A common practice is to use a city’s name as if it were an adjective, as in "Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra", "Melbourne suburbs", etc. Edit this table


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Country name Abkhazia Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil British Virgin Islands Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Fasoa Burmab Burundi Adjectivals

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Demonyms colloquial term(s) Abkhazians Afghans Albanians Algerians American Samoans Andorrans Angolans Anguillans Antiguans, Barbudans Argentines, Argentineans, Argentinians Armenians Arubans Australians Austrians Azerbaijanis, Azeris Bahamians Bahrainis Bangladeshis Barbadians Belarusians Belgians Belizeans Beninese, Beninois Bermudians, Bermudans Bhutanese Bolivians Bosnians, Bosniaks, Herzegovinians Batswana, Botswanans Brazilians British Virgin Islanders Bruneians Bulgarians Burkinabe Bamar, Burmese Burundians "Bajans" "Aussies", "Ockers"c

Abkhazian, Abkhaz Afghan, Afghani, Afghanistani Albanian Algerian American Samoan Andorran Angolan Anguillan Antiguan, Barbudan Argentine, Argentinean, Argentinian Armenian Aruban Australian Austrian Azerbaijani, Azeri Bahamian Bahraini Bangladeshi Barbadian ("Bajan") Belarusian Belgian Belizean Beninese, Beninois Bermudian, Bermudan Bhutanese Bolivian Bosnian, Bosniak, Herzegovinian Motswana (pl. Batswana), Botswanan Brazilian British Virgin Island Bruneian Bulgarian Burkinabe Burmese Burundian


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Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central African Republic Chad Chile People’s Republic of China Republic of China Christmas Island Colombia Comoros Dem. Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo Cook Islands Costa Rica Côte d’Ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador England Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Falkland Islands Cook Island Costa Rican Ivorian Croatian Cuban Cypriot Czech Danish Djiboutian Dominicand Dominicane Timorese Ecuadorian Egyptian Salvadoran English Cambodian Cameroonian Canadian Cape Verdean Caymanian Central African Chadian Chilean Chinese

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Cambodians Cameroonians Canadians Cape Verdeans Caymanians Central Africans Chadians Chileans Chinese See Taiwan, below Christmas Islanders Cocos Islanders Colombians Comorians Congolese "Canucks"c

See Taiwan, below Christmas Island Colombian Comorian Congolese, Congo

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Cocos Island

Cook Islanders Costa Ricans Ivorians Croatians, Croats Cubans Cypriots Czechs Danes Djiboutians Dominicansd Dominicanse Timorese Ecuadorians Egyptians Salvadorans English Equatorial Guineans, Equatoguineans Eritreans Estonians Ethiopians Falkland Islanders "Belongers" "Quisqueyanos" "Maubere" "Ticos"

Equatorial Guinean, Equatoguinean Eritrean Estonian Ethiopian Falkland Island


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Faroe Islands Fiji Finland France French Guiana French Polynesia Gabon Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Great Britain Greece Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Isle of Man Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Guyanese Haitian Honduran Faroese Fijian Finnish French French Guianese

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Faroese Fijians Finns French (or Frenchman/Frenchwoman) French Guianese French Polynesians, Tahitians[1] Gabonese Gambians Georgians Germans Ghanaians Gibraltarians Britons "demonym|Llanitos" see Other words for "British"

French Polynesian Gabonese Gambian Georgian German Ghanaian Gibraltar British Greek, Grecianf, Hellenic Greenlandic Grenadian Guadeloupe Guamanian Guatemalan Guinean

Greeks, Greciansf, Hellenes Greenlanders Grenadians Guadeloupians Guamanians Guatemalans Guineans Guyanese Haitians Hondurans Hongkongers, Hongkongese Icelanders Indians Indonesians Iranians Iraqis Irish Manx Israelis Italians, Italicsf Jamaicans Japanese Jordanians Kazakhstanis, Kazakhs "Hongers" Ayisyen

Hong Kong, Hongkongese Hungarian, Magyar Icelandic Indian Indonesian Iranian Iraqi Irish Manx Israeli Italian, Italicf Jamaican Japanese Jordanian Kazakh, Kazakhstani

Hungarians, Magyars


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kenya Kiribati North Korea South Korea Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macau Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta Marshall Islands Martinique Mauritania Mauritius Mayotte Mexico Micronesia Moldova Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Montserrat Morocco Mozambique Namibia Nauru Kenyan Kiribati North Korean South Korean Kosovar Kuwaiti

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Kenyans I-Kiribati Koreans Kosovars Kuwaitis Kyrgyzstanis, Kyrgyz, Kirgiz, Kirghiz Laotians, Laos Latvians, Letts Lebanese Basotho Liberians Libyans Liechtensteiners Lithuanians Luxembourgers Macanese, Chinese Macedonians Malagasy Malawians Malaysians Maldivians Malians Maltese Marshallese Martiniquais Mauritanians Mauritians Mahorais Mexicans Micronesians Moldovans Monégasques, Monacans Mongolians, Mongols Montenegrins Montserratians Moroccans Mozambicans Namibians Nauruans

Kyrgyzstani, Kyrgyz, Kirgiz, Kirghiz Laotian, Lao Latvian Lebanese Basotho Liberian Libyan Liechtenstein Lithuanian Luxembourg Macanese, Chinese Malagasy Malawian Malaysian Maldivian Malian Maltese Marshallese Martiniquais, Martinican Mauritanian Mauritian Mahoran Mexican Micronesian Moldovan Monégasque, Monacan Mongolian Montenegrin Montserratian Moroccan Mozambican Namibian Nauruan

Republic of Macedonia Macedonian


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nepal Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Caledonia New Zealand Nicaragua Niue Niger Nigeria Norway Northern Ireland Northern Marianas Oman Pakistan Palestinian territories Palau Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Nepali Dutch Dutch Antillean New Caledonian New Zealand Nicaraguan Niuean Nigerien Nigerian Norwegian

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Nepalese Dutch Dutch Antilleans New Caledonians New Zealanders Nicaraguans Niueans Nigeriens Nigerians Norwegians Irish / Northern Irish Northern Marianans Omanis Pakistanis Palestinians Palauans Panamanians Papua New Guineans, Papuans Paraguayans Peruvians Filipinos (sing. Filipino/Filipina (man/woman) Pitcairn Islanders Poles Portuguese Puerto Ricans, Boricuas Qataris Irish / Southern Irish g Réunionese, Réunionnais Romanians Russians Rwandans St. Helenians Kittitians, Nevisians St. Lucians Saint-Pierrais, Miquelonnais St. Vincentians, Vincentians Samoans "Pinoy" "Kiwis"

Northern Irish / Irish Northern Marianan Omani Pakistani Palestinian Palauan Panamanian Papua New Guinean, Papuan Paraguayan Peruvian Philippine, Filipino

Pitcairn Island Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Republic of Ireland Réunion Romania Russia Rwanda St. Helena St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia Saint-Pierre and Miquelon St. Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa

Pitcairn Island Polish Portuguese Puerto Rican Qatari Irish / Southern Irish g Réunionese, Réunionnais Romanian Russian Rwandan St. Helenian Kittitian, Nevisian St. Lucian Saint-Pierrais, Miquelonnais St. Vincentian, Vincentian Samoan


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San Marino Saudi Arabia Scotland Senegal Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands Somalia Somaliland South Africa South Ossetian Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Surinam Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos Islands Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates Sammarinese

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Sammarinese São Toméans Saudis, Saudi Arabians Scots Senegalese Serbians, Serbs Seychellois Sierra Leoneans Singaporeans Slovaks Slovenians, Slovenes Solomon Islanders Somalis Somalilanders South Africans demographics|South Ossetians Spaniards Sri Lankans Sudanese Surinamers Swazis Swedes Swiss Syrians Taiwanese Tajikistanis, Tajiks Tanzanians Thai Togolese Tongans Trinidadians, Tobagonians Tunisians Turks Turkmens Turks and Caicos Islanders Tuvaluans Ugandans Ukrainians Emiratis, Emirians "Trinis", "Trinibagonians" Scotchh

São Tomé and Príncipe São Toméan Saudi, Saudi Arabian Scots, Scottish, Senegalese Serbian Seychellois Sierra Leonean Singapore[2] Slovak Slovene, Slovenian Solomon Island Somali Somaliland South African South Ossetian Spanish Sri Lankan Sudanese Surinamese Swazi Swedish Swiss Syrian Taiwanese Tajikistani Tanzanian Thai Togolese Tongan Trinidadian, Tobagonian Tunisian Turkish Turkmen none Tuvaluan Ugandan Ukrainian Emirati, Emirian


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United Kingdom United States Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Virgin Islands Wales Wallis and Futuna Western Sahara Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
a b

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Britons Americansj Uruguayans Uzbekistanis, Uzbeks Ni-Vanuatu Venezuelans Vietnamese Virgin Islanders Welsh Wallisians, Futunans Sahrawis, Sahraouis Yemenis Zambians Zimbabweans see Other words for "British" "Yankees"c, "Yanks"c, "Gringos"c

British Americani, U.S. Uruguayan Uzbekistani, Uzbek Ni-Vanuatu, Vanuatuan Venezuelan Vietnamese Virgin Island Welsh Wallisian, Futunan Sahraw, Sahrawian, Sahraouian Yemeni Zambian Zimbabwean

Formerly known as Upper Volta. Also known as Myanmar. c Sometimes considered offensive. d The penultimate syllable is stressed. e The second syllable is stressed. f Rare and/or archaic. g There is no adjective or demonym that distinguishes the Republic of Ireland from the entire island of Ireland. When distinction from Northern Ireland is necessary, the colloquial Southern Irish or Southerner is sometimes used; this is not advised, however, as people in the Republic of Ireland may find this offensive. As an alternative, an adjectival phrase may be used – for instance, "a law of the Republic of Ireland" – or, as a last resort, the name "Republic of Ireland" may be used as if it were an adjective (as in "a Republic of Ireland law"). h Scotch is only normally used for manufactured products of Scotland, most commonly food and drink - in most other contexts it is archaic and often considered mildly derogatory. Scottish is used for everything else. i In near-universal use, though many adjectives for U.S. citizens have been proposed. j In near-universal use, though many alternative words for American have been proposed.

Australian states and territories
Edit this table

New Zealand regions
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Canadian provinces and territories
Edit this table

U.S. states Table
Note: In the U.S.A., states’ names are used as adjectives as well as nouns; adding -an or other such suffix to a state’s name produces a demonym, not an adjective. This is unlike elsewhere in the English-speaking world.

Mexican states


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City Country or state/ province Scotland Australia New York Italy Italy Northern Ireland New Zealand Greece Georgia Texas Maryland Thailand Louisiana Northern Ireland Serbia Italy Italy Germany Switzerland England Alabama Italy Colombia Brazil Slovakia Italy Wisconsin Queensland England Hungary Argentina New York Egypt Alberta

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Adjective Demonym (colloquial)

Aberdeen Adelaide Albany Amalfi Aosta Armagh Auckland Athens Atlanta Austin Baltimore Bangkok Baton Rouge Belfast

Aberdonian Adelaidian Albanian Amalfitan Aostan, Aostain Armachian Auckland Athenian Atlantan Austonian Baltimorean Bangkokian Baton Rougean Belfastian Belo-Horizontino Belgradian Beneventan Bergamasque Berliner Bernese Birminghamian Bolognese Bogota Brasiliense Bratislavan Brescian Brightonian Brisbane Bristolian Budapesti Porteño Buffalonian (Cairene) Calgarian

Aberdonians Adelaidians Albanians Amalfitans Aostans, Aostains Armachians Aucklanders Athenians Atlantans Austinite Baltimoreans Bangkokians Baton Rougeans Belfastians Belo-Horizontinos Belgraders Beneventans Bergamasques Berliners Bernese Birminghamians ("Birminghamsters") Bolognese Bogotanos, (Cachacos) Bostonians Brasilienses Bratislavan Brescians Brightonians Brisbanites, Brisbanians Bristolians Budapesters Porteños Buffalonians Cairenes Calgarians

Belo Horizonte Brazil Belgrade Benevento Bergamo Berlin Berne Birmingham Birmingham Bologna Bogota Boston Brasilia Bratislava Brescia Brighton Brisbane Bristol Budapest Buenos Aires Buffalo Cairo Calgary

Birminghamian ("Brummie") Birminghamians ("Brummies")

Massachusetts Bostonian


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Cambridge Cambridge Campinas Canberra Cape Town Caracas Carystus Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Copenhagen Corinth Cork Cracow Curitiba Dallas Davao Denver Detroit Dublin Dundee Dunedin East Troy Edmonton Epidaurus Florence Fort Lauderdale Foz do Iguaçu Fresno Galway Geneva Genoa Glasgow Guadalajara Halifax Hamilton Hamilton Hanoi England Massachusetts Brazil Australia South Africa Venezuela Greece Illinois Ohio Denmark Greece Republic of Ireland Poland Brazil Texas Philippines Colorado Michigan Ireland Scotland New Zealand Wisconsin Alberta Greece Italy Florida Brazil California Republic of Ireland Switzerland Italy Scotland México Nova Scotia Ontario New Zealand Vietnam Hanoian Galway Dublin

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Cantabrigian Campineiro Canberran (Capetonian) Caraquenian Carystian Chicagoan Cincinnatian Copenhagener Corinthian Cork Cracovian Curitibano Cantabrigians1 Campineiros Canberrans Capetonians Caraquenians Carystians Charlotteans Chicagoans Cincinnatian Copenhageners Corinthians Corkonians ("Leesiders") Cracovians Curitibanos Dallasites Dabawenio Denverite Denverites Detroiters Dubliners ("Dubs") Dundonians Dunedinites East Trojans Edmontonians Epidaurians Florentines Fort Lauderdalers, Fort Lauderdalians Iguaçuense Iguaçuenses Fresnans, Fresnoans Galwegians Genevans, Genevese Genoese Glaswegians Tapatíos Haligonians Hamiltonians Hanoians Dundonian Dunedin East Trojan Edmontonian Epidaurian Florentine

North Carolina Charlottean

Genevan, Genevese Genoese Glaswegian Tapatío Haligonian Hamiltonian


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Hanover Hartlepool Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong Honolulu Houston Invercargill Inverness Iqaluit Itabira Jerusalem Juiz de Fora Juneau City/ Borough Kastoria Kenosha Kingston Kuala Lumpur Las Vegas Leeds Leghorn León Lima Liverpool London Londrina Los Angeles Lucca Lyon (Lyons) Macau Madrid Málaga Manchester Manila Mantua Marathon Germany England Vietnam China Hawaii Texas New Zealand Scotland Nunavut Brazil Israel Brazil Alaska Greece Wisconsin New Jersey Malaysia Nevada England Italy Spain Peru England England Brazil California Italy France China Spain Spain England Philippines Italy Greece

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Hanoverian Hartlepudlian Saigonese Hong Kong, Hongkongese Honolulan Houstonian Invercargill Invernessian Hanoverians Hartlepudlian ("Monkey hanger") Saigonese Hongkongers, Hongkongese Honolulans Houstonians Invercargillites, Invercargillonians Invernessians Iqalummiut (sing. Iqalummiuq) Itabirano Jerusalemite, Yerushalmi ‫( ימלשורי‬Hebrew) Juiz-forano Itabiranos Jerusalemites, Yerushalmim Juiz-foranos Juneauites Kastorian Kenoshan Kingstonian Las Vegan Leodensian Leghornese, Livornese Leonese Limeño Liverpudlian Londoner Londrinense Angeleno Lucchese Lyonese Macanese Madrilenian; Madrileño (Spanish) Malagan Mancunian Manileño Mantuan Marathonian Kastorians Kenoshans Kingstonians ("KL-ites"2) Vegan Leodensians Leghornese, Livornese Leoneses Limeños Liverpudlians ("Scousers") Londoners Londrinenses Angelenos Lucchesi Lyonese Macanese Madrilenians; Madrileños (Spanish) Malagans Mancunians ("Mancs") Manileños Mantuans Marathonians


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marseille Megara Melbourne Memphis Messina Mexico City Milan Milan Modena Montreal Moscow Mumbai Munich Naples Nashville Nassau Nelson New Orleans New York City • The Bronx • Brooklyn • Manhattan • Queens • Staten Island3 Newcastle Newcastle Nice Nicosia Northampton Oakland Oamaru Odessa Oslo Osaka Ottawa Oxford New South Wales England France Cyprus England California New Zealand Ukraine Norway Japan Ontario England France Greece Victoria Tennessee Italy Mexico Italy New York Italy Quebec Russia India Germany Italy Tennessee The Bahamas New Zealand Louisiana New York

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Marseillais Megarian Melburnian Memphian Messinese Capitalino Milanese Modenese Montreal Muscovite Mumbaikar Münchner Neapolitan Nashvillian Nassuvian Nelson New Orleanian New Yorker (Bronxite) (Brooklynite) Manhattanite Marseillais Megarians Melburnians Memphians Messinese Capitalinos ("Chilangos"/"Defeños") Milanese Milanites, Milaners Modenese Montrealers Muscovites Mumbaikars Münchner Neapolitans Nashvillians Nassuvians Nelsonians New Orleanians, New Orleaners ("Yats") New Yorkers ("Gothamites"/ "Knickerbockers") Bronxites, Bronxers Brooklynites, Brooklyners Manhattanites Queensites Staten Islanders Novocastrian Novocastrian ("Geordie") Niçois Nicosian Northamptonian Oaklander Oamaru, Oamaruvian Odessit(e) Oslovian Osakan Ottawan Oxonian Novocastrians Novocastrians ("Geordies") Niçois Nicosians Northamptonians Oaklanders Oamaruvians Odessites Oslovians Naniwakko (????/????; Japanese), Osakans (English) Ottawans Oxonians4


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Paddock Lake Padua Palermo Palmerston North Paris Parma Perth Perugia Peterborough Philadelphia Phoenix Pisa Pittsburgh Pompeii Ponferrada Porto Alegre Portland Prague Priština Wisconsin Italy Italy New Zealand France Italy Western Australia Italy United Kingdom Pennsylvania Arizona Italy Pennsylvania Italy Spain Brazil Oregon Czech Republic Kosovo

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Paddock Laker Paduan Palermitan Palmerstonian Parisian Parmesan Perth Perugian Peterbourian (Philadelphian) Phoenician, Phoenixer Pisan Pittsburgher Pompei(i)an Ponferradian Porto-Alegrense Portlander Praguer Paddock Lakers Paduans Palermitans Palmerstonians Parisians Parmesans Perthite Perugians Peterbourians Philadelphians Phoenicians, Phoenixers Pisans Pittsburghers Pompei(i)ans Ponferradians Porto-Alegrenses Portlanders Praguers Prishtinali, Prishtinas (Albanian) Prištinci, Prištevci (Serbian) Providentian Pylian Quebec (City) (English); québécois (French) Randallite Rethymnian Carioca Rhodian (Rochesterian) Roman St. Louisan Salernitan San Antonian San Diegan Providentians Pylians Quebeckers, Quebecers (English); Québécois5 (French) Randallites Reginans Rethymnians Cariocas Rhodians Rochesterians Romans St. Louisans Salernitans Salt Lakers San Antonians San Diegans

Providence Pylos Quebec City

Rhode Island Greece Quebec

Randall Regina Rethymno Rio de Janeiro Rhodes Rochester Rome St. Louis Salerno Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego

Wisconsin Greece Brazil Greece New York Italy Missouri Italy Utah Texas California

Saskatchewan Regina (modifier), Reginan


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
San Francisco São Carlos São Paulo Saskatoon Savannah Seattle Seoul Serres Siena Silver Lake Sheffield Slough Somers Sorrento Sparta Spoleto Stockholm Sunderland Sydney Syracuse Taranto Thebes Thessaloniki Tokyo Toronto Tournai Trevor Trent Trieste Tripoli Trois-Rivières California Brazil Brazil

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
San Franciscan Sãocarlense and Carlopolitano Paulistano San Franciscans Sãocarlenses and Carlopolitanos Paulistanos Saskatonians ("Saskabushers") Savannians Seattleites Seoulites Serreans Sien(n)ese Silver Laker Sheffielders Sluff Somersite Sorrentine Spartan Spoletian Stockholmer Sydney Syracusan Tarantine, Tarentine Theban Thessalonian Sluffs Somersites Sorrentines Spartans Spoletians Stockholmers "Mackems" Sydneysiders Syracusans Tarantines, Tarentines Thebans Thessalonians Edokko (????; Japanese), Tokyoites (English) Toronto, Torontonian Tournaisian Trevorite Tridentine Triestine Trifluvien, Trifluvienne (French); Trifluvian (English) Tucsonan Tulsan Turinese Twin Laker Uberlandense Torontonians[3] Tournaisian Trevorites Tridentines Triestines Tripolitans Trifluviens/Trifluviennes (French); Trifluvians (English) Tucsonans Tulsans Turinese Twin Lakers Uberlandenses

Saskatchewan Saskatoon (modifier), Saskatonian Georgia Washington South Korea Greece Italy Wisconsin England England Wisconsin Italy Greece Italy Sweden England New South Wales Italy Italy Greece Greece Japan Ontario Belgium Wisconsin Italy Italy Quebec Savannaian Seattleite Seoulite Serrean Sien(n)ese Silver Laker

Greece / Libya Tripolitan

Tucson Tulsa Turin Twin Lakes Uberlândia

Arizona Oklahoma Italy Wisconsin Brazil


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Valencia Vancouver Venice Veracruz Verona Vicenza Vichy Vienna Warsaw Washington, D.C. Wellington Wheatland Wichita Wilmot Winnipeg Xalapa Xanthi 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Spain British Columbia Italy Mexico Italy Italy France Austria Poland United States New Zealand Wisconsin Kansas Wisconsin Manitoba Mexico Greece

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Valencian Valencians Vancouverites Venetian Veracruzano Veronese Vicentine Vichyssois Viennese Varsovian Washingtonian Wellington Wheatlander Wichitan Wilmotter Venetians Veracruzano (Jarocho) Veronese Vicentines Vichyssois Viennese Varsovians Washingtonians Wellingtonians Wheatlanders Wichitans Wilmotters Winnipeggers, Winnipegers Wulfrunians Xalapeño Xanthian Xalapeños Xanthians

Wolverhampton England

Also used to identify graduates of the University of Cambridge. Pronounced "KAY-el-ites". Formerly Richmond. Also used to identify graduates of the University of Oxford. Often confused with residents of the Province of Québec. If it is necessary to distinguish between residents of the city and the province, French-speakers will use québécois/e de Québec for the city and québécois/e du Québec for the province. Adjective Canberran New South Welsh Northern Territory Queensland South Australian Tasmanian Victorian Western Australian Demonym colloquial Canberrans New South Welsh Territorians Queenslanders South Australians Tasmanians, Taswegians Victorians Western Australians "Westralians"

State/territory Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia

State/Territory Adjective Demonym Illinois FIB FIBs

Subcontinental regions
Where an adjective is a link, the link is to the language or dialect of the same name.


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Province Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Adjective Alberta

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Demonym colloquial Albertans British Columbians Manitobans New Brunswickers Newfoundlanders, Labradorians Northwest Territorians "Newfies" "N.W.T.ers" "B.C.ers"

British Columbian ("B.C.") Manitoba New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador Northwest Territories Nunavut Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Northwest Territorian ("N.W.T.") Nunavut Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island, P.E.I., Island Quebec French: Québécois (masc.), Québécoise (fem.) Saskatchewan Yukon

Nunavummiut (sing. Nunavummiuq) Nova Scotians Ontarians Islanders Quebecers French: Québécois Saskatchewanians Yukoners "Sourdoughs" "Bluenosers"

Saskatchewan Yukon

Regions in Greco-Roman antiquity
Regions tracing their origins (or otherwise referenced) in Greco-Roman antiquity [in cases where ancient regions are extant, this table is limited to cases where the presentday regional names retain their original/ancient form]. (References: Herodotus’ "Histories"; Thucydides’ "Peloponnesian War"; Pausanias’ "Description of Greece"; Lemprière’s Bibliotheca Classica; Leverett’s 1838 edition of the "Lexicon of the Latin Language"; Freeman’s "The History of Sicily..."; et al.) Edit this table --> --> --> -->

(Reference: Ethnologue, Languages of the World)

The following is a list of adjectival forms of astronomical bodies in English and their demonymic equivalents, which denote the inhabitants of those bodies.

Sun Planets


Note: Rarely used or unattested adjectives shown in italics. See additional minor planet forms.

Other former nations and regions
Ancient civilizations, former colonies, renamed countries and regions, annexations, secessions, etc. (other than Greco-Roman, which see above). Where an adjective is a link, the link is to the language or dialect of the same name.

Fictional regions
Edit this table


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Federal entity Aguascalientes Baja California Baja California Sur Campeche Chiapas Chihuahua Colima Coahuila Distrito Federal Durango Guerrero Guanajuato Hidalgo Jalisco Michoacán Morelos Mexico Nayarit Nuevo León Oaxaca Puebla Quintana Roo Querétaro Sinaloa San Luis Potosí Sonora Tabasco Tlaxcala Tamaulipas Veracruz Yucatán Zacatecas Adjective

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Demonym colloquial Hidrocalido/-a

Lower Californian South Lower Californian

Bajacaliforniano/-a Sudcaliforniano/-a Campechano/-a Chiapaneco/-a Chihuahuense Colimense Coahulense Defeño/-a Duranguense Guerrerense Guanajuatense Hidalguense Jalisciense Michoacano/-a Morelense Mexiquense Nayarita Neoleones Oaxaqueño/-a Poblano/-a Quintanarroense Queretano/-a Sinaloense Potosino/-a Sonorense Tabasqueño/-a Tlaxcalteca Tamaulipeco/-a Veracruzano/-a Yucateco/-a Zcatecano/-a "Chilango"

1. Capitalino is often used to be refered to the people the Mexico City, however, capitalino can be used to refer any people of each state capital. "Defeño" and "Chilango" are descripted in the Royal Spanish Academy

[1] Sometimes used pars pro toto. [2] CIA - The World Factbook -- Singapore [3] "Old Torontonian; If He Likes Toronto So Much, Why Live Here?", The New York

Times: pp. 8, 1911-09-13, abstract.html?res=9806EFD91531E233A25750C1A9 retrieved on 2008-02-23.


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State/territory Auckland Region Bay of Plenty Canterbury East Coast Hawke’s Bay Manawatu-Wanganui Marlborough Nelson Northland Otago Southland Taranaki Tasman Waikato Wellington West Coast Adjective Auckland Bay of Plenty Canterbury

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Demonym colloquial Aucklanders Cantabrians East Coasters, Gisbornians Baysiders Marlburians Nelsonians Northlanders Otagoites Southlanders Taranakians Tasmanites, Nelsonians Waikatoans Wellingtonians Coasters [8] _____, page 435. Collections, Massachusetts Historical Society. MHS, Boston; 1877. Additional on-line source: Google Books. [9] Jones, Thomas, page 465. History of New York During the Revolutionary War, New York Historical Society. Edward Floyd DeLancey, Ed., New York; 1879. Additional on-line source: Google Books. "Mooloos" "Jafas"

East Coast, Gisborne Hawke’s Bay Wanganui, Manawatu Marlborough Nelsonian Northland Otago Southland Taranaki Tasman, Nelsonian Waikato Wellington, Wellingtonian West Coast

[4] ^ United States Government Printing Office Style Manual (2000), §5.23, index.html [5] dictionary/arizona [6] Deprecated by the Associated Press Stylebook to avoid confusion with the ethnonym Hawaiian.[1] [7] "Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 2, Section 35: Designation of citizens of commonwealth", The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, legis/laws/mgl/2-35.htm, retrieved on 2008-03-30. : "Bay Staters shall be the official designation of citizens of the commonwealth."

See also
List of ethnic slurs Lists of people by nationality List of British regional nicknames -onym, especially ethnonym and Exonym and endonym • Alphabetical list of world demonyms • Demonyms of the World • • • •


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State/territory Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Adjective Alabama Alaska Alaskan Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Hawaiian

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Demonym colloquial Alabamians[4] Alabamans Alaskans[4] Arizonians[4] Arizonans[5] Arkansans[4] Arkansawyers Californians[4] Coloradans[4] Coloradoans (archaic) Connecticuters[4] Delawareans[4] Floridians[4] Georgians[4] Hawaiians[4][6] "Islanders" Hawaiian: "Kamaʻāina" (natives) "Malihini" (non-natives) "Nutmeggers"

Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts

Idaho Illinois Indiana Hoosier Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts

Idahoans[4] Illinoisans[4] Hoosiers (official) Indianians[4] Iowans[4] Kansans[4] Kentuckians[4] Louisianians[4] Mainers[4] Marylanders[4] "Down Easters" "Free-Staters" "Old Liners" "Hawkeyes"

Bay Staters (official)[7] Massachusettsan[4] Massachusites (traditional)[8][9] Michiganians[4] Michiganders Minnesotans[4] Mississippians[4] Missourians[4] Montanans[4] Nebraskans[4] Nevadans[4] New Hampshirites[4] "Granite Staters"

Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire

Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire


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New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming New Jersey New Mexico New Mexican New York North Carolina North Carolinian North Dakota North Dakotan Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Oregonian Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Carolinian South Dakota South Dakotan Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Virginian Washington West Virginia West Virginian Wisconsin Wyoming

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
New Jerseyans[4] New Jerseyites New Mexicans[4] New Yorkers[4] North Carolinians[4] North Dakotans[4] Ohioans[4] Oklahomans[4] Oregonians[4] Pennsylvanians[4] Rhode Islanders[4] South Carolinians[4] South Dakotans[4] Tennesseans[4] Texans[4] Utahns[4] Utahans Vermonters[4] Virginians[4] Washingtonians[4] West Virginians[4] Wisconsinites[4] Wyomingites[4] "Volunteers" "Buckeyes" "Sooners" "Tar Heels"

Name Mediterranean Nile River Nubia Sahara Adjective Mediterranean Nilotic Nubian Saharan Nubians Sahrawi Demonym


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List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

Name Acadiana, Cajun Country Aleutian Islands Amazon river and region Antilles Appalachia Caribbean Ceara Guiana Long Island Minas Gerais New England Patagonia Parana (state) Rio de Janeiro (state) Rio Grande do Sul St. Lawrence River Santa Catarina São Paulo (state) Upper Peninsula of Michigan West Indies West Indian Mineiro New England Patagonian Paranaense Fluminense Sul-rio-grandense, Gaúcho Laurentian Catarinense, Barriga-verde Paulista Catarinenses, Barrigas-verdes Paulistas Yoopers West Indians Adjective Acadian Aleut, Aleutian Amazonian Antillean Appalachian Caribbean Cearense Guianan Cearenses Guianans Long Islanders Mineiros New Englanders Patagonians Paranaenses Fluminenses Gaúchos Antilleans Demonym (Cajuns) Aleuts, Aleutians


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List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

Name Bali Balochistan, Baluchistan Bengal Bihar Borneo Caucasus, Caucasia Gujarat Hokkaidō Hong Kong Indochina Java Kashmir Korea Melanesia Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands Punjab Siberia Sindh, Sind Tibet Hong Kong Indochinese Javanese, Sundanese Kashmiran Korean Melanesian Okinawan, Ryukyuan Punjabi Siberian Sindhi Tibetan Bengali Bihari Bornean Caucasian, Caucasic Gujarati Adjective Balinese Demonym Balinese Balochi/s, Baluchi/s Bengalis Biharis Borneans Caucasians Gujaratis Dosanko (???) Hong Kongers, Hongkongers Indochinese Javanese, Sundanese Kashmiris Koreans Melanesians Okinawans, Ryukyuans Punjabis Siberians Sindhi, Sindhis Tibetans

Middle East
Name Galilee Judea, Judaea Kurdistan Palestine Samaria Adjective Galilean Judean, Judaean Kurdish Palestinian Samaritan Demonym Galileans Judeans, Judaeans Kurds Palestinians Samaritans

Name Antipodesa Melanesia Micronesia Nauru Polynesia Tahiti

Adjective Antipodean Melanesian Micronesian Naurian Polynesian Tahitian

Demonym Antipodeans Melanesians Micronesians Naurians Polynesians Tahitians

Usually refers to Australia and New Zealand.


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List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

Name Palatinate Adjective Palatine Demonym Palatines


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List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

Name Alps Alsace Apennines Aragon Asturias Balkans Baltic region Bavaria Basque Country Bohemia Brittany Burgundy Canterbury (England) Carinthia Castile Caucasus, Caucasia Cornwall Crimea Courland Danube River Fife Flanders Franconia Friesland, Frisian Islands Galicia (Central Europe) Gascony Harrow Hesse Holstein Iberian Peninsula Kosovo and Methohija Lancashire Lapland León Lombardy Lorraine Lusatia Mediterranean Murcia Adjective Alpine Alsatian Apennine Aragonese Asturian Balkan Baltic Bavarian Basque Bohemian Breton Burgundian Cantuarian Carinthian Castilian Caucasian, Caucasic Cornish Crimean Curonian Danubian Fife Flemish Franconian Friesian, Frisian Galician Gascon Harrovian Hessian Holsteinian Iberian Kosovar, Kosovan Lancastrian Lapp, Saami Leonese Lombard, Lombardic Lorrainian Lusatian Mediterranean Murcian Murcians Fifers Flemings Franconians Friesians, Frisians Galicians Gascons Harrovians Hessians Holsteiner Iberians Kosovars, Kosovans Lancastrians Lappish, Saamis Leoneses Lombards Lorrainians Lusatians Balts Bavarians Basques Bohemians Bretons Burgundians Cantuarians Carinthians Castilians Caucasians Cornish Crimeans Curonians Aragonese Asturians Alsatians Demonym


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Navarre Normandy Northumberland Pennines Picardy Piedmont Po River Provence Rhineland Savoy Saxony Scandinavia Tuscany Tyrol Wallonia Westphalia

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Navarrese Norman Northumbrian Pennine Picard Piedmontese Padane Provençal Rhenish Savoyard Saxon Scandinavian Tuscan Tyrolean, Tyrolese Walloon Westphalian Rhinelanders Savoyards Saxons Scandinavians Tuscans Tyroleans, Tyrolese Walloons Westphalian Picards Piedmontese Navarrese Normans Northumbrians


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Name Acarnania Achaea Aegina Aethaea Aetolia Andalusia Apulia Aquitania Arcadia Argos Arretium Athens Bactria, Bactriana Bavaria Boeotia Boiohaemum Bosporus, Bosphorus Bruttium Byzantium Calabria Campania Cantabria Caria Carthage Carystus Catalonia Chalcis Chios Colchis Colossae Consentia Corcyra Corsica Crete Croton Cyclades Cyprus Cyrenaica Adjective Acarnanian Achaean Aeginetan Aethaean Aetolian Andalusian Apulian Aquitanian Arcadian Argive Arretine Athenian Bactrian Bavarian

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Demonym colloquial Acarnanians Achaeans Aeginetans Aethaeans Aetolians Andalusians Apulians Aquitanians Arcadians Argives Arretines Athenians Bactrians Bavarians Boeotians, Beotians Boii Bosporans, Bosphorans Brutti, Bruttians Byzantines Calabrians Campanians Cantabrians Carians Carthaginians Carystians Catalans, Catalonians Chalcidians Chians Colchians Colossians Consentians Corcyreans Corsicans Cretans Crotonians Cycladians Cypriots, Cypriotes Cyrenaics

Boeotian, Beotian Boius Bosporan, Bosphoran (Bruttus ?), Bruttian Byzantine Calabrian Campanian Cantabrian Carian Carthaginian Carystian Catalan, Catalonian Chalcidian Chian Colchian Colossian Consentian Corcyrean Corsican Cretan Crotonian Cycladian Cypriot, Cypriote Cyrenaic


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Cyrene Dacia Dalmatia Delos Dodecanese Edonia Egesta Eleusina or Eleusis Elis or Eleia Ephesus Epidamnus or Epidamnos Epidaurus Epirus Eretria Etruria Euboea Galatia Gallaecia Gallia Germania Iberia Illyria Ionia Kalymnos Kaulonia Kefalonia Knossos Cyrenian Dacian Dalmatian Delian Dodecanesian Edonian Egestan

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Cyrenians Dacians Dalmatians Delians Dodecanesians Edonians Egestans Eleusians, Eleusinians Elians Ephesians Epidamnians Epidaurians Epirotes Eretrians Etruscans Euboeans Galatians Gallaeci Gauls Germanians, Germani Iberians Illyrians Ionians Kalymnians Kaulonians Kefalonians Knossians Lakedaimonians or Lakedaemonians Larissans Latins Leontinians Lesbians Locrians Lucanians Lydians Macedonians Maeonians Mantineans Marathonians

Eleusian, Eleusinian Elian Ephesian Epidamnian Epidaurian Epirote Eretrian Etruscan Euboean Galatian Gallaecus Gaul Germanian, Germanus Iberian Illyrian Ionian Kalymnian Kaulonian Kefalonian Knossian

Lakedaimon/ia or Lake- Lakedaimonian or daemon/ia Lakedaemonian Larissa Latium Leontini, Leontium Lesbos Locris Lucania Lydia Macedonia Maeonia Mantineia Marathon Larissan Latin Leontinian Lesbian Locrian Lucanian Lydian Macedonian Maeonian Mantinean Marathonian


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Media Megara Melite Melos Mesopotamia Messenia Miletus Mithymna or Methymna Moravia Mycenae Mytilene Naupactus or Nafpaktos Naxos Nisyros Oea Olympia Oiniades, Oiniadai Orkney Islands Paionia or Paeonia Pamphylia Paros Patmos Peloponnese Pergamum Persia Philippi Phlius Phocis Phoenicia Phrygia Pisidia Pontus Pylos Rhegion Rhodes Rhithymna, Rhithymnia, Rithymna Rome Sabinium Median Megaran Melitian Melian Mesopotamian Messenian Milesian Methymnian Moravian Mycenaean Mytilenean Naupactian Naxian Nisyrian Oean Olympian Oiniadan Orcadian Paeonian Pamphylian Parian Patmian Peloponnesian Pergamian Persian Philippian Phliasian Phocian Phoenician Phrygian Pisidian Pontian Pylosian

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Medes, Medians Megarans Melitians Melians Mesopotamians Messenians Milesians Methymnians Moravians Mycenaeans Mytileneans Naupactians Naxians Nisyrians Oeans Olympians Oiniadans Orcadians Paeonians Pamphylians Parians Patmians Peloponnesians Pergamians Persians Philippians Phliasians Phocians Phoenicians Phrygians Pisidians Pontians Pylosians Rhegians, Rhegines Rhodians Rhithymnians Romans Sabines

Rhegian, Rhegine Rhodian Rhithymnian Roman Sabine


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Salamis Samnium Samos Sardinia Sardis Sarmatia Scythia Serrae, Serrhae Sicily Sicyon Sidon, or Saïda Silesia Skopelos Sparta Suebia Symi Syracuse Taras, Tarentum Tegea Tenedos Tenedos Thasos Thebes Thespis Thessaly Thrace Thria Thuria Thurii Trichonos Troezen Troy Umbria Xanthi Zakynthos Salaminian Samnite Samian Sardinian, Sardi

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Salaminians Samnites Samians Sardinians, Sardi Sardiani, Sardians Sarmatians, Sarmatae, or Sauromatae Scythae, Scythians Serreans Sicilians Sicyonese Sidonians Silesians Skopelitans Spartans Suebi Symians Syracusans Tarentines, Tarentumians Tegeans Tenedians Tenedians Thasians Thebans Thespians Thessalians Thracians Thriasians Thuriats Thurians Trichonians Troezenians Trojans Umbrians Xanthians Zakyntians

Sardianus, Sardian Sarmatian, Sarmata, or Sauromata Scytha, Scythian Serrean Sicilian Sicyonese Sidonian Silesian Skopelitan Spartan Suebius Symian Syracusan Tarentine, Tarentumian Tegean Tenedian Tenedian Thasian Theban Thespian Thessalian Thracian Thriasian Thuriat Thurian Trichonian Troezenian Trojan Umbrian Xanthian Zakyntian


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Name Abyssinia Acadia Akkadia Austria–Hungary Babylonia Bessarabia Biafra Burma Ceylon Chechnya Confederate States of America Czechoslovakia Dahomey Elam Katanga Livonia Manchuria Malaya Moldavia Pomerania Prussia Rhodesia Siam Sudetenland Sumer Soviet Union Transylvania Wallachia Yugoslavia Zaire Zululand
a b

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Demonym colloquial Abyssinians Acadians Akkadians Austro-Hungarians, Austrians, Hungarians Babylonians Bessarabians Biafrans Burmesea Ceylonese Chechnyan, Chechen Confederates, Confederate Americans "Rebels", "Rebs"

Adjective Abyssinian Acadian Akkadian Austro-Hungarian Babylonian Bessarabian Biafran Burmese Ceylonese Chechnyan, Chechen Confederate, CSA Czechoslovakian, Czechoslovak, Czechb Dahomeyan Elamite, Elamitic, Elamitish Katangan Livonian Manchurian Malay, Malayan Moldavian Pomeranian Prussian Rhodesian Siamese Sudetes Sumerian Soviet, Russianc Transylvanian Wallachian Yugoslav Zairean Zulu

Czechoslovakians, Czechoslovaks, Czechs, Slovaks Dahomeyans Elamites Katangans Livonians, Livs Manchurians Malays, Malayans Moldavians Pomeranians Prussians Rhodesians Siamese Sudetenlanders Sumerians Soviets, Russiansc Transylvanians Wallachians Yugoslavs Zaireans Zulu, Zulus

Burma is also known as Myanmar. "Czech" technically incorrect here, as it is also used to distinguish Czech people from Slovaks or other ethnic groups. c "Russian" technically incorrect here, as the Russian SFSR was one of fifteen Soviet Republics (albeit the largest).


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Name Sun, Sol Name Earth, Terra, Tellus, World Jupiter Mars Mercury Neptune Saturn Uranus Venus Adjective Solar, Heliac Adjective

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Demonym Solarian Demonym

Terran, Terrestrial, Tellurian Earthling, Terran, Terrestrial, Tellurian Jovian, Jovial Martian, Martial, Areana Mercurian, Mercurial, Cyllenian Neptunian Saturnian, Saturnine Uranian Jovian Martian Mercurian Neptunian Saturnian Uranian

Venerian, Venusian, Cythere- Venusian ana

Earth and Mars
Name Moon (Selene, Luna) Deimos Phobos Adjective Lunar, Selenian Deimian Phobian Demonym Lunarian, Selenite Deimian Phobian


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List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

Name Adrastea Aitne Amalthea Ananke Aoede Arche Autonoe Callirrhoe Callisto Carme Carpo Chaldene Cyllene Elara Erinome Euanthe Eukelade Euporie Europa Eurydome Ganymede Harpalyke Hegemone Helike Hermippe Himalian Io Iocaste Isonoe Kale Kallichore Kalyke Leda Lysithea Megaclite Mneme Orthosie Pasiphae Pasithee Adjective, demonym Adrastean Aitnean Amalthean Anankean Aoedean Archean Autonoean Callirrhoean Callistonian Carmean Carponian Chaldenean Cyllenean Elaran Erinomean Euanthean Eukeladean Euporiean Europan Eurydomean Ganymedean Harpalykean Hegemonean Helicean Hermippean Himalian Ionian Iocastean, Jocastean Isonoean Kalean Kallichorean Kalykean Ledan Lysithean Megaclitean Mnemean Orthosiean Pasiphaean Pasithean


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Praxidike Sinope Sponde Taygete Thebe Thelxinoe Themisto Thyone

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Praxidikean Sinopean Spondean Taygetean Thebean, Theban Thelxinoean Themistonian Thyonean


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List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

Name Albiorix Atlas Calypso Daphnis Dione Enceladus Epimetheus Erriapus Helene Hyperion Iapetus Ijiraq Janus Kiviuq Methone Mimas Mundilfari Narvi Paaliaq Pallene Pan Pandora Phoebe Polydeuces Prometheus Rhea Siarnaq Skathi Suttungr Tarvos Telesto Tethys Thrymr Titan Ymir Titanian ?Ymirian Tarvosian Telestonian Tethyan Skathian Pallenean ?Panean Pandoran Phoebean Polydeucean Promethean Rhean Methonean Mimantean Mundilfarian Narvian Janian Adjective, demonym Albiorixian Atlantean Calypsonian Daphnidian Dionean Enceladan, Enceladean Epimethean Erriapian Helenean Hyperionian Iapetian, Japetian


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List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

Name Ariel Belinda Bianca Caliban Cordelia Cressida Cupid Desdemona Ferdinand Francisco Juliet Mab Margaret Miranda Oberon Ophelia Perdita Portia Prospero Puck Rosalind Setebos Stephano Sycorax Titania Trinculo Umbriel Adjective, demonym Arielian Belindan Biancan Calibanian Cordelian Cressidan Cupidian Desdemonan Ferdinandian Francisconian Julietian Mabian Margaretian Mirandan Oberonian Ophelian Perditan Portian Prosperonian Puckian (Puckling) Rosalindian Setebosian Stephanonian Sycoraxian (Titanian) Trinculonian Umbrielian


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List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

Name Despina Galatea Larissa Naiad Nereid Proteus Psamathe Thalassa Thyone Triton Adjective, demonym Despinan Galatean Larissan Naiadian Nereidian Protean Psamathean Thalassan Thyonean Tritonian

Other bodies
Name 5 Astraea Ceres Charon Dysnomia Eris 433 Eros 6 Hebe Hydra 7 Iris Juno Nix Pallas Pluto Vesta Adjective, demonym Astraean Cererean, Cerian Charonian Dysnomian Eridian Erotian Hebean Hydran Iridian Junonian Nictian Palladian Plutonian Vestalian, Vestian


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Name Atlantis Aloria Attilan Blefuscu Brobdingnag Laputa Lilliput Gallifrey Genosha Latveria Luggnagg Qo’noS Rohan Romulus Utopia Vulcan Klingon Rohirric Romulan Utopian Vulcan Latverian Blefuscudian Alorn Adjective

List of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names
Demonym Atlant(e)ans Alorns Inhumans Blefuscudians Brobdingnagians Laputans Lilliputians Gallifreyans Genoshans Latverians Struldbrugs Klingons Rohirrim Romulans Utopians Vulcans

Brobdingnagian Laputan Lilliputian Gallifreyan

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