Pyle PLFMP3 Car MP3MP4USB Player FM Modulator (PDF)

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					  Pyle PLFMP3 Car MP3/MP4/USB Player FM Modulator

If you're looking for both quality and power, this dynamic 2000-watt, 4-channel MOSFET amplifier is it.
Versatile and powerful, this high-performance amp provides depth and feeling to your music. You'll be
amazed at the clarity and richness of the bass this amp produces with its state-of-the-art bass boost
circuit. Perfect for competitions, this affordable and durable amp provides a rich sound at all volumes,
and is easy to configure yourself. The HTG447 is equipped with safety and security features, including
LED indicators and advanced protection circuitry. Blow the competitors away with an elite amplifier
that's one of Lanzar's top-sellers - and for good reason. The MOSFET pulse width modulation power
supply pumps a clean, distortion-free signal to your speakers The unit also includes a bass-boost
remote, low- and high-pass filters, and tons of other great features. This amp is made to last, and once
you upgrade your system with a Lanzar amplifier, you'll wonder how you ever lived with low-resolution
sound before.

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