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									                                                                                   Adapted from source: NACS
Foodservice Opportunity Self-Evaluation                                              Foodservice Guidebook

                                                                               1= Disagree strongly
                                                                               2= Somewhat disagree
                                                                               3= Neither agree nor disagree
Please respond to the following questions, using the                           4= Somewhat agree
scale noted here on the right.                                                 5= Agree strongly

QUESTIONS                                                                                 SCORE

Foodservice offers tremendous financial opportunity for my company.
Although the market for foodservice is saturated, a strong assortment of
product offerings combined with a strong retailer account list, can still do
Foodservice for my company is more than a way to sell more tobacco or
candy products.
It is important to develop a strong, separate foodservice organizational
structure to maximize foodservice performance.
My company is willing to make the financial investment in multi-temp
warehousing and transportation.
Foodservice will require major organizational changes at both
purchasing and sales levels.
Foodservice will be an integral part of the convenience store industry in
the future.
My distributorship has many convenience store locations that would be
prime candidates for successful foodservice operations.
There is tremendous synergy between selling foodservice products and
the convenience store industry.
Foodservice is so important to my company that I will do whatever it
takes to succeed.
Foodservice will become an integral component of my company in the
Foodservice will have a positive effect on the rest of my organization.
My company needs to offer a credible foodservice option simply to
remain competitive.
My company is willing to bring aboard senior people to succesfully
implement foodservice in my company
Foodservice operations are dramatically different from convenience
store retailing operations.
Total Score                                                                                                    0
           Total your score. Use the following scale as a guide to evaluate your options
You see a significant opportunity in foodservice and believe it will lay a primary role in
your company's future. Your company has the resources, the customers and
organizational commitment required for success in foodservice. A number of strategies
may be viable for you, including majore manufacturer brands and/or the development
of proprietary brands.                                                                        65-75
You see some opportunity in foodservice but you have a number of concerns. You
may have serious reservations regarding your organization's ability to compete
successfully in this area, the market opportunity in foodservice, or other areas.
Foodservice will be a secondary organizational strategic objective. The resources that
you can devote to foodservice may be limited. Any foodservice initiatives that your
company develops will be limited in nature.                                                   50-65
Foodservice is not perceived as offering a strong opportunity for you. You may wish to
consider whether foodservice is a viable option for your company.                            Below 50
Retail Predictors Scorecard                                                           Strong   Neutral   Weak

Ownership Commitment to Foodservice                                                     3        2        1

Financial Strength/Good Pay                                                             3        2        1

Operations Management Commitment to Foodservice                                         3        2        1
Management has clear understanding of the complexity of implementing
foodservice (Understands Flow of Food through operation and Safety Issues)              3        2        1

Store Level Investment in Foodservice Manager, Attendent                                3        2        1

The store site is large (neutral is 3,000-4,000 square feet on 1 acre of ground)        3        2        1

The c-store is newer (neutral = built within the last 7 - 10 years)                     3        2        1
Traffic patterns around the c-store (neutral = 10,000 cars per day) Is this a going
to work site? Going home site? Residential Area site?                                   3        2        1

Space Commitment to Foodservice

                                                                   Frozen Storage       3        2        1

                                                               Refigerated Storage      3        2        1

                                                Preparation Area Space Allocated        3        2        1

      Front of Store Merchandising Areas (neutral =900-1,200 square feet to FS)         3        2        1
Stores ability to compete with QSR or Conveninece Food Competition within 2
blocks of the site                                                                      3        2        1

Investment in Food Safety (ServeSafe and/or HACCP training)                             3        2        1

Gallonage Performance (neutral performance is 26K/week - 34K/week)                      3        2        1

Existing Inside Sales Performance: ( neutral = $1,000.00 - $1,200.00 per day)           3        2        1

Inside Sales:Gallon Ratio   Neutral Performance ($0.65-$0.85:1Gallon)                   3        2        1

Existing Store Traffic Analysis Neutral Performance (900 - 1,100 customers/day)         3        2        1

Existing Hot Beverage Program (Coffee Host/Hostess in place)                            3        2        1

Store Cleanliness Performance                                                           3        2        1

Available Parking for Customers (neutral is 6-8 parking spots, away from pumps)        3         2        1
                                                                                       63        42       21
Total Score
Consider Proceeding if Store Score Exceeds 48

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