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					Comprehension: Inference (Level 1)                       Vol. 1, Free Sample

Name:___________________________________________ Date: _______________

Read each sentence and choose the most logical inference. On the
blank below the sentence, tell why that inference makes sense.

  1. Crumpled papers skittered across the parking lot.
      Ο It is hot.
      Ο It is windy.
      Ο It is cold.
      Ο It is snowing.

      Why do you think so? ___________________________________

   2. He put on his suit and tie.
      Ο He looks good in blue.
      Ο He’s on his way to church.
      Ο He is going to work in the garden.
      Ο He needs to dress nicely.

      Why do you think so? _____________________________________

   3. All the girls were asleep.
      Ο It must be pretty quiet.
      Ο It must be late at night.
      Ο It must be lunchtime.
      Ο It must be hot.

      Why do you think so? ________________________________________

   4. The dog’s fur was fluffy and fragrant.
      Ο The dog just rolled in mud.
      Ο The dog just met a skunk.
      Ο The dog just ate.
      Ο The dog just had a bath.

      Why do you think so? __________________________________________
5. The kids just left for school.
   Ο It’s evening.
   Ο It’s morning.
   Ο It’s suppertime.
   Ο It’s late afternoon.

   Why do you think so? ____________________________________________

6. He fed the chickens, milked the cows, and turned out the horses.
   Ο He’s a farmer.
   Ο He’s a fireman.
   Ο He’s a father.
   Ο He’s very young.

   Why do you think so? ___________________________________________

7. She fed the zebras, watered the peacocks, and gave toys to the
   Ο She works in a restaurant.
   Ο She works with children.
   Ο She works at a zoo.
   Ο She works for a farmer.

   Why do you think so? ___________________________________________

8. Cars whizzed by at 55 miles per hour across eight lanes of traffic.
   Ο It is a large highway.
   Ο It is a country road.
   Ο It is a city street.
   Ο It is a driveway.

   Why do you think so? ___________________________________________

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